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My Hero Academia: Far Beyond Max Omega! [IC/PROBABLY NOT ACCEPTING/PG-16/BEST RP 2020 WINNER]

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"Sorry, I don't know your name... [Oh, a-and you too, Ben! I'm] Diana Seigi! [I'm here because of... Well, let's say reasons. I'm here to learn how to better help people. And you?]"

Benjamin nodded, shrugging slightly. "[Pretty much the same, so no big shocker there. Though I'm an American transplant here...you know how it is, dad's job needs a liaison and worker out here, chose my dad and he took me and my mom and brought us here. Pretty interesting change of pace, I'll say.]"

Luckily, after he answered that, the teacher came in, Ms. Todoya though she wanted to be known as Epicenter. Most likely her Hero Name, rather than just a nickname, but at the same time...from first glance, she seemed really nervous. Was this her first year of teaching?

"T-today will be introductions! And a little exercise to boot! Now let's put on our gym clothes and head to training ground zeta, okay! Ready? GO!!!"

This man him slink a bit in his seat. Introductions and going to a training ground? Oh that could mean so many things... Benjamin sighed slightly, not entirely looking forward to this...but alas, it had to happen.

"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other! Please state your name to the class, and head on inside! There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams! Don't be afraid to go all out against them either. And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!"

Benjamin stood there, watching a few students move forward. Diana/Artemis Justice... Yokuna/Workshop... Takehiro/J'adoube... Ayane/11... Yumi/Megawatt... and Tsubasa/Ocelot... All of them had immensely amazing Quirks in their own rights, he almost felt...jealous about seeing these amazing Quirks. He let out a small sigh, before shaking his head. ...c'mon O'Hara...it's day one. You have to do this... he thought, before finally stepping forward.

Arriving at the gate, Benjamin stood there for a few moments, not doing much before finally lifting his lowered head and smacking his face a bit. Now with a look of determination, he adjusted his hair and then turned back to face the class. It was time for his moment to shine... or freak the class out... whichever came first.

"I'm Be-..." he immediately caught himself, before clearing his throat. "Sorry. I'm O'Hara Benjamin...but feel free to call me Ben. My Hero name...is Arachnid Hero - Multi-Threader." Benjamin took another deep breath. "My Quirk is known as Spider Colony. It basically makes me a living hive in which I house spiders within my body...and I can command them."

Benjamin immediately turned on his heel, not wanting to see the reactions from the others at this point as he rushed forward through the gate. Of course, he immediately saw a robot doing it's best to intercept him. He began to skid to a halt, before nodding slowly. "Okay guys...it's show time." he exhaled slowly, getting into a small stance before rushing towards the robot, seeing the automaton throwing a punch. The robot was twice his size, but this was good...the punch was thrown and gracefully Benjamin jumped slightly to now be on top of the automaton's fist and arm. ...what was more...he was now sticking to the arm as the robot lurched it back. If the students were looking close enough, they would see that on Benjamin's hands and feet...there was a coating of webbing.

"Alright...step one...now...the hell was I doing for step two?" Benjamin muttered, as he now was sticking onto the arm of the robot. Then he saw his moment and target. "Okay, there we go." The young man moved a bit, now running up the arm towards the area where the arm and shoulder would meet. The joints holding those together definitely had a spot open big enough for something small to enter in...the perfect way in.

The robot, on the other hand, seemed to thrash around some...not taking kindly to Benjamin's running on him like this.

"Y-Yeeesh! What is this, a reject mechanical bull?" he groaned, making his way still to the joint where the arm and shoulder were. He exhaled, before putting his hands on the area. "Alright guys, time to take this down from the inside out." he said, now seeing a few spiders exiting his hands and arms as they crawled right into the robot.

Now the robot began to lurch and shake quite a bit as now it was seeming to not be control of it's functions anymore...even started to power down in certain locations on their body. Before too long, the robot ceased all function and remained motionless.

Benjamin smirked and did a backflip off the arm before landing down on the ground, though stumbling to stick the landing down. He turned to face the robot and sighed, just waiting for a few moments. Finally, from a few of the joints his spiders began to crawl out and return to him. "Bout time. C'mon, on a bit of a time schedule, fellas." he rolled his eyes before crouching and putting his hands down to let the spiders return within.


Quirk: Spider Colony!
The user has a whole nest of spiders living within them, and can command them to do whatever they want!

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Emi was still a little taken aback by the events of the past ten minutes, but she was raring to go. After the shaky introduction and throwing on their gym clothes, all the students gathered by the training grounds.

"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside! There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams! Don't be afraid to go all out against them either. And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you. You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears. I'm excited to meet you all today!"

And boy, the variety in quirks was amazing! Emi was so enamored by everyone showing off she almost forgot to go herself. She steeled herself and started to say something, but another boy beat her to it. "I'm Be-... Sorry. I'm O'Hara Benjamin...but feel free to call me Ben. My Hero name...is Arachnid Hero - Multi-Threader. My Quirk is known as Spider Colony. It basically makes me a living hive in which I house spiders within my body...and I can command them.”

Emi’s body shivered. She hated spiders, and the thought of them living inside of someone… scuttling around... really creeped her out. Emi shook her head in an effort to ignore the thought. Now’s not the time for this.

Here goes nothing!

Emi turned towards the class, uncapped her thermos, and raised her hand to get everyone’s attention.

“Hey everyone! I’m Kikuchi Emi,” she paused for a second to tip her thermos over, pouring out its contents. Instead of falling on the ground however, the water swirled midair into a hoop that circled around her waist, about an arm’s length in radius. She continued, “but you all can call me the Aquatic Hero - Rivulet. Nice to meet you! If you couldn’t tell already, I can do some pretty cool things with saltwater.” She placed the container on the ground. “I’ll come back for you later.”

Emi twirled around and made a beeline for the training grounds.

Robots patrolled the grounds, with Emi soon finding herself in front of one. Its eye glowed red as it meandered towards her. “Let’s do it.” Her hoop of water split, becoming two separate tendrils. One reached out and grabbed the robot’s arm, the other wrapped around its neck. Emi made a downwards pushing motion with her arms, as the water tendrils pulled the robot down, knocking it over. Moving her arm in one fluid motion, the rope of water around the robot’s neck condensed itself, crumpling the metal and popping its head off.

“Aw yeah, I’m just getting started!”


Quirk: Brine!
The user can control saltwater solutions! The higher the concentration, the higher their level of control!


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Instruction: Day 1

Hideyo was excited. The class seemed to be getting along for the most part, except for a few students who decided to start their day on the wrong foot. Their instructor, Pro Heroine, Epicenter, had finally made her way into the class! She explained their first exercise, and it was a group activity. Designed to allow students to understand their classmates' quirks, and encourage teamwork. This was a tactical decision that would benefit everyone.

The proceedings began with Diana, who's quirk was not quite thoroughly explained! She also spoke slightly broken Japanese. Was she American? Awesome!

Next in line was a young man named Yokuna. He had Powertools on his hands!

Following Yokuna was Takehiko! His Quirk was Chess. The entire world was his chessboard and he was the king!

Then, there was Ayane. Her Quirk, Compose, turned sound into matter! Does she like lots of bass?

Yumi's Quirk, Charge, stored a large amount of electricity! Shocking.

Tsubasa was sixth, with her Quirk, Cat! She could do everything a cat could do! ...she doesn't... bathe herself like... a cat... does she? Blech!

Benjamin followed Tsubasa, with his Quirk, Spider Colony! He had spider pals living in his body and he could control them! Does that mean he always has fresh threads? Neat!

And now, just before Hideyo, was Emi. Her Quirk was Brine! Saltwater control! The ocean was her oyster!

With pride, Hideyo held up his head and followed after Emi. With a bow, he introduced himself to the rest of the class.

"Hello, everyone!" he beamed. "My name is Kagarashi Hideyo. My hero name is Brightside! My Quirk is Starfire!" he said as he extended his hand upward into the sky. He pointed a finger into the air to demonstrate, firing a brilliant star into the sky. It burned brightly and appeared to keep going!


Quirk: Starfire!

The user fires tiny stars from their hands! We aren't really sure how it works, but it sure is flashy!

"I've been trying to think of some ways to implement my father's kickboxing teachings into the application of my Quirk. I'll try them out today!"

Hideyo took a few steps back and closed both his fists and pointed them at the ground. With a leap, he fired two medium stars into the ground and propelled himself backward, into the training grounds. He soared into the sky and found himself above a parking garage that was positively littered with robots. Turning his body, he pointed his fist upward and propelled himself downward into the garage. Catching himself with another flashy star, he landed in a circle of four robots. Spreading his fingers, he greeted his opponents.

"Please excuse me!" he said. Suddenly, the parking garage was blindingly bright as stars rained out of Hideyo's fingertips, shredding his enemies in a moments time.

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"So you caught that. Oh well. Do you feel the shaking?"

It wasn't directed to her but given the close proximity Rei still overheard the question. "Who wouldn't" She muttered with a roll of her eyes. It wasn't like the rumbling wasn't obvious. The rumble reminded her of a speaker at a concert. Though she had to guess that this wasn't anything as exciting as that. Looking around, and being annoyed at how many bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people she saw, she realized that there was enough people in the room to fill the seats.

So did that mean it was someone from another class? Or...no, there was no way that...

"U-Uhm...Good Morning everyone!  Please...uhm...Please take your seats." 

Rei stared, mouth agape, at the woman who had come in. Clearly the cause of all the quaking that had happened, the name helped solidify that if it wasn't obvious enough, but Rei couldn't believe what she was hearing.

This ditz was supposed to teach them? What kind of second-hand crap was that?

Well, maybe it meant that the standards were low. Would make sense. Send a sub-par teacher to pump out as many sub-par heroes as they could.

She let out a groan at the mention of gym clothes but reluctantly made her way to get changed and head out. "Probably just some show-and-tell garbage." She said as they made their way out of the building.


"Didn't we already do this?" Rei said as the task was explained. It was such crap. What, now they had to go and wreck even more robots? Not that she really did much to the ones on the obstacle course but it felt all so redundant. She had to guess this teacher was just trying to take the easy way out.

As everyone explained their quirks she felt herself tuning them out. Yes, all very impressive, they would surely make great heroes blah blah blah.

The one time she perked up was when one girl, Ayane, introduced herself. Though it was more because Rei was distraught to realize that someone like that was going down the hero path instead of idol. "What a waste..."

Beyond that there were some flashy and powerful abilities to be put on display...and then there was the spider boy. She didn't really want to think too much about that but she certainly hoped she didn't have to work with him any time soon.

There were others who could go before her but she was getting fed up with standing around. She figured it was best to get this out of the way now.

The girl stepped forward and spoke without turning around to the rest of the class. "Konpaku Rei." She said. "I don't really get why it matters to you what my Quirk is..." She paused then glanced over her shoulder, "but I guess I should let you know I'm haunted by a ghost. Suppose that's a good enough 'Hero Name'. Ghost."

When she passed by the teacher she couldn't help a snide comment leaking out, "Why would I ask a teacher who can't even control her own Quirk anything?"

As she continued past she, unseen to the rest, moved a spectral arm that emerged from her back over her shoulder and stretched it to grab onto the top of one of the half-open gates giving it a shove it seemed to move open on her own and she declared, in a bored voice, "Oh, there it is."

Inside the actual test area, or whatever it was supposed to be, she noticed her fellow students going out of their way to show off their Quirks. Putting far too much effort into taking down a simple robot.

Unfortunately for her she realized that she wouldn't really be able to half-ass this one. At normal strength she might be able to knock out a human but a walking pile of metal? That was another story.

After moving across the field looking for one she thought she could deal with easily for a couple minutes she decided to just get this out of the way. She only needed to destroy one of them right? And then it'd be over.

With a sigh she stopped in front of one robot, a few feet taller than herself, which had a pincer arm on one side and the other side one that ended in what looked like a stun baton.

It noticed her and started forward. The girl didn't so much as move even with the thing barreling down on her. The invisible arms behind her stretched and grew and, as the robot neared, surged forward to grab onto it.

The robot slowed but kept moving so she increased the output. Already feeling the stabbing in her head Rei decided to just finish it now. She ramped up the pressure and, as a headache began to form, gripped the robot tight enough to dent the metallic body. Then with a grunt of exertion she tore the thing down the middle.


Quirk: Invisiarms!
The user has a pair of invisible arms, that can stretch long distances and lift heavy objects. The only limit is their mental capacity.

Rubbing her forehead as the pain began to grow more intense she snapped back towards the teacher "Are we done yet?"

And to think she still had the rest of this god-awful day to deal with.

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"Why would I ask a teacher who can't even control her own Quirk anything?"

Epicenter, hearing the remark as Rei had passed, could only look on at the other students before her with a cheerful smile.  

"G-good luck, Konpaku!"  Ms. Todoya knew the girl needed no such thing.  However, she rubbed her arm in embarrassment.  "Who'll be going up next, I wonder?!"   

Kio's foot tapped the ground, waiting patiently for his turn to jump into the training grounds and hopefully show his stuff.  However, everyone else that went in before him seemed to be having such a fun time, and getting up close and personal with all of their quirks would be the chance of a lifetime.  Just running around, gathering it all in, and getting to know all of them better!  What a day his first day was turning out to be.  He rummaged around in his pockets to make sure he'd brought the proper equipment he'd need in this circumstance, finding what he was looking for with a smile on his face.  He couldn't take the anticipation any longer, and strode right on up to the training ground's large gate.  He turned to the others and flashed a peace sign.

"Some of you might have heard me before, but my name's Akagi Kio!  But you can just call me Kio.  Hero Name?  Memory Hero: Re;Load!"  He placed a set of finger guns up to his head.  "I call my quirk, Memory Card.  If I see you do it, I can do it too!  Wish me luck, everyone!"  With a salute, and turn of his heel, Kio ran into the training grounds.  He looked around, noticing that his classmates, and certainly the robots, must have traveled further into the place.  "Well that sucks...I was hoping to get a closer look of everyone's quirk."  He kicked the ground, placing his hands on his hips.  Running his fingers through his hair, he sighed.  The only way to do this was on his own...he couldn't afford to waste a whole Memory Card here, but he still had to manage to incapacitate one of those robots from the practical.  He made a fist, and smacked it into his open palm, with a confident smile on his face.

"I'm up for it!"  He shouted, as he began running further into the mock city.  It wasn't long before he came up along a four-way intersection, where on the other side looked to be a rather formidably sized training robot.  Kio brushed a thumb against his nostril, mimicking what he had seen so many tough guys in movies do before.  The robot charged, as Kio began to run in the opposite direction.  He made his way to try and hide behind a stop sign, taunting the machine by poking his head out to the side, and flashing his two fingers up once more in a gesture of peace.  The robot, unable to register such emotion as peace, swiped at the metal rod with both arms, chopping it in half so that the sign was nipped off the top, and the other end partially sticking out of the ground.  Kio managed to pick up the piece of metal that was lobbed off from the middle, before rolling to the side to avoid the rest of the swiping attack.  After his dodge, he took more time to get some distance between him and the machine.  

As he stood up, he dusted himself off with half of the stop sign's metal rod held in his grip.  The end had been chopped diagonally, so the tip made for quite the weapon.  Kio then took the posture of a javelin tosser, winding up the same muscles that the people in the Olympics did.


Quirk: Memory Card!

The user never forgets a thing, and can copy any movement they have seen before! Under the right circumstances, they can even copy quirks!

"I'm going for the gold!"  Kio roared, as he took a step forward to toss the metal rod straight through what could only be assumed to be the robots central processing unit.  He had aimed for the large red eye that stared him down, and made his mark with perfect form.  Without much hesitation, the training robot fell to the ground, unable to resume function.  The boy's face remained emotionless, as he walked up to the robot.  "Hey.  Get up.  That wasn't challenging at all."  He said coldly, kicking the lifeless steel.  The machine wasn't able to respond, making him sigh.  "Boring."  He looked away from the pile of scrap, and pumped his fist.  "Yeah!!!  Rate it out of 10, Epicenter!?  Come on that was cool, right?!"  

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So they had to show off their quirks, and they had to take out these robots. Of course, some sort of show like this was to be expected on the first day, it only made sense considering the nature of the school. Some of the others went before her, although truth be told Natalia wasn't paying as much attention as some of the others. She just wanted to get this done and over with, to be honest. Still, it was hard not to be impressed by some of these quirks and their power. As that overexcited Kio kid finished, Natalia let out a sigh, stepping forwards. "Let's get this over with." She said, turning towards everyone.

"The name's Natalia. Natalia Kemuri. But I guess you can all call me Cloaked Hero: Styxx, if we're getting all formal or whatever. My quirk is Smoke. It does what you think it does." She said, almost annoyed that she even had to explain all of this in front of everyone.

Confidently, Natalia strolled towards one of the robots, letting out a heavy sigh. As she did, some smoke escaped from her mouth, before she looked up at one of the robots, whose eyes illuminated into a bright red. The smoke kept coming out of her mouth, surrounding her and the robot in a thin layer of purple smoke at the level of her ankles. The robot didn't seem to respond at all to the sudden veil of smoke, bringing up its arms to slam them into the ground. Natalia didn't budge, not even flinching as the metallic arms swung down. Instead, she simple closed her eyes, before seemingly vanishing.

The robot slammed into the ground, leaving Natalia's gym clothing in a small crater on the ground, as a cloud of smoke approached it. The cloud surrounded the robot, before slipping into the seems between the robot's parts. The machine seemed confused, looking around to try and find the girl that was just in front of it, before it began to jerk around, as if something was moving inside of it. Its head bobbed a bit, before it popped clean off the body. Sticking out of the robot's neck was a very pale arm, the arm that had just struggled to punch its way through the robot.


Quirk: Smoke!
Not only can the user create and control a smokescreen, they can turn into it themselves!

Slowly, the arm climbed its way out of the robot's body, Natalia slowly forming as she climbed out. A very thick layer of smoke surrounded her now naked body as she stood in front of the collapsed robot, making her way towards the pile of clothing left behind. She didn't even seem to be phased by the fact that she was only covered by her own smoke, as she nonchalantly put her gym clothing back on.

With a brush of her hair, she stepped away from the rubble she had made, all the smoke dissipating as soon as she was properly clothed.



As the students were showing off their quirks, a young man entered the training grounds, a tired expression on his face. In his hand was a mug of coffee, which he had brought with him since the morning, and over his shoulder was a bag. He had gotten an email at the last minute by Glory to help Epicenter with today's class. Or maybe it wasn't a last minute email; maybe he hadn't checked his email until about an hour ago. The actual answer didn't matter, all he knew is that he was late. He knew he was late, as nobody was in the classroom when he had hurried on over here to check. Seeing the youth of the next generation using their quirks on the robots double confirmed his suspicions.

Exhaustively, he made his way next to Epicenter. "Sssssorry I'm late." He said, rubbing the back of his head. "I didn't sssssee the messsssage until not too long ago." He turned his attention towards the kids.

The ground suddenly shook as Ms. Todoya turned toward the new arrival "I-i-i-i-King Kobra??? Wh-what email??? D-d-d-don't tell me Glory d-didn't trust me to handle this??!"

"Ah, did he not tell you? That'sssss a very Glory thing to do, honessssstly." Kobra said, smirking softly. "But yesssss, I am here to help you with the kidsssss." He turned towards the students, seeing them go off with their quirks. "Ssssseemsssss like thingsssss are going well ssssso far!" He smiled, before taking a sip of his coffee.

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Yasha was lost.

Or at least, he'd found himself in a sort of partly-brick, partly-sod courtyard between buildings, making it impossible to tell which direction he'd come from without committing to a direction or climbing a building. He couldn't sneer, per se-- his face didn't have that kind of expressiveness to it-- but he was very displeased.

"At the very least, I'd appreciate some robots to fight," He grumbled.

Almost on-cue, he heard a sharp hydraulic whine behind him.

Wasting no time, he turned and punched, his hand becoming a large conical drill and skewering a spherical robot in mid-air. Turning his eyes upwards, he saw that there was a score of similar, spider-like robots of various shapes, all of them scuttling down the walls with that emotionless fervor robots always seemed to have, clusters of glowing red eyes staring down at him.

"Tch." Prying the twitching spider-bot off his hand, he turned the other into a circular saw. "Careful what you wish for, Yasha."

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After realizing that the teacher was not hot on his heels like he thought, Ren made his way to the front of the class to get one of the monaka, hoping to get a sweet start to the first day. Instead, he found only bitter disappointment at the bottom of the box, with crumbs and a smudge of red bean paste the only remnants of the sweets that once filled it. His classmate covered in fur and crumbs was the most likely culprit. Ren had the thought of admonishing him for his gluttony, but allowed the thought to pass with another long breath. As he breathed, a dim, yellow glow flashed across his skin for a moment, after which Ren returned to his desk, his physical needs satisfied. Now hoping to meet his spiritual needs, Ren opened his travel mug of tea, basking in its earthy aroma before taking his first sip.

The reflective surface of the tea began to shimmer and shiver as Ren lifted the mug to his lips, giving him pause. He was not the only ones to notice the growing vibrations as a few of his classmates reacted with the same confusion. Was this an earthquake? On the first day of school? Before he could consider the implications of such an omen on the success of his class, its source revealed itself in the form of his homeroom teacher, who burst through the door in a flurry of stray papers.

"U-Uhm...Good Morning everyone!  Please...uhm...Please take your seats. G-good morning..again! My name is Ms. Todoya, b-but while in the c-class please call me Epicenter. I'll be your homeroom teacher, starting from today! I hope to get along well with all of you."  

“Epicentre? Another ranked hero as a teacher?” Ren thought as he sipped his tea, “Amazing! With teachers like these, I’ll be able to become a hero in no time!”

"N-now what were we going to do today, again...let's see....ah! T-today will be introductions! And a little exercise to boot! Now let's put on our gym clothes and head to training ground zeta, okay!  Ready? GO!!!"


Ren smiled as he did some light warmup stretches as Epicentre addressed the class in front of the gates to the training grounds.

"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside!  There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams!  Don't be afraid to go all out against them either.  And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!"

The mention of the practical exams brought back his memory of his breakneck finish with a blonde-haired girl, who ended up beating him by a fraction of a second. Was it because her Quirk favored speed like his, or was it because it was much more powerful? Or maybe he was simply inadequate? He did not need to wait very long for his questions to be answered as a familiar girl walked to the front of the class.

"[Yo ro shii coo! Wadashi no Diana Seigi!] Sorry if my Japanese is a little messed up, but I'm sure I got this next part right! I'm gonna be the [Seigi no Hiiro - Artemis Justice! Ganbare miinah!]"

So it was an American that beat him by the slightest margin. Ren could not help but feel a twinge of shame that must have come from his ancestors frowning upon his failure. However, as the girl deftly destroyed a training robot using a stop sign as a makeshift spear, his shame was mixed with the admiration of her skill and prowess. She was more than just a bearer of a Quirk, but a true martial artist like him, and he could not simply dismiss such a worthy rival.

“Seigi Diana; Artemis Justice! You may have outdone me at first, but I will show you the perseverance of the Japanese people!” Ren thought as he tightened the knot on his headband, “I will rise to meet your challenge!”

Ren continued to meditate on this thought as he walked to the front of the class.

“Good morning everyone. I am Sanada Ren, and my hero name is Qi Hero: Vayu. My Quirk is Qi, just like the warrior monks and immortal sages.”



Quirk: Qi!

Through regular breathing, the user builds up a force within the body that can increase their physical abilities!


“I will do my very best to overcome my weaknesses and live up to that legacy!”

Taking a deep breath, Ren then dashed through the open gate using his qi, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake as the air billowed behind him. As he dashed down the main street, he passed the destroyed remains of the robots already destroyed by his classmates, but was unable to locate an active target. Swiftly jumping between two buildings and onto the roofs, it did not take much longer until he found a target: a hulking mass of metal and electronics nearly a story high patrolling the southern corner of the main square.

Channelling his qi, Ren jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he was directly above the robot. His heart pounding, Ren then dove from the roof, slamming into the robot’s head with a resounding crash that suggested a much harder blow than his weight could provide. Leaping off the robot onto the pavement, he noticed that his plunging attack had not completely disabled the robot, which rotated his torso towards Ren, brandishing its machine gun at him and shining an ominous green laser at him.


Ren rolled gracefully to his right as the robot showered the pavement behind him in a hail of gunfire. Finding cover behind a dumpster, Ren put on a calm expression as he breathed again, his skin glowing briefly as power surged through his body. Hearing the robot pause its gunfire and approach the dumpster, Ren leapt to his feet, kicking the dumpster at the robot. The impact sent the robot reeling, stumbling as it regained its footing. Ren then leapt over the dumpster, causing the robot swung its other arm downwards in an attempt to crush him.

“This is the moment!”

Channeling his energy into his left arm, he swung it sideways at the incoming arm, deflecting it and causing it to embed itself into the pavement mere inches away from him. Immobilized, the robot laid helplessly as Ren threw a haymaker its electronic eye, crushing its core and rendering it immobile forever. Both out of habit and for dramatic flair, Ren put his hands together and bowed to his mechanical opponent before leaping away, looking for a new target.


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"This is where we'll be introducing ourselves, our quirks, AND our hero names to each other!  Please state your name to the class, and head on inside!  There are tons of training robots running around here, kinda like your practical exams!  Don't be afraid to go all out against them either.  And don't take it too easy, because they won't do the same for you.  You won't be aiming for points this time around, but everyone has to destroy at least one robot before exiting, is that c-c-clear?! If you have any questions, I'll be all ears.  I'm excited to meet you all today!"

Sun was honestly quite confused. He thought he was going to school, but instead was brought with the rest of the class to a tiny little city enclosed in walls! And apparently they were going to fight some of those ro-butts, but he assumed Mr. Yokuna would be excluded. Were they going to make him fight his own kind? To think they called Sun the savage!

As each of the others explained who they are and what they could do, Sun remained crouched on the ground, scratching at his chin, feigning understanding. So they all had secret names, but the secrets were now all laid bare? Fascinating! As they made their way into the course, he felt his stomach growl. Maybe there were more snacks back in the classroom…

Before long, Sun was one of only 3 students remaining. The other two were busy staring daggers at each other, so Sun figured now was his chance! Jumping to his feet, he loudly, not to mention proudly, declared, "Yes! I am Sun! I don't have a quirk, but I'm going to help protect everyone!" The Monkey King sprinted into the arena before anyone had a chance to correct him.

Everyone he saw seemed to have things handled quite well, so he continued his search, deeper and deeper into the mock city. Were those trees?? Sun was practically jumping with joy as he jumped up, catching a branch with one of his hands. With a movement matching closer to a gymnast than someone of his massive stature, he swung from the branch, catching hold of another tree and climbing to the top of it. This tree stuck above the rest of the small forest, or 'park' as he was told such things were called, and allowed him an incredible view. He stood practically perpendicular to the tree's trunk, his feet and tail both gripping it tightly as he held a hand over his eyes to block the sun.

It was then that he saw him! A small boy in red armor, fighting off one of the metal monsters! He could see another of the robots, shaped like a horned man nearly twenty feet tall, approaching behind the boy, but as far as he could tell, the boy was completely unaware! He needed help! "DON'T WORRY SMALL BOY! THE MONKEY KING IS GOING TO SAVE YOU!!!

Sun sprinted across the treetops, alternatively using his hands, feet, and tail to push himself off into the air. He needed to hurry, before the small boy got hurt! It was only a few seconds before Sun dvoe from the cover of leaves onto the back of the robot. He had wrestled elephants to the ground, what more challenge could something like this be? It's just a big animal, think, Sun!

Grabbing hold of the robot by its horns with both hands, he flipped over the front of its face, pivoting around and releasing his grip just in time to fall in front of it, face toward the ground. A kick with both heels at his opponent's 'chin' knocked it off balance, and as Sun landed in a hand-stand, he pushed up off the ground once again, hitting the stumbling robot in the left knee. Sun knew full well that the robot more than outmatched him in strength and durability, but nobody could be as nimble as the Monkey King, and everything had a weak point!


Quirk: Monkey!

The user can do anything a monkey can do, but better!

The minotaur-bot's leg snapped at the knee, causing it to keep over to the side. The second it hit the ground, he jumped up onto it once again, grabbing hold of its right arm and tearing it clean off. Bringing it back down toward its owner's head, he crushed the robot's central 'brain' in a single swing, as the horns embedded in his makeshift club, making an even better improvised weapon for his next bout. Turning toward the helpless boy he rescued, he grinned, propping the robot's arm against his shoulder, seemingly unfazed by its weight.

"Hi! I'm Sun!"


That blue-haired fucker wasn't relenting. Some other teacher had shown up, probably another friend of Howl's, with them all seeming to be the same age. Who the hell staffed this place anyway? As much as he didn't want to bother with all this stupid shit, it seemed he had no choice. With a sigh, he stepped forward.

"Fine. Blazing Wolf Hero: Olympus. My quirk is Hellhound. It is both a mutant-type quirk with all it's advantages, as well as an emitter quirk giving me control over fire."

Inu pulled out his cigarette box, tapping the bottom of it for a fresh one to stick out the end. This took a lot of practice, but he figured if he is gonna smoke he may as well look cool while doing it. Placing it in his mouth, a puff of hot breath ignited the tip, as he took a long drag from it. Feeling the smoke populate his lungs, he grinned as tiny wisps of smoke began rising from him all over. Deciding not to overexert himself, he briskly jogged into the training area.

Using his enhanced sense of smell to figure out the vague whereabouts of the rest of the students, he found himself on a side street between buildings, a decent distance from the rest. He didn't want anyone else to get caught in his attack. Turning his head upward, he let out a near-deafening howl, wondering who might show up to respond. Sure enough, a robot a few heads taller than him, crawling on six legs, busted through a nearby wall. 

As it jumped toward him, it was met by a powerful stream of fire, originating from Inu's mouth. With a few coughs, he ended the stream, looking down at the charred remains of the robot. "I really thought it would be more difficult than that… Did they get that on camera?"


Quirk: Hellhound!

The user can do anything a wolf can do, but on fire!


Finally, all that were left were him and the two teachers. They were talking about something or other, but Hakaro had more than drowned them out. He had to focus. That training area was full of idiots who were liable to be struggling against even the weakest of robots. He had seen in his entrance exam that they were mostly just ignoring them and trying to get past. Was that their plan for if they were to face actual danger? Just run away to save face?

Stepping toward the entrance, he took a glance toward the teacher, who seemed to be an absolute nervous wreck. Not a face suiting a hero. "Terminal Hero: Endbringer. You work here, so you ought to already know my quirk." Hakaro rolled up his sleeves, making a dead sprint into the mock-city. Both his arms were engulfed in the spectral blue flames, as he immediately dipped into an alleyway. He wasn't interested in being social.

It wasn't long before Hakaro found himself being pursued by a machine with eight arms, each of which had a different power tool on its end. The concept behind it seemed familiar to something Hakaro had seen moments before, but he couldn't quite place it. Oh well.

With a duck, Hakaro narrowly avoided a circular saw passing over his head, and a roll brought him within inches of a conical drill. Hakaro grinned, his arms flaring up brightly. Looks like I found one of the good ones. Hakaro dashed into a building, slamming the door behind him, but the robot merely took the wall as a suggestion, as it tore directly through it. Hakaro extended an arm forward, as a hawk appeared on his hand and flew forward, crashing through the bay window ahead of him. Jumping through the newly-made exit, Hakaro landed in a central courtyard, placed between buildings.


Quirk: Spirit Animal!

The user can release their raw emotional energy in the form of ghostly creatures! The more strongly they feel, the higher their output!

"As good a place to end this as any." The machine once again tore through the building's wall without effort, and loomed over Hakaro. It bore down on him with weapon after weapon, as he narrowly dodged each one, chunks of the surrounding building being ruined completely with each miss. His breath grew ragged, his movements beginning to slow. Hopefully this is enough… Hakaro's hawk dove down from the sky, making a sharp swoop underneath the robot, as its variety of arms twisted around to attempt to seat at it. Of course, with the speed of a diving raptor being well over 100 miles per hour, it didn't stand much chance. Right before the bird hit the wall it was aimed toward, however, Hakaro clenched both of his fists, his face contorting in anger. The bird changed shape from the small hawk, growing instantly into a full-size rhinoceros, crashing through the side of the building.

Sure enough, Hakaro's gambit paid off. Turning and running back into the shelter of another building, he saw the affected wall collapse, allowing the building it belonged to to fall down on top of the robot, crushing it completely.


As he stood atop his quarry, Hakaro heard the sound of sirens blaring across the training course.


Before any of the students near the gate had a chance to react, it suddenly closed shut, guarded with heavy metal plating. A giant bubble-like shield made of glowing golden hexagons quickly formed a roof above the mock-city, trapping the hero students inside.

Flooding out of previously unseen openings in the streets, small robots, about waist-height each, made their way toward all of the students at ground level, outnumbering them at least 10 to 1.


Atop the parking garage, the robots surrounding Hideyo all lay on the ground lifelessly, smoke rising from the star-shapes holes punched in their bodies. None of them were particularly strong, but that didn't make the show of strength much less impressive. However, a single, larger robot shaped like a hermit crab and easily the size of a minivan, remained completely unaffected by the barrage, its personal forcefield flickering off. As the alarm went off, its stance changed, becoming decidedly more aggressive, more sinister. Charging toward Hideyo, it took a startlingly quick swing at him with its massive claw.


All the way at the southern entrance, Tsubasa had reached the point where there weren't really any other robots, or students for that matter, to be seen. However she ended up so far away wasn't to be certain, perhaps it had to do with the old adage regarding cats and curiosity. Hopefully not. In any case, there was plenty of excitement in store for her.


Each of its steps was hard enough to shake the ground even more than the homeroom teacher. The sound of its inner mechanisms were nearly enough to drown out the alarm going off, as the gate shut behind it. Looking down upon Ocelot was what could only be described as a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Bringing its face down to Tsubasa's level, it let out a road loud enough for everyone in Training Course Zeta to hear.



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Once the spiders returned, Benjamin was about ready to return back out of the training course...after all, he demonstrated his Quirk to his classmates and instructor quite nicely. That was it to all of this, right? Unfortunately he wasn't so lucky to have this be all.


Benjamin blinked a moment or two before seeing the gate close shut with metal plating and now golden hexagons began to become a sort of roof over the training ground city. None of this seemed 100% fantastic to him, though this was par for the course. Soon there were small robots now flooding out of unseen openings and now approaching the students...I.E., him.

Then there was the roar...one that he heard from his position, which seemed to be coming from the veeeeeeery other end of the training grounds. ...okay, not liking the sound of that. Noooooor any of this really... he thought, seeing the robots beginning to close in closer to him. "Alright, break time's over guys! Time for a reapply!" Benjamin quickly said, as he started backing up towards a nearby building. Once he noticed the webbing on his hands, he stuck it against the building and flipped himself up onto it, avoiding the robots.

"Okay...now as long as I'm up here, they can't reach me." Benjamin smirked, now trying to formulate a plan. However...almost immediately one of the robots fired off a grappling hook towards the student, narrowly missing due to him noticing and rolling to the left. "Grappling hooks?! C'mon!!" As if things weren't bad enough, now Benjamin was dodging the constant volley of grappling hooks from these robots, practically doing his best to scale the side of the building a bit further in order to avoid these little contraptions.

Alright...I think I'm high enough now... Benjamin thought, exhaling slowly. ...now, think O'Hara. How are you going to take these things out? ...I mean aside from sending your spiders down there to take care of them, seeing as these bots also seem to also have exposed areas to where they can crawl in. The method is...hoooooow...?

This is when inspiration started to strike him. Something that one Hero at the start of the day said...

"Just... Don't make any slingshots on your first day."

A small smirk appeared on his face before Benjamin gave a whistle to a few of his spiders. "I need a slingshot, ASAP. After you guys do that, going to need a nice web ball." He watched the spiders give a bit of a salute before working on this small project almost immediately. A webbing slingshot and of course, the web ball ammunition for it. "Good work! Now, couple of you guys get on the ball...there we go!" he nodded, before moving down the building slightly.

"Bit of a David and Goliath moment...though I guess it wouldn't be Goliath since they come up to my waist." Benjamin shrugged, before swinging the slingshot around a few times. Then, he launched the web ball right at one of the bots and it made contact. The ball, of course, bounced off it...but it did what it was supposed to do: deliver the spiders to the bot. And soon, that one robot was already in the process of powering down. "Alright...one down...nine to go...jeez."

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1 x 4 x 9


Hideyo had successfully exterminated a small group of machines, but a larger threat needed his immediate attention. Hideyo assumed that the alert was for a series of mock villains. With heightened protocols and security around his school -- given its history of villain attacks -- there was little chance these were real villains. And then he saw it: a mini-van monstrosity with a powerful barrier shield that could likely either absorb or deflect his projectiles.

Hideyo took a defensive stance, widening his legs as his father taught him. The machine barreled toward him with its claw, looking to decapitate him. Because the machine was so large and Hideyo was no slouch, he managed to pivot to the left of the claw. He used the momentum to spring from the ground and get behind his foe. He placed his fists together and fired two medium sized stars at his target's back feet. He knew he didn't have the raw strength to destroy a machine of this much bulk. He had a different idea in mind entirely.

And outside of the parking garage, a thunderous roar nabbed Hideyo's attention for just a second. He hoped that his teammates could handle it for now. He would be of no use to them if he was incapacitated. He decided to keep his focus on the enemy in front of him. He fired at the machine's feet again, this time aiming slightly lower.

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Rei didn't even get an answer from the teacher before everything suddenly went crazy. An alarm warning about villains and lockdown sounded. Being closest to the gate Rei tried to get out the second she heard the warning but she didn't even have a chance before everything shut itself up tightly.

"Oh come on." She whined. Either this was part of this "exercise" or the school really screwed up with their robots. Given everything she had seen so far she had to assume it was the former. From the incompetent teacher to the trumped up show and tell she was starting to suspect this school really didn't have itself together. She had heard the top hero died a few years ago maybe since then they were desperate to try and fill the void.

Whatever the case it was Rei who would suffer for it.

She sighed as she saw the small robots start to swarm. Racing along the ground and heading directly for her. Which led her to suspect what was going on about this alarm.

Rei threw her head back and closed her eyes for a few moments. Her head was still throbbing a bit but she supposed she could try and do something about this. Looking back she saw three of them had gotten ahead of the rest and were nearing her. Stretching out her Invisiarms she tried to grab hold of one to hold it back. Only to discover that it was incredibly heavy and that it would take some effort for her to push to the side. She could maybe deal with the thing by pulling at its legs but even that seemed like a pain she really didn't need right now.

One of the robots shot out a grappling hook-like device from its interior and Rei slammed that down to the ground with one her her Arms.

Frowning as two of them got closer she came to a decision on how best to deal with these while not exerting herself.

The girl turned around and put her hands up in the air. "I surrender." She told the robots.

They paused for a brief moment, almost as though confused by her actions, and then shot out more grappling hooks. Two wrapped around her arms and a third around her waist and they started to drag her off.

Rei made sure her Arms were ready to keep her head from hitting the ground but beyond that she simply lay back and let them drag her off. The only sign of resistance being the annoyed expression on her face as they started pulling her towards one of the holes in the street that the robots had emerged from.

Maybe some kind of prison? Whatever; if it was as professional as the rest of this school has been so far she wasn't all that worried.

She briefly considered that maybe, just maybe, she should try to fight back. But a sharp pain in her head reminded her what a bother using her Quirk against these robots were. This probably wasn't part of things right? No one could grade her poorly for not wanting to fight against malfunctioning robots.

"Oh well." She muttered and began singing the last song she had been listening to under her breath. "[Wandering dream chaser]~"

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"Haah... Haah... is that all?!" Yasha was bent over, breathing heavily as he looked over a courtyard reupholstered in robo-gore. Standing up straight and dusting his hands off, he took a deep breath, then let it out in one big sigh. "Alright. Better get back to the others, then. Assuming I can even navigate--"


"Pardon?" Yasha turned and found himself getting swarmed by more robots-- only these ones weren't training robots, at least by the look of them.

Deciding it would look bad if he attacked the school's security robots, he decided to take the less honorable option, and run. Shrieking like a bat out of hell, making various sputtering engine noises as he did so.

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As Diana retrieved her makeshift weapon from the fallen robot, swarms of smaller robots began to flow out from somewhere. On top of that, there was a giant, roaring T-Rex on the horizon... In the direction that a few of the others had gone.

"[Must be a glitch...]" Diana muttered to herself as she brandished the sign, taking a swing at any of the small robots coming near. Should she be breaking through to head towards the behemoth, or should she be trying to rescue others? After all, what could she do to a giant machine like that, taking out an eye would hardly harm it! Granted, they were all heroes in training, so she should focus on handling the situation. But maybe...

Diana smashed the head of one of the robots in with the blunt end of the sign, before tossing it up and catching it with the octagonal top just above her head. With a deep breath, she charged directly at the robots, before slamming the sharp end of the sign down, with just enough traction to launch herself over the assailants. She lost the sign after that, but it was fine. She escaped the group crowded around her, and she had enough room to maneuver on the wide street past them. The correct answer wasn't to protect or to solve; it was both. 

Before long, she saw another crowd gathered around, and without a second thought, she kicked one of the robots into the others, knocking a few down,  finding Emi within the swarm. She flashed her classmate a smile.

"Hey there! Wanna help me take out a T-Rex?" 

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Tsubasa had been having a blast so far. After her first demonstration of her quirk and watching everyone else's, she had continued moving forward to find more robots to thrash. She didn't find much more in way of that, in spite of all of her searching. But what she did find was a wall. The girl looked at the wall, and then back to see just how much ground she had managed to cover in such a short amount of time. Tsubasa had to admit that she had even surprised herself here and was getting ready to go and scale the wall when a siren suddenly blared. The girl stopped in her tracks and looked around at the sudden sound, only to not be able to hear what the actual alert was. Instead, her attention was and ears were focused on something much more readily noticeable. 

"Whoa," was all that Tsubasa could let out at the sight. A robot unlike any that she had seen before of an animal she most certainly had never met in person. As the giant mechanical T-Rex had walked over towards Tsubasa, the girl stood still and looked in awe at the creature. As it let out its deafening roar, drowning out the alarm and pushing the girl's hair back from the force of its roar. As it stopped and the cat girl stared at the mechanical t-rex in awe, she whistled. "Man, you guys really got it all here, huh?" Her awe struck look changed to one enormous smile as she said, "alright, let's go!" 

Opening its mouth, the Thunderjaw stepped forward to catch Tsubasa with its mouth. Quickly, the girl hopped back away from the bite continuing to step backwards. Picking up her pace, the girl continued to step back faster and faster as the Thunderjaw moved towards her and dove again. Jumping back, the girl arched backward and landed on her hands. Then, pushing off of them the girl launched herself forward to the now downed head of the robot. Landing square on the head of the creature with her feet, Tsubasa attempted to powerfully kick the beast's head in. It, in turn simply thrashed about seeming none too phased by the kitty kick and launching Tsubasa to the ground. "Ow," the girl let out as she landed roughly, feet and arm first. Picking herself up, the girl looked at the hulking metal behemoth saying, "well you're a tough one." Hopping in place, the girl kept herself light on her feet as she tried to figure out how to fight the mecha-rex. As it was, she was pretty sure she wasn't strong enough to just brute force destroy the foe. So, she needed to find a definite weakpoint and a definite way to actually get on top of this thing. Which meant scouting. Which also meant running! 

"Catch me if you can!" The girl taunted as she turned around and broke out into a full sprint away from the creature. Roaring, the Thunderjaw chased after her as well though was soon met with a degree of difficulty in following her. Tsubasa ran towards a wall, briefly running up the side of it before kicking off of it towards a nearby street lamp and then kicking off that back towards the wall. Grabbing onto the wall, the girl nimbly scaled it until she was on top of the roof of the building. "Nyahahaha!" The girl laughed as she looked down at her foe, clearly unable to actually make it to the roof with its own legs. This victory was shorted lived, however, as rather than meet her head on, the robot instead opted to ram itself into the building head first. The building started to rumble only for bullets to start piercing through the room. With the building starting to become unstable, Tsubasa quickly ran from one roof top to the next. 

It was becoming clear very quickly that her having the high ground seemed to be no advantage, as the girl continued to run from rooftop to rooftop, each building being torn apart in the process. Thinking that it would be better to try a change of scenery, Tsubasa leaped from the building she was atop, landing on the ground with a roll before springing to her feet and running across the street towards a park. As she did, she saw a pink haired student that she vaguely recognized standing around as well. Running towards them the girl called out, "heeeey!" Once catching up, the girl started jogging in place saying, "hey so, you're probably gonna want to run. Unless you have the strength to fight a giant robot. If you do, that's pretty awesome and I am all about kicking its ass. If you don't then well- " As if on cue, the Thunderjaw burst out of a nearby building letting out a roar before charging the two students. "Well that." 

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Villains, is it? Leave em to me! From a hole in the street she hadn't paid much mind to before, little robots started crawling out, surrounding Ayane. These must have been answering to whatever villains were invading! Nothing left to do then, but to shred them up real good! Similar to last time, Ayane started with a deep open note by just slamming the pick across the thickest string on the guitar. She'd made a point to tune that one down a lot specifically to create bulky shields. It wouldn't last too long though, so Ayane had to get to work. With each strum and tap as she focused on the task at hand, little bolts fired out ahead of her.

Is it just me, or are these little guys a bit beefier than that scrap pile over there? I need a bigger amp! Not to mention she couldn't handle them from all sides, at least not in this quantity. With another deep note, Ayane picked up the amp and got ready to start running like hell once the shield was down. Once the second red barrier had disappeared, Ayane darted off in the direction of the deep roar from earlier, having to hop up onto the heads of a couple robots on the way out. Just when she thought she'd made it cleanly though, she heard the sound of grappling hooks. They had grappling hooks!? I should get grappling hooks, come to think of it. Once the volley of grappling hooks fired, Ayane pulled her hand up, and even if she couldn't put as much oomph into it this time, let out another deep note thaht left a wall behind her to block the hooks. Now she was free to chase down the source of that roar.

She didn't have to get very far, either. The source was a very large object, made of metal and shaped like a t-rex. As much as that was totally the most awesome thing Ayane had ever seen - and she'd seen some pretty awesome stuff before - it was also totally a serious hazard to everyone in the training course. So, it had to be dealt with. Luckily, Ayane wasn't alone here. She could spot that cat girl from before running around, and she seemed to have its attention.

I'm DEFINITELY going to need a bigger amp for that guy.

Even worse was that she was behind the stupid thing. And frankly, Ayane wasn't exactly eager to be at its front side. Attacking from back here would have to do. Ayane set down her amp with a new drive to save the day. And so, once again, the girl began shredding. And much to her dismay, it was to more or less zero actual effect. The most she had accomplished was a small and insignificant dent in the one spot she'd focused all of her attacks on.


At first, Yumi was rather concerned when she heard an alert about villains infiltrating the training grounds. However, it wasn't hard to put two and two together. Either this was just a bug of some sort, or an impressively reckless test. She could only hope for the former. From a few holes she hadn't noticed before, little robots began to swarm the students, and Yumi herself was no exception. The ones that had turned their attention to her were met with a blast of lightning that she'd been charging, leaving them at best overloaded and at worst completely fried. These small fry were no problem as long as Yumi had a bit of breathing room between waves, but she wasn't concerned with them. Instead, her attention was on the much larger, more dinosaur like robot.

Something about it looked very vaguely familiar, but Yumi couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Oh well. For now, Yumi turned her attentions to the buildings, looking at their rooftops. Surely something here had roof access. She'd need a good vantage point to really help deal with that thing. Preferably not near the thunderjaw, as it seemed to be tearing down buildings without much trouble. After a bit of looking around and dodging some stray grappling hooks, Yumi found the perfect vantage point. It was the building adjacent to the one she'd hit as collateral damage. Quite a bit of distance from the thunderjaw, but with its raw size, that was hardly a concern. Already charging up her next shot, Yumi ran for the door, shutting it behind her as she started her way up the stairs. She'd likely only get one shot at that thing. Maybe two at best. Yumi wanted to make damn sure that one shot would count.

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Kio never got the chance for anyone else to answer, as the doors to the training grounds abruptly closed shut.  The force of the action sent a gust of wind that would topple a normal person over quite easily.  However, Kio stood there silently with a dumbfounded smile as the gust of wind blew past him.  His smile turned from chipper, to sour in mere seconds.  He retrieved the makeshift polearm from the still pile of nuts and bolts, and twirled it around, brandishing it just for fun.  That's when speakers began to seemingly blare from every direction.


Villains were attacking already!?  and 16 of them?!  Kio rummaged through his memory counting up the faces of his peers, realizing that that exact number was the same number of students in the class.  

"Whoah...what a coincidence!"  He smiled.  "That's one villain for each of us!  Better shove off and find one, huh?"  Kio hadn't realized, but he had directed the comment at some sort of miniature robot that had appeared from almost out of nowhere.  He stood there for a moment, looking at the thing, and then realizing he was surrounded by a swarm of them.  Kio looked around at all of them, counting ten robots, all with a hint of sinister intent.  Kio pointed to himself, as if to ask the question, 'Am I the villain here', only to receive a grappling hook to the wrist as a response.  The force in which it tried to drag Kio in was intense, but he stood his ground.  Kio could hear another hook shoot off, aiming at his other wrist presumably.  Kio managed to jump into the air, as he dodged the other hook, sending it flying into one of the many other security bots.  The one he was attached to began to reel in once more, Kio having no traction this time to try and attempt to stop it.  However, he still had his weapon in hand.  As the robot reeled in him in closer, he shot the pole straight through the thing.  However, he was still connected by the wrist to a now inactive jailer.  There were still 8 of these guys, and Kio was beginning to sweat. 

That's when he heard a roar that nearly shook the training grounds.  Kio didn't know what the hell it was, but that's definitely where he wanted to be!  

"I didn't think I'd be pushed so far on my first day!"  Kio said, pumping his fists in.  "This is so awesome!  You're actually gonna make me do it!"  Without another thought, Kio revealed a kind of belt around his waist, hidden beneath his gym outfit.  In the belt were individual square pockets, and a multitude of them.  He didn't have to look for which one he wanted, he knew them all by heart.  Taking one of the small, translucent blue squares from their place, he placed it into the nape of his neck.  It transferred through his skin as easily as osmosis.  With a deep breath, Kio smiled.  "Alright!  Let's Re;Load!  Quirk: Gyrate!"  Kio's wrist began to Gyrate violently, breaking him free of his chain.  He almost wasn't expecting such a strange sensation as he did, but he was getting used to it.  He looked to the robots surrounding him now, with a smile.

"Well, I guess I'll play the part a little bit then!  This is fun!  Don't bore me now, okay?!"  Kio's arms and legs began to Gyrate, as each individual punch and kick that landed tore the metal to shreds.  As he finished off the last of the security bots around him, he retrieved his weapon once more.  Farther down the street, he saw someone having a much harder time with the things than himself.  Ten more opponents to use this quirk against?  How could he pass up the opportunity!?  The joints of his legs began to gyrate, causing his legs to act as a windmill to shoot at the crowd.  With his wrist twisting, his weapon seemed to appear like a plane's propeller.  He could feel himself almost lift off, until he had crashed head first into all of the robots, tearing them up in an instant without a hope to apprehend Kio.  The girl who was being dragged away by them was Rei, who was still laying on the ground.  

"Were you going to give up that easily?"  He remembered her bone-cutting words to their teacher, not even moments ago.  "Can you not control your Quirk properly?"  Kio asked her, with a smile devoid of any strong emotion.  It then brightened to a more positive smile.  "This is clearly a part of the test, don't you think?  Let's all try our best!"  Kio waved goodbye, as he began to windmill his legs once more, this time in an attempt to find whatever had made that booming noise from before.  

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Yasha's voice echoed down the road ahead of and behind him as he came flying out of an alleyway. Making a hairpin turn and sprinting through the mock city streets, followed by his own swarm of security robots, he came TEARING down the road towards Kio and Rei, screaming at the top of his lungs and pistoning his arms like his life depended on it.


And then he was gone, as swiftly and chaotically as he had come, still running at breakneck speed for the gate they came in from, making loud and distressed engine noises the whole way down.

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The blaring sounds of sirens filled the air as Natalia saw something shift and move in the shadows between the buildings. She was pretty sure this was some kind of set-up by the school, but the idea that 16 villains had, in fact, infiltrated the school wasn't something that was out of the question. After all, Natalia knew how incompetent these hero types could be - her homeroom teacher definitely didn't help this impression. She clenched her fist as a swarm of robots surrounded her, their glowing red eyes fixed right on her. Smoke poured out of Natalia's body, cloaking the immediate area around her in a thick layer of purple smoke that surrounded all 10 of the robots. If there was even a sliver of a chance that there were villains in the fake city, that was enough for Natalia to take this deadly serious. "Looks like today isn't going to be a bore after all." She said, the robots firing their grappling hooks into the smoke.

Two of the robots smashed their hooks into each other as Natalia made her way through her smokescreen, the cover of smoke following her. Despite how thick it was, she could see perfectly fine, as she ran through the streets, trying to find one of these villains. She wasn't sure if these robots were suppose to be the villains or the training bots attacking them; either answer concerned her. More concerning, however, was the mechanical roar of something that sounded huge. Whatever that was, it was probably related to the villain problem. Determined, she continued on, effortlessly dodging any attack from the robots in her traveling cover.

As she continued on, she saw the source of the loud roar - a giant mechanical dinosaur, who was chasing catgirl and bubblegum. Anyone looking towards her would see a huge ball of smoke barreling through the streets, before dissipating and leaving the girl standing alone as she looked up at the robot. "I swear to god if this is some sort of test..." She bitterly remarked, turning towards her two classmates. "You two. Any signs of the actual villains?" She turned back towards the giant robot, letting out a heavy, visibly purple sigh as she saw the loud girl try to attack the machine from behind. "...this thing is in my way!" She shouted, smoke lightly emitting from her body, before turning towards them again. "We have to take this thing out, asap!"

"If there's actually villains around, we have to stop them!"

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There was a moment's hesitation as Hideyo fired at the machine's back feet. They were scorched and damaged by the attack, but it was far from enough. Both back feet rose up, kicking at Hideyo with speed betraying the robot's mass, as the face and arms pivoted around the security boy's central axis, letting out a mechanical shriek.

Now facing the boy head-on once again, it dipped to the side as a quick front before lunging forward with its closed claw with enough force to launch its target out of the building entirely if it connected. Not the most appealing of fates for someone who found themselves on the top floor of a parking garage.


The enormous security bot chased after Tsubasa relentlessly, practically ignoring the buildings that stood in its way. However, before it could reach her and the two students she was now with, it detected a minor disturbance from behind. Through sheer tenacity, Ukemei Ayane had managed to dent the armor just in front of its left leg. Though the damage was incredibly minor, the amount of attention it brought was not.

Ayane barely had enough time to put up a barrier as the Thunderjaw whipped it's head around, firing a flurry of glowing blue projectiles toward her. As the hailfire increased, so did the strumming on Ayane's guitar. Each movement wove together into a song of sorts, albeit an awfully repetitive one, though it was quickly drowned out for most to hear as the robot began barreling toward her.

While Ayane's expression was full of witless determination when she launched her first attack, the fear in her expression became more and more apparent as the monster drew closer and closer. Come on, Ayane, what are you gonna do??! It seemed like all the training she had done to expand her quirk was coming up short, as she saw a few of the thunderjaw's shots sneak through her defenses and land at her sides. Come on, 11, isn't this the part where a real hero is supposed to go Max Omega, or something like that? What would Glory do? And then, she knew exactly what Glory would do.

Stepping beside her amp, she placed one foot on top of it, stabilizing herself as she squared her shoulders toward the Thunderjaw. It was almost upon her now. She closed her eyes for a second, feeling a ball of plasma zip by her face. When she opened them, she did her best to imagine a V-shaped visor covering them. Reaching down, she turned a knob on the back of her amp from 8, past 9. There was some resistance as she pushed it past 10, as it clearly wasn't originally designed to go so far, settling to point at a number scribbled on with a magic marker. 11. With a heavy strum, she played a deep harmony, shouting along with it as loudly as she could.


A gigantic red shield, big enough to block the entire road, appeared ahead of Ayane, just in time for the Thunderjaw to crash into it. While cracks formed from the impact, her defense held firm, the ground quaking beneath her to confirm the enormity of the collision. With a surprised smile, she looked down at her guitar in awe, only to see that she had snapped her E1 string in the process. A faint scent of smoke made her concerned for her amp's well-being as well. I guess that was a one-off… She could feel exhaustion in her own body as well. Had she ever pushed herself that far before?

Before she could contemplate how much her brand new 'ultimate move' took out of her, she was awoken from her thoughts by a loud crashing sound. The wall she created collapsed to the ground, disappearing from sight. Once again, it turned its head down toward Ayane, barrels within its mouth beginning to glow a menacing red. But, before it could unleash its attack, its face was assaulted by… was that a bird? And what was that flaming thing it dropped on the dinosaur's face?


"Jesus Christ, do you ever shut up?" The voice came from behind Ayane, as Sogin Hakaro had managed to approach silently. His gym uniform was noticeably ripped in a few spots, but he didn't appear much worse-for-wear. "The other guy with me has been yelling a lot too, I figured I would put him somewhere useful, and far enough away that he might be less of a bother." Raising his hands, the tips of his fingers became engulfed in his silent blue flames as small birds appeared in the air around him, darting forward up toward the Thunderjaw's face.

On said face clutched Inu. He could feel it trying to shake him off, but he didn't particularly care. "ALL I WANTED WAS ONE GOD DAMN, MOTHER FUCKING, PEACEFUL, REASONABLE DAY AT SCHOOL, WHERE EVERYTHING GOES RIGHT!" Clawing at the machine aggressively, bits of metal fell to the ground as he let out his anger. "BUT NO, YOU STUPID FUCKING ROBOTS HAVE TO FLIP SHIT AND GLITCH THE FUCK OUT. AT THIS RATE I'M GOING TO HAVE TO-" before he could finish his sentence, he was thrown off behind the monstrosity, landing beside Tsubasa, Ren, and Natalia. Luckily, the Thunderjaw now seemed to be reasonably distracted, firing at the ghostly birds that swarmed around its face.

Inu pulled himself to his feet, smoke rising from his skin as flames licked at the edges of his uniform. "What the H E double FUCK are you all doing just standing around, aren't you supposed to be heroes in training?" Inu spat blood onto the pavement, turning back toward the machine. "If you chucklefucks need a team meeting, I'd say now is your chance while this giant ass bitch is distracted. I think it will figure things out pretty quick though, so either get the fuck in there, or get the fuck out of the way."

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Emi mindlessly kicked a piece of scrap metal from the robot she just destroyed as speakers blared.


The thought intimidated her a little, but this couldn’t be real, right? It was all part of the training or something. Before she could complete her thoughts, small robots began to flood the street. Before she knew it, Emi was quickly surrounded. She shrugged. “Kind of strange that they’d go all out like this on the first day.” Looking around she could see about ten of them closing in on her from all sides. A grappling hook shot out from one of the robots towards Emi. Luckily she was able to react quickly enough, fashioning a small shield out of her water, absorbing the impact.

“That’s all you got?”

Challenging her words, the remaining nine robots launched their hooks as well. Emi stretched her arms out and twirled around. As she did, the water swirled around her, knocking each hook out of the air one by one, and a few of the robots over.

A deafening roar shook the training grounds. Emi turned to see a gigantic, metal dinosaur over the horizon. She stared in utter disbelief. Emi began to doubt her theory that this was an overly elaborate training exercise…

Distracted, Emi didn’t notice the security robot approach her from behind. It shot a hook at her, latching onto her arm. With a yelp, Emi was knocked to the ground, the robot dragging her away. “Hey!” Anger and annoyance bubbled inside her. “I don’t have time for this!" The water which was once on the ground rose from under the robot, knocking it over. The water floated above the robot as it struggled to pick itself up. Fuming, Emi subconsciously commanded the water to shoot downwards, but this time highly pressurized, cutting straight through the machine’s body.

As Emi pulled herself free from the lifeless automation, three slightly-less lifeless ones replaced it. Emi didn’t have enough water to take them all on quickly enough. Before she could lift herself up to fight again, a girl appeared, kicking one of the robots into the other two, incapacitating them. She turned towards Emi and flashed her a smile. "Hey there! Wanna help me take out a T-Rex?"

What was her name again? Diana? Yeah, that was it...

The T-Rex! Emi almost forgot. She looked over her shoulder at the mechanical monstrosity rampaging on the other side of the city.

Emi turned back towards Diana. “Hey! Thanks for that, I was in some trouble.” Emi gestured towards the beast on the horizon. “Yeah, I guess we should go deal with that, shouldn’t we? Let’s do it!”

Without leaving Diana a chance to respond, Emi lifted her water off the ground into a ring around her waist, turned around and started running down the street.

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After what seemed like forever, Benjamin hopped off the building after all ten of those security bots were dealt with. Unlike those in his class, he figured it was better to simply dismantle these machines from the inside and save U.A. the necessity to order and or build new ones. With a wipe of his brow, Benjamin whistled a bit and crouched down near a couple of the robots and allowed his spiders to return to him. He noticed that there were a few missing...the casualties of war as it were. A sigh escaped his lips, but he shook his head.

"Focus O'Hara...gotta get to a vantage point." Benjamin nodded, before rushing over across the street and immediately began to scale up the building's wall. He reached a small flagpole that stuck out from the side of the building and proceeded to grab onto it, flipping himself upward onto it. ...so glad I don't have a fear of heights...hmm...okay, gonna need to get a bit higher to see what's going on.

The young man moved slightly and continued to scale the building, finally reaching the roof. With a grunt, he flipped over and took a moment to catch his breath. However, he finally got what the others had been dealing with and the source of that roar...it made Benjamin's jaw drop some. "...is that...a robot...T-Rex...?" he asked, just staring at it in the distance. "...you've got to be kidding me. First villains, then a possible bug in the system's programming...and now a kaiju?" With a groan, Benjamin shook his head before moving back on the roof. "Well...guess I better join in the fun then..." He then proceeded to take off in a sprint and leaped off the roof to the next building's roof. Luckily he took into consideration that it wasn't as low as others...so he was able to tuck and roll onto the next roof with ease.

Benjamin knew he'd probably not make it over to the T-Rex in time, now seeing the fact that it just was firing off at...what Benjamin could only describe as...birds? Very peculiar. Regardless, he figured he'd make it there in his own time...however, something caught his eye. A few buildings away, he saw another robot with a student...and it seemed like the bot had the upper hand. "That doesn't look too good...let's see if we can even the odds on that." Benjamin smirked, before making his way towards the parking garage and the student who was fending off the robot...also seeing that the robot was planning to punch this kid off the parking garage.

Damn...better hurry. Get myself a proper web ready just in case that guy gets knocked off there...

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Ode to the Stars

The claw-enabled machine adapted quickly. It was able to, for the most part, resist the burns of Hideyo's Starfire. But for all its tenacity, the most it could do was charge forward in a brutish attempt to clobber its opponent. "For a machine, you're... not very bright are you?" Hideyo joked as his stance changed and became more aggressive. Its feet left the ground and swung at Hideyo's center of mass. He took a staggered bob backward that kept his balance as the enemy shrieked. It tried to hide its intent with a half-hearted dip but continued to lunge forward. "I wonder what you hoped to accomplish charging straight at me like that!" he said with a laugh.

To code a machine to feint was intelligent. Whoever programmed it obviously knew Hideyo's history and experience with kickboxing. The machine was fast despite its size, but it was still a machine. Hideyo did not flee from the blow that was headed his way. Instead, he got inside the machine's guard with a step-in, then he pointed a balled fist at his opponent's ocular device and fired off two point blank range medium sized stars.

He realized something as he did this, and quickly bobbed backward and assumed a defensive stance now. The machine's range was short, from what Hideyo could see. There was always the chance of surprise that the machine had hidden weaponry, but for now, he would play to his strengths.

Hideyo began firing off a blinding array of stars at his enemy's feet again. "Immobilize the enemy! Like father taught me! But in my own way!"

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"You've GOT to be kidding me." Rei groaned as she landed on the ground with a thud. So much for surrendering peacefully. She had a feeling that the robots wouldn't listen to the excuse of "I didn't break them it was some gyrating pain in the neck."

Worse still was the boy's misunderstanding that somehow this was because Rei couldn't control her Quirk. "No you moron..." she began, but the boy was already running off. Probably to go "save" some other people who didn't need saving.

"I just know that these things think we're villains." She finished to herself. Shaking her head the girl stood up and looked around. There weren't any robots close enough to worry about right at the moment. At least the guy had managed to clear them all up in his frantic hero act.

A sudden scream, like that of a horror movie leading lady, brought her attention down the road. Her eyes widened and at first she thought a new, and rather strange, robot was heading her way. Then she remembered the chainsaw guy from the classroom and rolled her eyes.

When he ran passed Rei had to grudgingly admit that, even if he seemed like a fool, he had enough sense to not bother fighting off those things.

Her back-handed compliment was soon overtaken by the realization that he had led a swarm of robots her way. A swarm which seemed to be very much in a 'beat them into submission before capturing' mood.

She brought a hand to her forehead and let out another, louder, sigh. Reluctantly she extended her Invisiarms and swept them along, close to the ground, at the stubby legs of the robots charging towards the chainsaw and herself.

She exerted enough force to cause the robots to topple to the side at the sudden impact. Realizing that soon more would be on her she took off after the one who had brought them here. At least if she stuck near him maybe they'd ignore her to go for the larger target. "Hey, wait up, uh...chainsaw guy!" She called out as she followed his path towards the edge of the city.

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Ren did not have to travel far to find a new target as sirens began to blare from hidden speakers, followed by an distant, bellowing roar.


“Villains? Attacking a school full of ranked heroes?” Ren thought as the sirens continued to blare, “Surely this must be some kind of test!”

Before he could think of the reason for the sudden change of pace, the sound of mechanical legs crushing pavement alerted him to the fact that he had been surrounded by a battalion of robots, aiming cruel grappling hooks at him. Feeling their cold, red eyes upon him, Ren took a deep breath before leaping into action.

The robots that had formed a ring around him all shot their hooks at him at once. Ren leapt into the air with great force, causing the hooks to fly through the center. The robots behind the ring began to fire their hooks at him in the air in a flurry of steel cable. Ren focused his qi into his hands as he twisted his body into a spin, creating a brief whirlwind that narrowly knocked the hooks off target. As he started to fall to the ground, Ren focused his qi into his legs, slamming the fallen hooks in the center into the ground, immobilizing the robots they were attached to. With a huff, Ren then threw a flying kick where the ring of robots was thinnest, knocking the robots there onto their backs. Seizing the opportunity, Ren dashed away and up a nearby tree to catch his breath.

“I have to be more careful! I must not let my guard down like that again!” Ren said as he slowed his breathing down, watching the robots attempt to right themselves. Ren heart the sounds of crumbling buildings and rhythmic earthquakes rose in the distance, giving him a sense of impending doom. Perhaps a villain had come, and it was headed straight for him. However, as he dropped from the canopy to see what was approaching, he only saw a fellow classmate, Ocelot.

"Heeeey! Hey so, you're probably gonna want to run. Unless you have the strength to fight a giant robot. If you do, that's pretty awesome and I am all about kicking its ass. If you don't then well- "

Suddenly, a hulking mass that towered over the robot he had killed burst through a building, sending concrete and glass in all directions, wildly firing its weapon into the air as it issued a familiar roar.

"Well that."

One look of the mechanical monster spoke volumes of its clear invulnerability to what fists could muster, even backed with Quirks.

“There’s no way to attack that thing directly, but nothing can be without weaknesses! We’ll have to find a joint or gap in its armor!”

Ren swallowed the lump in his throat as he took a low stance, ready to react to the machine’s next move. However, the sounds of electric guitars echoed through the park, closely followed by a flurry of energy projectiles flew into the machine’s thick armor, drawing its attention away from them. The metal hulk roared in a faithful imitation of bestial rage, its counterattack only narrowly blocked by a massive barrier summoned by booming bass notes. Before it could deliver its finishing blow, a flock of flaming birds managed to draw its attention away from its quarry.

"What the H E double FUCK are you all doing just standing around, aren't you supposed to be heroes in training? If you chucklefucks need a team meeting, I'd say now is your chance while this giant ass bitch is distracted. I think it will figure things out pretty quick though, so either get the fuck in there, or get the fuck out of the way."

Ren resisted the urge to give the fire-breathing punk a piece of his mind. He was right, hesitation would be the end of him in a fight with an intelligent foe. He would have to think quickly. Surveying his surroundings, Ren spotted a pair of street signs that marked a road crossing. Running over to them, he kicked them off their bases with a quick exhale. Another kick flattened their ends into crude spear points. He handed one of the street signs to Ocelot.

“We will need to use our speed to surround it and find its weakness. Take this and drive it into any joint in its armor. I’ll head to the other side. Good luck.”

Without another word, Ren charged towards the robot off, his makeshift spear over his shoulder. The machine was still distracted, but in its uncontrolled flailing, its tail managed to sweep into Ren’s path, forcing him to slide onto his back to avoid being struck. Leaping back to his feet, he used his spear to vault over the next tail swipe, managing to get within striking distance of the machine. Circling it, Ren’s eyes darted over its twisting chaos of moving parts, trying to find its most vital components. Despite his best efforts, the machine’s body was devoid of glowing lights that usually marked important data cores and processing units, with most of them being concentrated on its head, which was attached to its undulating neck.

“Too difficult a target. I’ll need to immobilize it!”

Ren looked towards its legs, seeing a large gap in its armor where its legs met the rest of its body.


Ren stopped circling, closing the distance and getting beneath its legs, narrowly rolling out of the way of its stomps as he closed in on its right hip. A pause in the machine’s movement gave Ren the opening he needed. Breathing in, he adjusted his grip on his weapon, readying it to be thrown at the joint. As he threw the street sign like a javelin, he breathed out intensely, transferring his qi into the crude javelin, the energy accelerating it dramatically.

The sign found its mark, embedding into the machine’s joint. However, Ren’s joy was short-lived as the Thunderjaw tried to move its leg. The sign’s metal shaft held its leg in place for a moment, but not for very long. The leg then came straight towards Ren, who had to put his arms to his face to block the incoming blow. The force of the impact sent Ren flying backwards down a street, causing him to slide on his back. He had managed to fortify his arms with qi, but painful bruises appeared on his arms as he clambered back to his feet.

“Damn! Not deep enough!” Ren cursed as he breathed through his clenched teeth, trying to shrug off the throbbing pain in his arms.


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