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Role-Playing Rules

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All site rules apply

Out of Character Rules

1. All RPs must first have an OOC thread.

1a. You may first post an Interest Check before making the thread into a full OOC

2. To start an OOC must have a plot summary, character application sheet, and a list of rules, at minimum.

2a. An Interest Check must only include an overview of what the RP will entail.

3. OOCs must be tagged for rating. (PG-13, PG-16, etc)

3a. No 18+ RPs will be allowed.

3b. If a more mature RP is desired and you're unsure message a Moderator for approval (Nothing sexual in nature will be allowed)

Advanced RP Rules

1. Advanced Clause applies. Meaning posts must be 100 words minimum (without counting quotes from other people's posts).

2. You may only post in an RP thread once the host has approved your character in the OOC .

3. If you do not post in an RP within 10 days after you are able to post, without providing reasoning approved by host, you will be considered "Ghosting" and be locked from joining or making another RP for however many days until you post again. (For instance you post after 12 days. Starting from then you have a 12 day ban on new RPs)

3a. A host may waive this punishment if they wish. It's optional and can be utilized on case by case basis.

3b. Ghosting counts even if you drop an RP without warning. (For instance if you do not post for 10 days then 2 days later drop your Ghosting count starts at 12 days)

4. A host has the right to kick someone from their RP.

4a. An RPer may appeal to the Moderators to overturn this decision and a discussion between the RPer, host, and Moderator will be had.

5. If possible try to credit artists when using their images.

6. No Godmodding (Controlling another person's character without permission) or Powerplaying (writing results of actions without host input, metagaming, or otherwise giving your character advantages they shouldn't have).

6a. Hosts are exempt from Godmodding in the event that a player cannot be contacted for an extended period of time. Otherwise even they cannot control a character without consent of the player.

7. An Advanced RP needs at least two players (besides the host) before starting.

Casual RP Rules

Same rules as Advanced except for the following.

1. Posts have a minimum word count of 10 words.

2. A Casual RP needs only 2 players (including the host) before starting.

3. There must be at least two posts between your last post and current post in RPs with 3 or more players.

3a. Exceptions may be made if the players and host are okay with it; largely meant to keep people from locking one person out with a stream of back and forth posts.

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Decided to get rid of the player limit for Casual. So if that kept you from wanting to make one then that's no longer a thing.

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