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Top 5 Zelda Bosses & Sub-Bosses

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I'm in a list-making mood at the moment, so I'll just throw this into the pile.

Simply put, out of all the major enemies in the franchise, which 5 are your favorite? As the title says, this includes both bosses and sub-bosses.

I'll go ahead and list mine based on what I've played and remembered, which admittedly is not much but still:



5. King Bulbin (Twilight Princess)


Spoiler alert: I'm biased towards Twilight Princess, so most of my top 5 will be from that. Either way, this guy gets badass points from me. You only know him as the first major antagonist as the game really starts, but throughout the playthrough, he pops up every now and then and each time he is quite menacing. Overall, this guy gets props for almost literally suffering more damage from Link than every other boss combined, including falling off a bridge and taking multiple final blows, and in the end he just rides off like it was nothing after simply losing interest in serving Ganondorf. What a stud.

4. Koloktos


Is anyone surprised? A living construct on Thar's top 5? I mean, c'mon, look at this guy. Everything about it is appealing to me, from the gold armor to the six arms... not to mention one of the most satisfying boss fights I've ever experienced in any Zelda game. Not only was it fun to fight, but the fact that you can dislodge its arm, pick up one of its swords, and attack it with it is such a great example of rewarding your player. If only Skyward Sword wasn't such a gimmicky and hand-holding crutch of a game, perhaps it could've been amongst my favorite titles, but even that doesn't keep this guy from being one of my favorite bosses (and the only one on this list that isn't from Twilight Princess, whatayaknow?)

3. Fyrus


So now that we've gotten the outlier out of the way, you can rest easy that possibly none of your favorites are making this list, assuming Twilight Princess is as underrated as it is. Nonetheless, Fyrus is a pretty cool fight. Hell, I've always loved levels inside volcanoes, cause I mean... you're inside a fucking volcano. Either way, the moment this fight started was the moment I felt the game really started to get serious, and that comes on strong seeing one of my favorite tropes in boss fights being the boss was shackled up before they saw you and they just rip the fucking chains off and use them as flails. That, and also the first boss you fight using the bow and arrow, and the fact that you trip him by pulling the chain attached to his ankle... yeah, this is a fun battle. Need I say more?

2. Darknut


Again, is anyone surprised? Well, if you know me well enough, you shouldn't be, cause here we have another living construct, let alone a suit of fucking armor. This one, however, holds a special place in my heart because of how iconic it is. In other games it's referred to as the Iron Knuckle, but I've always preferred both the design and feel of the version from Twilight Princess. Darknuts are basically the ultimate test of pretty much all of Link's abilities that he learns throughout the game, and depending on where you are in it, there are different kinds, and each one makes you feel so badass fighting against. I've often considered making a replica of one of their weapons simply by how aesthetically pleasing they are, which I can say for the entire entity in itself. If that doesn't convince you how much I love these guys, I don't know what will.

1. Blizzeta


It's so hard finding a good image of this boss without the jumpscare coming up and scaring the bajesus outta me and I hate that. Regardless, let me just say that this boss deserves a spot on the list solely for the dungeon she is set in. I mean, it's literally her house. Just the idea of an abandoned manor designed to be solved like any other Zelda dungeon is such a great idea and it did it well. Nonetheless, this battle was definitely up there in terms of how good it felt. You have one of my favorite items in the game, the ball and chain, and using it makes me feel like the Witch King from Return of the King. The first stage is almost like a treat because you literally just knock around a giant sliding ice sculpture, which is a nice way of utilizing the design of some of the enemies in the dungeon. After that, it gets better. Half the time, she's up in the air beyond your view, so what do you do? Use the reflection in the ice to see her. From there it's just timing where and when she'll land and to whip out the flail and BAM! I thought Koloktos was satisfying, but after fighting Blizzeta again, it dawned on me just how good this entire battle- no, this entire AREA felt from start to finish. Now... if I could just reference this boss more without running into that creepy fucking evil face of hers, that would be nice.



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Being honest I don't really care much for LoZ and have only personally played Wind Waker. That being said I still want to shout out my favorite boss in the series.


Big ass skeleton beastie that you fight using a Beyblade.

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2 minutes ago, LordCowCow said:

Being honest I don't really care much for LoZ and have only personally played Wind Waker. That being said I still want to shout out my favorite boss in the series.


Big ass skeleton beastie that you fight using a Beyblade.

Loved his design, did not much care for his battle. The Spinner has gotta be my favorite item in the game, but the fact that it's literally the only thing you use during the fight kinda ruins it for me, especially when the entire second half was just riding a rail and avoiding obstacles until the game decides you can hit it.

Also those random statues that pop up can go fuck themselves.

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Posted (edited)

I also like Koloktok's concept, as well as the theme of its dungeon Ancient Cistern, but I don't find it cool enough to place it in my top 5 boss/mini boss ranking.
I was impressed by Snowpeak Ruins too. I remember in my playthrough, when I reached the mansion at first thought it as a mini dungeon and was wondering how long it would take to reach the area's dungeon... then after a few dungeon keys I realized I was in the dungeon already xD
Anyway, I have an idea of my favorite Zelda characters, dungeons, and regular enemies, but have never thought on  a top 5 boss/mini-boss ranking. Took me a while but here are mine, although it's subject to change as I remember other bosses/mini bosses. Note that I have not played all Zelda titles yet, so naturally I'm limited to the monsters from the games I'm familiar with, which are A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, unfinished Minish Cap, parts of A Link Between Worlds, and watched a bit of Skyward Sword gameplay.



5. Gemesaur King
It's a huge dinosaur and I like the rupee-theme it has, plus I appreciate that it is much more agile than its A Link to the Past counterpart Helmasaur King.

4. Helmaroc King
Big, dark avian that answers to Ganondorf himself, cool stuff. Also the Skull Hammer is one of my favorite items in Wind Waker, and you both get it in Helmaroc King's dungeon and need it to defeat it, and that contributes to me liking this boss.

3. Argorok
Another flying big boss, kind of seeing a pattern here. Anyway, Argorok is an armored, flying, fire-breathing dragon, that's as cool as it gets. I once fought it in hard mode by wearing the Zora suit xD First I didn't realize and I didn't understand why its flame attack took half my HP... turns it actually killed me but since I was holding onto one of the hooking structures it just consumed a fairy and kept me alive, skipping any death animation. Sucks for me that in the game it is not given any backstory or origin unlike other bosses though, wish we could know more about it.

2. Igos Du Ikana
I really have a thing for Ikana Kingdom. I like the theme, concept of ancient forsaken kingdom, and even the BGM in the castle. I have always wanted to see how the Kingdom was in its golden days and how it exactly fell, plus more insight on the Stone Tower. Anyway, Igos du Ikana being the king of this intriguing place, it's natural for me that he takes my top spot in this list. He even teaches you a song to progress, the good guy. He even has a gag scene with the Captain's Mask. I have respect for him.

1. Death Sword
As soon as I read your "top 5 bosses/mini bosses", this guy sprung to my mind, although I didn't know in which spot place him. I still am not sure, but for now I put it in my 1st place. Mainly due to Cloud in Smash Bros. I started to develop a thing for big 2-handed or broad swords, and... well, this mini boss is practically a big sword, albeit with a spirit of its own. Also this mini boss always stood out for me for requiring Link in wolf form to combat, at least in the initial phase. Makes me wish TP had 1 or 2 wolf-form only dungeons, but alas, that wasn't a thing. Plus when you first find the sword, sealed with talismans, and you have to break them yourself to progress... it gives a sense of danger and dread to me. Furthermore, I stumbled upon this Youtube video theory on this monster, stating that it could very well be Ganondorf's blade that was taken away from him when he was imprisoned. That adds to its coolness, IMO.

Other mentions are Darknut, Mothula (Wind Waker) and Dinolfos but they are first introduced as mini bosses but then as the game progresses and you get stronger they reappear as regular enemies.


Edited by Darj

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