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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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I'm super pumped about this. I only ever played the first few hours of the original (I had been playing it on Steam but when the remake was announced I decided I'd wait for it, though of course back then I didn't realize it'd take so long), not even all the way past Midgar, but I'm still excited.

The combat looks fantastic. The mix of classic ATB with more action in the middle is cool, and I like the option for Kingdom Hearts-like shortcuts and how you can switch so smoothly between party members. The Guard Scorpion fight looked sick as well. I can't even imagine how amazeballs the Weapon fights will be (partially due to not knowing how they were in the original).

And I dunno about you guys but having the first game be all about Midgar and fleshing it out is really cool. It's the only place I'm really familiar with from the original game, but it's such a cool and massive place I don't doubt they can make an amazing game just focusing on it. Seeing more of characters like Jessie, Wedge, and Biggs will be nice. It'll also be really cool to see how the story changes, for example in the original Cloud was always haunted by Sephiroth and had his visions and whatever, but you didn't learn about Sephiroth as a character until much later. Now that everyone knows who Sephiroth is, they can go into this from that perspective and so can inject Sephiroth directly into the early story like we see in the trailer.

Plus, I'm totally expecting the next game in this story to be next gen, because all the open world stuff that opens up after Midgar is definitely gonna require some next gen tech if just Midgar is already going to look this good. If they weren't going to split the game up and were instead to do it all in one massive remake, we probably wouldn't be able to expect it until like 2025 on the PS5 Pro or something. But I like this basis they've got going with Midgar.

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I didn't know about it being just Midgar. Is it a full game that they're making from a part of the game? Like it's not a "You get 10 hours of game" thing right?

But other than that it's crazy cause even though I also never played much of 7 I got emotional seeing this. It's so exciting!

....Also everyone was chomping at the bit to see Tifa and that's great and all but I just want to see how Yuffie and Vincent look in this, personally.

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They've said it's being fleshed out enough that it is its own standalone game. So like, a ~20-30 hour game if I had to guess? I'm not expecting a super duper long 60-80 hour JRPG or anything.

We've heard for awhile it was going to be episodic, and the conference combined with the game descriptions for it saying "the first entry in a multi-part saga" we know for sure now. I was honestly already expecting Midgar to cover the first game since there's so much they could do with it.

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