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Fire Emblem: Curse of the Goddess [IC / Conditional Acceptance / PG-16]

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Penelope watched Link with a blank, probing, expression. What was he doing down here? Should he not be searching with the others? Had they already searched the upper floor surely he would not have come here alone. Could he possibly...

Gunther couldn't help but relax as Link joined them. He was glad that the soldier had come down here. He must have decided that it would be better to search the lower floors and leave the upper for the rest. He didn't know what Link was thinking exactly but he was sure that he knew what he was doing.

Whatever the case Penelope thought that Hanikap was suitably distracted. She doubted they needed the four of them to handle him if it came down to it but at least he was fully sold on his tour guide job now. The kitchen was....unremarkable. Which made sense as it wasn't a place this puffed up 'noble' would bother entering himself much. Penelope was curious about this Dille girl. She didn't seem to fit in with her idea of that man so she wondered if she perhaps could reveal some important information with the right prompting.

Not that she could ask her right now. But it was something to keep in mind. The door on the right side made her curious but, due to its positioning, could have either been storage or lead to the other room.

Could Catriona perhaps have been stuffed inside a barrel and tucked away here? She couldn't dismiss the possibility.

"Yeah, guess the tour's not that interesting."

"On the contrary!" Penelope said, "you are doing a fine job, a fine job indeed! Your lord is lucky to have someone so willing to show such courtesy in bringing us to even the most minor of places. Which does make me wonder, you didn't mention that door there, is it not a place we're allowed in?"

Gunther didn't know if all this was necessary. Surely they didn't need to examine every room right? But he knew that Penelope wasn't the type to be able to settle if she didn't have the full picture. She would be wondering about every nook and cranny if they simply moved on.

For his part he didn't think he could add anything. He was mostly here as an extra body just in case he reckoned. Though he did feel oddly at ease in this room. It reminded him of his younger days in the castle with his mother. The thought brought a smile to his lips which he directed at the kitchen help, giving a kind nod in greeting to her.


Cora laughed awkwardly at the girls' antics. She was admittedly unsure how to handle them. Usually it wouldn't be much a problem but they really did need to get going as soon as they could. For a moment, as their attention was on firing off questions to Tsetseg, Cora thought she might be able to slip away and go check on Acantha herself.

However this didn't work well as the two suddenly shifted to hiding behind her in response to Phai. "Ah, yes, you're fun, Phai but that's not really the problem here...and you two, that's rude, don't stick out your tongues she's just being concerned over you...."

Cora sighed. This wasn't going anywhere. They'd be stuck here forever if they continued to let the girls have their way. If she ignored the two and continued on they would likely become even more clingy and she wasn't about to drag them with her. So, though she felt rather embarrassed to do it, Cora decided to call out towards the house herself. "Acantha? Are you there? We have a problem to take care of, er, if...if you're around! If you're not, um, I guess you...can't hear me anyway...." her voice trailed off as she flushed at the awkwardness of it all.

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Getting up the stairs Alois looked around the room that they had found themselves in. It had seemed that this was where the trail of stairs had finally ended, presumably the only place to go up from here being the roof. Unless in some manner to flex how much of a "noble" he was the man of the house had somehow made it more impossibly bigger on the inside then its outside. Alois figured that, since it sounded impossible, it was likely not something one could buy with money but he had seen enough bizarre things to not entirely discredit the possibility. That being said all it was was an, more than likely, impossibility and had nothing to do with the actual sight the boy was seeing. "Well, great, another dead end." 

As Citron brought up this room with high room with beds being the place where guests presumably stayed, Alois lifted a finger ready to make comment on her question before she had realized the obviousness of it. Grinning at her last comment he said, "I'd never do something so boorish," the boy's mocking of Gasotn in his tone was very evident before he started walking downstairs. "Hey Eddy, you know you might be on to something here. Maybe we should check the rooms down here first." 

As he said that, Alois walked over to the door at the east end of the hall. Looking it up and down he said, "let's see if I've got a key for this thing." Lightly kicking the door, it didn't budge much from it though it didn't feel like it was particularly sturdy either. "No, that one didn't work. How about," using his other foot Alois slammed the door harder then before, and the door bent in an gave a little. Yet still it stood. An annoyed expression on his face, Alois let out a sigh. "Well, looks like this door isn't budging any time soon. Guess we should just -" 

The boy threw the full weight of his body at the door, smashing through it and forcing the door open. Wiping the arm that he had used to tackle it with, the boy looked back and said, "hey what do you know, it's open. And what have we - " the boy looked into the room. "Wow. As frugal as ever I see." 

Inside was what Alois presumed to be the bedroom of the lord of the house himself. The walls were ornate, with candelabras and portraits decorating it. The bed in the center, pushed against the wall, was far larger then any one man had any right sleeping in. Add to that the several chairs and small tables in the room and Alois wondered if this was actually even a bedroom at all. Of course, both the cushions of the seat and the covers and sheets on the bed were violet and of a fabric that Alois had never actually seen before but could only assume was more expensive then it was worth. The bed was made nicely and it hadn't looked like anyone had been in here recently, though it was more than likely someone had made the bed this morning. Sighing, the boy said, "another dead end, great. Hey Eddy you want to try seeing what's behind the other mystery door?" The boy pointed to the other door on the north side of the hall. "It's locked but I'm sure a little friendly persuasion will get it open in no time." 

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"well I'm sure the questions don't have to be answered right here and now yes?"

"Ah, actually, would you be able to show us around? I'm most curious, what are those rooms for?"

To be honest, Raki felt conflicted at that. He didn't want to cause problems to those guys, and they didn't seem very satisfied with his move, but he really would have liked for his questions to be, in fact, answered right here and now.

It appeared, however, that he wouldn't have been helping them. He removed his hand form the man while making a step back.

"Sure, we're in no hurry. Ahem."

He resolved to not lose sight of the man. It wasn't just him and Phasia, he remembered himself. He was working with allies now, he couldn't just act on impulse. And said allies were as interested as him in not letting the man away from their sights, the interrogation was just delayed to a more... convenient time.

He made to move away  from the base of the stairs, when a furry blur caught his eye, making him turn towards it.

Descending from above, accompanied by the terrified scream of Hanikap, a... small dog pup? No, the face was different. Was it a wolf? He had yet to see one in flesh and blood, but from what he knew this should have been it, just... tiny. But size didn't matter a lot to this one, since after a good sniff, it decided that it was time to let everyone know of their presence. Loudly. Adorably, but loudly. And focused as he was on the cub, Raki only noticed the new arrival as he hurried to calm down his pet.

“Sorry. He isn’t well-trained… err, yet, that is.”

"Don't worry, it's no issue at all." His mind went back to the stare offs with wyverns of that day. To be honest this was a nice change of pace in perspective.

And besides.

"I'm Raki, I assume you're..." He added waving his finger between Gunther and Penelope and the new arrival. They seemed to have companions scattered across the village, and if what he understood before was correct, one popping out already here wasn't that surprising. Just mildly surprising.

And besides... He couldn't say why, but the way the man looked at him reminded him more of those wyverns than of that pup.

Then he blinked, and the sensation had vanished “Got room for one more?” Raki looked at the other two. If they had any problem, he didn't know them well enough to tell. "I'm basically tagging along, I don't see why not."

Then the tour began, and Raki had to admit, he agreed with Hanikap. The tour was quite the opposite of exciting. Wanting for something to do as the girl talked to their guide, he approached the man with a wolf. He had realized there was something he needed to confirm, before someone else new appeared. "If I can ask... how many are you in your group, exactly?"

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As the two girls seemed to recognize Tsetseg and declare that she was both an archer and hit Phai while they were an animal, the girl had a prideful look on her face and puffed out her chest. "Yep yep, that was me!" Tsetseg seemed to think that she was being praised for her skill and as a result seemed totally oblivious to how bad it sounded. After a short exchange between Phai and the two girls, Mara and Nara, they moved on to ask her questions at a rapid pace. Putting a hand to her chin the girl thought about it for a moment before saying, "see, see, a tribe it's like a big group of people that all live together! And we all move around and help each other and hunt and play games together and it's great. Oh, oh, it's like a family only bigger! Way bigger!" 

As the two declared that Phai was no fun, Tsetseg shook her head. "Phai is tons of fun. I've had lots and loads and tons of fun walking around the town with her and now we're having even more fun doing patrol stuff! Oh! That's a great idea Cora!" The girl's attention seemed about as focused as the young girls as she looked over to Cora and then looked past her. "Acaaaaannntthaaaaa, are you theeeerreeee?!"

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Posted (edited)

Link nodded at Raki. He had no idea how much the boy knew, or even where he had come from. How had he gotten mixed up into all of this? How much did Princess Penelope trust him? Did he know she was a princess, or that her elder sister was currently missing? Thinking about it made the soldier realize that he really had no idea how much the younger princess herself even knew about what was going on at the moment. He studied “Right. M’name’s Link,” he finally settled on after a bit of awkward staring, deciding to maintain the thick Histian accent he had adopted. “S’good to meet you.”

Then they were led off to the kitchen by Hanikap. Link kept his eyes moving and his ears peeled for any suspicious noise, but he saw and heard nothing out of the ordinary. He thought he faintly heard the sound of splintering wood at one point but it was so soft he decided it was just wishful thinking. 

Link was vaguely familiar with the layout from his snooping around outside. He had been unable to see inside the kitchen, but he had known it was there, and it looked exactly like he thought it might (not that he had seen very many noble kitchens in his day). No, what threw him for a loop was the presence of the cook. He had—foolishly—assumed that the only people inside the house were Gaston and his lackey, Hanikap, but of course there was a servant in the kitchen. Was it at all possible she knew anything? Had she witnessed Catriona arriving? The way she ducked out of the way so quickly had sent alarm bells ringing in his head (ignoring the softer, more logical part of his mind that knew that she may very well have just been frightened). He was tempted to just dart across the room and demand answers, but Princess Penelope struck up a conversation with Hanikap, obviously attempting to keep him distracted but unintentionally assuring that he would be unable to speak with her. It took all of his years of experience to mask the growing frustration on his face. 

Every drop of blood inside his body felt like it was on fire. He had been in the manor for at least half an hour. He had scoured the floor and interrogated Gaston, but he was no closer to finding Catriona. What if she’s already gone? The voice in the back of his head whispered. Link shoved it down further but was unable to stop his stomach from flipping anxiously. The voice was getting louder and louder every minute that passed without him finding her. He was a soldier—a Garou, a Night Wolf, a literal walking-talking myth come straight out of the Great War—but right now he was failing to do anything to help the person he had sworn to protect above all else. Like always.

Rohns suddenly whined and pawed at his boot. Link realized then that he had bit into his tongue so hard that blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth and onto the floor. He wiped all of the evidence away with the back of his glove, just now noticing the flare of pain and copper-tang of blood in his mouth. 

Raki chose that exact moment to approach him and ask about their number. Link buried all of his suspicion under a lazy smile. “Not really sure,” he said. “Not real great with my numbers. More’n a few, but a good few less'n a lot.” It was a circular answer. A solid-sounding response that in actuality revealed nothing. Then Link changed the subject. He raised his voice loud enough to be heard across the room, though he was far from shouting. “Rohns is needin’ ta use the bathroom. I should step out ta take him afore he has an accident on the rug,” he said, and at that moment, Rohns whined again and started to wiggle like before. “Mind steppin’ out with me jus’ a minute, Gunther? Got a question for ya not fit for polite conversation.” Sensing the knight’s hesitation, he added, “won’t be gone long at all.”

Gunther seemed confused at first, but complied, saying, "Er...oh! Yes I'll, uh, be right there."

Link led him out of the room and into the parlor with Rohns on his heels. They didn’t go far; just enough to be out of earshot of the kitchen if they were quiet. They would still be within range of rushing back should they hear a commotion. Link turned to face Gunther with a surprisingly tired expression.  “We won’t be long. I was hoping to speak with the Princess, but…” he trailed off. His voice sounded drained even to his own ears. He had seen the way she looked at him as he came down the stairs. This was probably for the better. “Catriona may be in trouble.”

Gunther took a moment to watch Link before responding. He seemed to be unsure how to phrase his next words but finally, "That's, well, sort of...why we're here."

Link shifted uncomfortably. “I searched the second floor before you got here. She isn’t there,” he said. Then, “Spoke with Gaston…not that he knows it. Someone sent him out here and supplied all of his wealth. In exchange for what, I don’t know either, but…Catriona has a lot of enemies.” His mind unwillingly conjured up images of black-cloaked cultists and Lord Sebastian, his coffers filled to bursting with gold coins. “I sent the others upstairs to check the third floor. Gaston said Catriona was sleeping up there. Figured I’d come get you all up to speed and then keep looking.” Tell him. Tell him how likely it is that she is already gone. Tell him how bad a job you’re doing. TELL HIM. Link tried to speak but nothing came out but a dry rasp at first. Then on his second try, he managed, “There’s--there’s a cellar outside. Just to the side of the kitchen. Hopefully the others have already found her but… I’m gonna check. Just in case.”

Gunther mumbled something in response. Link thought he looked worried. “Just keep Princess Penelope safe. We’ll find Catriona,” he said, trying his best to be comforting. Then he turned on his heel and headed for the front door. 

Day would be changing to night soon. Link could tell as soon as he opened the door. The breeze was cool and the smell of the outdoors—rich soil and trees, manure and the overpowering musk of horses—wrapped around him like a comfy blanket. He hated being trapped indoors, he hated rich houses and the maze of hallways and doors that led to rooms with seemingly no purpose. It irritated him to no end. Rohns darted past him and made a beeline for Peaches, the familiar pink wyvern he now associated with Citron, playfully nipping at her. The horse that he had mistaken for Epona when he first arrived stomped and gave him a sideways look, but was mostly focused on munching on the hay it had been given at some point. Link almost felt like he could relax, but the knowledge that Catriona could be in grave danger was more than enough to keep the flames of anxiety in his belly stoked. 

A quiet, almost warning, or annoyed growl escaped from the Wyvern's mouth as she brushed the wolf-pup aside with one of her legs; staring intently at the house in the meanwhile. Peaches' eyes briefly darted from the house to Lincoln as he emerged from the house, pausing as she regarded him for a moment. In the moment that followed, she flicked her tongue quickly from her mouth, taking in his and Rohns scent, as if to confirm it was really him, but that was all she did. Her growl dissipated as quickly as it had come, the Wyvern's eyes trailing back to the house as she returned to the duty she had given; she would have to play with Rohns later to make up for snubbing him now.

Rohns whined and his ears and tail fell. Link whistled softly and the wolf cub came bounding to his side like nothing had happened. The soldier not for the first time wished he bounced back as quickly as a dog did. 

Link started toward where he knew the cellar was. He approached it quietly, knowing that he would have to stay silent if he planned to avoid drawing attention to himself. Rohns walked up to the door and began to sniff it. Link brushed him to the side and drew his Slag Blade, wedged it into the door, and attempted to (as quietly possible) force it open. 

It didn’t budge at first. Link put his full weight into it, and with a crack, the doors splintered open and gave way. Link sucked in a breath and glanced at the door that he knew led to the kitchen only a few feet away.

No time to delay. He shoved Rohns into the cellar and climbed down himself, shutting the doors behind him as best he could… not that it was exactly subtle.

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Penelope, Gunther, and Raki

Dille did not look up again. She kept at her task with quiet diligence and did not see the nod directed her way.

However, the group, Penelope in particular, had fully captured Hanikap's attention. "A fine job?" The man smiled shyly. "D'you really mean it?" His eyes twinkled, and he looked quite handsome—the sort of earthy attractiveness found hand in hand with laughter and grins. Then the twinkle dimmed, and he was just a slumping, dough-faced man again. "Gaston always says I make a right ass of myself." He almost didn't seem to hear Penelope's following words, but then he straightened, shaking his head. "As for the door, it just leads to the dining room. I can take you through it if it pleases you."

Without waiting for a reply, he trotted to the door with pathetic fervor and opened it. It showed a bare space with another door that he opened, revealing a wider room that was a study in contrast to the kitchen. The walls were a dark-paneled wood lit by glittering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling like golden bouquets. An intricate woolen rug covered most of the floor. Large windows showed off a view of the surrounding village under the gloom of twilight. Another door remained on the right wall. In the middle stood a long, wine-colored table balanced on claw-footed legs, with a row of high-backed chairs down each side. A marble bust of Pylauses rested atop a small countertop next to the door. He stared not at the dining table, but slightly above it, as if it lay beneath his notice. His prominent nose tilted toward the ceiling, and his lips and brow wrinkled into a proud sneer.

"And this is the dining room!" Hanikap bowed. "You can stay here if you want. I'll ask Dille to bring some food out for Lord Gaston's guests!" He made to hurry back to the kitchen.

Team Country

On the third floor, Alois—and anybody else with him—would hear a noise. It wasn't a house noise—the creak of boards underfoot or the wheezing in the walls that comes with age. No, it was a human noise. A gasp of breath, followed by several brief grunts, and then a dull scrape. They came from the northern door. The door they had yet to open.


Compared to the rest of the house, the cellar seemed cramped. A couple of small torches lined the brick walls. Wooden kegs cast long shadows that swooped toward the arched ceiling. Long shelves with dark bottles took up most of the wall space. The cool air smelled of dirt and spiced wine.

Nobody appeared to be here.


As if summoned by their shouts, a familiar-looking redhead exited the building. She stomped to the group before stopping in front of them, annoyance written across her face. "What's all the commotion?! Can't a girl make dinner without getting interrupted? And you," she turned to the twins. "Are you bothering people again? Didn't I ask you to help set the table?"

Mara spoke first. "B-But Sissy 'Cantha, we saw Cora! And Cuzzy Phai and archer!" She pointed at Tsetseg accusingly.

Her sister Nara did not echo her words for once, beaming up at the archer. "Big famiwy? Wike ouws?"

Phai seemed to have forgotten her brief grudge with the twins at Acantha's arrival. "Guess what, Acantha! There are bad people in the village! Really bad!" she spread her arms wide as if to emphasize the issue. "We need your help against the bad people!"

The redhead smacked her face. "Wait, let me get the twins back inside first." She turned to them. "We're going to talk militia matters, so you better go inside now, okay?"

"Can we stay? Please?!"



The two flinched at her glare before returning it with pouty lips. Eventually, they broke into sighs of "fiiine," and began the short walk back to the house. The two stopped and turned to glance behind every few steps. A "get going!" from their older sister had them breaking into a giggling run.

Acantha watched the twins till they entered the house. "Okay, they're gone now." She sighed. "Phai, you should know better than to bring up stuff like that around them. Especially after they followed us to the river. I'm only glad that Gunther ended up being a nice guy and didn't hurt them." She muttered the last sentence under her breath.

"Sorry, Acantha. I got excited there. I'm just really, really hoping you can help us against the bad people."

"Can't you be any more specific than just 'bad people?' You're not a kid anymore." The redhead turned to Cora and Tsetseg. "Can either of you tell me anything more?" She gazed at the archer. "Since you're here, I take it the 'bad people' aren't from your group, right?" She crossed her arms. "Though I wouldn't be surprised if they were, with how suspicious you all are."



The main group is seeing things, Team Country is hearing things, Link is smelling things, and Tsetseg just talked to Thing One and Thing Two. Post and stuff.

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Penelope watched Raki with some amusement. It seemed he was a bit down about having been stopped in his questioning. He proved to be quite the inquisitive sort as he began to ask Link questions right away as well. Questions that Link deflected all too naturally. It wasn't long before Link was dragging Gunther off to presumably go over whatever he had found. That he didn't ask her was of no issue with Penelope. She wanted to keep an eye on this man just a while longer.

Though it seemed he truly was nothing more than a praise-starved lackey.

"As for the door, it just leads to the dining room. I can take you through it if it pleases you."

"It would indeed, thank you so much." Penelope said with a smile. Not waiting for Gunther to return before following the man into the room. It was indeed as he said, a dining room. And as expected it was much more lavish of a room. Clearly of the sort that the owner of the house would love to bring people to show off.

Hanikap soon rambled off about getting food for them and began to go to the kitchen. Penelope could hear movement from the kitchen side of the hall between the rooms and assumed Gunther was returning. So, she called out to the man before he got to the other side. "One moment, please, I believe my...friend here had some things to ask you."

She looked towards Raki. "Now would be the perfect time for your questions." After all Hanikap couldn't easily scamper off with both ends blocked.


Gunther hadn't understood what it was Link wanted. He was speaking in a rather strange way as well which made Gunther wonder if there was some code he was missing. Finally he realized that Link wanted to tell him something away from that man's stooge. Trusting that Link knew best Gunther left Penelope for a brief moment to see what it was that Link had to tell him.

Honestly he wasn't quite sure what to make of his words. They had known there was a potential risk but it felt as though Link wasn't giving him everything. Why that might be Gunther couldn't be sure but Link followed it with an assurance that Catriona would be fine. "Of course, I know you wouldn't let anything happen on your watch...and I will do my best to do the same."

Overall the conversation left Gunther uncertain. Should he be doing more? Was Link just regulating him to staying down here because he thought he would mess something up were he to search as well?

It took him a second to realize that the others were no longer in the kitchen. A moment of panic set in until he heard voices from beyond a door in the back. Moving there with perhaps a bit more swiftness than necessary he arrived at the doorway in time to hear Penelope speak. "One moment, please, I believe my...friend here had some things to ask you."

He saw Hanikap on his way out and, after Penelope's words, found himself naturally positioning in the doorway to make it hard for the man to simply slip past, trying to not make it seem he was intentionally blocking him.


Cora felt herself relax when Acantha made an appearance. If anyone could settle things down it would be her. And, true to her expectations, the girl quickly stopped the children's antics for the moment.

She gave the girls a smile and wave, deciding in her head to come back to play with them when this was all done, before turning full attention back on Acantha.

"Can either of you tell me anything more?"

"Well, truthfully, we don't know all too much. But, ya see..." Cora then explained to the girl what she had just learned herself. Trying to avoid repeating it the way that Tsetseg had told her lest Acantha accuse her of being childish as well.

Once she finished she frowned and looked over to Tsetseg. "Er, don't worry about the suspicious part, we all know you're not bad folk even if she doesn't admit it. A-anyway!" She continued hastily in the hopes Acantha wouldn't protest. "As you can see we really outta get going soon as we can."

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As Alois had prompted Edrick to break down the next door, his own destructive urges were piqued yet again as he heard scraping from behind the room that he was looking to. "What the...?" The boy walked past the other two in the room and looked at the door. The sound of gasps and grunts could be heard accompanying the scrapes, and Alois couldn't help but wonder if their missing person was indeed behind the final door. "Cat, is that you?" The boy asked the door and was only greeted with more scraping. Curiously, though, it didn't sound as if it were scraping against the door or anything, just against something in general in the room.

Raising an eyebrow at this, he looked back to the others saying, "surprise of surprises their seems to be something weird, strange even, going on behind that door. So, just leave it to the lockpicking master here." With that, Alois kicked the door as he had the previous one. Finding it to be roughly as sturdy as the door he had previously smashed off its hinges. Pulling his foot back, he nodded knowingly saying, "yep, I think I've got this lock all figured out. You just want to shift the weight a little in the metal part and then, just like that," Alois then went to charge the door, again breaking open the door. Rolling his shoulder, his arm a little sore from having just be used as an impromptu battering ram, he announced, "we're in." 

With the door now no longer obstructing his vision, Alois could clearly see that the interior of this room was not so much different then the last. The bed was certainly smaller but the decor around it and the sheets that lined it didn't seem any less garish. Nor did the rest of the room for that matter, similarly having paintings and lavishly decorated walls any which way one turned. And as Alois did turn, out the window in the room he saw something of a flash of maroon pass by it. "Alright, anyone want to check what that was?" 


Tsetseg smiled and nodded at Nara as she asked, "yup yup, everyone in this village is alll part of your tribe!" As Acantha had responded to their calls, Tsetseg beamed up, excited to have another member of the town patrol ready to help them out. Giving a wave to the littler girls as they were dismissed back to their home, Tsetseg looked to Acantha as she was awaiting an explanation. The archer opened up her mouth, yet ready once more to explain the current situation but Cora had seemed to get in the topic first. Tsetseg didn't seem to understand what Acantha had meant by calling them suspicious in the first place, considering herself to be one of the most trustworthy people she knew, and thus was only confused by Cora trying to cover for her. All the same, the girl smiled and nodded saying, "yeah, yeah! So there's bad people here that need stopping! Mhm."


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