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Project 30 (Interest Check)

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"An honest man will shoot another man dead and call it a day. A governing man will kill the idea that you can shoot him to begin with."
-Lamont Kent, resistance figurehead

The year is 2130. The surface of Earth - in the midst of a nuclear winter born from the aftermath of World War 3 - was rendered uninhabitable almost 20 years ago. However, humanity still presses on, retreating to what were once mocked as excess and pointless underground districts. While human technology continues ever onward, what were once great nations have been reduced to little more than cutting-edge city-states. Directly responsible for the management of each city is, of course, its government. In what's now called the Subterra Exodus, governmental constitutions were rewritten and standardized.

Cities are now managed by small, but powerful governments, monitored by computers meant to ensure that the government is doing its job properly, and replace any who fall out of line. The end result is effectively dictatorship, with a tight ship being run by those in power. And where there's a powerful and strict government, there's bound to be resistance against them. You are not members of this resistance. Quite the opposite, in fact. You - being new recruits into New Venbay's police force - will be helping take out the resistance in your city, and secure the safety and prosperity of the people.

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