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Just Blake

Assorted News on New Master Rule and Rush Duels

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New Master Rule


As of April 1st, in the OCG ONLY, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz monsters will be summonable to the Main Monster Zone in addition to the Extra Monster Zone. The rules for Link Monsters will remain the same. You are not limited to 1 of each. For Pendulum monsters, they are almost identical, with one small change: Face-down pendulum monsters in the Extra Deck such as Nirvana High Paladin can be summoned to any zone the first time, but when pendulum summoned back to the field from the face-up extra deck they still must be summoned to the Extra Monster Zone, or a zone a link monster points to.

The name for this update will be “Master Rules (April 1st 2020 Revision)” (not Master Rules 5 or 6 or New Master Rules 2).


Rush Duel Info

The main concept about Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is focusing around Rush Duels. But what are Rush Duels, exactly?

From the brief Q&A held at the JUMP Festa with the main cast, “Rush Duel” is a new concept created by the protagonist, Yuuga. Apparently he doesn’t like the concept of “rules”, but rather building his own road forward (of course “road” being a pun on his own name).


However, we quickly learned that from April 2020, Rush Duel will also be introduced as a new product for the OCG, as in, the physical card game.


As explained in this schedule, on the right side of the “April 2020” red bar in the middle, the product branches into the existing 11th product season of the Official Card Game (with Rise of the Duelist being the first product of the season) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel (with an unnamed product). This also matches the premiere of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens anime, as well as the application of the Master Rules April 1st 2020 Revision.


The three characteristics of “Rush Duels”:
1) Uses specialized cards. New cards that are easy to interpretate and very attractive are introduced!
2) Continuous Summoning. You can Summon any number of monsters per turn!
3) Mass drawing. Each turn, you draw until your hand becomes 5!

For the first point, as you have probably seen in other articles, the cards look clearly different from standard Yugioh cards:Screenshot_20191220-202823_YouTube.jpg?s

Seventh-Load Magician/Seventh-Lord Magician



Rushdragian Dragian

For the second point, the stream clarified that for example, under the existing rules, you are only allowed 1 Normal Summon or Set per turn. In a Rush Duel, as long as you have monsters in your hand, you can keep playing as many as you want. If you have a Level 5 or higher monster, you can Tribute Summon it as usual in the same turn.

The third point replenishes your hand after playing several monsters from your hand, by drawing cards in each of your turns until your hand size becomes 5.


Credit to YGOrg for translations and compilations.

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I like the presentation here, looks fancy! Anyway, I said my thoughts on YCM, but I should probably talk a little about the new card look. It's about time, Magic the Gathering changed after a while and that was for the better, as iconic as the cards are, they are outdated, with small card images and counting the Levels I still mess up if a Level is very high sometimes, and honestly hope they just do this for regular cards, though it sounds like that may not be how they handle things, since they are releasing these separate from the main set from what I gather. The cards look modern, yet you can still tell it's a YGO card immediately, some say they look like Bandai cards, which okay, I can see that, but what makes that so bad?

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On the anime.
Studio Gallop is not listed for it, but Studio Gallop makes nothing but Yugioh last time I heard, so what's gonna be the deal with them? The new studio used is apparently one that worked on Vanguard G, so makes sense that it looks like something out of Bushiroad like Buddyfight. I guess my thoughts on it all are for a different subject.

On Rush Duels.
Hmm so, you start your turn and Summon everything you want from hand, and can immediately Tribute for bigger things, but I'm guessing for that turn you have only the 5 cards of the starting hand. Then during the Draw Phase it is hand-refill time and always goes back to 5 without worrying about card advantage. Well, yes actually worrying if it comes to field presence. The idea is not as bad as it sounded to me last night on a passing glance, but the format needs something against OTKs if this is how it is, and it also sounds like Spells/Traps have less of an impact compared to monsters than in the normal game.

On revised MR.
My fist impression is that I didn't like it one bit, but thinking about it, it might be worth a shot. 
--I don't like how it affects Links since a number of them were only played for the arrows and I thought it was an alright balancing factor. Stuff like LANphorinchus has just become utterly pointless for the game, and it already was not a very good card but it had some sort of a niche to maybe consider. Then they can extend to other mechanics that can just disregard the arrows, and that sounds like a way to extend plays somewhere...
--Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Decks appreciate the buff but stuff like HERO have gotten enough support to pretty much not need to worry under MR4 as it already is. This is gonna probably make that Link 3 HERO bad again. 
--I like Pendulums still having to follow. Sure they don't do anything in the game for most of the time but whenever they do anything, they usually overkill.... and I never wanna see a mindless "Pendulum Summon 5 from Extra Deck because I top-decked a 1-card scale play" ever again.

All in all, I think something's gonna definitely break somewhere, but it is gonna be interesting to see what happens.

On the card aesthetic.
I'm too used to how cards already look and Levels as stars always seemed pleasing to me as much as it can become a pain to count them, but I'd welcome this. It looks like the information is conveyed more simply. Makes things look bigger too, so now they'd need to still find ways to improve effect text if possible and we would have a much better (functionally speaking) design.

Edited by Sleepy

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Digging the new MR. A handful of cards, archetype and decks petrry much died with the cumbersome way to Summon from the ED. With that out of the way, they have a chance to shine again, some of them as they once did or even more.
Also I mentioned this in the Discord group but I find amusing that this was one of my suggestions, to allow Link Monsters around or their marker-related effects but still Summon ED monsters on any Zone as pre-MR4, for custom format initiatives popping in YCM back in the early days of MR4, only to be shot down by black & white mentalities of "either we allow Links or we don't, nothing in between". I get it's not exactly like that because we couldn't have predicted Koomy would make a move like this in  the next MR, but still, cannot but feel like I was right all along xD

Regarding Rush Duels, IMO they don't seem fair for balanced plays. I would prefer if it becomes a non-standard format like Tag or Speed Duels, but if it becomes an standard for official duels and the like well... things are going to get fast and I hope I have fun with it. Can't wait to Normal Summon Aleister twice per turn and drop multiple Invokeds.

On the new design of the cards, I'm neutral about it. It kind of reminds me of other TCG templates like Pokemon. I'm not against the new template, but I'm not excited about it either, and I'm just fine with the current templates that IMO is an iconic trait of YGO.

No comments on the upcoming anime since I don't watch YGO anime since... the second season of GX AFAIK.

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Rush Duels only use Rush Cards, which are going to be the standard going forward. Old cards aren’t applicable unless reprinted.

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Hmmm the mass draws is giving me those gimmicky ideas... For example:


As for additional Normal Summon rule, Decks like Gadgets, and R-Genex get a nice little buff to expand on their advantage generating strategies through Normal Summoning... While making some Decks that heavily rely on their Normal Summon have a better opportunity to out situations were they couldn't Normally out before.

I know it is early to jump the gun, but I like Rush Duels already. At least on paper anyways.

Love MR5... Got nothing against it. Been missing some MR3-esque elbow room.

Not keen on the aesthetic standards of the cards though, but I guess I can let it grow on me eventually.

Edited by BGMキャノン

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18 hours ago, Blake said:

Rush Duels only use Rush Cards, which are going to be the standard going forward. Old cards aren’t applicable unless reprinted.

I see. What can we expect from this, then? Cards for the "regular" format will be discontinued? Different booster packs, for regular and Rush formats, will be issued in parallel? If they discontinue the regular cards, it will be basically be a game reboot, and IDK if players, especially those who invested on valuable cards, will be able to accept the change.

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It'd be a terrible choice if they were to reboot the game all of a sudden like that without easing things in.
It is still one of the top selling card games in the world, if not the one on top, so I don't think it'll be the case.
I think it is mostly about the anime getting their new gimmick out there.

When 5DS got announced, they talked about Riding Duels.
When Arc V got announced, they talked about Action Duels.
When VRAINS got announced, they talked about Speed Duels.
Now SEVENS is announced, they are talking about Rush Duels.s

If you look at the MR news, they don't take effect until April and that's to start taking effect from there onward. It involving 5 mechanics that wouldn't be immediately introduced in a simplified version of the game if it was gonna become the main thing, especially Pendulums. it hints that at it won't be a reboot.

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It would appear all cards moving forward are Rush Cards unless stated otherwise.

Both classic and rush format will be official tournament formats. Rush cards can be used in classic style, but not vice-versa.

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Please no reboot

If they want to attract newer generation in simple format like Speed Duel and Rush Duel its fine. Its a viable marketing strategy that can be enjoyed by Master Duel players also as alternative. Even if the current anime completely revolved around the alternative format, as long they keep support the main format its should be no problem either.

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