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British Soul

October 14th TCG list

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Guardragon Agarpain
Knightmare Mermaid

Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor

Dark Armed Dragon

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
Destiny HERO - Malicious
Ehther the Heavenly Monarch
Elemental HERO Stratos
Inzektor Dragonfly
Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz
El Shaddoll Construct
Royal Tribute
Super Rejuvenation

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HEROes and Inzektors new meta :v

That Agarpain ban, damn. Summoning Dragons from the ED is so much fun. Can't say it didn't see it coming, it's too good to have Dragon EDs as toolbox.

Striker hits only make space for a Mekk-Knight Striker build I have around xD

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Posted (edited)

With Mermaid out of the picture, I am happy I can finally stop seeing all these freaking Orcust hybrids that don't need to exist... Now can Trickstar get their Light Stage back at 2 or 3 now that Mermaid is gone, please? Thanks.

Edited by BGMキャノン

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Stratos and Malicious? The deck is already explosive, but now it becomes so much more consistent and stable in the lategame. That is hype for the deck. Maybe the variations might change to include Bubbleman and Absolute Zero, since those cards are "you have to play these cards; they're bad". This is hype. Even Generation Next could be fun, maybe. Pushes Neos and this helps it, too. The deck just pulling off all fronts now, though.

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