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Big-Tusked Mammoth

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Big-Tusked Mammoth

EARTH | Level 5 | [Beast/Effect]

ATK/ 2000 | DEF/ 1000

Monsters your opponent control cannot be attack the turn they are Summoned.


So I was trying out this guy in the Merfae archetype and had some good successes with it as it paired well with their passive play style by halting OTK-esque stragies with big boards while they do their stuff. Usually how I would get it is via Merfae_Cathy to search it and Merfae_Fenny to Special Summon it OR through Ninjitsu_Art_of_Transformation after Normal Summoing Ninja_Grandmaster_Hanzo (bc Merfae don't really need their Normal Summon except for things like Rescue Cat or Nimble Beaver). The thing it does best is prevent you from dying right away on less opportune hands, and it protects your key play smaller bodied stunners like Merfaes_of_the_Forest and Herald_of_the_Arc_Light from easily being ran over. Merfae of the Forest can also stop other monsters from attacking that have been on the field for longer than a turn they were Summoned. I definitely consider it a one of in Merfae.



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So amusing, didn't even know such card existed. To think something like this could find a niche down the line, after 15 years since it was first released in 2005. Teching Ninja Transformations in Merfaes sounds spicy too. You could even consider Apex Avian and Simorgh Link plays, but that sounds like an stretch.
I'm no Merfae expert, the farthest I have gone with them is watching a couple of builds and gameplay from Yugitubers, but from what you describe it sounds like a solid tech. Even if draw it, with the self-SSing effects of Merfaes during the opponent's turn you should have little trouble with Normal Summoning it. IDK if its Level 5 provides any ED Summon potential (e.g. Synchros, Rank5s), but the possibility is there.

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It was thought that good old summoning sickness wasn't good enough for today's game, and by "today's" I refer to the game of the last 10 or so years because this card has always been dismissed throughout. 

I own a couple and will gladly test that out when the time comes.
I thought about putting it in fun decks with Stormforth aiding the Summon but that never seemed to be enough in practice heh.

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