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Fire Emblem Heroes

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New banner, with dancer units:

Nephenee took me entirely by surprise. Like, why? I guess she is relatively popular, but to the degree of getting an alt, and shoved into a non-Tellius banner? Plus, as the country gal that she is, realistically speaking I doubt she would be interested in partaking in fancy or nobility affairs such as a dance. Is it to follow up Elincia's festival alt, since they have a Bound Hero Battle event? Giving her a bow feels random as well, but is not groundbreaking since some alts get weapons not associated with the characters. The Close Guard effect looks good to me, anyway. Regardless, she is my top character to roll for. Love that despite the fancy attire she won't drop the helmet, I guess that's the main joke they wanted to portray with giving her a fancy alt.

AFAIK Ishtar is already married, so Reinhart's lines creeps me out xD
I found funny too that it has a Level 4 skill, but is not Death Blow. For me, Death Blow is so iconic of Reinhardt. I appreciate the introduction of Joint Hone Atk, though.

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Stats for the new units.


Geirskögul's refine is great, getting dragon effectiveness and giving Spectrum Breath to non-mages and dragons within 2 spaces making Brave Lucina one of the best support units for non-magic and dragon units. Blazing Durandal gets a Special Fighter effect and Swift Impact. Urvan makes Brave Ike a tank and gives an immediate Aether proc to any enemy which doubles. And Mulagir gets upgraded to Dull Range and gives in-combat boosts if she out speeds the enemy.

Need more Devine Dew to get Urvan refine, but Brave Ike with Distant Counter and Brave Lucina are now great units to put together.

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My magic nuke is now done. Might switch the blessing to Water to assist with Chain Challenge clearing and such so she can tank mages hits better when paired with L!Azura, but otherwise she works brilliantly. Now I need to decide on another non-grail project (S!Ylgr and Ursula both at +4). Probably going to go for Soliel (+6 from when I was building Eirika), Palla or Est (both at +1).

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