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File 7 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road - Emerald Finale


Been a while...gotta love having time to do this again. Anyway, let's resume, shall we with a bit of the ground work:

  • This Emerald run is an endurance race
  • I was going against Yui, who unfortunately, lost his side of things on his way to Mauville City at the hands of Brendan
  • If I make it past Brendan on Rt 110, by Yui's own words to me: then I win the Emerald Endurance race

This can only go well...same time, after Slateport here...is the time for the rubber to hit the road. So, no time like the present!

50 POKÉ-DOLLARS?! That's...actually not as bad as it could be. Sure.

We found Cpt. Stern. Now our courier job from Mr. Stone is done.


Guess it's time for the battling...LES GO!!!

Battle 1 complete. An Espeon that used Rollout...scary but nothing that Tentacole couldn't handle! What's his partner got?

Pinky took care of this one...not even that difficult.

Ah Archie...good to see you...uh...oh boy.

Okay, good...I'm glad we don't have to fight him...yet.

Courier mission complete! Now let's leave...

...oh right, Battle Frontier...

This is it...we get a new friend here...and possibly find out if we win or lose. Let's make this count!

Sad...because this is another one that could be named Tentacole...regardless, welcome to class: Innsmouth...yikes, a villain in the ranks...

It has Minus as the ability...ffs...but the move list ain't bad.

Indeed...a surprise to meet anyone on this ROAD...and thanks for the registration...I guess.

...oh this can only be good >_>

So we almost lost Red Riot, but we pulled through. Tentacole couldn't Bubblebeam Golem cause of Water Absorb...the bane of my existence. Regardless, these four are dead. Time to heal and continue.

Here it is...the end of the road for us...

May...welp, here's where the rubber meets the road (the name of the episode).


A Raichu to start? Hmmm, that's interesting. Let's see how Tentacole can do against it.

Withdrew Raichu already? Coward...coward I say!!! But that's the first Pokémon down. No one down yet on my side...so far, so good.

Raichu returns. Used Future Sight and then Splash...but Pinky has done work yet again. And now...the last one.


...I was banking on being faster than Gyarados to hit with some Grass moves...shit...Pro Hero Hawks is dead.

Pro Hero NightEye has died...

...Villain Innsmouth has died...jeezuz

...Class 1-A has fallen...
By the rules of this Endurance Run and the addition that Yui added for me upon his loss in beating my rival on Rt 110...I-*Pauses* ....goddamnit Yui...okay, I have three more Pokémon in the box...Uwabami the Ekans, Manual the Seadra and Tsukuyomi the Doduo...seems it's montage time.

Montage Music

....AND NOW DARK SHADOW AND TOKOYAMI IS DEAD!!! >-< Back to Dewford and/or Petalburg to grind...this sucks.

...all we have is Manual left...Jeezuz H. Cristo. Even if I grind him up, it's going to be the ONLY one facing May's Pokémon. I am quite worried...

We got Manual up to 23. Killing PLENTY of Zapdos did the trick...so let's go...MAY!!! ROUND 2!!! With knowing she has a Raichu, Vileplume and Gyarados...we should be able to defeat her quickly, especially with this movelist...fingers crossed.

One down...Brick Break has done work. Bring out the mushroom!!

She screwed up having it use Sunny Day...one Fire Blast...now...bring me that fish.



ROLL THE CREDITS! THE EMERALD ENDURANCE RUN IS DONE!! Do I dare continue? HELL TO THE FUCK NO!!! Because that would be pushing my luck! So this is the first Nuzlocke that I've technically won (do to a technicality, but who cares)!!!

Edited by Chaos Sonic

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Me reading Manual's ascension to MVP status


Double or nothing on Platinum, same rules


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2 minutes ago, yui said:
  Reveal hidden contents


The Dialogue Trap? Jeezuz you must be trying to kill me 😬

...Platinum Endurance Saga? Hmmm...it'll be difficult with me and how much I'm working days, but...FUCK IT!

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File EX-2.0 - The Rematch



Not content with the circumstances of losing my Emerald endurance race with Sonic, I've challenged him to a rematch where we do the same thing in HGSS. The rules are the same; whoever gets further into the game without reaching a game over wins, with a few failsafes in place to address the possibility of us both managing to somehow clear the game, and our randomizations (and our entire games in this case) are different. I'll also be using the same pacing rule that I used in our Emerald race; if my post would put me into a gym that causes me to be two badges ahead of Sonic, I'll stop there until he catches up. The only difference is that this time we've banned Wonder Guard from the abilities pool. Fuck you, Brendan.

With that, all that's left is to get this shindig started! I don't think I've ever really played HGSS, so this will be a new and interesting experience for me.


Not gonna lie, I didn't expect Oak here! Isn't Johto's professor like... Elm? Or something? Oh well. As I go through the start of the game, I can't help but think a thought I've probably mentioned before, but even more so now that I have my own very cool blog here that everyone should definitely read. When I play top-down adventure games like Pokémon, I can't help but see it through the filter of RPG Maker. The switches, variables, conditional branches, all that stuff, I can just kinda see it all, even if that's 100% not the engine or language these games run on. With this thought aside, it's time to grab my starter as part of Prof. Elm's experiment and visit his acquaintance, Mr. Pokémon. Let's see what today's offerings are.




After watching Sonic's Seadra carry him to victory, I'm actually considering this.


Probably not.

The way these starters are arranged puts me in a good position. Flareon and Horsea occupy the water and fire slots respectively, meaning that whoever I pick, my starter has STAB advantage on my rival's. This doesn't matter so much when movesets are randomized, but it's a good benefit. It's mostly a matter of if I want some extra oomph now or at Level 32, when both Horsea and Cacnea evolve. Since there's no guarantee my starter will even survive to Level 32, this choice isn't particularly difficult, and I'll be taking Flareon. As for a naming theme...


I'll be going with FF14 bosses, since there's a lot of them. More than enough to last the entire nuzlocke. In the interest of keeping this brief, I'll only be doing some early groundwork for this post, so for now, let's see Mr. Pokémon. But not before checking out what Suzaku's packing.


This could be quite a good setup! Fairy-types don't exist yet, so Dragon Pulse is a very nice move to have! After receiving a tour of Cherrygrove City, however, I've noticed something most dire. There's no "Technology is amazing!" guy in HGSS, therefore cementing its position as the objectively worst Pokémon game ever released. With that disappointment out of the way, however, I've happened to pick up a Pokéball on Route 30. This means that the next Pokémon I see on any route will count as my first encounter of the game. Let's get it out of the way and jump straight into my Route 30 catch, shall we?



As long as Suzaku doesn't one-shot this Hoppip, or as long as it doesn't break out of the singular ball I can throw at it, we've got us a new teammate already!



Death Count: 1

Moving on! We go to Mr. Pokémon's house (and finding a Spooky Plate along the way, just in time for the spooky season!), meet some wayyyyyyyy better would-be catches than Hoppip could ever dream of being, get Suzaku a level and a half along the way, and retrieve a Mystery Egg from John Pokémon, which we're meant to bring back to Professor Elm, and get the Pokédex from the other, infinitely more iconic Professor Oak.


Professor, I've been playing this game for about forty minutes by this point, and the only disaster I've seen is how scuffed the dialogue can be in this game.


Now that could be a disaster depending on what Azelf is packing. Fortunately, it's nothing serious and Suzaku rather casually Dragon Pulses a god to death in two turns, and I learn that this entire route is stacked as hell except for Hoppip. Which means Suzaku is getting a lot of EXP and becoming incredibly powerful in the process. Also she hit Level 8 and learned Rollout.


Excuse you. My mama may have raised a dysfunctional adult with no real ability to function in society and several mental illnesses, but she sure as hell didn't raise a wimp. Put yer dukes up, those are fighting words! With Passerby Boy's Cacnea getting one-shotted by Suzaku's Dragon Pulse, and him being a sore loser, it's back to the lame Professor to give him a nice egg in these trying times. And to name my rival.


Passerby Boy was really funny to me so he's stuck with that name forever now. Have fun looking stupid, Rival Boy!

That being said, I do like how Professor Elm basically tells you that you can certainly dream big, but to temper your expectations. Very realistic tbh. "Look kid idk if you can become the champion of the whole region, but I'm sure you could at least manage to nab a singular Gym Badge." What a lad. Ethan then teaches us about catching Pokémon, additionally teaching me in the process that Rattata can just use Dragon Breath in this timeline, gives me some Poké Balls to make my own catches with, then sends me on my merry way. Not much later, I find my catch for Route 29 and holy damn is it a banger!



Unfortunately, Suzaku is a living, breathing force of destruction, and a Level 2 Honchkrow can't survive even her weakest attacks, bringing my death count up to an effective total of 2. Fortunately, Route 46 happens to also be nearby! Let's sneak a catch in here too while I'm in the neighborhood.


Yeahnaw Route 46 catch also died, bringing us up to 3 kills.

I have elected to take out my frustrations by letting Suzaku go on a monstrous rampage, tearing down every trainer between me and my destination. Two Youngers and a Bug Catcher have their dreams mercilessly dashed, and I wash up on Route 31 and Dark Cave along my way to the next city. While I'm here, let's see if we can find a catch or two that doesn't get instagibbed by Suzaku's general existence.


Aw fuck yeah.


...this is gonna be a Suzaku solo run isn't it? Death Count: 4


RNG machine broke??? That brings us to five one-shotted wild encounters by Suzaku.


To wrap up this post, I'm going to check Sprout Tower and any other routes adjacent to Violet City for something I can add to my team instead of just immediately killing it by existing.


Holy crap, finally something I can keep alive after one (1) hit.


That scared me more than a little bit I'm not gonna lie. After another jumpscare in the form of it using Whirlwind - and the relief I felt upon remembering Suzaku has Suction Cups FUCK YOUR WHIRLWIND - it ultimately didn't matter because I ran out of Poké Balls.

I am. Very upsetti.



So, the first time I saw Registeel, I invoked legend clause and ran like a bitch. However, since this is the Ruins of Alph, I also said that if I saw Registeel again in my next encounter - meaning he's in the Unown slot - I have to go for it. A couple Iron Heads later, it was time for ball spam.

Very ineffectual ball spam. Having been to seven places now and killed my catches-to-be in every single one of them, I'm going to end the episode here, dejected and out any teammates besides my starter. Hopefully she's powerful enough to carry the entire game on her own.


The Squad:



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Endurance of Heart & Soul Saga
OP - Vandalize by One OK Rock

File 1 - A Heart of Gold


So, as you can see, by Yui's invasive post...we're back at it again. Though instead of Platinum like he suggested previously, we figured...HGSS would be better. Regardless, Yui has already stated the rules above for our Endurance Race. And he basically stopped for me to catch up at Violet City/Ruins of Alph. Without further ado...let's start this Johto Journey...cue the background music!!


...we talkin' the sham of what they called vampires and werewolves? 🤔

Unlike Yui, I was aware of Oak's arrival here. Why? Simple: Elm never has introduced the player into the world of Pokémon. Even back in the classic Gold, Silver and Crystal days. He is notorious for being the only Professor that doesn't welcome you...if anything, he was the first. If memory serves now, Magnolia from SwSh doesn't either. But, I digress...it's not important right now.

Born ready...

...no Potion in the PC...gee...thanks Lyra 😐 Nevertheless, it's time for us to go to the Professor's and find out what starters RNG has blessed us with!

WELL THEN! I'm going with Altaria, so this should be an interesting little time. It's in the Water Type starter slot, so meaning Ludicolo would have the "advantage"...hopefully it has no Ice Type moves.

It's a female, so makes naming it this a bit weirder...but either way, I had Yui give me a naming scheme: DC Heroes (I'm also tossing Villains into the mix too). Meet Malchior the Altaria, named after Malchior the Dragon from the Teen Titans TV series. Now, allow us to see our starter's stats and moves!

Brave Nature, Immunity with the movelist of Dream Eater, Swift, Psybeam and Double Kick. Hmmm....it could be worse. But this is the hand we are dealt...and we get a Dragon for a starter too, which ain't bad.

Either way: showed the mother our cotton dragon of death and picked up our PokéGear. It's time for us to move to the left and go rendezvous with Mr. Pokémon!

Nuzlocke doesn't start until we get the PokéBalls, but it doesn't mean we can't see what we get :3

So these were the ones I saw...honestly, these aren't bad starting Route Pokémon in the slightest...here's hoping we can get one! And now we got the Running Shoes for our time in Cherrygrove City...which will make things easier!

Route 30 sends me this...maybe I'll be lucky like Yui and pick up a PokéBall to catch something...fingers crossed!

...a Fluffy Tail, a PokéBall it is not...

Time for pickin the Aprikerns...yay!

...I think I know what Pokémon I want to catch on this Route...

Regardless, we made it to Mr. Pokémon's house to speak with him and Oak. Which in general means we get this Mystery Egg and we keep it (later, after Elm examines it and whatnot). Now if memory serves, it usually varied on what it was...Togepi, Magby, Elekid, etc...but now? It really COULD vary! But alas, the good fun can't be for long...as something has happened to Elm and is frantic...oh no...who or what could've caused this? I hope it's not some red haired punk...

Red haired punk...should've known. So, Ludicolo should be his starter...

Right on the money...let's beat his starter and be about our day!

Piece of cake...plus, I know already what I want to name my rival anyway, so this is gonna be good.

I thought about naming him Yui, but I'm already racing Yui...so, next best person to pick...Sai my man, today we're rivals! And now, we watch Lyra do the catching tutorial and then...THE NUZLOCKE TRULY BEGINS!!!

Jolly Nature with Own Tempo, Super Fang, Hyper Beam, Cross Poison and Eruption...welcome to the crew, Psimon (another DC Villain).

Now time for Rt 30...C'MON SEADRA!!!

Well...it is a Water Type. And I do like Krabby too...

Cancero the Krabby (the 3rd Villain name...sheesh...) with Water Veil, Shadow Claw, Supersonic, Detect and Luster Purge...Adamant Nature. Pretty sweet!

After fighting the hordes of Trainers...time to get my next friend!!

Whiscash huh? Well okay then!

Quiet Nature, with Plus (ugh)...Weather Ball, Sacred Fire, Double Kick and Spark...well well, Queen of Atlantis, Mera...welcome to the team!

We've made it to Violet City, so we're nearing the spot that Yui ended up.

Let us follow in our Nuzlocke rival's footsteps...to the Sprout Tower!!!

And inside Sprout Tower...we get Glameow.

Miss Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, has arrived. Adamant Nature, Overgrow with Hi Jump Kick, DragonBreath, Draco Meteor and Haze. Not too shabby! And now with me finishing Sprout Tower, I obtained TM70...and I'm gonna call it there.

But Sonic! You can beat Faulkner and also roam the Ruins! Why stop now? Simple: I got work tomorrow morning...and I'd rather take my time right now, as well as grind up levels. Besides, I've accomplished something Yui could not...I have an actual team, though that means nothing...considering I beat May with only Seadra.

Team - The SuperFriends

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File 2 - On the Violet Wings


BUENAS DIAS!!! Today, we challenge Faulkner, the Violet City Gym Leader. So means it's grinding time! Memory serves: his highest level is a Lv 13 Pidgeotto...but 13 is the high! Time for more training and level grinding in the Sprout Tower! The goal is to get them at least Lv 11/12 before entering the Gym.


We have the SuperFriends at Lv 11, with Selina being the exception as she shot up to 12 before I realized it. Nevertheless, it's time to clip Faulkner's wings!

Les do dis!!!

...I wonder if it's too late to mention I'm afraid of heights...

Sir that is most certainly not a Flying Type...I assure you this. Still...means Mera's Sacred Fire nukes it easier.

No Flying types either...but hey, no skin off my back about it!

Time to see if we've flown too close to the sun...cause if we did, I really didn't name myself properly xD

Lotad? So that's the substitute you have instead of Pidgey? Oh...oh you poor poor child. It knew Assist, it tried to use Thunderpunch...but Mera didn't get affected. WATER/GROUND, BABEH!!! So what's your "Pidgeotto"?

The Psychic Mr. Mime? Well, I suppose that works...BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY SCARY! It used Block and wouldn't let me swap out. Same time...Mera stayed strong! She swept through this Gym without an issue! Proud of my girl here!

We would've gotten Roost, but we got Swagger instead...pretty good, actually...plus it's funny. Told me the next port of call is Azalea Town...



And the Eeveelution Kimono girls already? YES!!! Honestly, that's something I wish would be shown more in the anime later...the Kimono Girls of Johto with all the Eeveelutions currently. I'm sure it would be a nice sight! Let's keep moving!

New friendo time! Also...I'm sure this is the direction of the Ruins of Alph...I think?

...right...Sudowodo...can't go that way. And below is the North Entrance to Alph...ALPH IT IS!

....of course the rom has gone spooky now, specifically in the Ruins. Is it becoming sentient??? o.o Well, nothing that saving and restarting the rom won't fix.

Theeeeeeere we go! Much better!

This seems like something up my alley! But at the moment, they provided me with NOTHING T-T

Now, let's adventure in here. Yui had Registeel as his "Unown"...hopefully I won't have anything THAT crazy on my end.

FROSLASS IS THE UNOWN?!!? O.O WELL OKAY THEN! KillerFrst (Killer Frost, pronounced) is currently in the box...once we're done here, we'll see the stats!

...wait...Magnemite too...?

Quagsire too...??? ...are these all in the Unown slot or...or what? Am the confused now.

...AND MANAPHY TOO?! These aren't even the Unown, are they?

Okay...I know there's some stuff to do here, so give me one second while I investigate... *A few moments later* JEEZUZ! So I need to get Rock Smash, which is Rt 36, down below Violet City and PRAY that the hiker on Rt 36 has it.

In the mean time, Quirky Nature, Stall with Bulk Up, AncientPower, Blizzard and Zen Headbutt...not bad. But, I'm gonna just keep it there for now. I'll dive back into the ruins another time, but for now, with me having the badge, let's call a rest!


Team - The Super Friends


Box - Hall of Justice

  • KillerFrst the Froslass - Lv 5

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2 hours ago, LordCowCow said:

I wonder...if each unknown letter is a different Mon?

Honestly that's what I'm wondering too...but if that's the case, why did Registeel get constantly shown up for Yui?

It's baffling to me on what goes on here...though I haven't played in a long time, part of me wants to know if the Unown haven't been activated yet, but I'm fairly certain they're always active.

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