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Happy Anniversary, NCM!

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That's right, we've been an open site for a year now! Isn't that crazy? We've come so far in such a short amount of time... We have a card maker with updates coming steadily now, a site with a quiet, but pleasant, feel to it, and a lot to do in 2020!

I can't speak for the rest of the team, but I would like to see a bit more branching out. With how relatively small our community is, there's no reason we can't try and mesh a bit more, right? No one's going to bite... unless they like that sorta thing. I dunno. Not my place to judge.

Of course events will exist for this sort of thing, but outside of the status bar, it doesn't really happen that much otherwise. Even Misc kinda has its own subset? I dunno, I just wanna... make a warm environment for more people to come to and join in. I've met people and seen quite a few leave this year... but I want the people who do show up to feel like it's okay! That it's not some exclusive community!

We're not just people fleeing another site now. This attempt worked, and it's still going strong. We did something great! We struck out on our own and made it! We are our own community, even if it required being reborn from the ashes.

So, as we say goodbye to the year of the community's rebirth, let's look to the future with excitement and hope!

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Happy Birthday NCM!  My Neo Year's Resolution is to try and get around the site a bit more.  I'll probably never touch the actual card maker, but I could stand to put myself out there more.  After all, I do love this community since I was a YCM member 8 years ago.  

Here's to another good one NCM!

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You're right. It is a happy birthday for this place, huh.

I do feel like we all could branch out more, myself included. Though I will say sometimes it's hard because we all have interests that we generally stick to and feel comfortable with discussing. Still, I like the idea of us all feeling more like a cohesive community too. Would be a good sitewide New Year's goal.

Also, I feel like this hasn't been said enough, but thanks for all that you've done for us Blake! You've really worked hard, both back on the old site, and on this one. It's definitely reassuring knowing that you're here and that you care about this place.

Cheers to a fulfilling year!

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Guest 000000000

cant save cards as image please help


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