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  1. OOC It was a beautiful April day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was no need to worry about raingear. A perfect first day of a bright new future for the new generation of students at U.A. High! The weather alone was more than enough to make nearly anyone smile. Nearly anyone. Sogin Hakaro was dragging his feet as he made his way to the entrance of the school. This entire thing felt like a waste of time. He would be stuck in a room full of all-too-peppy wannabes, to listen to some garbage tier pro drone on and on about the importance of heroes. He wore his hoodie underneath the jacket of his new school uniform, which was adorned with wrinkles from being tossed into a corner shortly after he received it. Underneath the hood was a pair of noise-canceling headphones, drowning out the awful sound of the birds flying above him. When he reached the doors, he saw someone standing in his way, a guy somewhere in his twenties, wearing a suit and a stupid oxymoronic visor over his eyes. Though it was mostly blocked out, Hakaro could detect a faint glow through it. Clearly this must be the pro hero Searchlightman. "..." apparently Searchlightman knew how to talk. What a neat trick. Too bad Hakaro couldn't hear a damn word he was saying. Unfortunately, this idiot seemed to be an authority figure, so he reluctantly pulled the headphones from his ears, "... have been waiting here for a while hoping to have a little conversation with each student, but if you're just going to ignore me you can turn right around. So I'll ask again now that you took those things off. Are you Sogin Hakaro?" Hakaro stayed silent for a second, contemplating the man's offer of freedom. Unfortunately, he had a very specific goal in mind, and being here was an important step toward it. "Yeah. Who's asking?" It was obvious enough that whoever this guy was, he was some kind of authority figure at the school, but Hakaro was astonished that they would hire someone who appeared so weak. "You can call me Glory. I'm the headmaster here at U.A." the man who called himself Glory scratched at the back of his head tilted his nose upward, eyeing the youth underneath the edge of his visor. Sure enough, his eyes glowed a brilliant gold, the light constantly swimming and shifting like liquid light. "So, Sogin Hakaro. Why do you want to be a hero?" There it was, the million dollar question. He was surprised he hadn't been asked it yet, to be perfectly honest. During his enrollment, all they seemed to care about was how capable he was. Not that he minded. He had capability in spades. "Villains are annoying, and I want them gone. That's all." Without saying another word, Hakaro made his way forward and past the principal, his shoulder colliding with the man's. He was already tired of these pro heroes and their stupid ideals. However, before he could even reach the door, he felt his feet stuck to the ground. Looking down at them in confusion, he saw both of his shoes covered in some kind of glowing gold, matching the principal's eyes. "What the fuck..?" "I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you walk the right path. I have seen too many good people do very, very bad things. As heroes, it is our duty to destroy evil. Not people. Don't forget that, Sogin Hakaro. Now get to class. Just like that, Hakaro's feet were free once again, and he stumbled a bit as he made his way through the door. "Asshole…" It wasn't difficult for Hakaro to find his way to the classroom. Due to his early morning schedule he used to avoid encountering anyone in the street, he was the first one there. As a matter of fact, his teacher didn't even seem to be present. Maybe they got lost. Sighing, Hakaro crept all the way to the desk in the far back corner and slumped into the seat, pulling his hood so it covered his eyes, and replacing the noise-canceling headphones where they belonged. OOC
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