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Goat Format is a retro format of Yu-Gi-Oh! which uses the cards, rules, and rulings from back in the day. Specifically, it is based on the cards and rules used during the SJC Indianapolis tournament in August 2005, just before Cybernetic Revolution cards became legal. Contrary to popular belief, it is named "Goat format" not "GOAT format". with its name referring to the Goat Control deck popular at the time, using the centerpiece card Scapegoat! While the Goat Control deck is still playable at the top level, the decks and metagame of the format have always been evolving, and there are a wide variety of viable strategies you can play!

I, personally, mostly stick to the casual side of the game, playing with the cards I grew up with and played against my friends back in the day, but I will give some useful links below! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. I have been playing Goat Format for roughly 6 years and an admin on the official discord for 2 years.

Goat Format Official Website

What is Goat Format?

Rules Differences From Modern

Goat Format Europe Discord (I am an admin here)

Casual Goat Format Discord (I own this server)

Every Card in the Card Pool (Spreadsheet)


Goat Format Banlist




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