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Aural Vampire - Freeeeze!!

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Monsters and Vampires,

You like vampires? You like charmingly dated 00's electronics? You like sinister vibes? You like catchy Pop hooks? Welcome to Aural Vampire, a duo between vocalist EXO-CHICK and "Total Sound Master" RAVEMAN that is cavalcade of fun music. Darkwave was not the best genre in the mid-00's, suffering from a lot of awful production choices that makes some of the records from this era less listenable than others, but Aural Vampire represent a peak in quality within the genre that finds itself not afraid to bring in a hook or a melody but not afraid to have an actual edge either. The result is this amazing duo, and if you can find it, I fully recommend their full length debut, Vampire Ecstasy and all of its Poptaculuar vampyric glory! It's like if Kyary Pamyu Pamyu discovered Nightbreed Recordings, and I am all here for it.

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