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[MtG] New Phyrexia 2 Story Spotlight Cards [WIP]

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Posted (edited)

to be compleated:


Norn's Dictate

Vorinclex's Hunger

Sheoldred's Whisper

Jin-Gitaxias's Manipulation

Urabrask's Wrath

All-Suns Throne

Moment of Compleation



Karn, Father of Machines [7]

Legendary Artifact Planeswalker - Karn

+1: Put a +1/+1 Counter on Target Creature. It becomes an Artifact in addition to it's other types, and gains Infect. 

-2: Gain Control of Target Artifact.

-7: Gain Control of All Artifacts your Opponents control, and then target Opponent gets Poison Counters equal to the Number of Artifacts you control.



Phyrexian Prophecy [1BBB]


Search your Library for a Card and add it to your hand. Then Shuffle your Library. If an Opponent is Poisoned, target Opponent gets a Posion Counter.

"In the time of the first sun's reign, the father will rise.

In the time of the second sun's reign, the father will fall.

In the time of the third sun's reign, we will be born anew.

In the time of the fourth sun's reign, the father's disciples crown his son upon the All-Sun's Throne.

In the time of the fifth sun's reign, all will be Compleat.

In the time of All-Sun's reign, the multiverse shall be one."

- Phyrexian Prophecy

Edited by Angelica Farnaby

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