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Fire Emblem: Soul of Heaven [IC/PG-16]

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"I mean, it is, but let's be honest. The kind of fear-mongering those cowards are spreading is bound to catch on," Raynor stated with a shrug. "Slowly but surely, people will turn on us, slowly pushing us into corners until there's nowhere else to run. I, for one, relish the challenge, but... well, it's not really your guys' problem, right? I guess what I'm tryin' to say if you want to stay outta this mess, then it's best for me to pack up and move on. Of course, if you want me to stay, then I will, but I don't want to drag you all into trouble you can easily stay out of, especially if you want no part in it."

"That's not the worst of it. They're going to be looking for us now. Of course, if it were just me, I could handle it but wouldn't want to get anyone else into more danger."

Leon shot Raynor's suggestion down as well, and Yue agreed with that decision. "W-We're not leaving you behind," she shook her head. "D-Didn't we go over this before? At the valley?" She looked at Rona then. "Leon's right. The Iron Falcons don't leave anybody behind." Yue wouldn't blame them if they left her behind for being such a timid, pathetic thing, but that was different. Neither Rona, Raynor, nor Edda was like that, so that wasn't even a possibility they had to worry about. "A-and if they go looking for us, then we just have to...have to...fight them," she muttered.

Yue still had trouble understanding how it mattered way over here that Rastarn was looking for them. When she had left home, she knew that even if her father had asked the other tribes to look for her, that didn't mean that they would. After all, they were different tribes, and he was only the ruler of one tribe, not all of them. And Rastarn and Enta were two different cities, as Anne had pointed out, so it should work the same here. Or was this an Aeoran thing?

Human beings really were too confusing.

Then Leon asked Edda where she was planning on going next.

"Um, well. Enta was just a stop. I was supposed to go from here to Yon'Lou. Probably a place called Sa- Sab...something. I was supposed to...well..." The girl didn't seem comfortable continuing her train of thought before she continued by bringing out a gem as well as an icon of a crystal dragon and a blue medallion. But Yue wasn't paying attention to that.

"W-were you going to Sabetchi?" the archer asked timidly. "I've been there before...it's...different." She didn't say anything more than that, wincing slightly.

Leon made his decision then, and while Yue didn't agree with it, she couldn't really argue with him either.

Alexis cupped her chin in one hand. "Yon'Lou huh? I heard a lot about the place but never had a chance to go there myself. Sounds like a fun time." She glanced over at Yue. "I'm sure a certain someone can guide us around handily, aren't you glad Yue's with us, Rona?" Alexis said. The wyvern rider looked confused but with a grunt nodded in agreement.

The archer blushed. "I-I haven't been everywhere there though. My tribe didn't move around like some of the others. L-Layne might be better for that." She poked her fingers together. "B-but if you need a guide around the woods, I-I could p-probably help."


Being told to go shopping didn't mean much to Yue. She wasn't the kind to go shopping, and she had no clue what she would buy. So instead, she just wandered the town in a haze of fear and confusion. Fear from all the people around her, though at least she didn't stand out as much in her Yonan garb here, seeing quite a few other Yonans around. Instead, she had a different problem. Many of the Yonans had the pale skin from Youduon, her home tribe, and every time they glanced her way she ducked out of sight. Not that many of them would recognize her at first glance, as she didn't have much presence, physical or otherwise, in the tribe. But it didn't hurt to be careful, either.

There were also a lot of Yonans that she thought might be from Sabetchi, but it was hard to tell, with their tendency to wear Aeoran clothes. And forget trying to figure out if any of them were from Tencheang or not. She did spot a couple of Balazeng tribesmen, which was pretty exciting, but she didn't approach any of them. While she had had a good relationship with her mentor who was from that tribe, that didn't mean that the others would like her as well.

There wasn't much that caught her eye, but Yue did grab a bag of dried berries to eat. It wasn't much, but she didn't need much either.

As she wandered, she eventually neared a bar where she could hear somebody talking about a boat. Perking her ears up at that, the girl edged closer, spotting Alexis entering as well. After going through the doorway, the archer stayed near the exit of the building, ready to flee if necessary. She didn't like being indoors, but Leon had said they would need to find a boat to Yon'Lou.

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"No." He looked towards Raynor and Rona saying, "all of us are the Iron Falcons. Together. If you want to leave, then I won't stop you, but I'm not going to abandon any of you. Especially not for a reason like this," Ah, the captain had a bleeding heart. Bless his soul. "Falcons. Our mission has changed. We're going to find a boat to Yon'Lou and go there. We'll figure out what to do after that, but for now, this is our plan of action." Looking to everyone, thinking as if on an after thought, he said, "oh and feel free to shop around first. It'll probably be a long journey."

"Aye, aye, Captain," Raynor stated with a nod before mentally thinking about what they would need. He might need a new lance, seeing as only god knew how long they were going to be gone. That would mean they'd need more things... but something was was nagging at him. He was forgetting something very important, he knew it. He lead his mount down the road before it hit him. "Right! I need to get food for ya, Gojira! We're gonna be gone for awhile and the rest of your food's at home!" With this knowledge in mind, he headed to the market, hoping to find some cheap food.

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“YOU DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS MINE?” Susano’o’s rumbling bass thundered across the bar, and the crowd (made-up mostly of those who had escaped his initial wrath upon entering the establishment) shied away. “YOU THINK I’M STUPID?” It was a dumb question honestly. 

The brat across from him was known as Silt, and really, Susan was under the impression the kid thought everyone was stupid. Which wasn’t really surprising once you learned about him. His age was inscrutable; Silt had the face of a fifteen year old, the petty but playful attitude of an eighteen year old, and the hard eyes and far-reaching influence of one of the most powerful crime bosses in all of Enta. 

The only part that Susan knew was for sure true was the last. Which was what had brought him to the bar in the first place. 

“Golden ram on the front. Enough alcohol to bathe in below deck. Name painted on the side in huge giant letters, with MY ex’s name. “ Susano’o closed the distance between them. Up close Silt was just barely up to his chest. “Mind telling me how in the hell you didn’t know she was mine? AND WHERE THE FUCK YOU PUT HER WHILE YOU’RE AT IT?!”

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With everyone else having left, it only left him and Rona now where they had started. Looking to Jouran he said, "indeed. It's for the best for us anyway, and it shouldn't be that hard to find a boat going to Yon'Lou here." Standing there, Leon hadn't said anymore, just having silence fill in between the two of them. After a bit of this, he started to feel awkward himself as they hadn't been doing anything in both the middle of a city and a crowded one at that. So, clearing his throat, the man said, "so, was there uh, anything you wanted to get while we're here? It's not every day we're in a city like this right? There's bound to be a bunch of stuff you uh, um, can't find anywhere else, right?" Leon had felt as though he sounded like a poor businessman just now, which only did its part to make him feel even more awkward about the situation.  

Silt didn't seem too bothered by the man approaching him, instead waving his hand as if to waft away the man's aggression. "My apologies Susan, I hadn't realized any of that. My men told me they had a new boat, they didn't specify who it belonged to. And I had someone who wanted a boat. And it seems that they had someone who wanted to buy a boat from them too. So really," the man sighed and shook his head, placing a hand to his chest, before reaching high and patting Susan on the shoulder. "I'm just as much a victim of circumstance as you are here." Casually walking away from the man, or quickly stepping if he had responded with aggression, Silt looked to the exit, seeing two new girls appear at the entrance. The two would notice that he would lock eyes with both of them, if only for a moment each, though he still had a smile on his face and gave a friendly wave. 

Pivoting back to face Susan he said, "as for who has it, well, I do have my honor as a businessman to uphold. And my customer's confidentiality is one thing that I can't put up for sale." Pondering for a moment he said, "though, I suppose the man who has it now is no longer my customer. Which means I didn't sell it to him. So, I can't possibly know who has it now." The man's tone was simultaneously joking and matter of fact. Seeming to have a revelation of sorts, he said, "oh, but I suppose I do have my job as an information broker too. And if you're asking for information from one of those, then I suppose you'd also need to pay along with it too right?" There was a brief pause before the man chuckled saying, "just joking, just joking. We're both victims here after all, right? So, to help you through such a time the only thing I ask you spend is your time as you wait for me to get such info."

Smiling still he said, "but, since talks are already on the line if you have any other business with me, please, by all means ask. Oh and ladies," he spoke to the Yonan and Aeoran girl at the entrance, "don't let this man keep you from having a drink if you came for one. He's much more docile then he appears."

Edda has still been stunned by Leon's statement that they would go to Yon'Lou. Immediately, the girl couldn't help but feel yet another wave of guilt wash over her, feeling - knowing - that this had been her fault. But, selfish as it was, she also had felt a small sense of relief along with the news. It had been a long time since her travels began, and she knew it was still far from over. The idea of  taking on that task, continuing on it alone was daunting to her. And after traveling with others, it also felt far too lonely to think of.  All the same, she hopped back into attention as everyone seemed to be getting ready to look around the town. 

She hadn't known where to go, or what to shop for to begin with. So, the girl figured she'd instead follow someone else on their shopping trip. The first was Leon and Rona, and though the girl didn't have anything against the company leader, she was still unsure of what to make of the Jouran girl. And they hadn't gotten off to the greatest of starts, and Edda still couldn't help but think the girl didn't like her. Then there was Yue and Alexis. She quite liked the Yonan girl, even if she had an interesting way of talking, and she knew it was proper manners to thank her for helping her remember the name of Sabetchi. But Alexis was another story. The girl was still wary of the Pegasus Knight, knowing that she should naturally hate her - and probably would hate her even more later. Not to mention she was pushy and had a way of making Edda talk that she didn't feel entirely comfortable with. So, all that had left was Raynor. 

From how he talked with the other girls and how Alexis talked about him and Anne, Edda couldn't help but wonder if he was one of those "philanderers" here caretaker had warned about. She was told that men like those were just no good to be around. But at the same time, he also just seemed nice and Edda still wasn't entirely sure what the word meant anyway. So, she followed after the man. 

The girl's eyes went wide as the duo and the mount entered a street covered littered with stalls selling all kinds of food. From more common place fruits and vegetables in Aeora to those only found in Yon'Lou. Similarly, there seemed to be meats of all kinds at the stands, ranging from general livestock to fish, to even some more exotic "monster meat" as it was referred to. The girl seemed overwhelmed and eager looking at everything, keeping herself at bay from actually eating anything, but diving at the first sign of free samples. This was more plentiful then the normal, though, as shopkeepers and street vendors alike eyed up the duo of Jourans and the Salamander, great interest and wonder in their eyes at the entirely foreign sight. After a few pushy salesmen trying to sell them things, though, Edda would just marvel saying, "man, they sure are lively here." Looking to Raynor, she pointed at his mount saying, "so uh...what do they normally eat, anyway?"  

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Rona was fine with the silence. She was watching as people passed by, making sure none of them looked to be dangerous, and keeping close to Leon as they stood among the crowd. In fact when he broke the silence it gave the girl a start. Though she quickly laughed to cover the surprise on her face.

"so, was there uh, anything you wanted to get while we're here? It's not every day we're in a city like this right? There's bound to be a bunch of stuff you uh, um, can't find anywhere else, right?"

Rona looked blankly at the young man. What would she get? "My weapons are still in decent condition. We should have enough supplies. I don't think there's anything else we're in need of." Rona responded.

"Ah, I see.." The young man awkwardly rubbed the back of his head as he said, "but I more so meant things like, food that isn't just rations. Or clothes or, I don't know, anything you'd find interesting."

Something she found interesting? Rona didn't bother trying to hide her puzzled face. "I don't know." She answered honestly. She looked down at her body. "Is there a problem with my clothing?"

Leon looked to the girl, examining her for a moment though, seemingly examining her before seeming to realize something and quickly clearing his throat. "Well, no. Not particularly. It's just something I know people like to shop for in their spare time." Looking at his own clothes, he said, "though I suppose all of our clothing is getting a bit worn."

Rona idly tugged at her top, what little there was of it, and frowned. "Do you think I should get new clothes then?"

"Sure. I could probably use some myself, so let's go shopping for clothes."

The wyvern rider nodded. "Yes, commander...where does one buy clothes?"

The first thing that Alexis noticed when entering the bar was the shouting. A bull of a man was screaming about a boat to another, smaller, man. She thought she recognized the angry man and, when she noticed Yue come in behind her, pointed him out. "That's the guy who was fighting those bandits before yeah?"

It was then the one being yelled at noticed the two of them. He seemed to intentionally lock eyes on them which bothered Alexis. Eye contact was meant to start something between two people and from the looks of this man she didn't want that for either her or Yue. Still she just gazed back unflinchingly and let a smile cross her face as she heard him try and negotiate with the bull.

"don't let this man keep you from having a drink if you came for one. He's much more docile then he appears."

The man was bold. She could tell he was used to having control in any situation. Despite his absolutely bland appearance. With a shrug she started forward before pausing. She leaned towards Yue and whispered into the girl's ear. "Might be best to keep some distance in case he decides to throw someone again. I'm going to get a bit closer though, this looks too interesting to pass up."

Then she strode up towards the duo. "Oh, I wasn't worried. I just couldn't help but overhear you talking about boats. We're looking for a ride you see but if there's boat thieves going around then we wouldn't want to accidentally board stolen property."

Silt will chuckle saying, "a boat you say? Well, irate though he may be, Susan over here happens to be a wonderful sailor. And last I checked, without a crew, so I'm sure you two can talk about something." The man will pause for a moment before adding, "but if you're looking to set sail, time is of the essence."

Oh really then? This just got more interesting, just as she expected. "And why might that be?"

The man will put a hand to his chin saying, "oh? You don't know? Well, it seems that the government of Rastarn is looking for a fugitive of some sort. And they asked for compliance with Enta's government to start regulating and restricting travel. They have agreed thus far, though the Sky Knights are only now starting to be able to secure things in here."

It was worse than she had thought. They would have to get out of there quick or else risk running into a blockade. "Well, we certainly don't have anything to worry about there. Haven't been a fugitive once my whole life! Suppose we'll just have to get to our destination quicker than expected though." She glanced over at the one he had called Susan. "If we help get your boat back would you be interested in a few passengers?"

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Posted (edited)

The trip to the marketplace was rather typical for Raynor, for the most part. The streets were full of all sorts of all sorts of food and people, and they all were in awe of the Salamander and his rider. Of course, why wouldn't they be? He was a legend in the making, and anyone could see that. Then again, it wasn't exactly typical, not with a pretty lady making the trip with him.

The new smells were exciting Gojira, who was taking several deep breaths to sort all the smells. Most people keep their distance, obviously scared of the giant reptile, but a few braver people, mostly children, approached slowly.

"Don't 'bout him, he don't bite," Raynor supplied as he leaned against his Salamander's side. Gojira let out a snort and shook his head a little. "He's just getting used to the new smells," He watched as Edda was also getting excited about the marketplace, which was really cute. She must not get out too much. 

"Man, they sure are lively here." Looking to Raynor, she pointed at his mount saying, "so uh...what do they normally eat, anyway?"  

"Salamanders? Well, they mostly eat meat," Raynor supplied as he reached down and patted Gojira's side. "Helps them grow big and strong," He paused, rubbing his chin. "However, Gojira here also has a bit of a sweet tooth. Got into mah mum's fruits once, and developed a taste for that. It... doesn't help him as much as meat, but, I use it as a treat for him," Gojira shook his head again, and began to move forward. "Ah, looks like he found a kind of meat he likes," Raynor commented as he hopped on Gojira's back, making sure he didn't go off into a full sprint. "Really need to stock up for the trip, ya know?" Gojira came to a stop in front of a stall, laying down in front of it. Taking a look, Raynor looked to see it sold mostly general livestock, which was good. "Yo, got any cheap meat?" He asked. "And, maybe some scraps you weren't gonna sell anyways?"

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"That's the guy who was fighting those bandits before yeah?"

Yue nodded, but kept quiet. Listening to the conversation, the archer really couldn't understand this man. Or all those words he was using, like "customer confidentiality," or asking the other man to pay for information? Why would he need to pay money just for that? And didn't the guy's men sell off his boat, so didn't he owe him money? She didn't know much about these things, but it felt like, to her, the slimmer, smiling young man was in the wrong. Still, she didn't have the courage to just go up and say that. Something about the other man was scaring her, especially when he locked eyes with her. She quickly looked down, freaked out, but she freaked out even more when Alexis whispered in her ear.

"Might be best to keep some distance in case he decides to throw someone again. I'm going to get a bit closer though, this looks too interesting to pass up."

Yue agreed. She didn't want to be anywhere near that kind of scary violence. Hearing that Rastarn was looking for fugitives, though, made her freak out even more than she already was. She didn't know how Alexis was able to keep so calm about it. "S-S-S-Scary," she muttered, then perked up at hearing Alexis's question to the other man...Susanoo, she thought his name was. "U-Um yeah, that...what she said. W-We can h-h-help." She clammed up after that, staring down at the ground and shaking in place.

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With things having been settled on, it seemed that Leon and Rona were going to go clothing shopping. However, as Rona asked her last question, Leon found himself unsure. The boy only had the clothes that he took with him when left home, and hadn't actually gotten anything since. And those clothes he hadn't actually gotten himself, generally only getting something because his parents thought the rags he wore were about to fall apart. As a result, he only knew about clothes shopping secondhandedly. Leon figured that the first thing to do when confused by something was to consult an expert on it, and thinking back to the group, he figured that Alexis was probably the most knowledgeable on these matters. Oddly, though, Leon couldn't help but feel a small sense of dread creep on him as this thought entered his brain. Perhaps it would be better not to tell her about this. 

After a very clear pause and moment of thought, Leon looked to Rona seeming equally unsure. "I'm sure there are shops dedicated to clothing somewhere around here. I suppose we should go take a look."

With that done, Leon and Rona made their way through town, seeing various shops of different trinkets, weapons and other such assorted goods. Eventually they had found themselves in a less open market area, a low hanging canopy over a still lively area. Everywhere there were stalls and stands set up, selling different articles of clothing and jewelry as far as the eye could see. There were very few in ways of simple and practical clothing, that the two were likely used to. All different kinds of suits and decorated uniforms, as well as some more ridiculous. There was also plenty of Yonan style clothing of all different varieties littered around, being sold as "exotic" and "foreign" clothing. The jewlery as well was of all different varieties, with various types of gems in them as well. Leon looked to Rona, overwhelmed himself and not really sure what to look for, especially for someone else, saying, "um. Anything catch your eye?" 

Edda listened intently as Raynor told her what his Salamander liked to eat. The girl nodded as it didn't seem to be anything specific, but seem to mull over something. He liked to eat meat and fruit. She also liked meat and fruit. Looking at the mount, the girl couldn't help but mutter, "maybe we really are alike." 

As Raynor approached the vendor, the man seemed to be Aeoran and was also wearing a ridiculously large chef's hat. Speaking with an accent that sounded entirely fake and not even sure what it was supposed to be, the man said, "Cheap Meat?! Non non, my customer. This meat is gooood meat. It is freeesh meat. It high quality! Cheap is bad to say. Undervalues delicacies! This is good meat at great price! And for you, customer of muuch value, I will throw in more for you! No cheap scraps. Complimentary scraps! And not even scraps. High quality....scraps." The man's accent broke at the last word, but seemed to smile brightly less than a second after. 

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Susano’o stared at the girls. “You… help me… get my boat back…” he repeated their words very slowly to them. “How in the hell do you expect to do that? Do you even know who that yippy little jackass that just walked out is?” He snorted dismissively. “No offense to you Steel Chickens, but you guys are all minnows, and that brat’s a Great White. I don’t see how you all could help me at all.” 

He turned away and headed toward the bar. “If by some miracle from the Spirits you do find a way to get Yumi back, though, sure. I’ll take you wherever you gotta go. But you won’t,” he said over his shoulder as he walked away. 

Then he slouched onto a stool at the bar and slammed a stack of coins down. “Alcohol. Strongest you got." He knocked the first mug back in a single go. "Just keep 'em coming. I'll be lucky if I can even get drunk off piss water like that.”

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Alexis smirked at Yue. She could tell how hard that was for the girl to say but she said it nonetheless. Out of instinct Alexis put a hand on the archer's shoulder in an attempt to calm her somewhat.

The bull's response left a lot to be desired. She wondered what "Steel Chickens" could mean. Maybe it was some kind of slang that she hadn't heard of before. Alexis glanced over at Yue to see if she knew what it meant before shrugging. "I'll look forward to you eating your words big guy." she said to him.

Looking around she didn't really see much of interest. Nothing more than she could find at any old bar back home at least. But at least she got a hook for a potential vessel. One that came with a hint of adventure and exploration at that.  Adding on to this she couldn't help but notice Yue's discomfort. She wasn't sure why the girl had come here to begin with but it was clear that she wanted to be anywhere else right now.

Though it also looked like Yue was hesitating for some reason. Alexis thought she might make the decision for her and save Yue the trouble. "Hey, why don't we head out? Doesn't look like there's anything for us here. Not till we get big guy over there his boat."

She paused, then called out to him "Oi, what's its name anyway?"

After getting a response, or lack thereof, Alexis hooked a thumb towards the door and grinned at Yue. "Alright, seems we've got some searching to do. Got any idea where to start, lovely hunter from Yon'Lou?"

"um. Anything catch your eye?" 

Rona was entirely lost. She didn't even know where to start. It seemed that there were more choices than she had ever seen yet nothing looked like anything she was used to.

She picked up one outfit and gave it a confused look. She held it up towards Leon, "What is the purpose of this? All this would get caught on a saddle or an enemy's sword."

Leon looked at the outfit curiously as well saying, "I'm not entirely sure. You're right in that it doesn't seem very practical, but instead..." Leon put a hand to his chin as he said, "I guess it's more for show? Though, it's definitely more revealing then any dress clothing I've ever seen."

"Why would someone want to make a show of how they dress?" It was bizarre to her. Clothes was there to protect your body from the weather and make sure nothing got damaged. "Though it seems much better than that." She pointed at a dress over by another stall.

Leon looked at the dress, saying, "Well, for combat the other one is probably better. That one is better for more formal occasions and the like."

Rona nodded, understanding dawning on her, "So you think I should get the first one?"

"Eh?" Leon looked at the girl confused saying, "um, I don't know if that's really good for what we're looking for. Though I guess I don't know what we're looking for...Hmm." Leon looked at the two options of clothing, thinking more saying, "both would probably look good, but...hmmm...We should probably look for something else."

"This is a more complicated matter than I thought." Her gaze swept again through the various stalls. She had to find something that was battle ready. One particular outfit stood out after some searching. Her main concern was how much the heat would get to her in it. But, if Leon thought it would work...

She held it out to him. "What about this? It looks like the clothes of a fierce warrior."

Leon looked at the outfit, and back to Rona. Thinking on it for a moment he said, "I suppose it's similar to what you're currently wearing."

She wasn't sure of what the commander intended. "Is that...bad?"

He looked at the girl saying, "no, I don't think so. I've never thought what you wore was bad before, so it's probably fine."

Rona wasn't sure why but the statement caused her to smile. It wasn't as though it really meant much but a commander's approval was something she still was unused to. With an eager nod she turned on her heels and presented it to the merchant. "I will take this." She declared, with a hint of pride in her voice. She had done it. She had new bought clothes!

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      Estellise Fereis
      The young lady, mage of the Fereis family, woke in the early hours of the morning as usual. Though these past few days have been somewhat different than the norm.
      She had met and joined up with a pair of rather surprising individuals. Up until now she had traveled into The Dungeon with members of the Fereis family. And even then usually not for long. Yet now she would be in the company of strangers. Commnofolk at that.
      This was something her mother very clearly didn't approve of.
      Which was, once again, the topic of discussion, if one could call it that, at the breakfast table. The long table seated several other Fereis family members. Though the head of the family was absent. A usual occurrence as the young man hardly ever took meals with the rest anymore.
      The room itself was rather grand. Tapestries lined the walls and a great chandelier, candles lit with blue flame, hung above the table. Which itself was a massive thing. Dozens of seats lined either side. Though only several of them were filled at the moment. A contrast that, perhaps, spoke to the abundance of wealth even the smallest of the major families had.
      Her mother's voice was kept low, attempting to avoid the attention of the others, but the sharp tone carried despite the volume. "I will say it again. I do not approve of you going off with some rabble. You must explore The Dungeon of course, it is the duty of ever member, but do so with the family. It may be slower than some of those foolhardy 'adventurers' but it is the way we have always done things. You won't have this option to be so carefree once you're the h-once you're older so I do not see why you would break from the tradition now."
      There was a sour look on her face and the woman's eyes flicked over towards the chair at the end of the table. Which was where the family head would sit. When her gaze went back to her daughter she let out a sigh. "I wish you would avoid those others, Estellise, I truly do."
      Christopher Ellwood
      The Drooling Dragon. It was a rather uncouth name for an establishment. The sign that hung outside its door even more so. A fat dragon, sleeping on a pile of stones, with a waterfall of drool dripping down its face.
      Despite the name, and the sign, the beds in the rooms that made up the upper two floors of the large building were rather comfortable. For most travelers that is.
      Christopher woke up in the morning to the noise of people outside. Even from the third floor, which contained the rooms reserved for those planning to stay more than a few nights, he could hear the voices coming in from the small window above the bed.
      The sunlight shining directly on his face didn't help matters.
      Nor did the dry heaving he could hear from the neighboring room. Belonging to someone who most likely had spent too long in the tavern last night.
      Once he made his way down to the ground floor he would find the tavern nearly empty. Only the most dedicated, or most downtrodden, of souls tended to come to the tavern this early. So it was mostly those who rented rooms. Eating the rather simple breakfast the bar owner provided them.
      Most of those that were there that morning were sat up at the bar itself. The many tables were empty. The stools having not even been put down on them. In the corner the small stage was even more empty. The musicians that usually used it wouldn't come in for a few more hours.
      There were several spots where, instead of the usual tables, there were areas set up for various games of chance, skill, and strength. Though those too, this early, were empty. Barring one table where two large men arm wrestled. Neither giving the other an inch despite the strain that was clear in both of their faces.
      The bartender noticed as Christopher made his way down the steps and gave him a nod. The man was rather tall. Standing at six feet even. Though his fine, for a commoner, clothing covered his body well they still strained at places due to the muscles that hid underneath.
      His name was Hector, Christopher had learned, and there were a wide variety of rumors about the man. The most prevalent and wild of them being that he had once been a mercenary and on one job had knocked out a dragon with a single punch.
      "Mornin'." He called out. His voice low and unassuming yet strong. "Did you slept well, kid? I know Donald had a late night. Hope he didn't wake you." Hector nodded to a nearby empty barstool. "How about you sit down and I'll get you a bite to eat."
      The Riverside Church, as its name implies, was a church located near a river. More specifically the river that ran across the city near its center and cuts the area in almost two sections.
      It was a smaller church, able to hold only several dozen faithful, but Lana had been directed there because the priest who took care of it was known for helping out travelers down on their luck free of charge. As long as they were willing to do some minor work around the place in return.
      The room she was given was small as well. Hardly more than a closet. But it had a bed, and a small, simple, table where a candle was set. As well as a rather large, circular, window that she could see one section of the river from.
      There was a noise. Something creaking. It wasn't unusual for a building like this to have such noises but these seemed somewhat louder than normal. Which was odd as, until the priest comes in later in the day to set up, there shouldn't be anyone else there. The priest's home was nearby but not attached and there were no other guests.
      Whether the noise prompted the girl to get up to investigate right away or not she would find the place empty.
      Though a door leading to the graveyard out back was partially opened.
      Before she could check, were she inclined, the main door opened and the priest walked in. He was a short man but still fit despite his age. His head was bald and the only hair he had left was a neat mustache, still mostly black but greying, and he wore heavy robes whenever he was at the church.
      His grey eyes looked inquisitive as he saw Lana up and about. "Good morning, child, is something the matter?" He then noticed the door on the other end open and a smile crossed his face. "Ah, I see she has come earlier than normal. If you were worried about that no need to. It's my daughter, you see, she tends to visit this place. Though usually not at this time. You've been here a few days now but I suppose you never did meet her. If you'd like to say hello you're free to. Though, I could use some help setting up for the sermon later, if you don't mind."
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