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Guest Characters in Video Games

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Now typically, guest characters will be implemented in fighting games.. but there's been a couple instances where guest characters were put into other games... now my questions are; how do you feel about guest characters, which are your favorite guest characters and which are your least favorite (if you have any least favorite)? Obviously if the game is a mash up of other characters from a similar vein, it wouldn't be considered a guest character (PlayStaytion All-Stars Battle Royal, Smash except for the recently released Joker DLC). I don't mind guest characters as long as they kind of make sense in the games they are in. Here are my favorite guest characters and my least favorites... I won't be including the guest characters that were found in the data of the Switch version of MK11... even though I REALLY want to!

My favorite guest characters

Donkey Kong (Skylanders Superchargers) [Exclusive to Nintendo consoles]


Bowser (Skylanders Superchargers) [Exclusive to Nintendo consoles]


Crash Bandicoot (Skylanders Imaginators)


Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders Imaginators)


Hellboy (Injustice 2)


TMNT (Injustice 2)


Alien (MKX)


Predator (MKX)


Jason Voorhees (MKX)



Leatherface (MKX)



Yes my favorites outweigh my least favorites by ALOT but I really don't like Leatherface in MKX, he's a cool addition but I never play as him

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I love guest characters lmao, they add a touch of nostalgia, badassery or just fanservice depending on who it is. I have a few characters I really like.

Bruce Lee in UFC 3

Akuma in Tekken 7



Also, the various guests in the Soul Calibur games XD

Geralt of Rivia


Ezio Auditore da Firenze



...and a few more.


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The mention of guest characters reminds me of Link in Soul Calibur 2, DK in Skylanders as mentioned in the thread, Ori and Shovel Knight in Rivals of Aether, Battletoads in Shovel Knight, and Rash in Killer Instinct Season 3. I like the concept of guest characters, but haven't played many games that have them. For instance, from the aforementioned characters, I ave only played SC2 Link, and while I play Rivals, I have yet to try the guest characters.
I probably am forgetting a couple of games with guest characters that I have played, though.

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