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[Not sure if this should go here or another section. Just saw this section is mostly untouched and it is related. Feel free to move.]

YTPMV (Short for YouTube Poop Music Video) is a video using video clips or atypical sound sources such as commercials, shows, or video game sound effects to match the rhythm and tone, even sometimes lyrics, of a song. They can be ironic, comedic, or intentionally bad, but there are also YTPMVs which take themselves more seriously. A lot of YTPMVs use pitch shifting and sentence mixing (manually chopping up parts of words to make new words and sentences out of them) to achieve the desired effect. Japan has a similar genre of video called MAD.

YTPMVs began in 2007 and died off for the most part some time ago as YouTube Poop itself became less popular and more prone to copyright strikes. However, they have begun a resurgence as of 2020 in what I personally call the YTP Renaissance. I was a part of the YTP community, including the forums before they went defunct, during that time, and thought that maybe it might be something to introduce more people to now. Below are some examples of YTPMVs!


A MAD video

An example of a sentence mixed YTPMV (NOT AI)

A more comedic YTPMV

An example of a YTPMV that uses an instrument, but not a typical sample

A video which is technically a YTPMV even though it wasn't intentionally created as one

A classic comedic YTPMV

The first YTPMV (As far as we know)

A particularly well edited YTPMV

Another particularly famous MAD



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