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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC / Accepting / PG-16]

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"What are you doing down here little ratty?" At any other time, Shiro would think it strange that they were trying to communicate with a rat, but now it seemed normal. That couldn't be good. "oh, oh, oh! Do you live down here?" The rat shook its head. Well, seeing as it answered, it seemed to be a human turned animal. Something Tsetseg didn't seem to understand. She did, however, get the rat to come along with them, only to be soon distracted by another metaphorical shiny object. "do you guys know what these squiggles mean?"

Shiro looked at the wall, Sienna doing the same, both trying to decipher the writing on the wall. Shiro mused that the three of them must look absolutely silly right now. "So, the rat didn't live here, and now writing... this is becoming a very strange day...," Shiro muttered.

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Catriona was pleasantly surprised to hear Ciela respond to her comment on the wine. "True, it is bitter, but there is a potency of flavor to it that stays with you." She didn't mind bitter wines, actually, she preferred them to the sweeter flavors that much of the noble women of Galtea preferred. Perhaps it was her experience out on the border that did it for her. There, flavor didn't matter so much as the alcohol content, and all of the soldiers were long used to bitter foods and drink.

Ciela excused herself quickly afterward, causing Catriona to frown. She was right. That had definitely been wrong of her to even allude to House Mirrahel. Her father had always told her she needed to be more like Penelope--feel out exactly what was right and what was wrong to say, though the lord wasn't quite sure she could emulate her sister's habit of barging into people's faces when excited.

Finding herself alone, the white-haired woman returned to the doorway dividing the hall from the main area, glancing around the room. Ciela had approached Edrick, and Penelope and Citron still looked to be in conversation. Alois had disappeared, presumably upstairs since she hadn't seen him pass by. From what she could see, the only places they hadn't explored yet in this room were the spice cabinet and the fireplace, which were both in the vicinity of her sister. Satisfied that she had that taken care of, Catriona decided to open that door she had seen in the corner.

But it looked like it was nothing more than an outhouse. Giving it a brief inspection anyway, Catriona exited, making sure to close the door behind her. As she did so, she saw Cora leave abruptly, expression troubled, the beaver following right behind her. Should I follow? But no, Link and Licorice were already outside, so there was no point. Feeling a little useless at the moment, the white-haired woman walked over to the center of the room, near the dining table. Glancing at the food on the platter, she blinked. It looks good. Once again, the woman was reminded of the fact that she hadn't eaten since breakfast. But as a soldier, she could tough it out. Catriona looked at the others. However, they might not be able to handle the hunger. They would need to eat soon. Perhaps, after searching the mayor's house, they could sit down to eat? But then again, could they really afford to do so when they were trying to find a solution to this problem?

Then again, there were the trail rations in her bag, which they could eat while searching. Taking the food out--consisting of jerky, dried fruit, hardtack, and nuts--she offered some to Penelope and Citron, before turning to Edrick and Ciela as well. However, she paused when she heard what the lancer was talking about. Expression clouding over, the lord decided to interject at this point. "If you're hungry." The woman turned away at this point, not wanting to hear more. The idea of a small village in Histia being connected to the goddess... It was bad enough that they had stayed at a shrine earlier, but this... Is Histia secretly a goddess supporter? No, that couldn't be it. They had helped them in the war, after all. Or, since this place is so disconnected from the others, that could be it... Then, was Alois...? No, he had helped them out many times. There was no way.

Frustrated, the lord returned to the center of the room. I know I should be searching with the others, but this... Well, this was too much for her to deal with right now. Taking out some trail rations, she began to eat, hoping the food would give her the strength to keep going. After this, she would head either upstairs or to the basement and give the people there food as well.



The beaver gave up on getting the papers back after Alois gave them to Penelope. Chittering angrily at him, it looked like it had half a mind to chase after him up the stairs, but thought better of it at seeing Cora leave. Following her outside, it stayed back a bit as she muttered to herself, but then waddled forward to stand beside her, staying silent, much of its angry energy gone at that moment.


Downstairs, both Shiro and Sienna would, upon further inspection, realize what the squiggles on the wall appeared to be. The lighting was dim in that corner, but they could barely make out what looked like a crudely-drawn letter A. The lines weren't completely straight, and there were a couple extra scratch marks here and there, but the more they looked, the more they could see that that was what it had to be.

Meanwhile, the rat stood docilely on Tsetseg's shoulder, nose twitching as it looked around the room.



The badger huffed at Link before continuing onward, not even thanking the man for helping it out with Rohns. It didn't look like it was interested in answering the mercenary's questions, completely blowing him off. While its pace was slow, it was constant, and it looked like it was headed toward the front of the mayor's house.



Catriona offered food to everybody on the first floor. Reminder that it's past lunch so you're all probably hungry. You can eat while you search, so you don't have to worry about that. Again, I didn't write anything for the second floor, but you guys have the map. For the basement, remember you don't all have to be in the same area. Outside, since Link isn't next to Licorice, I didn't include that part.

Also, regardless of floor, ask me if you guys have any questions. I can't stress this enough. I might not be able to answer right away, but I will answer.

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On her way towards the fireplace Penelope was stopped, once again, by Citron. She spun on her heel and faced the girl. Hands behind her back and a soft smile on her face. “I, uh, don’t want to interrupt whatever it is you're doing, but do you mind if I ask you some questions relating to your group after this is all over…?”

She kept the smile on her face but in her mind she was racing through the possibilities. Could this girl be a spy? She had her concerns about that, of course, but would she be so obvious about wanting to know about them? In social situations it's true one usually wanted to know about the people you were with. Especially when you were outnumbered. Still, Penelope didn't think they'd have to worry too much. If it came to it she didn't think this girl could harm them much. She would have to make sure to keep an eye on the wyvern. To be sure no messages were being sent out.

"Well, asking questions is your prerogative. I can't stop you from doing so." Her smile turned teasing, "that doesn't mean I'll answer." Putting a finger to her lips she thought a moment before adding, "what would you say if I were to tell you we were on a journey to save the world?" Her tone didn't make it clear if she was serious or not and, before much more could be said, Penelope headed over to the fireplace.

On the way there Catriona stopped them and offered food. "Oh. I forgot about eating." Penelope gave a laugh. "I probably would have gone the whole day without realizing it." She took the food and absently began to chew on it as she investigated the fire place.

It seemed that the fire had been out for a while. But there were a couple logs still inside. Pulling her blade she reached it in and prodded around. Moving the logs out of the way didn't turn anything up. Except that these logs seemed to be in rather usable condition. She supposed if something caused them to be stuck here at least they could stay warm for a while.

Looking around the interior of the fireplace, getting soot on her face and clothes, she poked at the stone until she noticed something. Scratched into the soot itself. Another letter. "K".

Announcing her find she pulled back, wiping a bit of soot from her cheek and only serving to spread it further. "Well, seems that these letters are being left all over. Now, where else have we to explore..."




Gunther wasn't sure why he asked about the key. How would they know? A key went to a lock but it wasn't immediately obvious what kind of lock. Which meant the only way to know for sure...


As it turned out the key indeed was for the chest. He opened up and let out a gasp at what he saw. It was filled. With gold and silver coins. And beyond that several gems. He didn't know much about the stones but even he could tell they looked expensive. "Spirits." He muttered. This was far more than a simple village like this should have. This combined with the suspicious diary....What was this mayor mixed up in? Gunther realized his hand was clenched. Was he...angry?

Yes, he might be. He had seen Cora's house. There was hardly anything in it. And yet the mayor was sitting on this...Animal or not if the mayor was there right now Gunther might just....well, he'd at least have a stern word for him.

Hesitating, Gunther started digging through the coins. Looking for anything else that might give more a clue as to what was inside. At the bottom he noticed that part of the wood seemed lighter. Rapping against it he noticed it seemed hollow and so, after some more searching, he pried open a secret compartment.

Inside was....parchment? It was old and looked to be a recipe for something called "Dragon's Breath". He had seen many recipes before but this one seemed...nonsensical.

Not just the ingredients, dragonberries, powdered scales, and jewel flower petals picked on the night of a full moon for a start. But even the instructions seemed odd. Stuff like "hold under hot Histian fire for five minutes". It sounded almost like something from a fairy tale. Or, on the darker side, a ritual. The mention of "a heart's blood" chilled the Knight as he hastily put the recipe back and locked the chest. He glanced under the bed, already kneeling there, and noticed that there was a corner that seemed to have been disturbed recently, but knew he couldn't possible fit under there.

So he stood and, face pale, turned to the others to describe what he had found. "Alois...Cora denied it earlier but are you sure...the people here don't worship the Goddess?"




Cora propped her forearms on the wooden railing and looked off into the distance. Not at anything specific. Just off in the distance. She'd lived here all her life. She knew the people well...or she thought she did. All those times fighting off bandits or hunting and it seemed there was much she didn't know about her own home. Did her parents know? Acantha did, apparently, but why?

As if thinking her name summoned her Cora noticed the beaver-formerly-known-as-Acantha waddle her way up to her. Looking at the beaver for a moment she sighed.

"You know...when you're, um, back to normal I'm going to need to know what the heck is going on here."

Acantha sighed, something she didn't know beavers could do, and seemed to be troubled. Eventually, as Cora kept her eyes on the girl, she nodded.

At least she had that promise. Whatever it was worth. "We're not...doing something bad, are we?" If it turned out the village was involved in something evil....But Acantha's head shake was vigorous and firm. Clearly the girl at least thought that whatever they were hiding was just.

Still..."I guess I'll have to take your word....well, kinda word, for it." She could only hope they were doing the right thing.

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Alois looked a bit uncomfortable as Gunther mentioned seeing his mother off before leaving again, simply saying, "yeah...you're probably right..." It wasn't as though Alois hated his mother - she was in fact someone who he harbored no ill will towards. But, for that very reason the boy wasn't entirely looking forward to speaking to her again. Now having to think about it, he probably did nothing but cause her her fair share of troubles, and even if she didn't mind his curiosity for the unknown he couldn't image she'd still be fine with him going on this journey. Especially if she  knew what it was he had actually seen. The boy then couldn't help but grow even more concerned about the future, as he realized his mother was not the only person he had caused trouble for, and thus not the only person he'd have to talk to. 

As Gunther then seemed to find a key underneath the rug and asked if he should use it on the chest, the boy shrugged. "Probably." The boy looked over Gunther's shoulder as he went to go open the chest, and couldn't but stare a bit in awe at the sight. Alois had already been pissed off by how much more lavish the Mayor's house had been in comparison to the others of his town. However, seeing the horde the old man seemed to have, Alois couldn't help but chuckle. The laugh didn't seem to be any bit amused, if anything it only served to convey how truly annoyed by this man the boy had been. After sifting through the treasure, Gunther seemed to find something else which only made Alois shrug again. "Can't say we do. I've never been told to worship the old bone lady, and if there's one thing Cora isn't it's a liar, so if she told you so then that's the truth. Of course, the two of us aren't exactly in the know, and neither of us know what this Caller business is either."

Seeing that Gunther had been looking down at the bed, Alois decided to look underneath it as well. Crouching down, the boy saw an area of the floor that seemed to be less dusty than the others. More to that, there was a series of claw marks scratched into it causing the boy to look underneath the bed even more. As he did, he noticed a series of more claw marks etched into the underside of the bed. While at first he didn't think much of them, as he looked at it more, he noticed  that the markings formed what looked like a letter "D." Getting out from under the bed, Alois simply said, "what a weird fucking man he is."

Looking to the two who was with him, the boy said, "well, I found two letters. So," looking more specifically to Adel he asked, "what have you found so far?"


Tsetseg was still befuddled by the strange sort of triangle and almost square triangle in front of her. However, without being able to solve this problem, Tsetseg simply gave up and left it to her two animal shape changing friends. "Alright Ratty," she said to her newfound companion, "let's search for some more things!" Beginning her search, the young archer immediately found what appeared to be a curious trial of ants. The girl bent down as she put her hand to her chin and examined where they were going. Walking forward, the girl was eventually stopped by a door. Looking to her rat friend she said, "don't worry, I'm great with doors." Giving a thumbs up to them, the girl then went to open the door.

To her surprise, she was met with instant success! This door had likely heard the stories of her exploits in defeating the one upstairs and simply didn't bother in locking itself. Or it was just unlocked all along. Opening it, the girl walked in and continued to follow the line of ants. However, as she did, Ratty had left her shoulder and scurried out the door. While the girl was curious about this, she soon noticed a "clicking noise" could be heard as her foot pressed down on a button of sorts. 

Before she had time to react, a heavy net fell down from the ceiling on top of the girl, knocking the girl to the ground as she let out a yelp. "Aahhh, what what what - ." Tsetseg was trapped underneath the next, and try as she might have, she simply didn't have the strength to pry it off of herself. It was at this moment that the girl felt a certain empathy for the fish of the rivers and rabbits of the forests wondering if this too was what they felt like as they were caught in a trap. With a solemn look on her face, Tsetseg merely said aloud, "I'm sorry." Returning back to flustered and panicking at the whole situation, the girl shouted, "Siiiiieeeeennnnaaaaa! Shiiiiiiirrrooooooooo! Heeeeeeeeellllllllppppp!"

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