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I Hate Snatch Steal

Sonic Forces never looked so amazing (Ultra Graphics Mod)

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https://gamebanana.com/tools/6311 (Hedge Mod Manager for 1 click install of the mod)

https://gamebanana.com/maps/200321 (Ultra Graphics Mod)

(Note: This video is nothing compared to playing the mod yourself)

Earlier I played the first avatar level without this mod enabled, then I remembered I had it and turned it on. I think this surpasses my reaction to SSB melee's opening cutscene after only playing N64 games my whole life until I got a gamecube for Christmas.

If my computer weren't in need of repair I'd upload some side by side screenshots and some side by size uncompressed video. For now all I can do is say "Try this out!"


edit: Here is some side by side uncompressed video:

Buddy catches a train (Normal):


Buddy catches a train (Ultra GFX):


Disclaimer: For some reason recently my antivirus/browser (Malwarebytes/Firefox not sure which one but I think its firefox) has been marking some files from gamebannana such as the hedge mod manager as risky and IDK why. I've used the site in the past for 3 different games and this only started happening last month. I just thought I'd say this in advance so I don't get accused of making trouble in case it happens to you too.

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Don't need to use the video tags to get the video to show up

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