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The double edged sword of super strong early encounters ouch

That said, Tail Glow Cradily sounds pretty fun



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File EX-01: A New Challenger Appears!



In case Sonic didn't mention it or you just forgot since then, I'm part of this shindig too. While I left the changelog of what exactly the randomization does in his hands, I've taken on the mantle of explaining the rules he and I are playing by. This shouldn't take long, and mostly is common sense, but it's good to have this stuff down in writing.

  1. Sonic and I will both do a randomized nuzlocke of Pokémon Emerald, with the changes listed in his post just above this one. However, our random seeds are different, meaning we'll each have different starters, encounters, etc.
  2. Whoever receives a game over first loses. This will be measured by game progress instead of time elapsed, to prevent any ideas of cheesing the rules by doing nothing and waiting for the other guy to lose.
  3. In the event that both of us somehow complete the game, the winner will be whoever had less of their pokémon die. Killing your first encounter in a route will count as a death for the sake of this backup measure, to ensure both players are on an even playing field.
  4. If - by some cosmic miracle - we both finish the game and have the same death count, we'll call it a draw, because it was clearly meant to be at that point.
  5. This rule applies more to me in particular. For pacing reasons, I'll always try to schedule my posts to be around the same time as Sonic's, and will be gating my progress based on his. If I would enter a gym that would cause me to be two gym badges ahead of Sonic, I'll stop the post there. This is unlikely to come up, but I'm putting it here just in case.
  6. That's it. Anything else goes, within the boundaries of nuzlocke rules.

With that, let's get into it.


Oh, did I mention my rom is a moemon hack? It shouldn't have any significant gameplay differences from Sonic's normal rom, but if I discover something like a broader pokédex or weird new moves, I'll remove the rom immediately and play catch-up with a proper rom.


Historically, no, I am not. I always manage to lose randomlockes in the most hilarious ways possible (or technical difficulties), so I'm actually kinda curious to see what happens with this one.


Honestly, it was always a childhood dream of mine to ride in the back of a moving truck. Or in the trunk of someone's car. And now that I'm a grown-ass man... things haven't really changed. Damn, was I always like this? Oh well who cares, I really like Littleroot Town's theme. Honestly one of my favorite town themes in the franchise.


You'd think they would at least have the decency to mark this analog clock. Without further ado, let's get to the interesting part. The starters.




oh shit, maybe


lmao no


And so it shall be that Lairon is our starter. I was concerned for a moment when I learned that in my seed, wild Zigzagoons have Drought for some reason (I guess they're on the Magma side of this whole debate?), but my concerns were immediately erased when I learned Lairon gets Solar Beam. Needless to say, Professor Birch is one saved fucking professor. Seeing as Sonic is doing My Hero Academia hero names for his naming scheme, I think I'll do the opposite, and name my team after Marvel/DC villains. And so it is with great pleasure that I welcome Magneto as my first team member.

And then I learned that the X key closes No$GBA for some godforsaken reason. Either that, or my emulator randomly decided "as I'm leaving Birch's lab" was a good time to crash. Luckily, this was at a point in the game where starting over really doesn't change anything, but to avoid any future technical difficulties, I'll be switching emulators to VisualBoyAdvance.


Which also runs a lot smoother on my PC, evidenced by the audio not constantly clipping and grating on my ears. Anyway, let's get Magneto back, Solar Beam that Zigzagoon again, and then hear out the good professor on what he wants.


Not really, but professors are stubborn enough that I reckon I don't have much of a choice. Brendan, however, ran off to Route 103, instead of staying home. Perfectly acceptable in 2004 when this game was released I suppose, but we aren't in 2004. This is 2021, and there's still a pandemic on our hands. And that means there's only one thing to do with people who don't stay home.


To defeat the not-staying-at-home, I must become the not-staying-at-home, and meet up with Brendan to teach him a lesson. Which also happens to be how to progress the game, so good for me I suppose. Most importantly, this includes my Route 101 encounter, which together with Magneto, may well set the tone for this entire nuzlocke.



I forgot you don't start with anything to catch with in this game. For the sake of suspense, I suppose I'll try to avoid encounters so we can all be surprised at what I encounter. but there's no guarantees. If I see something though, y'all ain't gonna know about it until it's actually time to make a catch ?


I'd really rather not. I want to just get my pokeballs and cash in my starter catches. Sonic's already posted his post as I'm typing this so I kinda wanna get a move on. Now excuse me while I very swiftly beat up your Eevee so that I can follow you back to Littleroot Town, receive the pokedex, then get some running shoes on my way out of town. And with that business concluded, let's make some early catches, starting on Route 101...


Middle-stage pokemon seem to be a thing for this run. Keeping in the theme of Marvel/DC villains, this fine lady will be called Shocker. She's soft and cushiony just like her namesake, too! I also saw a Slakoth on my way up to meet Brendan, so I'm pretty relieved. Next stop, Route 102!


Yeah I can vibe with this I gue--


Oh you and I are gonna get along swimmingly. Or we would, if I hadn't run out of balls trying to catch this Drizzle Butterfree. Alas, sometimes violence truly is the only option. In accordance with the scorekeeping rules for this run, that's gonna count as one death already. Hopefully Route 103 goes better after I restock on pokeballs.


I don't actually think there are any Marvel/DC villains whose whole thing is outright super strength. So I'll do the next best thing I can think of at present and call you Juggernaut. Which barely fits within Gen 3's nickname limitations! What luck! I'm a little bummed about the Butterfree still, but this could certainly be a worse start. And since Sonic only did up to his starting catch for now, I suppose I'll do the same and call it here.


Team Recap:


(Abilities: Sturdy, Insomnia, Plus)


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File 2 - A Leisurely Pace


Okay, so I also see my blog has been invaded by Yui...charming. Nevertheless, I see he DIDN'T lose his Rt 101 encounter...but lost his Rt 102 encounter...so I guess it all evens out. Speaking of...I suppose I'll keep going...Rt 102 should present itself with something good for me, hopefully.

What fresh hell awaits??

...don't look a gift Mudsbray in the mouth...least it'll be easy to catch. I swear...

Revelry in the dark...our Fumikage Tokoyami/Tsukuyomi has arrived...with a Gentle nature and Pressure...but that move list...I knew about Volt Tackle, but seeing it have Shadow Punch just assures me that naming him this was the best thing!

One long harrowing trip between Oldale Town and Petalburg City later...

JEEZUZ THOSE KIDS ARE STRONK!!! I had to rush back and forth from the Pokémon Center like...five maybe ten times (may be exaggerating but I don't care). Least now I got Rt 102 to train on.

Honestly, missed vibing with this dude...



HELP!!! I'M BEING KIDNAPPED!!!! ...I guess I forgot I needed to go into Petalburg's Gym first...jeez...

Hello father...

Sad to say...I'll be exceeding you, but that's neither here nor there...oh...now we have to do the catching tutorial with Wally...such an innocent soul...

Something tells me that won't be a Ralts when we fight...I just got a feeling on that right now...also allow me to tell you something, cause it just happened without me being able to capture it: the Zigzagoon FAINTED and KEPT BATTLING...lemme repeat that...RALTS KILLED THAT ZIGZAGOON AND THE POKÉMON KEPT FIGHTING UNTIL WALLY FINALLY CAUGHT IT!!! Kept saying "Your foes weak...GO GET EM, BAD EGG!"...What the actual hell is this sorcery?!

Anyway, he got his Pokémon and left for Verdanturf Town...and Norman, our dad, told us to go challenge the Rustboro City Gym Leader...ROXANNE!!! But first...we need to continue onward!

...oh shit...I forgot that this is Emerald and not Sapphire. The Battle Frontier guy comes to talk to you ? But he didn't think we were trainers...so oh well.

Now...this is the part we're all waiting for!

A Vileplume! Well, we'll be deviating from Class 1-A on this one...Shemage aka Kinoko Komori from Class 1-B. She's a Quirky nature (hilarious given QUIRK-y...) with Water Absorb, Sunny Day, Lovely Kiss, Bullet Seed and Horn Attack...alright...alright...

Ah, Briney and his Wingull Peeko...let's see how they doing.

Empty...okay then...let's go upward then!

New friendo...HERE WE COME!!!

Awesome...what WASN'T awesome, is I ran out of balls and now...the Woods is dead...just like how dead that Ivysaur is. And yet I caught a Nidorino no problem...it baffles me. Anyway, trip into Petalburg Woods will continue next time...until then...


The Team - My Poké Academia

Number of Dead Routes: 2


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File EX-02: Taking Names



After a brief grinding session to get everyone to level 5, featuring this brief exchange, several close calls, and the new realization that Route 103 has fucking Tyranitar on it, I'm ready to proceed with today's shenanigans. Starting as Sonic did. By ruining the careers of some poor kids on Route 102.


This sign doesn't work, I think.


Hey kid. Want an ass-whoopin'? Because much like an alcoholic stepdad, I'm gonna give you one whether you like it or not.


This is a job for Shocker. Otherwise though, the route was mostly Juggernaut's domain, as she - much like her namesake - simply tore through anything and everything standing between her and the other side of the route. The only thing she can't plow through is these odd errors in my rom where some dialogue or text just doesn't appear, and a lot of trainer dialogue gets automatically run through at incredibly high speeds. Which, to be fair, does have some pretty entertaining results.


Yeah sure I wouldn't mind                  .


Hey Tiana could you like... not use Flygon?


Not being able to tell what I picked up (it's a PP Up) is going to be a bit annoying. But I suppose I can just check my bag every so often. For now, however, we're out of the woods, and in good ol' Petalburg!


...wrong Petalburg.


There we go. While I was talking to Norman, I also figured out why my text was acting funny. It was a combination of the randomizer and my game settings. So PSA kiddos, if you randomize a Gen 3 game and enable the "fastest text" option, don't change your text speed in the options. Now that my text is working normally again, let's go make a few more friends on our way to Rustboro City. Starting on Route 104, the land of very march-type music for some reason. Maybe because it's the start of your adventure in earnest??


It's also where I find an Armaldo. A... boy Armaldo?


Anyway, since Armaldo is a fossil pokemon, it only seems right to call this new friend Sauron. He may not be able to turn people into dinosaurs here, but he can sure help us make some new friends or bathe in the blood of our foes.


We literally are not even out of the woods yet and already have our first death. The fisherman on Route 104 had a Swellow that was very difficult to deal with, and Shocker nobly sacrificed herself to take down the bird. Volt Tackle basically one-shotted the bitch, but the Swellow's devastating Bubblebeam plus Volt Tackle's recoil was just more than Shocker could handle. How sad.


Our time together was short and your moveset was honestly pretty mediocre outside of Volt Tackle (Attract is really bad in this hack since gender ratios are all skewed toward female), but you were a valuable team member, and your heroic sacrifice shall not be forgotten.


Very wet, I reckon. However, I'm not headed to the bottom of the sea; I'm headed into Petalburg Woods, to make another catch and get a new fourth party member to replace Shocker.


Holy! After Sauron persuaded the wild Altaria to take a nap, a few pokeballs was all it took to net me a fucking dragon, and her name shall be Bismarck. It breaks the Marvel/DC villains theme I had going, but I was stuck on names for a while and eventually just decided to name her after the sky whale boss from Final Fantasy 14 instead. Now then, back to our walk in the woods.


Sir, I've seen many pokemon in my short adventure thus far, but I don't think I'll see a Shroomish ever. This poor guy then gets attacked by a Team Aqua Grunt and I must defend him.


Uh say is that close enough to a Shroomish? I'm rewarded with a Great Ball for my heroic rescue, the rest of the woods are cleared with no incident, and the Bullet Seed guy on Route 104 gave me a TM for Steel Wing in this randomization. A TM Magneto is compatible with, netting her the first STAB move of this nuzlocke before I've even reached the first gym! Not bad. Also on Route 104 is a new friend, the friend in this case being...


So small. So round.


So easy to forget it's an ice-type and accidentally slap it with some super-effective shit ?

Let's try our luck again on Route 116.


Groovy. That Great Ball from earlier came in handy, since this thing knows Outrage and so I want to spend as little time fighting it as possible. Returning to our standard naming scheme, this plant lady shall appropriately be called Ivy. As much as I'd love to make a couple more catches and grab my first gym badge, I see lightning and my hunch says I'd lose power mid-gym, which would be inconvenient for the nuzlocke and potentially catastrophic for this post, since NCM's autosave is unreliable at best. So let's call it here.


Team Recap:


Swift Swim, Poison Point, Stench, Sturdy, Plus

Deaths: 3 (Shocker, Route 102, Route 104)



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File 3 - A Slight Fumble


So I see Yui only got to 116 in his playthrough...very well, makes getting up to that point easier. Let's see what we can give him!

I also could've gotten a Sandshrew in the woods...am saddened at this.

Also found a Fire Stone and a Shell Bell...neat!


Shemage...I'm sorry this happened to thee...but alas, perhaps this needs to be a My Poké Academia with better 'mons than you for the time being...may you and those to follow, may your spirits carry us to victory! ...that said...Ivysaurs with Fissure...make sure Tentacole is out first!

Continuing on...hey look, free money!

I feel a fetch quest or a side quest coming on...

No sir, only Sandshrew and very VERY vengeful Ivysaurs...sorry to bust your bubble there dude.

O-Oh...oh no...not now...not now!!!

Sir I am very fragile and squishy with my current team...please, I'll toss you him!!


Luckily, Red Riot had Bonemerang come in clutch...thank you Kirishima...thank you...and thanks to it being a Regi...that boosted Red Riot to Lv 11 ?

...thaaaaaaaanks...though could you heal my Pokémon for me?? No?? Okay...

More free money!!

And now we're out! Now...lemme check something... *Walks away and returns* ...aha! This is indeed the same route still. So no catching things on this side of Rt 104!

Excuse me....

OKAY THIS RICH BOY IS APPARENTLY TOO DAMN RICH!!! I just want to get to Rustboro and not deal with thunder mutt!!! T-T Luckily I beat it...

Not a double battle...not now!!! >_<


Route 116...this is the one Yui got something from...lemme go upwards back in the city firstly.

Route 115...hmmmm...doesn't look like Yui got anything from Rt 115...that does help me out a bit...is what I would say if not for the fact that we cannot access 115 at present. No available grass or mode of water transportation until a later time...alas, so close. Let's just go to Route 116 then.

ROUTE 116 HAS BLESSED ME WITH NIDOQUEEN!!! Welcome to class, Mina Ashido/Pinky!! Pinky is Quiet natured has Static as the ability...oooooh that's good! I'm gonna need to grind a bit with my team, cause as it stands now...I don't think we're quite ready for Roxanne...not after that Ivysaur incident.


The Team - My Poké Academia

In Memory of...

  • Shemage the Vileplume

Dead Routes: 2


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3 minutes ago, LordCowCow said:

I see you shipping there with your Nidos

It's only natural that this happened...after all...


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Posted (edited)

Go get a catch behind the berry place. I ruled it as a different area on my locke since it's on the other side of Petalburg Woods, so it's only fair you be able to cash in there too. Truth be told I didn't even know that spot existed before my last post, and it didn't register that it's still Route 104 until I read your post.

Edited by yui

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28 minutes ago, yui said:

Go get a catch behind the berry place. I ruled it as a different area on my locke since it's on the other side of Petalburg Woods, so it's only fair you be able to cash in there too. Truth be told I didn't even know that spot existed before my last post, and it didn't register that it's still Route 104 until I read your post.

Oh shit really? Berry Place location is a different area?! YES!!!! Yui you just helped me and my team out.

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File 3.5 - Flower Shop Gotcha


Okay, so time for me to get a new friend, as Yui said to grab something from behind the flower shop, as he ruled it as a different area (even though it's the same route). Off screen, I also sold the BigMushroom and the vitamins to buy PokéBalls and get some PremierBalls...along with preparing for some healy items. Now...let's get to the Flower Shop!

Let's get us a new friendo!!!

Dupe...why must you torture me?

Masquerain...okay, that's not bad! A little bit better than a dupe anyway xD


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mirai Sasaki, otherwise known as Sir Nighteye...or in this case...Lady Nighteye. Timid with Suction Cups...which...what does that do?
Huh...neat! Anyway...the move list isn't too bad...mean it could be better, but it's not bad. Upside, now we have 5 Pokémon once again! So now comes the fun of off-screen grinding! Annnnnd this is sort of a short one, but it's namely because it was to get this encounter. So now Yui can say we're on the same playing field! Mwa-haha-haha...


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File 4 - Don't Put on the Red Light


Ladies and gentlemen and bovine, grind time has come to a halt...as you can see, I've brought Class 1-A and Pro Hero to Lv 13. Roxanne's "Nosepass" according to Serebii is Lv 15, so by all accounts, I should be all good.

Now, let's get our first badge! Here we come, Roxanne!!

Time for the Double Battle now...let's get it!!

So none of that happens to be Rock-Types...but hey, whatcha gonna do. Now I had Tentacole and Tsukuyomi out first against Bellsprout and Surskit, however I immediately swapped em out. Bellsprout had Destiny Bond used against my two Pokémon. Yeah, you can tell I rather not have Destiny Bond killing my team. So the combo of KiriMina (I'm assuming that's the ship name of Pinky and Red Riot) took lead and devastated the four Pokémon. Awright, let's heal up real quick!

And it's here that I saved the game for a moment and had to run off to do some stuff. Then I got to thinking...Lv 13 is just barely skating by, considering that even before the Destiny Bond, those Lv 8's actually did some damage to Tentacole and Tsukuyomi and scared me...and I'm up against Yui...so I need to be either Lv 15 or 16 for this. I'm not losing to Yui no matter what! So give me a moment to grind up again.

OKAY!!! WE'RE GOOD NOW!!! Here's a look at em!
Aight...let's do this!

And there she is...time for our badge.


WE'RE STARTING WITH A LEGENDARY?!?! -_-; Okay Sonic...this is fine...this is fine...

CRISIS AVERTED!!! What's next?

PINKY AND TENTACOLE DID WORK!!! I'm also sad that I had to kill Charizard...rip buddy...but we won!!!! WE GOT OUR FIRST BADGE AND NO ONE DIED!!!!


Stooooooop...stooooooop!!! I want to heal my Pokémon!!! No more!!!!

Something tells me I'm gonna have to face that Aqua douché again...alright then. Time for some Heroes to get this done!

OH THERE YOU ARE, BRINEY!!! Why are you even over here? Smh... Nevertheless, I'll get Peeko back.

Uhhhhh shit...this is creepy. I don't remember this much...oofles...

Oh okay...Thank you Rusturf Tunnel!

Meet Pro Hero, Hawks! Keen Eye Ability, Naive Nature...Guillotine, Magical Leaf, Overheat and Spit Up. Welcome to class, Hawks!!

Annnnnnd now the Aqua Grunt is dealt with...GIVE ME PEEKO!

Huzzah! I got the goods! ...how good are they though? 🤔

Get me to Dewford Island and then we'll talk, sir. But hey, there we go.

I did. Now is there any specific payment I'll receive for doing this? Cash? Credits? Cash expense gifts??


Oh shit...this escalated!!

Oh boy...what's up?

I mean, I have to fight Brawly on Dewford anyway, so yeah...it's not out of my way.

Shweeeeeeeeeet...I got technology!

Nooooooooted for later, thank ye. But at this moment, I believe this is a good stopping point. We got the Stone Badge, a new friend and a PokéNAV. So that'll give something for Yui to get to. Anyway, I think we're good.


The Team - My Poké Academia

In Memory of...

  • Shemage the Vileplume

Dead Routes: 2

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7 minutes ago, LordCowCow said:

Hawks more like Chicken amirite

c-cause...you chickened out of battling the gym at level 13

And I still have a team...I'm being smart 🙂

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Whoops, didn't mean to leave this on hold for so long. Thanks to Sonic for gently reminding me I still need to do this despite taking up a few other things lately.

File EX-03: Wonderful!


Before anything else, I'll start this file the same way Sonic started off his. By having a quick grind session to get everyone to level 15! I'm working on Ivy as I type this part of the post, and her having Outrage has made it a pretty trivial matter to steamroll anyone in my path. The most concerning part of this was when I decided I'd make an early stop to the nearby cave to grab a catch before taking on the gym, since more options is always good.


And so, we're starting this episode here. What mysterious new friend could be awaiting us just inside, I wonder?



The rules of this randomization state that Wonder Guard is removed from the ability pool until level 20 or so, meaning anything that evolves before that level will not have it. Including, unfortunately, Shedinja. And since I was the one who decided to add that rule, of course I'm the one who gets stuck with a Wonder Guard-less Shedinja. In any case, meet Scarecrow. She has...



After a thorough investigation of the randomizer client and the settings therein, I've figured out what happened, and I need to share this info to both Sonic and our one faithful audience member. The "no Wonder Guard pre-20" rule doesn't prevent pokemon from getting Wonder Guard before level 20. It stops trainers from getting pokemon that have it before level 20. I'm still not sure how long Scarecrow will last due to the simple nature of randomlockes, since anything could fire off a move she's weak to and turn her into past tense, but having Wonder Guard instead of some other ability should help at least a little bit. I still feel Scarecrow's death is going to be more of a "when" than an "if" though.

With that small excitement out of the way, it's back to the grind.


After some 50-ish minutes massacring many many togepis, meditites, roselias, and mareeps on Route 116, the squad is level 15. Not much of note in the moves department; all that happened was Bismarck replaced Karate Chop with Light Screen, and Magneto complemented that screen by getting the other one and ditching Solar Beam for Reflect. Scarecrow's moves kinda suck, so I don't expect her to get much action in the upcoming gym.


Let's do this.


I may be the one with Magneto, but Youngster Josh really did say "Welcome to die!" didn't he?


The absolute panic I felt in this moment, before remembering Magneto...

  1. Is steel/rock, so she isn't actually weak to fire, and
  2. Even if she was weak to fire, she has Sturdy

With that brief moment of sheer panic conquered, Magneto slapped the enemy Alakazam for all of its health. That Steel Wing TM sure is gonna get some mileage! We then move on to the gym's local double battle, where...


IT'S A MINI-MAGNETO! Who gets brutally slaughtered by the real Magneto because Magneto has Rolling Kick, and it critted, and Hiker Marc's Aron was never seen again. That just leaves the gym leader, Roxanne. RNG shenanigans have cost me a non-zero amount of runs against her, but I'm feeling pretty confident in my team. Everyone feels like a wincon in one way or another. Let's get this badge! And much to my surprise, she actually did lead off with Nosepass! The Diglett that followed wasn't quite a rock-type, but ground is rock-adjacent, right? Surely that counts.


That, however, is very much not a rock-type, nor is it rock-adjacent. In fact, it's weak to rocks! And fire. If only Bismarck knew Blaze Kick, oh wait she does and Roxanne is the free-est gym badge of my life. Her Beedrill was the only pokemon that didn't immediately get one-shotted, and even then, its only attempt at an attack missed. With that easy clap cleared, I receive the STONE BADGE and a TM for Hypnosis. Now, I think Hypnosis is far worse than Yawn despite the latter taking two turns to go off, but just for shits and giggles, I wonder who can use this?


So anyway, Scarecrow knows Hypnosis now. The ability to put things to sleep should help me feel a bit more secure about her odds of not dying immediately if something looks at her funny. And now, with the gym cleared, it's off to the next adventure!


An adventure that takes us right back to the cave where we met Scarecrow, and where this file started! And while I was on my way there, I caught a Togepi to use as an HM slave. Her name is simply HMSLAVE so that I don't have to think of a thematically appropriate name, since she's not an actual team member.


This has the same energy as

to which I say


I was afraid this would be the end for Magneto, but somehow it only did like half her health? And then Magneto one-shotted the enemy Fearow? Very weird fight. The Aqua Grunt then helpfully hands over the Devon Goods we came here to retrieve, I get a Great Ball for my troubles, we go meet the CEO of Devon Corp, he asks me to bring a letter to Steven, you know the deal from reading Sonic's file, right? Let's get going then!


Oh, right, I forgot about you. What's up, Brendan? What's up is a battle, and not a very exciting one either. Juggernaut and Magneto respectively beat up his two pokemon of choice - Teddiursa and the Eevee he had before (I wonder what it will evolve into!) - and that's about it. With that, it's time to go to Mr. Briney's house and catch a boat ride to Dewford City. If I had to live somewhere in Hoenn and I wasn't allowed to pick Fortree City, Dewford would be a really close second. I'm quite partial to island towns. Personal opinions aside...


We're here! Which means the next thing to do is bring this letter over to Steven Who I Hate. This is where I'm glad Magneto knows Dig, since it means I can abscond the fuck outta there real fast once I meet the guy, or if I need to make an emergency exit for some reason.


And how could I forget, this is a new area, which means a new catch. I wonder what's waiting for us here...


Oh. And so, Venom joins the party! Her moveset is decent I suppose, but she's mostly being carried by the fact that she's a goddamn Crobat. I know this because between a seventh party member and acquiring the basically-mandatory-because-this-game-is-some-serious-bullshit-sometimes HM05 for Flash, I figured it was a good idea to check in with the nearest PC and see just what Venom's made of. For the time being, I'll be tagging her in in favor of Scarecrow, since I really don't like having a Shedinja for a randomlocke. I'll also be dropping off Ivy so that the HM slave can do HM slave things and light up the darkness for me.


...slight change of plans, we're gonna go beat up Brawly first. Who the fuck names their kid Brawly, and why did anyone think this was a good mechanic to have? On the positive side, the gym is a great place to get Venom up to speed with the rest of the crew on levels, and she even picks up a STAB move by level-up while I'm slapping my way through the darkness!


Also before I started slapping the shit out of this Tauros I realized this is most certainly not a girl. I've been led to believe this pokedex was full of cute girls, and nowhere did that say "except Tauros". I've been deceived, bamboozled, but not lied to. With the gym's trainers thoroughly slapped plus a very brief moment of grinding in the nearby cave, Venom is level 15 just like everyone else. Which means it's time to take the fight to Brawly so I can see what I'm goddamn doing in Granite Cave. And Venom turns out to be a huge asset in the Brawly fight.


Until this happens, at which point she turns out to be dead. I may have forgotten that Flaafy gets Volt Tackle since Shocker was part of my team for such a short time. I got the KNUCKLE BADGE and a Doom Desire TM, but at what cost?


To call it a goddamn shame really doesn't do it justice, and that brings my death count to four. Well, we won't finish the nuzlocke by sitting here grieving over what was. The HM slave rejoins the party, and off we go to Granite Cave!


That is also not a girl. Hell that's just a dude with some boxing gloves on.


In a more fortunate stroke of luck, I found Steven Who I Hate by just kinda stumbling around in the not-dark and it just so happened I was going the right way. Crazy how nature do that. Steven gives me a Pound TM and a very dry unpassionate-sounding speech, then Magneto digs me the hell out of this cave. That means it's time to catch another boat ride. This time we're going to Slateport City! And who knows, I just might catch something that will make me feel better about losing Venom so quickly in the nearby routes. After taking care to avoid the trainers on the Slateport beach so that I can beat them all up after making some new catches, it's time to make some new catches!


Hey guys is this the line for the Alestorm concert venue? I'll be sure to check this out later; for now, it's time to hit Route 110 and see what we can see!




Aight, lemme explain. I thought it would be a good idea to lower Pidgey's health a bit, not really considering the fact that it's a goddamn Pidgey, but I forgot that - again - it's a Pidgey, and Sauron is an Armaldo. One that's been with me since basically the start of the run, at that. This is like a professional boxer throwing a jab at a baby, and I realized how goddamn stupid of an idea this was only after the Pidgey died. So that brings the death count to five. I'm gonna check around for any other areas I can catch from before progressing.


Not this way. Nor any other way. Well then, I guess I may as well drop off this package to Captain Stern. Who, as I recall, is at the Oceanic Museum Alestorm venue we passed just a bit ago. With the Aqua Grunts no longer clogging up the entrance, it's time to go take care of business in there.


So apparently Archie always called his men simps? This could not have aged better. After talking about how important his agenda is and warning us - a 10yo child - to never interfere again, Archie and the boys leave completely peacefully and the day is saved! Captain Stern even heals my team for the trouble. While I'm here, I might as well check out what the museum has on display.


The grunt from Rusturf Tunnel isn't necessarily a museum exhibit, but he does give me a Psychic TM so that I'll leave him alone. This might be useful later? There's nothing particularly interesting here, so I feel like my 50p was kinda wasted, nevermind the fact that they're tying game progression to your in-game wallet. I kinda wanna come back here at some point and see if I can softlock myself by getting to this point and having less than 50p. Anyway, this means we can head on up through Route 110 and get to Mauville City.


Hi Professor! It's actually a pleasant surprise to see you up here! He shows up just to add himself to my pokenav that I'll probably never use, and then goes away. As I make my way through this route, however, it's time to play with fire a bit. See, if I never field Scarecrow, she'll fall terribly behind in levels. So, at least for double battles, I think she'll have to come out and fight...


OKAY SO THIS GRANBULL HAS TRACE AND IT PICKED UP SCARECROW'S WONDER GUARD. Luckily, Sauron knows Revenge, so I shouldn't have to suffer too much.


Despite all expectations, Wonder Guard actually came in clutch! But Sauron was already low, so...


We've had six deaths now. Four of which were on this file alone. I've still got it, baybeeeeeeeeeeee.


And then the male of the two pokefans at the start of this route sent out an Altaria as his second pokemon, just as I sent out Bismarck! This entire battle has been one plot twist after another. Luckily, I know Altaria gets Blaze Kick, so I can get Scarecrow outta there and to safety, and let Magneto help with the cleanup. With that rollercoaster of a battle done with, it's back to getting across Route 110. Along the way, I found a path the breaks off to Route 103, but I already caught Juggernaut there. No new catches here, sadly.


Just when I thought I could calm down, this Qwilfish knew Sky Uppercut, bringing the death count to seven and costing me my starter. Which... shouldn't be the case. She has Sturdy? Did something chip her and I just didn't notice? Or... does this Qwilfish have Mold Breaker??

In any case, things are becoming very not good very fast.


Also, wild Pidgeys know Overheat. I did say Scarecrow dying was more of a when, but I would have at least liked to take her to the end of this file.


Oh no. With the way Route 110 has treated me so far, Brendan's about to throw out fucking Rayquaza at me and just sweep the whole squad.


Dude, I've been trying.


Okay, that's not so bad, and Juggernaut who I led off with happens to be perfectly-equipped to deal with this. Or so I THOUGHT, but it turns out Azurill is not a water-type despite the rest of its goddamn line being water. Despite this minor frustration, Azurill is dealt with pretty easily, which brings us to the next pokemon.


This thing has Trace, and it picked up Bismarck's Poison Point. Still a fairly easy clap though. And that just leaves the Eevee Brendan started with.


Oh dear, so that's what it turned into.


Bismarck isn't really in a state to fight Jolteon from full right now, so I'll leave this in Ivy's hands.


MEGALO-FUCK ME! After sending out Bismarck and tossing her an emergency potion, I learn Jolteon also knows fucking Guillotine. I also learned IT HAS WONDER GUARD! This would be fine except the only pokemon I had with a ground-type move was Venom!


The only consolation I've got right now is Bismarck's Poison Point went off, so in theory if I stalled this fight out with all my potions, I might be able to win?


Not a chance. Jolteon's Heat Wave does more damage than I can keep up with even by spamming potions. This is some bullshit, man. Unable to harm Jolteon and unable to out-heal its damage, I am wiped, and the nuzlocke ends here. Meaning, if Sonic can defeat Brendan on Route 110, he wins our contest.


Edited by yui

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I am wiped, and the nuzlocke ends here. Meaning, if Sonic can defeat Brendan on Route 110, he wins our contest.

phineas and ferb perry GIF

@yui JEEZUZ CHRIST!!! My dude I feel for you...shit this is like, wow.

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File 5 - A Dewford Trip Pt. 1


*Looks at File EX-03*

Sooooooo that happened. Arceus be praised?? Eh, can't even say that...not yet. If we beat May on the way to Mauville...then My Poké Academia and I will win. Only IF that happens...I ain't gonna rush it though. For the time being, time to go see Mr. Brin-...

...or see May...guess it's time for a battle...just not the one en-route to Mauville.


It's dead now...same with Magicrap...anyway, time to go to Briney and go to Dewford!



...I've got nothing funny or witty to say here. Makes me nostalgic... sigh

A new friend in the caves here we go!!!

AYO! I can fish now!!! Which means...technically I can fish in those other spots...but it's the Old Rod...meaning I'd catch Magikarps...or at least the equivalent of what a Magikarp is in the randomizer. FUCK IT! DEWFORD ISLAND FISHING TIME!!!

I FISHED OUT AN EKANS!!! Well I mean, I guess this one is a Water Moccasin then...xD

I present to thee, our 2nd Pro Hero: Snake Hero - Uwabami. Naive, Vital Spirit...with Clamp, Smellingsalt, Knock Off and Fire Blast. Impressive...quite impressive.

Now, time for our 2nd friend in here!!

Oh sweet...oh wait...I need to beat Brawly for it first...damnit. Not a problem, not a problem. Actually slight problem...I dunno what to teach this HM to...I have no qualified HM Slave for this T~T

Oh...also caught a Seadra in Granite Cave! Normal Hero - Manual, has joined the fray! That brings our Pro Hero crew to a total of 3 while the rest are students. Soundproof, Lax Nature...Brick Break, Bullet Seed, Fire Blast and Odor Sluth...not bad at all!

This is where I'm calling it for the night, due to me working tomorrow afternoon. If I wasn't, well, I'd be perfectly fine now wouldn't I? I'll be taking on Brawly's Gym and figuring out the situation for the HM Tuesday...until then, anticipate Part 2 of this little island adventure!


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Everything is a qualified HM slave, and standard nuzlocke rules permit an additional catch for solely that purpose. The randomizer gives everything full HM compatibility to avoid precisely the dilemma you think you're in.

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On 10/12/2021 at 12:00 AM, yui said:

Everything is a qualified HM slave, and standard nuzlocke rules permit an additional catch for solely that purpose. The randomizer gives everything full HM compatibility to avoid precisely the dilemma you think you're in.

The precise dilemma is I don't want to get rid of any moves for...Flash of all things. Like I know that everything in the nuzlocke is HM compatible, but just getting rid of moves just to be forced to use something Flash is...ugh...

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2 hours ago, Chaos Sonic said:

The precise dilemma is I don't want to get rid of any moves for...Flash of all things. Like I know that everything in the nuzlocke is HM compatible, but just getting rid of moves just to be forced to use something Flash is...ugh...

i'm saying go catch an hm slave you quillbrain, those are a standard part of nuzlockes

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7 hours ago, Chaos Sonic said:

The precise dilemma is I don't want to get rid of any moves for...Flash of all things. Like I know that everything in the nuzlocke is HM compatible, but just getting rid of moves just to be forced to use something Flash is...ugh...


Just Do It Shia GIF by MOODMAN

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11 hours ago, yui said:

i'm saying go catch an hm slave you quillbrain, those are a standard part of nuzlockes

Technically, in most Nuzlocke rules, you only get to catch an HM Slave if none of your Pokemon can learn the HM in question.

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