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Uncle Death


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Has anyone else here played LET IT DIE? It's only the greatest video game ever!

While I used to think it was exclusive to the Death Drive 128, I'm told this game is actually available in other places and consoles, such as the PC and the PS4!

In this game you control an Avatar as you try to climb the top of the Tower of Barbs - can you achieve godhood?

Climb the Tower in this Free To Play Dark Soul-esque Rogue-Lite, or hang out in the Hated Arcade with me and a cast of colorful characters!

Here's the game! (Warning, not for the faint of heart!)


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I've played it some. The designs are some of the most fun concepts that's come out of gaming recently. I definitely give it props for flavor.

As for gameplay, once again I'm set back by the Souls-esque combat. Attack and defense strategies are more based on move animations than anything, which is a major pet peeve of mine. Also there's definitely the FTP wall that limits most things unless you pay, which I guess is fair, but I'd much rather just pay one price for the full experience than have microtransactions for short-term perks and rewards.

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