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God of Pink Hair Girls

Ally of Justice Quarantine

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Posted (edited)

Thought about this card due to the coronavirus situation plus the state I currently live in issued curfew regulations just yesterday.

Ally of Justice Quarantine | [OCG] Ally of Justice - D.D. Checker
DARK/Machine/Effect/Level 4
Neither player can Special Summon LIGHT monsters.

- Noteworthy searchers of this card are "Gear Gigant X", "Summoner Monk" and the GY effect of "Orcust Crescendo", and the latter is millable/pseudo-searchable by "foolish Burial Goods".
- Potential meta call vs. LIGHT decks, albeit at the moment AFAIK there isn't any topping LIGHT deck, but that may change with the upcoming MR2020.
- It's a target for "Black Salvo" for whatever that's worth nowadays.
- Due to its OCG name it also actually is a "D.D." monster, so if ever "D.D." and "Ally of Justice" get any support, this card would benefit from it.
- 1700 ATK is decent for a Level 4 monster with a floodgate effect such as this one.

IMO it got potential to be a good meta call vs. LIGHTs now that Orcust Crescendo is a thing, which you can mill with Foolish Burial Goods. It wouldn't be the first time an AoJ maindeck monster pops up as a side card or meta call, Cycle Reader did at some point, IIRC when LSs were rampant but wouldn't be surprised if it was vs. Bujins as well.


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Hmm IDK. Sounds like Fossyl Dina and Barrier Statues would do much more for you to floodgate against a bigger number of potential threats, and even in LIGHT hate, I have the feeling that Koa'ki Meiru ought to have toys that do a bit more somewhere.... it's a bit late at night so I'm not gonna go dig in to confirm though xD

It IS a D.D. xD What a screw up from the translators to remove part of the name that made it belong to a theme that was already previously established... I bet D.D.s are gonna be added in someday. It's also in romanized so it very likely wasn't accidental for OCG to make it part of them xD

This is unrelated but I find it weird how D.D.s and D/D/Ds seem to be different stuff, but both of their First 2 Ds mean the same thing "Different Dimension" and D/D/D only slapped "Demon" at the end.... I guess it's just like Hero vs HERO....

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Right, that Koa'ki is Drago, which stops the Summons of both DARKs and LIGHTs. That means it's not so good if you are a DARK Machine decks and are grabbing this with Orcust Crescendo ^^"

On that note, the D.D. and D/D split was such a fiasco IMO, it didn't let D.D.s benefit from all the support D/Ds have. The former are even featured in an D/ support Trap, "D/D recruits".

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