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My Hero Academia: Far Beyond Max Omega! [IC/PROBABLY NOT ACCEPTING/PG-16/BEST RP 2020 WINNER]

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Arachnid Hero - Multi-Threader

Multi-Threader winced at seeing the fancy footwork the panda was displaying thus far. The plan seemed to be going great so far, but she was able to recover from it, even stepping and squishing a few of the spiders. He held his head for a moment, hearing the quick screams from them before nothing but silence. Had he not been in the general vicinity of those spiders, he would’ve been spared that feeling...but alas, he was not thinking about that.

"Your chameleon friend is really doing her job, huh? Didn't even know she got a lick on this thing! But it's time for you kids to learn a very, very important lesson... What villain cares about property damage?"

The young Hero watched as Xiónglǎohǔ proceeded to slam an elbow into the wall behind her and then kick it before hopping out the building. “OH C’MON!!! That’s just cheating!!” he shouted out after the panda. That’s something I didn’t anticipate...she is just really going on the villain train with this… he thought, shaking his head. A Pro Hero who was taking their role as a faux villain seriously in this mock city, how Multi-Threader didn’t anticipate it before is surprising.

What was more, now she was in a position where there were no street lights. Multi-Threader glanced at Sun, knowing that there was going to be a hindrance to the monkey. Could also be an issue for myself and Rika...so she definitely thought this out… he thought, trying to survey the area before making a move...in which Tsubasa already was ahead of them and made a move. “Of course the cat is the one to rush head first into danger like this...” he muttered with a heavy sigh. “...she does realize the nine lives thing is a myth right? Gonna end up getting herself hurt.”

Another whistle from the arachnid Hero and the spiders were already starting to emerge, currently covering his hands. “Gonna need a new plan of attack here...” he said, before looking at the debris and then over at Sun. It clicked for a moment and he now began to develop a smirk under his mask. “Sun, you remember your plan during our discussion?” Multi-Threader directed a few spiders to hop on some of the debris, giving them a command and prepping them: once in close proximity, hop off the debris and get on the panda, do your best to slow her movements. “Looks like you’ll be able to do it after all. I’d say our best chance at the present would be a long ranged attack, given our feline teammate is already going with the close quarters assault. That in mind...” The young man then directed some of his spiders to form what could only be described as a webbed slingshot, bigger than what he was using back during the last exam. “...I’m going to help assist with this. Hopefully I won’t get yelled at for making a slingshot...Glory seemed very adamant about me not doing that. Rika, you got the closest to getting that briefcase...so we’ll need you to sneak around and get to her undetected. Tsubasa has her distracted while me and Sun can definitely deal with a ranged assault. Meaning you’ll be home free to try again.”

All else fails...I’ll resort to my current ace and secret weapon. Multi-Threader thought, glancing down before grabbing a few pieces of the drywall and loaded it into the slingshot. “Let’s get this bear hunt over with!” he said, before launching the piece of drywall into the direction of Xiónglǎohǔ.

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──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

Rika watched as the briefcase wobbled around with the panda's adjustments, dropping down to the ground as she caught herself and stood up slowly. Her job wasn't done, but the way the teacher was backed against the wall... She wouldn't be able to continue her assault from the ceiling now.

"Your chameleon friend is really doing her job, huh?" the panda laughed as she adjusted her shoulders, "Didn't even know she got a lick on this thing! But it's time for you kids to learn a very, very important lesson... What villain cares about property damage?"

Rika narrowed her eyes a tiny bit, watching as the teacher's hand slammed back against the poor wall behind her, the fragile existence of it being shattered as it opened up, giving her an option to flee. "...Run all you want." Xiónglǎohǔ could run for ages if she wanted, but if this was going to be a battle of attrition... She could sneak around the cityscape at a slower pace, keeping herself hidden, as she searched for the Panda Hero. But it wouldn't come to that, she doubted that was the type of the this particular Hero would want to play.

Rika took a deep breath, watching as Tsubasa started to sprint off, a little snort escaping her as she shook her head a bit. The fact that they were going to have to keep up with her made things a little more iffy, but... They would have to trust in Tsubasa to stay focused and keep the panda distracted as they continued to pry that suitcase away from the 'villain'.

Luckily for her, it seemed that the spider boy had a plan for how to make that distract effective. She grinned for a moment as she nodded her head, "...Sounds like throwing a rock here is a good plan. While you two do that, I'll try to sneak around on the buildings nearby her. You, uh. Probably won't see me, but keep her distracted and I'll wear down that tape as much as I can... We just have to hope Tsubasa is watching the case if it falls off and I can't grab it."

She took a deep breath... And once the others began their own preparations, she took off herself, jumping out of the hole in the wall and dashing down the street. She slammed her hand against one of the buildings, a little wince escaping her as she clawed her way onto it and began to climb across it, looking down at the scene below her. She didn't go too high up, just enough to where she would be out of the corner of the panda's eyes, and her colors had already shifted to match the buildings. When she passed by a bit of window it would be a bit harder to emulate it... But as long as they kept the teacher distracted, she shouldn't see it too quickly...

Instead of aiming for the same spot as before, Rika landed on the ground on the opposite side of it, remaining behind the teacher as she quietly dropped to the ground. She waited for the barrage of ballista shots from the others to finally start... When it did, her tongue lashed out again, this time on the other side of the briefcase. It was a slow process all over again, but wearing down the tape on either side... Seemed like the best option they had to try and succeed here. If this didn't work... Then she'd have to get more physical.

──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

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It was a well-executed team attack from the combination of Ocelot, Multi-Threader, and… Hoshino Rika, but it was seemingly effortlessly blocked by an unexpected torrent of paper cranes that poured into the room through every window. The cranes swarmed together, forming the face of an enormous paper tiger, before suddenly pinning the fledgeling hero Ocelot against the wall. Before she could utter any kind of protest, her mouth was covered by a sheet of paper.

"Oi oiiiiii, why are you getting involved!?" Beatrice roared out, pressure hitting the students as if a monster had done it, "I didn't hear anything about this!"

"Step back. This is official HPSC business." Orikami had a closely regulated tone, but there was a clear undertone of rage. "Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest."

"What do you mean she's under arrest?" The bear stood her ground, eyes narrowing, "What reason could you have to arrest her?"

"For leaking information, leading to the endangerment of her classmate during Class 1-A's beach clean-up. Proof was found on her cell phone after we received an anonymous tip."


Ino entered the classroom with a low rumbling, a nervous expression slathered across her face.  

"I wish we could have class like normal...but as you all know by now, your classmate Kaenbyou Tsubasa has been leaking information from the Hero Course to a group of unidentified villains since the semester started." Ino took a deep breath, as the rumbling started to die down.  "The Hero Public Safety Commission will be doing a thorough investigation into this matter, so I wouldn't be surprised if any of you are interviewed. Rest assured… U.A. is a very secure Learning Facility, and your teachers will do their best to protect you, and your dreams." Ino pounded her chest with a loud thump, the rumbling coming to a complete stop. "I swear on it as your homeroom teacher!"

She then turned around to face the board, and began writing.

"In brighter news~!" She said, as her sorry excuse for what looked to be words began to sprawl themselves across the board. Barely legible, it read, 'Sports Festival, Max Omega Style!' She turned back to the students, clapping her hands together with a smile on her face. "Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!" She paused, as a bead of sweat dripped down her face. "I wish I could've experienced it to the fullest during my first year… but I was beaten in the first round… and then some other stuff happened… and I should stop talking… eheh..."


Hakaro chewed on his lip aggressively, ignoring the taste of iron as his finger tapped against the surface of his desk. He could still smell the paint on the wall, covering up the area where the words “TSUBASA SOLD YOU OUT” were spray-painted, the can being manipulated by some unseen whistleblower. Scanning the desks, he could see that a fair number were now empty. When the news got out that U.A. was being attacked by villains again after all these years, and it was further leaked that the villains even had an informant in the class, considerable faith was lost in the institution. Ren was pulled out the very day the news broke, and the class roster had been hemorrhaging since. As Hakaro understood it, 1-B faced similar losses.

Leaning forward, he spoke up, ”So how are we supposed to know there won’t be another attack?” his eyes shot down in shame, before continuing, ”Not to say I am scared, but… It happened to your class, Todoya, what’s the difference now?” to accompany his question, his tapping on his desk stopped abruptly, and his words hung in the air for a few seconds. Miss Todoya, however, was not the one to interrupt said silence.

The classroom door opened, revealing a man who hardly appeared to be older than the students, though every single person would instantly recognize him to be Japan’s #2 hero, Psyshock, albeit out of costume. ”Because the top 10 are all going to be there. Not to mention the school staff! This year’s sports festival is going to be the safest place in all of Japan!” he gave the class a child-like grin with a thumbs-up, before adding, ”I hope you don’t judge me for pressing my ear to the door and waiting for a dramatic moment to enter!”



Hopefully this isn’t too awkward. Unfortunately, the fights we had set up had no real way to resolve without cutting them short. I know some people had some exciting stuff in mind for them, and for that I apologize. I understand that some of you will want to leave the RP due to all these delays, the last post was an entire three months ago, and traffic before then wasn’t great. For what it’s worth, I can say that the note has been taken, and things will be handled differently than they were there. A key part of it is making management of this RP a bit more active. In service of that, I would like to welcome @yui as this RP’s second cohost! Whenever this RP needs a kick to jumpstart it’s heart, I am confident he will be able to come in clutch. If you are leaving the RP and haven’t told me yet, please make it known promptly so nobody posts at you and we can avoid retcons, and hopefully there will be no hard feelings either way.

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──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

"What the...?"

Rika could only watch as Tsubasa was suddenly pinned against the wall, her first instinct was to jump towards the other student, her eyes wide as she landed on the ground nearby. "Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest."

That was not what she had expected to hear at all, her tail was swishing behind her as she had to restrain herself from lunging forward. It took a second since the... Adrenaline from the previous fight still hadn't quite worn off... As she listened to the explanation given by the sudden intruder, her face dropped a bit. It didn't mean much to her personally, but... She very much knew what that implied for the others. Her skin had adjusted back to a normal color, but... As she looked at the scene unfolded, her skin turned a deep shade of blue. "...Well shit."


"I wish we could have class like normal...but as you all know by now, your classmate Kaenbyou Tsubasa has been leaking information from the Hero Course to a group of unidentified villains since the semester started."

Rika was not amused by this turn of events. She had only know the catgal for a tiny bit, but she had enjoyed the company of her. She was just slightly enough out there without quite driving her insane. The pit in her stomach was rather adequately represented on her body by an uncomfortable shade of gray mixed with yellow, swirling around her body as she looked up at the teacher. The continued presentation... "A... Sports festival, now? Really?"

She couldn't quite hold it back as she said that immediately, Hakaro was just as quick to the draw and possibly even more indignant about the announcement, and honestly, she couldn't bring herself to disagree. Her mother had been pushing to get her to leave, almost as quickly as she got there, to just leave. Those words rung in her head for the past week. 'If you really have to keep this up, there are a dozen safer options. I could pull strings, play nice with the crazy ones, and get you just about anywhere else, you were already approved for U.A. now. They'll take you just about anywhere if I sell it properly.'

She didn't want that. She worked herself ragged to get here, she had only just barely, luckily made the cut after everything.

”Because the top 10 are all going to be there. Not to mention the school staff! This year’s sports festival is going to be the safest place in all of Japan!”

She glanced up at the sudden intrusion, her thoughts were still racing after everything that had happened, even her father was losing his luster with U.A. after Tsubasa's treachery was made apparent. That concerned her more than anything her mother could have said about the situation. She spent ages trying to convince them she was fine, but she was shaken. She wasn't sure they even bothered to listen to her in the end. She was expecting them to show up any minute now and drag her out of the class.

She slowly raised one of those swirling hands, a concerned look on her face, "...What if that's what they're wanting? If you have all ten gathered here, who's to say they don't want to send a message by screwing it up with the Pros all here? Or what if they have a target that's off campus and you all can't do anything to help? Do you all even know anything about this group?"

──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

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"I wish we could have class like normal...but as you all know by now, your classmate Kaenbyou Tsubasa has been leaking information from the Hero Course to a group of unidentified villains since the semester started."

Two weeks. That was how long it had been since the arrest. For the first few days, Yumi thought it was some elaborate prank, and was ready for Tsubasa to just stroll back into the classroom, say something like "haha, just kidding", and everyone would get back on with their school lives. Then it really set in that this wasn't an elaborate prank, and all that left was a bunch of questions. Why? Not just "Why was she leaking information to villains?" either. There was also "Why did Yumi never think anything was up?", "Why bother with someone as unremarkable as herself if the mission was to spy on the school?", and Yumi's personal favorite, "Why would such a nice person work with those types of characters in the first place?"

Not that Tsubasa was some sort of saint or anything. But as far as high school students went, especially in this insane asylum of a classroom, she was a pretty alright sort, who seemed to at least have a good head on her shoulders. Was it blackmail? Bribery? The questions simply would not stop bothering her, but as much as Yumi wanted to get to the bottom of it, her teachers both ordered her to stay out of it, and refused to give her any details. The worst one was Ruby Heart. It wasn't until just the other day that Yumi felt like she could breathe properly in the same room as that woman. She wasn't sure quite what sort of look the history teacher was looking at her with, but it was a powerful one. But then despite the glaring daggers, she hadn't once called on Yumi to answer a question since the arrest, even though she was one of her go-to students for that?

Somebody in this picture definitely had problems. Hell, maybe everyone did.

It wasn't just Tsubasa either. Well, maybe it was just her for spying on U.A., but it wasn't just her who suddenly disappeared from 1A. It seemed like every day, the classroom was looking more and more like a ghost town. Yumi would be lying through her teeth if she said she wasn't strongly considering jumping ship herself. Someone had even spray painted the wall at some point - apparently during the exam - talking about how Tsubasa had sold everyone out. If she didn't know any better, Yumi would have sworn she was looking at the end of U.A.'s service as a school. To think it would all start with a girl with cat ears.

Yumi had replayed the situation in her head quite a few times. Surely there was something someone could have done. Learn the truth and set her straight? That sort of thing? But Yumi knew well enough to know it wasn't that simple. Maybe it was for the better she wasn't there for it. Tsubasa was, albeit briefly, her friend after all, and Yumi probably would have tried to stop the arrest. But that would mean standing up to Orikami, who was one of the few members of U.A. staff Yumi most certainly did not feel like standing up to, along with Ruby Heart and Hemlock. She had thought about that during the day of the arrest too. That feeling of helplessness was just too much, and it had frustrated her so that Yumi had stormed off to one of the training centers and fired off a few rounds of her Quirk to let off some steam.

She'd done the same thing just yesterday too, in fact. Though in yesterday's case, she had forgotten her support items to mitigate her lack of immunity to electricity, and her arm was once again feeling the consequences, similar to the confrontation with the Thunderjaw. Yumi tried to move her scorched right arm as little as possible today as a result. Moving it at all was still painful, but it was making her notes incredibly difficult to write down.

”I hope you don’t judge me for pressing my ear to the door and waiting for a dramatic moment to enter!”

Oh, right, the class. Yumi had kind of tuned everyone out without really thinking about it. Hopefully she didn't miss anything important. Hold on, wasn't that Psyshock? The number-two hero?

"...What if that's what they're wanting? If you have all ten gathered here, who's to say they don't want to send a message by screwing it up with the Pros all here? Or what if they have a target that's off campus and you all can't do anything to help? Do you all even know anything about this group?"

That was a very set of valid questions. Whoever Tsubasa was answering to, they had already made a fool of U.A. once this early into the school year. Who was to say they weren't up to something that could make it much, much worse?

Epicenter raised a finger as if to reply to Hoshino Rika, but before she had a chance to speak the Number 2 Hero stepped in front of her. "Don't worry, Lizard-Girl! Wait, shit, was that discriminatory? Wait, shoot, am I not supposed to curse? This is a learning establishment..." He looked back at Epicenter, seemingly pleading for help, before shrugging and continuing. "Nah, nah, I'm sure it's fine, I've got the clout to cover my ass." He turned back to Rika with a huge grin, pointing at his chest with both thumbs, "Don't worry, kid. I'm strong as hell, and I'm not even at the top of the curve!"

That was... not very reassuring. And even still, there was one more question that came to the forefront of her mind, as she looked over the array of empty desks in the room. Listlessly raising her non-burned hand, Yumi asked "For that matter, do we even have enough students left at U.A. for a sports festival, despite the surge of students leaving the school lately?"

"You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!"

Even less reassuring. At this rate, Yumi would be significantly more surprised if something didn't go disastrously wrong at the sports festival.


A traitor. Here, in U.A.

The two weeks since Tsubasa's arrest had seemed to hit different students in different ways, and some harder than others. Even Ayane could pick up on that much. For her part, she didn't really know Tsubasa all that well, but the seats around her were getting more and more empty. Before she knew it, half of her desk buddies were gone. And out of the three remaining, Hakaro was in an even less talkative mood than usual! It didn't take a genius to put two and two together for what was up with Hakaro, and for once, she agreed with him. This sucked! A group of villains had managed to sneak a kid into U.A. of all places, leaking who knew what kind of information to who knew what kinds of nasties.

It seemed to be all the news was talking about, too. That TV Ayane had salvaged from the beach was finally brought back to her by Ben in the time since the arrest, fully functional and in crisp high definition! It didn't completely negate the bad vibes she was getting lately by any means, but it certainly felt nice to have the thing. Once she figured out what channels to watch, at least. The music channels were her go-to, but it turned out those were more about the lives of music stars than actually about music. And they were all people she'd never heard of, too. Lame. The news channels all only talked about stuff Ayane already knew, and lately they were really interested in the latest U.A. story. But with enough persistence and the power of a bit of research online, Ayane had found the right stuff to watch.

Old hero shows! Like... really old! "Older than Quirks" old! Frankly, they were ridiculous. The villains had monster-like costumes that it would have been better to just hire an actor with a mutant-type Quirk, and in the seasons since the emergence of Quirks, she'd heard they were doing exactly that. The heroes, though, they had really stylish costumes! And cool powers once they transformed and got into costume! And there was action, and drama, throwbacks, foreshadowing... and the best part of all? Ayane had spent the last week doing nothing but binge-watching this ancient series from the beginning, and even after a week of it, there was still so much more to go! If Ayane only watched one episode a day, there would be enough to keep her busy well past graduation. But she wanted to catch up!

Having something to look forward to was also a huge positive boost for her mood. So much so that she'd been paying rapt attention in class lately, and training like hell to get better both at the guitar and at using her Quirk. Which brought her to today.

"Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time! I wish I could've experienced it to the fullest during my first year… but I was beaten in the first round… and then some other stuff happened… and I should stop talking… eheh..."

Sounded rough. Hopefully Ayane's first sports festival didn't go like that. Hakaro had voiced his concerns, but before Ayane had the chance to reassure him, somebody else beat her to the punch. And not just any somebody else! Hisoka Dodeke somebody else! That was Psyshock! The number-two hero in all of Japan, second only to Rainbow Six! A real "man of the hour" type if ever there was one!

"You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!"

"So let's make it awesome!" Ayane followed up. Right. Sitting around sulking all day was not gonna make anyone a better hero! Except maybe Hakaro. But he was a special exception.

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Arachnid Hero - Multi-Threader | Benjamin O'Hara

Two Weeks Prior

Multi-Threader was surprised things were going as well as they did. Rika and Tsubasa definitely were doing their best, while he and Sun did the long range support...but things changed and went in a different direction. Paper cranes...and they were pinning Tsubasa to the wall and covering her mouth. He was about to see if he could try and free her, but he was stopped suddenly by the immense pressure that came from their teacher roaring. It was...to say the least, quite a frightening moment for him.

"Oi oiiiiii, why are you getting involved!? I didn't hear anything about this!"
"Step back. This is official HPSC business. Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest."

"Wait...u-under arrest?!" Multi-Threader exclaimed, not too thrilled about hearing this. He removed his goggles and lowered his mask some. "W-What are you even…"

"What do you mean she's under arrest? What reason could you have to arrest her?"
"For leaking information, leading to the endangerment of her classmate during Class 1-A's beach clean-up. Proof was found on her cell phone after we received an anonymous tip."

This seemed like a whirlwind for the young Hero in training. His fist began to clench at just seeing this sight. He wanted to speak out against this...he had been working with Tsubasa for a week in preparation for this exam...there was no way she had such an evil bone in her body...right? His fist now was trembling. Again, he wanted to speak, but this was the HPSC...that was a group and organization not to be taken lightly. So instead, he stood there in silence...his fist trembling in anger.

They were sent home after that...needless to say, everyone was in a bit of a funk. But Benjamin seemed the most out of it...hell, it wouldn't surprise him if the rest of his group, save Tsubasa, was in the same boat as him right now. But he couldn't bring himself to just accept this...but at the same time, what else could he do?

As he was driven home by his parents, the sounds of their genuine worry and frustration at this situation being muffled in the background, Benjamin simply sat in the back of the car, watching the world pass him through the window. This wasn't like anything before in his life...sure, a bit of a depression would happen every once in a while, but this time...it was spawned due to this possible revelation of Tsubasa being a trai-...

He immediately shook his head clear of this initial thought. In his eyes, he couldn't see anyone in his class could pull this off. Scratch that, a few of them could just with their general appearance and aura, but not Tsubasa...she was a confident soul, but not a Villain. Confidence in his fellow students...was that a good or bad thing? A sigh escaped his lips as he walked into his home, still hearing his parent's muffled voices talking to each other as he made his way to his room.

He needed to get out of his own head for a while and the best way to do that: do some problem solving. The parts came in for Ayane's TV, which meant he could finally fix it properly. He and his spiders went to work on the TV and he blocked out his own thoughts and even the outside world for a while.

Are you okay?

Benjamin did finally stir after pausing for a moment, noticing one of his spiders waving with their legs at the young man. The one bad thing about a psychic link and symbiotic relationship: they could tell he wasn't alright. "No...no I'm not. This whole thing...we prepared for this exam. We were ready...and then…" his head slowly leaned against the wall, and with a sigh, he closed his eyes. "This is bogus...like, this makes no sense. I just want things to stop for a bit..."

As if things stopped there… Next thing Benjamin knew, he was sitting in a family meeting. The subject: Benjamin continuing to stay at U.A., of course. His mother wished he would go to a different school to pursue his goals...while his father suggested it might be time to actually pursue a different goal altogether. With U.A. being attacked like this for the first time in what seemed like years, it was only natural that they would be this worried for their son's safety.

"Miles, you know he wants to be a Hero...and he can still be one."

"And if something like this happens again? Then what, Felicia?"


"Exactly. I...don't want our son to be involved with something like that...especially if that girl…"


The conversation came to a halt when both adults looked at Benjamin, who finally spoke. "Her name is Tsubasa, her Hero name is Ocelot. And she's not a criminal...I don't believe it for one second..." he simply said, before standing up. "Mom, dad...I love you both...but I'm staying at U.A. to become a Hero. I owe my life to a Hero that saved me...and she started her career at U.A...and her whole set of classmates literally dealt with Starkiller Base!" The air and tension in the room grew silent and stale as now Miles and Felicia looked from Benjamin to each other and then at the table. "...I made a choice...I...felt alive in that exam fight. Probably for the first time in my life. I felt a rush...and...and I'm going to keep going. Again, I love you both and I know you want only what's best for me, but I know I want this. I want to show the world that Silkie didn't make a mistake by saving me." Finally saying his piece, Benjamin left the table and the discussion ended there.

He was staying at U.A. for better or worse.

In the meantime, until he was able to go back when classes resumed, the young man would be on the internet, trying to see what he could find in the realm of...maybe...possibly...there was another answer. Between this and future designs for his own Hero Costume, Benjamin had his days quite busy...but first thing was first: Ayane needed her TV pronto!!

Present Day

"...and that's what happened…" Benjamin sighed, sitting down facing a gravestone. Once again, he found himself in this cemetery for past Heroes. And yet again, in front of the gravestone was a small bouquet of flowers made of webbing. "The whole idea of a traitor in our midst seemed like some sort of comic book story...or a plot in some show." he sighed once more, shaking his head. "Did you and your classmates ever deal with something like this before, Silkie?"

Of course, nothing but silence and the gentle breeze coming around. "...yeah, don't know why I was assuming to get an answer there. But I just needed to vent...plus, I've neglected to come here the last two weeks...I just needed some time." Benjamin finally stood up, looking at the gravestone before turning away. "...I'm still going to U.A….no matter what." he muttered, before moving off.

Things would be back to normal, right?? Maybe…?

Upon returning to the campus and his homeroom, the young man began retreating to his seat. Of course, some of the other students seemed to not be here...and probably wouldn't be back at all. This caused him to sigh slightly, as he just remained attentive as best he could...though he couldn't help himself glancing back in the direction of the empty desk that once belonged to Tsubasa. This still didn't feel right.

"Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!"

This did bring Benjamin's attention back, as he thought about it. The Sports Festival was the big thing that pretty much made the students leave their mark on the Hero society, showing off what they could do. After all, before it became known as the Starkiller Base incident, Epicenter's class and the subsequent classes along with hers apparently were scouted out as quick as they could be...the reasons why now some were in the higher echelon of Pro Heroes, the Top 10.

”So how are we supposed to know there won’t be another attack? Not to say I am scared, but… It happened to your class, Todoya, what’s the difference now?”

This...however did bring the gravity to the situation again. Hakaro was technically correct. Hell, there were rumors that there was a huge T-Rex during that one...it was a total mess. So what made them so sure that this wouldn't-...

”Because the top 10 are all going to be there. Not to mention the school staff! This year’s sports festival is going to be the safest place in all of Japan!”

Benjamin stared at the newcomer, but he could recognize him in almost an instance. The #2 Pro Hero: PSI Hero - Psyshock. This did prove to be something interesting but then Benjamin thought a step further. "...all the Top 10 Pros are going to be there??" he inquired, before rubbing his chin. "...I think I get what he's getting at. A good portion of the Pros in the Top 10 were at the Starkiller Base incident, so they took part in the fight...right? Sooooo that would mean they're prepared much so in any event it happens again. Generally they're using past experience in their Sports Festival to better ensure the safety of ours!"

But of course, another set of thoughts came forth from Rika. And once again, Benjamin was in deep thought.

"...What if that's what they're wanting? If you have all ten gathered here, who's to say they don't want to send a message by screwing it up with the Pros all here? Or what if they have a target that's off campus and you all can't do anything to help? Do you all even know anything about this group?"

He now began to slump in his chair slightly, sighing. "...she raises a good point too. But wait...that only accounts for the Top 10 and the school staff, right? S-Surely there's still plenty of Pro Heroes left in Japan to help out in such a situation...right?"

"Don't worry, kid. I'm strong as hell, and I'm not even at the top of the curve!"
"For that matter, do we even have enough students left at U.A. for a sports festival, despite the surge of students leaving the school lately?"
"You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!"

More and more things were just being said and Benjamin now was leaned over his desk, moved from his slumped position. ...all this is turning into a series of worse news and worse news... he sighed, about to bury his face into his desk...until...

"So let's make it awesome!"

Ayane in her pepped up and energetic self cut the sulking phase for a brief moment. Benjamin looked up, glanced back in Ayane's direction before glancing back at his desk. Somehow he didn't notice it before, but his spiders were now on his desk. At first glance, it didn't seem like much...but on second glance, Benjamin noticed that the arachnids were in position of spelling out the phrase: "YOU CAN DO IT!!" and even "MAX OMEGA!!". This made the young man sigh with a small smile developing on his face. "...psychic link and symbiotic relationship...thanks you guys..." he muttered, before having his spiders dissipate and immediately smacked his face a few times. Time to get back to some sort of normalcy. "...Ayane is right!"

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Chess Hero-J'adoube// Takehiko

Present Day


Takehiko let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding for these last two weeks, his parents had been... worried about him but they had also let him know that he'd have to be prepared for these kinds of things. Sure he should be protected while in school but once he's out in the wider world they'd drilled it into his head that if he wasn't always vigilant it could end with the deaths of both himself and his comrades. He hadn't been expecting such a heavy discussion and honestly... to himself admitted they would have tried to get him to leave instead so he could at least claim he was overcoming the odds. But no, instead he now felt violently aware of how dangerous his chosen profession was.

"Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!"

The sudden announcement made the Chess Hero jump out of his seat just a little, his body immediately tensing into a combat stance, before looking a bit sheepish and relaxing, sinking back into his seat again as he rubbed at his forehead before he was once again interrupted, though before he could get into a combat stance this time, his eyes widened at seeing the #2 Hero. Though his distraction made him almost forget he had been activating his quirk from the rather... sudden entrance!

A clone of Takehiko was practically half-formed, collapsing back into the floor of the classroom, but not before whispering it's short-lived purpose, "He could have killed us if he was a villain barging into the room like that with us being off-guard...."

Takehiko grimaced at the thought, he had been trying to refrain from saying that even if he had been thinking it... But his clones, as much as they were useful, loved to bring to attention his unfiltered thoughts, "Er.... my apologies... But yeah, like Ayane says we need to try and stay on the positive end of things, even if my thoughts don't match what I say. We need to get strong enough to pose a significant threat ourselves to being attacked if we're to remain students here."

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Uneasy Heart

"Miss Orikami, [wait!]"

Diana sprinted down the hall, managing to catch up with the teacher at the stairwell. She placed her hands on her knees as she regained her breath before standing, looking at Orikami with confusion.

"Why did she do it!? Why would Tsubasa sell us out like that!?"

Orikami refused to meet the girl's gaze, "She claims it was merely for fun, that she didn't understand the consequences of her actions. The truth of this claim is being... explored."

"[For... fun?]" Diana muttered in English, clenching her fists as hard as she could, "But that doesn't make sense! What's fun about this!? She had to be protecting someone, Tsubasa isn't a bad person!"

"I suppose she was bored. Foolish. We have yet to see if she is malicious, but don't expect the HPSC to go easy on her."

"I can't acc-"

"Cannot what? Accept it? Surely you are not as foolish as that girl was."

Diana turned to look up the stairway, seeing a girl much smaller than herself daintily descending them, leathery wings neatly tucked behind her. She wore a smile on her face, though to Diana it looked empty. As the girl brushed some of her glimmering, gem-like hair away, she continued.

"She spit on her role as a hero. A chosen one. A savior of society. There are many people in this world who are malicious by their very nature, so is it really such a shock that someone did this for fun?"

"Not now, Shannon. This isn't your place to speak. Miss Seigi knew her as a comrade. You only ever saw her back in the entrance exam."

"Apologies, Madame Orikami," the girl named Shannon with one arm under her front and the other at the side, "But I believe that this is something she can learn from. Miss Seigi, was it? I'm certain that you genuinely wish to defend your classmate, but you also must consider... She got your other classmate hurt. Still, she continued to be a source of information. Does that sound like the actions of a good person? Of a hero?"

"I... I guess not, but I-"

"Why is there a 'but', then?" Shannon glanced at her contemporary, still wearing that empty smile. "Why focus on a failure of a hero, someone who threw away her role as the chosen savior of society for 'fun'? After all, not everyone is chosen in the first place. It is a blessing we all received, would you not agree? Besides, I highly doubt she is the only one in your cla-"

"Shannon. It's time for us to leave."

"Y-yes," the dragon girl faltered before Diana's eyes for the first time, "Of course, Madame Orikami. Well, Miss Seigi, I look forward to seeing you in the future. I hope you have overcome this hurdle by the time I meet you again."


It had been two weeks since her encounter with Shannon, but even so... The things that the girl had said bothered her. What if she was right? What if Tsubasa really was just a malicious person out to hurt them for fun? It wasn't like Diana hadn't met those kinds of people before... But was Tsubasa truly one of them? After her recommendation? And who else could Shannon have been referring to in their class? The only other person she should have even met would have been... 

"He could have killed us if he was a villain barging into the room like that with us being off-guard...."

Diana was caught off guard by the clone's voice, more than anything else. It was odd for Takehiko to be scared of a hero, wasn't it? Well... maybe not, all things considered.

 "Er.... my apologies... But yeah, like Ayane says we need to try and stay on the positive end of things, even if my thoughts don't match what I say. We need to get strong enough to pose a significant threat ourselves to being attacked if we're to remain students here."

With a sigh, Diana forced a small smile onto her face. A bit shaky, but genuine. Shannon could very well have been correct, but look at what doubt did to her in this moment. Suspecting each of her beloved classmates surely wouldn't help, especially with the numbers having begun to fall. No, the others were right.

"[Let's goooo]!" Diana grinned and thrust her dominant fist into the air, grinning as she did. "Come on, [meenah], this was bad, but... we should still try our best, right? Sitting here and moping won't help much, so let's get fired up instead! And the sports festival is gonna be way better for that than just a workout!"

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Kio's leg tapped the floor in a jittery rhythm.  It was a mixture of boredom and irritation.  His finger started to tap against his desk as well, as the memory of his exam being stopped right in the middle ran on a loop in his head.  If he could delete a memory, he would.  The challenge of fighting a pro hero on equal footing, and it was squandered by some sad excuse for a cat cosplayer leaking info to some no name villains.  So what if she did?  So what if some villains tried to take on U.A.?  What would be the fun in stopping such excitement?!  Kio longed for an experience like that of his seniors, ever since he decided on becoming a hero.  But no.  The cat got out of the bag.  

Now he had to sit down during these boring lectures, never having to write down a thing.  He could just do some note-taking to alleviate his boredom, but that would be a minor stop gap.  Ms. Todoya then walked into the room, quaking as per usual.  But today, she had good news for once.  

"Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!"

Kio's incessant foot and finger tapping had stopped on a dime.  Looks like his boredom would be coming to an end.  

"YAHOO!"  Kio exclaimed, pumping his arm vigorously.  "If there's one thing I'm good at, it's a good old Sports Festival!"  These events were always hot targets for villain attacks, so maybe the fun would double up, just like the time that Epicenter alluded to. 

 ”So how are we supposed to know there won’t be another attack?” a party pooper vented, ”Not to say I am scared, but… It happened to your class, Todoya, what’s the difference now?”  As if on queue, some weirdo busted into the room.  This wasn't any ordinary weirdo though, as Kio had seen his face unmasked in countless magazines and newspapers.  It was the #2 Hero of Japan, Psyshock.  Kio's eyes sparkled at the sight.  What a Memory Card he'd be able to make from his quirk...should he ask him to autograph it if he was able to produce one?  He'd never use it if that were the case.  The question rattled through his mind for a bit before the Pro spoke up.

”Because the top 10 are all going to be there. Not to mention the school staff! This year’s sports festival is going to be the safest place in all of Japan!”

"...What if that's what they're wanting? If you have all ten gathered here, who's to say they don't want to send a message by screwing it up with the Pros all here? Or what if they have a target that's off campus and you all can't do anything to help? Do you all even know anything about this group?"  The new girl voiced her concerns as well, prompting Kio to roll his eyes.

"You don't think the heroes would make a contingency plan for any type of situation that arises.  Sheesh you must not be in the right place with that kind of mindset!"  Kio smiled at the girl.  He looked towards Psyshock.  "As a hero, you have to be ready for any challenge that comes your way!"  Then Yuumi went on about the lack of students in the hero course.  In turn, Psyshock spoke up once more. 

"You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!"

"So let's make it awesome!"  Ayane hollered.  Just like in their exam together, Kio couldn't help but resonate with her, nodding his head in agreement.  

"Hope none of you were planning on out performing me!!"  Kio beamed.  


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Nat was, for lack of better words, fucking pissed. The lack of good sleep hadn't really help anything, her resting bitch face somehow looking even more irritated with dark eye bags. It had been two weeks since she had her encounter with Hemlock, and its been all she had been able to think about. The news about Tsubasa hadn't helped her either; it had turned  her disdain of the system into full blown distrust. More importantly, she was convinced that Hemlock was a part of it. Natalia never liked that bitch anyways, and with how everything was aligning she couldn't help but suspect her. She turned towards her hand, smoke rising from her fingertips as her nightmares flashed before her eyes. It was strange, she turned herself into smoke all the time; even the first time she used her quirk she didn't really think much about it. However, seeing her arms vanish the way they did that day as she stood there helplessly, unable to return was something else. She hadn't felt nearly that helpless since the day she nearly died way back when. 

"Fucking bitch." She muttered under her breath, shuddering. Natalia glanced around the room. A good number of her students had left, and the teachers were panicking. She knew it was all a shit show, but this was starting to get ridiculous. She almost considered leaving herself, if it weren't for the fact that she had to figure out what that bitch did to her. Plus, there was no way in hell Dad would let her leave. Speaking of which, she made sure not to tell him anything about what happened. She couldn't trust the man with this - for all she knew, he was in on it as well. With all this talk about traitors, and with her recurring nightmares, she was starting to trust people less than she already did as the days went on. For all she knew, there could be more spies among them in this very classroom. She had to be weary of them all, even the innocent seeming ones.

This Psyshock clown wasn't really helping with anything, and the idea that they were doing a sports festival despite all the crazy bullshit the past couple of weeks was completely absurd to her. What's worse, all these idiots seemed to have completely forgotten about it, getting swooped up in the excitement of said festival. Or maybe they were just trying to cope with it, not wanting to face the grim reality that the hands they were placed in might not be the best. Either way she couldn't help but scoff. "Worthless." She stood from her desk, slamming her hands on it. "You guys can go and waste precious time playing games or whatever the fuck you idiots are going to do. But I'm going to do their fucking job and get to the bottom of all this bullshit." She pointed a finger towards Psyshock as she spoke, before clenching her hand into a fist. "And when I find that little toxic bitch I'm gonna...!" She could feel herself losing composure, both her tempter and her body as parts of it violently started turning into smoke. She glanced around the room again, her body starting to form again, before letting out another scoff as she took her seat again, arms crossed as she leaned back on her chair.

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Inu sighed to himself as he walked to the school, lighting a cigarette as he did. He still couldn't believe it. Two fucking weeks since he found out about Tsubasa, and to be honest, he wasn't sure how to feel about it. He never liked the girl, but he knew that wasn't because he thought she was some villain or something. No, it was just the stereotypical cat and dog rivalry. Honestly, her being taken away just didn't sit right with him. Someone just spray painted a wall. He could do the same if he really wanted to, would that get someone just taken away?

Might actually be worth a shot, to be fair.

He was so lost in his thoughts he didn't pay attention to where he was going, ramming into some guy with spiky orange hair.

"Hey, watch the hell were you're going," Inu snapped out of habit before gritting his teeth. No, he was in the wrong here, but he now needed to stand his ground.

"Whoa man, and here I thought a UA student would be better with manners," the guy said, waving jazz hands at Inu's face. "Now c'mon, just because a traitor was found in your ranks, doesn't mean you get to be grouchy. Keep your dead up and keep walking towards the future, buddy!" Inu groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"No, no, you're right. I'm---," He looked up, only to see that guy he bumped into was gone. "---sorry...?" With a tired sigh, he headed to school. He didn't need to deal with that right now. The rest of the way was quiet for the boy, the wolf boy eating his cigarette and walking into the classroom, taking a seat by a window so he could open it and blow smoke out the window.

"Our annual Sports Festival will be starting today! It's such a fun time for students your age to practice what you've learned so far against each other in real time!"

"Hoo-rah," Inu stated with all the passion of a squid working a cash register. He sighed as he pulled his cigarette pack, impatiently tapping it on his desk. Could things get any worse?


"Step back. This is official HPSC business. Kaenbyou Tsubasa, you are under arrest."

Sun didn't know what was going on. There were so many animals made of paper, and they were attacking Sun's friend. He didn't like the animals attacking his friend. Without hearing anything else, the monkey king rushed forward, jumping on the strange animal's back. The animal was weird though, it felt like... paper of some sort, not a inch of flesh or fur on it.

And it seemed its lack of flesh meant a lack of mortal limits as well. The paper tiger easily threw the monkey king off its back, and with a single swipe of its giant paper claw, sent Sun flying, the monkey king crashing into a wall. He could feel a stinging in his chest as he felt his consciousness fade. "No... friend... must... help...,"

That was two weeks ago. In that time, he was told that Tsubasa was an enemy, someone who wanted to betray them. He didn't know what to think, or even how to react to that. It never occurred to him that someone would want to betray him. People needed each other to live, why would they stab someone in the back? Wouldn't that just ruin them as well? His musings were interrupted by some strange funny little man.

"You know that it's not just the hero courses in this thing, right? I mean, you'll probably wipe the floor with the others, but still. There is plenty enough to make everything turn out awesome!"

"So let's make it awesome!" Ayane called out, causing Sun to smile.

"YEAH!" Sun bellowed out in agreement. He didn't know what was going on, but he wouldn't know what was going on enthusiastically!

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An extremely suspicious-looking, well-built figure wearing a trenchcoat, oversized fedora, and dark sunglasses approached the entrance of U.A. ”Heh… These assholes are going to regret the day they didn’t accept me. I have spent the last 25 years doing nothing but dwelling upon this betrayal… Those bastards will pay!” Tearing the trenchcoat off, the man revealed the entire front of his body to be adorned with various-sized gun barrels.

”Anyone who stands in the way of the new villain Firing Line is going to be blasted to smithereens!”

However, before he could fire, Firing Line noticed what appeared to be a porcelain mask floating wistfully through the air in front of him, as if carried by a ghost. ”What the hell is-” Suddenly, in a bright flash of green light, the would-be assailant found himself face-down on the pavement, a young man in red armor holding him in place and attaching a pair of cuffs behind his back.

Raising a free hand to tap the side of his helmet, the Number 4 Hero Greenshift reported back, ”Got him. That’s the sixth wannabe today. You can go ahead and zap us back so we can put him in custody. Has some kind of firearm quirk that doesn’t require use of his arms, so we will need some kind of special containment for him,” tapping a finger on the back of the criminal’s head a few times to think, he paused for a moment before shrugging, ”Worst case scenario, we just have Koryu put him in a box until a better option arrives.” Smiling within his helmet, Greenshift looked toward the school. It was almost time.


Each freshman student of UA, may they be in the hero course, support course, or even the general course, was standing at the entrance to a mock-city course, similar to the one that the hero course was put in on their first day, but with its own unique layout. Most of the general course students were crowded around a particularly handsome blonde youth whispering amongst themselves. Other students were in smaller groups, mostly just talking to their friends while they waited. A swarm of flying drones recorded the mass of students, broadcasting the feed back to a nearby stadium where the spectators were watching, as well as television sets across the nation. There was even a substantial viewership online, watching a livestream of the day’s events.

This provided an ample audience of millions to all cringe as the announcer for the event tapped the microphone, something he had been specifically told not to do by the resident science teacher and school secretary, but had completely forgotten in the stress of the event. ”Well, I guess this thing works, then. Anyway, it’s time for the U.A. Sports Festival to kick things off! It’s been like, a decade since the school has had one of these, so we decided to build upon what was done back then. To start things off, we have the first U.A. Rescue-A-Thon!” Waiting for a few seconds, Glory let his words hang in the air, hoping it would give them a sense of dramatism.

”Aaaaaaanyway, here in the booth I have U.A’s very own Traditional Heroics teacher here to explain how this stage of the sports festival will work! Take it away, Orikami!”

Luckily for Glory, there were no cameras on the pair at the moment, as she gave him a death stare through her bangs. ”Yeah. Being a hero takes a wide variety of skills outside of combat, so we have set up the course with hundreds of stuffed animals in various dangerous situations. By ‘rescuing’ them, you earn points to help advance to the next stage. And you’re allowed to do whatever you feel is appropriate to interfere with each other. So have fun.” as her sentence finished, the mic cut off abruptly, with the giant gate to the mock city opening in turn.

After the students stood awkwardly for a few seconds unsure of what to do, the voice of Glory returned to the speakers, ”Go! You only have half an hour!”

Like a surge of water bursting through a dam, the mass of students all charged forward at once.


Hakaro gritted his teeth while the two staff members droned on and on about how this was to work. His arms were already wreathed in the cold flames of his quirk, and his gaze was focused dead set in front of him. Rainbow Six placed in third place in this competition ten years ago. This meant that it was his responsibility as a successor to win. The mic cut off, and the gate opened, but Hakaro found himself apprehensive to move forward, he wouldn’t put technical difficulties past this school.

”Go! You only have half an hour!”

”Shit!’ Hakaro growled as he dove forward with all the force his could muster, ”DIRE END WOLF!” Beneath him appeared a spectral wolf, about 8 feet long in total, to which he grabbed hold. With a time limit like this, my best bet is to go as fast as I can… Looking back over his shoulder, he could see the rest of the crowd begin making their way through the gate as well, ”Sorry, can’t afford competition!” Hakaro pointed an arm back, and from it came a torrent of starlings made of his signature blue flames. Though his classmates would know that they were functionally harmless, a distraction at best, their appearance would make them seem far more dangerous to one less knowledgeable.


”Hey, Almaz,” one of the students, a good deal taller than most of the rest, stretched his shoulders as the wave of birds flew toward them all. His arms and legs appeared to be bulky pistons, compressing as he bent forward into a half-crouch”Let’s see who gets more points, yeah?”


Not giving his classmate a chance to respond, Meguru’s legs extended in an overwhelming burst of power, shattering the concrete where he previously stood as he punched a hole in the cloud of birds. In less than a second, he had overtaken Hakaro from above, grabbing hold of the back of his shirt and tossing him off of his mount, which promptly faded into nothingness.

The two of them both landed on their feet, squaring off and sizing each other up.

”You know, just because those little birds of yours didn’t hurt didn’t mean it wasn’t kind of a dick move.” Meguru took a combat stance, clenching his feet and bouncing lightly on his toes, his pistons compressing once again for another burst.

Hakaro frowned. This sort of hold up was exactly the kind of thing he was trying to avoid when he attempted to stanch the entrance of the others. ”Is that all you’re bothering me about? Don’t you have some kittens to rescue from trees?”

”That’s the objective here, right? In any case I’m just making sure everyone plays fair.”

Hakaro really didn’t like this guy. However, before he could further ruminate over his antithesis, a nearby building spontaneously burst into a massive and violent flame. The pair simultaneously look toward the fire, then toward each other, then back toward the fire, before dashing as quickly as they could toward it, Hakaro once again riding on an oversized wolf, and Meguru in a dead sprint.



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Before he knew it, here they were.  The U.A. Sports festival was about to begin.  Kio had been training for this moment since he walked into U.A., and now he stood on the same stage as some of the biggest names in the Hero Industry.  His nerves hadn't been so shaky since his first baseball game, but this sensation was what he strived for.  This crowd had to be a thousand times bigger than his baseball games too.  Kio began stretching like crazy, trying to contain himself while the gate before all of the students remained closed for now.  If he had one critique of the setup, it'd be the commentators.  Probably two of the most unlikely...although he didn't mind Glory being there.  He'd get to watch this student shine!

The first event was simple.  Rescue plushies from various situations.  Sounded easy enough...but for Kio it'd be anything but.  He was basically just a super athletic kid without a memory card inserted...and he wouldn't be able to waste one until it counted the most.  He took a deep breath in, and then out. 

”Go! You only have half an hour!”

Kio bolted off, a lot faster than his fellow students might have been able, but obviously fell behind those with much more physically based quirks.  He looked around at all of the other students he had yet to encounter, and was super excited to see what quirks they'd all bring to the table!  He couldn't contain himself anymore.

"YAHOOOOOOO!!!!"  He extended both arms into the air, and continued to run at full force, his head reaching towards the sky.  That's when something strange rushed past Kio's teeth, and straight towards the back of his throat.  Kio instinctively bit down, chomping what he realized now was one of Hakaro's starlings in half.  He but his arms out in front of his face, defending himself from the onslaught of harmless birds, as he kept up the pace.  Hakaro and some other kid, who made his way up front with a bang, seemed to be arguing a bit.  The flood of students closing the gap, they could see a building in front of the two catch on fire.  The two made their way, making that building a lost cause for most of the stragglers, including him.  Kio hadn't broken a sweat yet, which means he wasn't really running as fast as he could, so he kicked it into high gear, mimicking the movements of Olympic level athletes, as he made a mad dash past the towering inferno.  

Soon, after a few block, he heard the ringing of an emergency alarm.  It came from a building simply labeled, 'Jewelry'.  This was his chance!  Kio sprinted towards the building, and straight towards the window, covering his body with his arms and legs as he jumped through the glass.  He tucked himself in, and rolled across the luxuriously carpeted floor, and behind a counter.  He could hear shots ringing out through the building, as he took a piece of glass to get a good look at the perpetrators.  They were robots, most likely firing off rubber bullets.  Only two of them, and they stuck together in a stationary line.  Kio smiled.

"No biggie!"  Kio rolled across the floor, flicking the large shard of glass with extreme precision towards the position where he remembered the first robot, lodging it into the robot's large optic center.  It wouldn't stop the robot's function, but now one of them couldn't see.  Upon reaching more cover, he saw two stuffed plushies, bound with rope.  He picked them up off the floor, and held them in his grasp firmly.  Kio reappeared from cover, and smiled.  "Hey, over here!"  The robots turned to where they heard him, but the robot with dysfunctional vision began to shoot it's companion, who happened to be in the line of fire from Kio's voice.  With the functional robot now bombarded by loads of rubber bullets, Kio made another dash for the entrance, getting the plushies outside and to the side of the building.  "Phew...that's two saved already."  Kio dropped the two plushies, as they landed with a soft plop.  "How many until I'm at the top of this thing..."  Kio instinctively had started running down a street once more, "No time to think, gotta find some action!"  

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Risa already felt out of place. Sure, she wasn't the only student here from outside the Hero Course, but the more and more she looked around her at the ones who clearly WERE she couldn't help but fidget nervously, the tap-tap-tapping of her fingers on the metallic gauntlet on her right hand being the only noise the usually quite vocal girl made as she nervously sweated amongst the other students of the Support Course. 

Inwardly was a different story. Okay Risa, you can do this, you just have to make your stuff look good. Yeah! That's all you gotta do. All the people expect from you is a little demonstration of what you put together, all the people... Oh no, all the people! SO many people are watching! What if I mess up? What if everyone sees me? What is Fumiko gonna think? Is Fumiko watching? At that thought her inner monologue spiked into a high-pitched shriek as her knees weakened, bringing her several inches shorter than she already was.

"Cool it, Risa." Her classmate beside her rolled her eyes, adjusting the harness on her back that was intended for use in carrying heavy loads easier, having some difficulty with the metallic cylinders she had in place of normal human fingers. "You keep sweating that much your equipment is gonna rust."

"I can't help it, Setsu!" The pent-up worry and fear exploded out instantly as Risa grabbed at Setsuna Marifune's arm, shaking her taller classmate back and forth. "Deerc-Sensei told me my grades are riding on this, what happens if I get eliminated first thing? Am I gonna have to repeat the year?"

"Nah," was the gravelly reply of Senichi Hosodan next to her, as he tightened a screw on some long-barreled device that had an almost vacuum-like nozzle at the end of it. He yawned, exposing the metal blades that populated his throat like a blender. "UA ain't gonna do that, they'll probably just kick you out."

"Thanks, Hosodan," Setsuna said flatly as Risa's panic renewed. 

"Kick me out? Kick me out?!" Risa shook Setsuna so hard that the stone-faced girl was visible three times at once. "Is that true, Setsu? Are they really gonna do that? I can't afford to have them kick me out if I do badly!"

"Well then I suppose you better not do badly," was the patient reply. "I get it, Risa, you have more riding on this than we do. There's not much we can do about it, it's kinda up to you. Besides," she continued, finally extricating herself from Risa's grip and looking the girl up and down, taking in the large metal frames that surrounded her shoes like cages, the bulky gauntlet on her left hand, the bandolier around Risa's chest that contained a handful of triangular metal plates. "You've got a pretty decent array of tricks. It's a shame you couldn't have them all looking a bit more streamlined, but aesthetics are overrated anyway, people here wanna something functional."

Risa looked down at the ground with sad eyes. "I don't know if they are functional... The Soles are still really slow to release sometimes. And the glove's kinda heavy-"

"Nobody expects you to reinvent the wheel, we're all first-years! I don't think they'll expel you... I'll certainly go insane with just Hosodan for company."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Setsu." 

"Bite me, Vitamix."

Hosodan was prevented from firing back with another retort by the feedback of a tapped microphone, everyone around them wincing. A voice came over the speakers, and Risa was distracted from her panic as she realized who it was.

"Glory..." she whispered under her breath. She had never met the man, but Fumiko had and loathed him. Risa had seen him on her first day at school, greeting various students as they entered the building. Only Hero Course, though. Risa had not been brave enough to approach, and had skirted around him to enter that school that day, unable to meet the eyes behind the glasses. He had looked considerably less intimidating than she had assumed he would, but still...

And then Orikami began to explain something called a Rescue-a-thon. Risa had been too preoccupied before, but the thought occurred to her now that yes, the last Sports Festival HAD been just a tournament-style fight. Them being here in one of the mock-cities should have been a clue that something different was going to happen. At least it wasn't something like a Battle Royale.

She took a deep breath, looking up into the sky at the various drones circulating around the crowd. Each eye felt like a million, and probably was. Her thoughts turned again to Fumiko. Was her sister indeed watching? She hadn't been able to tell her about how Deerc had impressed upon her the importance of this event, but the pros in general kept an eye on the Sports Festival. Maybe she was still out and about on active hero work. She couldn't help but privately hope that was the case. She already had one person she didn't want to embarrass, and they certainly wouldn't be watching. 

The sudden clamor around her shook her out of her thoughts as she was pushed to the side by a throng of students. The event had started almost as quickly as Orikami had explained it! Risa was standing stock still amongst a mod of rushing students, and she quickly let out a loud shriek of surprise as she rushed forward, instantly lagging behind Setsuna and Hosodan with her halting start and short legs. 

"Setsu! Hosodan!" But they were gone, out closer to the front, bombarded by a flock of flaming birds that Risa had mercifully managed to avoid with her slow start. Risa managed to slip to the side the second she passed the gate, gasping for breath two feet to the side of the entrance, eyes darting everywhere. Already she could see several rushing forward: A boy on a wolf of blazing flame, another with pistons in place of body parts, another who rushed directly into the fray with a loud whoop of enjoyment. The Hero Course, she could only assume. She couldn't help but gape at them as they rushed forward. That they could rush into this so fearlessly while she was still shaking in her bulky, iron-shrouded boots...

Deerc-sensei really doesn't know what he's talking about... Why would I want to be a hero?

Regardless, her grades told her she needed to at least try and emulate them. Risa was well aware she had the crummiest grades in her Support class, and maybe among every Support student in the school. She had to do something.

She took off down a street, trying to avoid the bulk of the Hero Course. If I'm near them there's no way I stand out... And if I'm where they aren't I can get more points! Maybe? The logic seemed sound to her. She knew there was no way to avoid ALL the Hero Course, but she at least wanted to be away from the tougher ones. She had gotten a glimpse of where the boy on the flaming wolf was headed, and while she hadn't seen him engage with Meguru she knew the piston boy had gone the same direction. That was enough to give her a direction, heading into the south-east corner of the mock city, down several narrow streets that seemed to emulate apartment buildings. Hopefully she could avoid THAT one... She didn't hear the beating of wings yet, but it was still far too hard to detect them over the sound of the rushing students and the burgeoning fights.

Now I just gotta find stuffed animals? Okay, where are- THERE! She spotted a small stuffed pig just at the intersection near her, placed directly in the center of the street. There were no competing people she could see! This one was-

The sudden arrival of a threatening robot when one is not expecting a threatening robot is a disarming and terrifying experience. Hence Risa shrieking at the top of her lungs when a large, multi-armed robot rounded the corner on tank-like treads, placing itself between her and the stuffed pig. "Oh, I-i-i guess that's the d-dangerous situation!" she yelped, impulsively stepping back several hurried steps, almost tripping over her footwear. The robot began whirring loudly as it advanced towards her.

What do I do what do I do? It's bigger than anything I have can take down! Her eyes darted everywhere in a panic, until they finally settled on something behind the robot: The manhole cover that the pig was placed upon. Got it! I can use that! She reached out, running to put the robot directly between her and the manhole cover, mentally feeling the metal object as she activated her Quirk. There's no way it can stand this hitting it-

The sudden feeling of being thrown bodily through the air when one is not expecting to be thrown bodily through the air is perhaps an even more disarming and terrifying experience than the sudden arrival of an unexpected robot. Risa hurtled through the air, slamming into the only thing perhaps more surprised than she was: The robot.

Oh NO! she thought dizzily as both she and robot were sent clattering to the street, the manhole cover not having budged an inch in the corner of her vision. It was too heavy?!?


Kawashima Risa

Quirk- Magnetic

She can pull metal objects towards her or push them away! However, the same force is exerted on her if she isn't careful and uses it on something heavier than she is!



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”Go! You only have half an hour!”

As one of the competitors kicked up a storm of blue starlings, Shannon watched with a smile. She gave her wings a small stretch to prepare for takeoff, only to be interrupted by one of her classmates.

”Hey, Almaz,” one of the students, a good deal taller than most of the rest, stretched his shoulders as the wave of birds flew toward them all. His arms and legs appeared to be bulky pistons, compressing as he bent forward into a half-crouch”Let’s see who gets more points, yeah?”

"I believe that is a a foregone conclusion, Dear Meguru" she spoke, only for the boy to run off before she finished, prompting a small, airy laugh. "He is always so excitable, isn't he, Dear Mayu?"

Radiant Sun

After a short exchange with the girl, Shannon spread her wings wide and flapped, blowing Hakaro's flames away in an instant as she shot forward! Sailing past the two boys heading to the burning building, she broke through its crumbling walls, flapping her wings to clear the smoke... and grabbing the half dozen plushies from the upper floors before flying back out, giving Meguru a wink.

"You are going to have to be faster than that, boys~"



”Go! You only have half an hour!”

"[I'm Diana Seigi, and I'm fine...]" she muttered to herself over and over as the event began, with Hakaro, Kio, and another boy having already gotten started. Taking one final deep breath, she closed her eyes and slapped her face with both hands, before nodding. "[Let's go!]"

Making her move, she leapt through the blue flames, only to be blown aside by Shannon's sudden wingbeat. She sprawled to the side, caught off guard by it as she watched the dragon girl speed off... Earning a toothy grin from Diana. She lacked that kind of natural talent, but she more than made up for it in effort. That's why she was here, and that's what she would show everyone watching!

La Luna

After getting back up and running in, she looked around the cityscape, looking for the most advantageous point to start. Buildings, animals in trees, a runaway train. That last one would absolutely do it! After observing the track, she headed off to the east, while the train continued to trudge on, seemingly towards a Ferris Wheel. She could only hope no one else tried this first. She dodged the robots as she ran, questioning for a moment if getting one of them to destroy a road sign was worth it... maybe later. Instead, upon arriving to the eastern side of the town, she quickly climbed a light pole near the tracks, clinging to it as she watched the whistling train come in.

Taking a leap as it did, she landed on top of the third car, shaking her head as she desperately held on. Crawling over to the hatch, she opened it, dropping into the cab proper, finding a couple clown dolls tied to the seats, but no robots in sight. Taking her time to walk down the aisle towards the front of the train, nothing seemed booby trapped. Perhaps this was more about making it in rather than overcoming something?

The next cab was much the same, with another clown tied up. With four more cabs behind this one, plus the engine room, that meant there were probably seven of the dolls... It just seemed too easy. Was she overthinking it? With a breath, she headed into the control room, only to be immediately shot at! Barely dodging, she looked forward to find a humanoid robot sporting a cowboy hat and a moustache, with a revolver trainer on her. In the back, near the controls, lay a clown puppet without a head. So that was one less for the count. On top of that, the Ferris Wheel was getting bigger and bigger just in front of them. Biting her lip, she barely managed to dodge a second shot from the robot, who quickly trained on her once again. Gritting her teeth, she charged head on, punching at the robot with her right fist!

And a rubber bullet hit it head on, earning a gasp from Diana as her arm flung out to the side, but giving her the momentum needed to punch it with her left hand, knocking the gun out of its hand! Pulling the right arm back, she hooked it around the robot's neck, slamming it to the floor and huffing as she did. Rushing forward, she slammed her hand down on the brakes, attempting to halt the train before it hit the ride in front of them, watching it grow more and more, barely managing to stop just before impact was made. With a soft sigh, she let go of the brakes, allowing the train to inch forward from the pressure release... and bumping the Ferris Wheel, making it begin to roll away from the train. Diana's expression was blank as she watched it, confounded, before she just turned around and headed into the cabs proper, collecting the six remaining clown dolls.

"[I'm sure someone like Shannon will take care of that, yeah.]"

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"To start things off, we have the first U.A. Rescue-A-Thon!”
"Being a hero takes a wide variety of skills outside of combat, so we have set up the course with hundreds of stuffed animals in various dangerous situations. By ‘rescuing’ them, you earn points to help advance to the next stage. And you’re allowed to do whatever you feel is appropriate to interfere with each other. So have fun.”
"Go! You only have half an hour!”

Ashida Miku

”Hey, Almaz. Let’s see who gets more points, yeah?”
"I believe that is a a foregone conclusion, Dear Meguru"

"Oh dear, here they go again..." Miku sighed, already starting to put her hair in a ponytail. "As long as 1-B stands out on top, I suppose a bit of friendly competition couldn't hurt." She simply mused this to herself, already seeing Shannon and Meguru rushing off. "Alright, mustn't fall behind like this! Let's go, 1-B!!"

The young girl started running, and slowly got faster and faster as the airfoil shield that was forming around the front of her body sliced through the air, causing there to be no drag whatsoever. The young girl was becoming more and more agile and light on her feet as she started weaving through the crowd of students just to try and catch up. It definitely worked so far as she managed to grab a few plushies that was falling from a building...like they jumped.

"Jumping off buildings? Well, a suppose a Hero has to be ever vigilant...probably something Shannon would say. Anyway, that's two for me." Miku smiled, putting the stuffed plushies down before rushing off again.

Benjamin O'Hara

Benjamin eyed the booth for a moment, taking notice that Glory had Orikami there with him. For a moment, his fist clenched tightly...but he exhaled and eventually released the fist. This was not the time for this...this was the Rescue-A-Thon...which honestly surprised him. He was expecting something similar to the last Sports Festival, but always expect the unexpected is the term...so it made sense.

Once the gate opened and the floodgates of students rushed in, Benjamin exhaled and rushed in as well...only to see a flock of blue starlings headed in his direction...


"W-WHOA!!" Benjamin jumped to the side and narrowly dodged the starling assault, before grumbling. "HAKARO! WATCH WHERE YOUR SHOOTING THOSE!!! SAME CLASS!!!" he shouted, knowing it was pointless as he and two others were already far ahead than he was. With a sigh, he psyched himself back up and rushed in. Saving as many stuffed animals as one possibly could...seemed easy enough, right?

Then again, seeing the Quirks the other students were dealing with...could he actually stand up and match them?

A moment's hesitation came and then went as Benjamin surveyed his surroundings and saw a few...a stuffed cat in a tree was one...next there was a building where a stuffed bear and rabbit were being held at gunpoint in an office...with the window open. Okay, he could work with this...he could work with this. With a whistle, the spiders immediately knew what to do: they covered his hands and feet with webbing and almost immediately Benjamin was scaling the tree as quick as he could, grabbing the stuffed cat, having some of his spiders gently put the plushie on the ground before returning to their host who was currently scaling the side of the building.

This one, he wasn't sure how he was going to handle at first...just going in there blindly was an idiotic move...so naturally. "Okay...one of you slowly crawl in the windowsill and give me a layout of the situation." he muttered softly, before immediately seeing one spider scurry off to do this. It was a moment or two, but Benjamin finally heard the mental message given as he remained under the open window just to make sure the link remained intact.

One robot...has a gun, loaded and pointed at the bear.

"Excellent...now, how about areas for you guys to crawl in and do what we did to the last couple of bots from the one exam?"

Yeah, there are open slots like the last ones...not like the crab-like one with the star-boy.

Benjamin nodded, already having his plan in motion. "You guys get in, swarm the bot and the moment you do deactivate him. And then those two animals are ours for the taking!" he commanded, as his spiders were already working to make sure they got into the room as sneakily as possible. After a few moments, he could hear the sounds of the robot freaking out and glitching here and there. Benjamin took this opportunity to grab the two plushies immediately, just narrowly avoiding a rubber bullet being fired. "HEY! I thought you guys took out the gun first!!!"

...sorry! was all he heard, which made the young Hero grumble slightly as now the spiders returned to him and he started scaling down the building to place the two on the ground.

"And that's three...okay, we're doing good. We can do this." Benjamin said happily, before running off again. I'm not going down without a fight...me and my spiders are going to end this first part and join the others...we have to!

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──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

"Hey, mom, can you help me out?"

Akari raised an eyebrow as she looked to Rika, stretching a bit as she stood up from her seat, "What is it, Rainbow?"

"...I know this isn't really my area of expertise, but I wanted to ask some questions about costume design... Especially when it comes to working with Quirks." Rika's hand brushed across the paper she had been doodling on, trying to figure out things, "I know you said I could ask for your help with it, and since the sports festival is coming up, I want to work on a sorta... Beta outfit. To test and see how well the idea works."

Akari smiled for a moment, "Let me guess, you want it to shift with your colors, right? Oh short notice, that might be tough, but..." Her finger tapped at her cheek gently for a moment, "...I can do it. It might not function perfectly right now, but the ability is there. Expect a delay on the outfit actually shifting to match. That'll take time to get just right, but once I figure it out, I'll let you know."

Rika beamed as she jumped up from her seat, wrapping her arms around her mother to give her a tight hug. "Thanks mom. I've gotta practice for the festival, so... I really appreciate you taking the time for it." She jumped up from her seat, giving a wave to her mom before she charged towards the door, running down the steps as she did. She didn't see her mother pick up the sheet of paper she left behind with the notes for the outfit, but she knew Akari would.


Starting Line

The Festival's excitement was contagious. People were mingling among each other as they waited for the first round to begin, but Rika was focused on her plan. She knew the test wouldn't be straightforward enough for her to get through by sneaking entirely, but... She had to stop thinking that. It was her greatest advantage in this whole thing. She adjusted the glove on her hand, a deep breath escaping her as she closed her eyes.

"I would've preferred something more... Covering, but I guess this works..."

She recognized a few faces around the General Course students. The boy surrounded by the 'adoring crowd'... It was impossible to not know about him, he was probably the top contender for becoming a Hero without being in the Hero Course. She had to assume that the only reason she had done better than him in the entrance exam must've been because he didn't know enough people to get them to cheer him on. She didn't spend much time around him, but... He had a tendency to attract people to him, attention to him. She didn't want to have to deal with that, she wanted to stay away from him.

There were a few other faces she knew from the General Course, but he was the one she wanted to avoid the most... Well, second most. The other one... She didn't see her anywhere, she had to assume she was lost in the crowd.

Then the announcement started. The task for them was finally laid out... And that was a good sign for Rika. She could do that. Rescue work was, honestly, what she expected to specialize in when she had more experience. Fighting was necessary, but she was more fit for recon, for sneaking into places. And if this was a mock rescue scenario... There would be opportunities. She brought her fists up in front of her, nodding her head as she puffed out her cheeks. "It's my time to shine."

”Go! You only have half an hour!”

Rika dashed. She didn't waste any time as she jumped on the nearest wall, digging those small, sharp claws into it as she started to climb, finding loose spots to grab onto it as she made her way up. She knew what to look for, she knew there was one kind of situation she could be perfect for. A mock city would have a shopping district, and near there... She narrowed her eyes, scanning the horizon from the wall she had scaled. Perfect.

She climbed up the building, making her way across it as she jumped from it, her arms reaching out as she grabbed onto the next, sliding down it a bit. It wasn't the fastest way to travel, but her view was unrivaled by anything on the ground. She almost envied the people who could fly on their own...

This way, I think.

She found it, what she had been search for this entire time. It was a gamble, but when you make a mock city like this, you don't turn down a classic scenario... In front of a large, gleaming bank, built to tower over the road and prominently display itself, there was a stand off. Inside, there were what appeared to be robots dressed to hide their appearance, all holding various firearms... And outside, robots that were clearly modeled after police officers, none of which were making a move to approach the building. A classic. A bank heist gone wrong. Inside, there would be poor hostages held... In a real scenario, it would be nerve wrecking. Here, it only made her hands tremble as she started to adjust her colors. She focused hard to get herself to match the paint on the walls of the bank, and after a few moments, her new suit started to change as well, setting her up to scale that wall while the robbots were distracted by the police.

She was forced to assume this would be a delicate situation, real robbers would use the hostages as collateral, setting them up to be killed if any strange moves were made. She had to hope that applied here, as terrible as it sounded. That meant people wouldn't be able to barge in immediately if they couldn't handle all the bots at once, any of those stuffed animals could be taken out of commission. A slow, methodical approach was better here. She labored up the building, it was a lot bigger than it should've been, but... She could tell from peeking in the windows, it was only two stories. There seemed to be an employee break room she could enter in from the outside balcony, that was her way into the building.

She climbed onto the balcony and entered the room, careful to shut that door slowly and silently behind her. The lights were all on, but she adjusted her colors to match the interior now as she sidled up to the wall...


There were a few robbots patrolling the upper floor, but not very many. She only saw two walking back and forth, and that was a good sign for her. The less ground they covered, the less she had to worry. The two were standing next to each other, looking down the balcony overlooking the main floor of the bank as she started to creep her way out of the room. Her hands were shaking a tiny bit, but thankfully... She didn't need those. She let her tongue lash out suddenly, the appendage curling around the two bots and tugging them back, away from the balcony, right into each other. She kept them together as she let those clawed hands dig into their arms, using the grip to slide them right into the break room.

The two bots were stunned for a moment, but they brought their firearms up as they tried to pry themselves free from that tongue. She uncurled it from around them, one of them starting to dash for door... Before the tongue came down hard on its head, bonking it to the floor as the bot shut off. The other one fired a rubber bullet towards Rika as she dove to the ground, her tongue lashing out once again... This time, wrapping around a leg and tugging, pulling the robbot right down with her. It fell, hitting it's head on the ground and also powering down... Leaving the room silent once more. She just had to hope that didn't make enough noise to alert the robbots down the stairs. Her colors had shifted during the fight subconsciously, she only just noticed that her outfit was a deep, dark shade of green with blue stripes. Nausea was setting in for a moment, she just had to be thankful these weren't real people at the moment. She gulped down the feeling, taking a deep breath as she grabbed a firearm, noticing the silencer attached, from one of the downed robbots, and let herself calm down...


Those colors returned to the matching color of the walls of the bank, and she slipped out the door, looking at the main floor from the balcony. There were three more robbots down there, two of them seemed to be 'arguing', motioning to the cops, all without saying a word. Mimicking an actual bank robbery, the bots even had separate ideals about how the scenario should've played out... At least, this one did.

She looked towards the teller stations. One bear. It was dressed in a nice little suit and situated on a stool. Adorable. There was a group of other little stuffed animals off to the side, tied together in a bundle. Four more hostages, all dressed in various little fancy outfits, high living hostages indeed.. Five hostages. One robbot didn't seem eager to fight off the police. Two others were still looking to plan an escape. That was the scenario. She looked at the rubber bullets in the firearm, five total. They wouldn't cause harm, but she could assume the downstairs bots also had that many each.

Rika's gaze returned to looking around the bank's lower floor. There were strange decorations on the wall. A mounted boar's head was above the door where one robbot occasionally approached, motioning to the cops to stand down. 'His' gun waved towards the teller each time he did that, it was like he was on loop. She had to assume the guns had enough force to hurt, but not kill... So they probably wouldn't deactivate the bots. She could work with this still, it was more than she came into the test with. She aimed the firearm for a moment... The bot on loop kept on moving towards the door... And once he was over it, she aimed for boar's head mounted on the wall and shot at it twice. It was precariously mounted... And with that bullet hitting it, it wobbled around and started to dislodge itself, right with the second bullet hit, letting it fall to the ground and hit the bot on the head. That... Probably would've injured a normal person badly, but the bot seemed to just shut down, slumping to the floor.


The other two robbots definitely noticed that. They turned towards their attention to their fallen... Comrade? Criminal? And ran towards the door. They were on guard now, their firearms lifted into the air. Rika watched for a moment, they didn't seem to immediately aim for their hostages... But she knew that they knew. The silencer couldn't remove the sound entirely, they knew a shot had been fired, they just didn't know why... Or where. Rika shifted along the balcony as she watched them scope out the area. She reached a point where the balcony met the wall of the floor below her, and waited as her color shifted. She hid the firearm inside of her new outfit as she climbed her way onto the wall, latched onto it as she started to ease herself down to the first floor, behind the teller's counter. She couldn't go for the stairs, it was too close, too obvious for the robbots. She silently eased herself onto the floor as she peeked over the teller's counter, her colors shifted to ease her appearance into the background of the wall behind her. She gripped the firearm in her hand once again, the two bots seeming to panic. The one who was distraught over the cops earlier was 'shaking' a bit, no doubt to simulate that nervousness over the situation...

While the more hardened of the two brought his arm up to aim towards their hostages. Rika brought her arm up suddenly, aiming towards that arm and shooting. The rubber bullet barely missed the robbots hand, but instead hit the gun, sending his arm jerking back as the gun flew out of it. She aimed directly at him, "Get down!" Her voice barked out with strength she didn't even now she had in her... But behind the counter, her legs were trembling. The second, nervous robbot immediately dropped his weapon, getting down, as the other one tried to scoop up the gun he dropped. Rika jumped over the counter, her tongue curled up... And slamming down into his back, forcing the bot the ground as he fired. The rubber bullet slammed into Rika's shoulder, the impact from her tongue sending it off course, but she bit down on her tongue as she ignored the pain. The cops rushed into the building once the two bots were down... And they 'collected' them, leaving Rika to scoop up the little hostages in her arms, escorting them outside to the rest of the officers. "...That was... Nerve destroying." She let out a deep sigh, rubbing at her shoulder. That was going to leave one hell of a bruise... But she couldn't stop yet.

──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

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Sports! Festival!

Ayane was raring to go! All the more so now that the place was right in front of her!

When she'd been told to grab an instrument and her support amp, Ayane was pretty sure she set some sort of record for how quickly one could get from the 1A classroom to the dorms. She grabbed her eight-string, put on the amp, hooked everything up, and before she knew it, she was standing before the gates of some training area she'd missed during her late-night walks around campus. It seemed everyone else in her year was here too. Ayane recognized quite a few of these students! She usually smiled and waved to them in passing, but for the most part, none of them were anyone she'd actually talked to. The girl rolled her shoulders, trying to adjust the weight of the amp strapped to her body. It was a huge quality of life improvement being able to wear an amp instead of having to carry her normal one everywhere, but an amp was still an amp, and that meant it was heavy.

”Go! You only have half an hour!”

And just like that, the students assumbled began flooding into the test area. Ayane, slowed down some by her equipment, was near the back end of the students to burst in. But once she was in, she immediately began her search. Not here, not here, no somebody was already dealing with that... aha! Oh no! A shootout between rival robot gangs! One side was painted red, the other was painted blue, and a whole mess of poor stuffed pachyderms were unable to leave the convenience store without risking getting caught in the crossfire! Since they were closer to her, Ayane very nearly started by tearing up the blue robots, but stopped once she realized a very important detail. The big badges painted on their backs. That wasn't a rival gang at all; those were robocops! That meant the gang was...

Wait, I know this one! Criminals without Quirks are left to the sole jurisdiction of the police! That means my job is just to get the civilians out of here safely!

And maybe, if she asked nicely, they'd let her keep a couple after the sports festival? Course of plan, set! Ayane was going to get into the store and get all these stuffed animals out in one piece! The police were doing a fine job handling this whole shootout thing, anyway. Or they were. Until the hostile robots grouped up. And made hissing and clanking noises. Come to think of it, hadn't she seen robots do this kind of thing in those old TV shows she was binge-watching?

...oh no.

By the time Ayane realized what the red robot gang was up to, it was too late. The couple-dozen members assembled had grouped up, attached to each other, and formed a much larger robot. That counts as a Quirk, right? It's super unrealistic, but close enough I guess!

Combining is just a cheap tactic to make weak robots stronger!

First order of business! Ayane made sure her amp was on and dialed up all the way, before strumming out a deep, booming note from her guitar, putting up a barrier between the police and the mega-gangster. "Alright, this is officially hero business now! Get in that store and make sure nothing happens to the civilians!!" Once the cops were out of the way, it was time for a showdown. One giant robot, versus one scrawny girl with a guitar. This wasn't even her first time fighting a giant robot, as wild as that sounded. Perhaps U.A. was secretly a robotics academy??

She didn't have much time to think about it; the barrier was down, so it was time to shred, and shred she did. Ayane had a plan this time too, instead of just randomly firing off a stream of bullets and hoping it would win. First, she played another low note, creating a small dome made up of hexagons around herself, for protection in case this didn't work out. Then it was time to put her left hand on the high frets and shred away on them, first firing a barrage of projectiles at the enemy's legs. The bigger they are, the harder they fall! Although her accuracy left much to be desired, the target was still big enough that although she missed her real target - the connections between individual robots - she was still doing a number on each part of the whole.

Just as the big robot was nearly upon Ayane, she found just the spot. A chink in the armor that she'd managed to punch out with her barrage! But her frail high-pitch notes wouldn't be able to do what she was planning, would they? Suddenly, Ayane was struck with an idea. An idea that only worked because of some stuff she picked up on in science class. What was it Hemlock had said again? Something like...

"I would say science is perhaps one of the most important courses for you to take as a hero, allowing you to get a better understanding of just how specifically your quirk functions as well as how it interacts with the world around you. And heroes have often used random facts they've learned about science to help them out of a bind as well."

If her high-pitch notes didn't have the weight needed to rip through this robot, then she'd just have to try something new. Like attacking with the heavier matter of her low-pitch notes instead!! Removing her hand from the fretboard entirely, Ayane put her pick up against the lowest string, and let 'er rip! A deep noise shot out of her amp, and took the form of a red oval rocketing forward, punching a hole right through the robot's leg, in the process destroying its balance and causing it to fall over. For good measure, Ayane fired off a second shot in the same manner, going through the arm on the opposite side. Content that she had disabled the villain at large, Ayane took a breath and brought her attention to the store. The robots inside were lining up the stuffed citizens near the window. While that was probably to make collecting them easier, Ayane liked to think it was to help them watch the show.

Ayane gave the bunch of them a happy little wave to signify everything was alright now. Just as she was about to head into the store to round them all up, however, she heard an explosion down the street. Another job to take care of then. Before she could round up the civilians from this one, however, she felt something grab her legs and pull her back. Something large and metallic. The robot's other hand. Her guitar slipped out of her grasp in the sudden surprise of the moment, and the plug attaching it to her amp was likewise suddenly unplugged. And being dangled upside-down as she was, the amp - being worn over her chest - would have slipped off had she not fastened it properly. Instead, it pressed its weight against her head. She would have preferred it falling off at that point.

"You really don't wanna call it quits, do you?" Ayane frowned.

Before the robot could do much to the defenseless Ayane, however, the girl in its grasp heard the sound of something plowing through the robot entirely, ripping right through it and apparently shutting it down for good this time, based on how it lifelessly dropped Ayane to the sidewalk below. Ayane landed on her head, its contents sandwiched between the hard sidewalk and the heavy amp, with painful thud. "Ow..." After some time cradling her head in her arms to try and rub the pain away, Ayane got back onto her feet, feeling around in her mouth with her tongue to make sure her teeth were all still there after that unfortunate landing. All accounted for, but it felt like one of them had been chipped. Damn.

Next important thing! Was her guitar okay!? Ayane hurried over, checking the neck, body, strings, everything. Aside from some scratches and a couple of chips off the ends, it was miraculously still fully functional. And that just left the stuffed denizens of Animaltown whom Ayane had heroically saved from the robot uprising. One, two, three... by her count, twenty little lives saved! Not bad!


When she had heard that today marked the start of a sports festival, Mayu was washed over with a wave of relief and satisfaction. Starting as far back as the entrance exam, she'd been deliberately holding back with her Quirk. There were some tricks up her sleeves that she'd opted to keep under wraps in case of exactly this. The odds of Mayu finding any new uses for her Quirk were pretty low, with how long she'd spent honing and mastering it, so to make up for it, she wanted the element of surprise if she had to compete with her peers. Everyone in 1B knew she was able to open up extra eyes on her body and fire projectiles from them, but there were a few uses of Eyesenal Mayu had perfected, that only one classmate of hers knew about.

”Hey, Almaz. Let’s see who gets more points, yeah?”

"I believe that is a a foregone conclusion, Dear Meguru. He is always so excitable, isn't he, Dear Mayu?"

Speak of the dragon. Out of everyone in Class 1B, Shannon was one of only two students Mayu wasn't sure she could handle in a straight fight. She was born with a flawless Quirk that basically gave her the full package of everything anybody could want out of a Quirk. Strength, speed, durability, the bitch could even fly. How was that fair? And then there was Tai. At this time of day, his stats were basically cheat codes in their own way. And I'll be damned if I let them one-up all the years I've spent, training and honing my Quirk like my life depended on it, just because they were born better.

"You're telling me." Tying her hair up as she generally did when it was time to do hero-related activities, Mayu scoffed "If he tires himself out after Glory even said this is just to start things off, that's his problem."

"I suppose he will not tire so easily. But perhaps... I will give him some motivation anyway," Shannon giggled softly, holding a hand in front of her mouth as she did, "I'm off. Good luck, Dear Mayu! I expect nothing less than to see you in the finals alongside me!"

"Right back at you! Just stay out of my way and go chase some clouds or something!"

Preparations complete, Mayu darted into the arena. She was already behind, so she'd have to make up for lost time. At least in finding the robots, Mayu had one advantage she alone would probably have.

The goal was to save civilians from dangerous situations. Situations that, reasonably, would be caused by villains. Sure, she could go look for a bank to rob or a train to hijack, but those were big, obvious targets. If there were "crimes" of such scale being committed in this fake city, odds were somebody was already on it. No, that wouldn't do at all. Instead, Mayu slipped into the alleyways between buildings. Dark, tight places like this were perfect for catching unaware innocents off-guard, cornering them into places like... that! As Mayu turned the corner, she saw two stuffed animals against the far wall. A dolphin and a shark, in matching shirts. Somebody in the staff had a sense of humor, at least. And between her and them, three robots turned to face Mayu once they heard her footsteps. One with a rubber bullet pistol, and two with plastic clubs, with painted plastic nails sticking out of them for added effect.


The gun robot shot without hesitation, as expected. Can't let witnesses get away and call the police or a hero, after all, not when you've already started. Fully expecting a bullet, Mayu dipped to the side, opening an eye on the palm of each hand, before firing shots at the robot with the gun from them. The two with the clubs started rushing her as well. Mayu raised her left foot up to smash the first one's optics, before opening a pair of eyes on the side of her leg and using them to gun down his friend. Against live targets, kicking somebody in the face then shooting his friend in the face as well would probably not be considered very hero-like, would it? But frankly, that wasn't really her problem, as long as she got the job done.

That just left the gun-toting robot, which turned its attention to the animals, holding them hostage. "...alright, you win," Mayu sighed, raising her hands up in defeat and putting them behind her head. Nodding behind her, Mayu said "Now get the hell out of here, before I change my mind." A chance at freedom, even at the expense of your comrades, was a valuable thing to take when facing off against a hero. Eager at the chance to get another chance, the robot obliged, hurrying past Mayu. And once it passed her, five eyes opened up across her body; one on each hand and the back of each leg, and a larger one over her back.

"Changed my mind."

With no further warning than those three words, the eyes on Mayu's back opened fire, spraying the last robot down with a hail of bullet-like projectiles. She didn't stop until the robot stopped moving, and only then did she bring her attention to the highly improbable stuffed couple. Two saved. Mayu scooped the pair up, but she couldn't stop here. No way. She had to take enough animals to make it to the next round. This was her golden opportunity to show to an audience of millions that being born with the best Quirk didn't mean you were the best hero. Technique and mastery of the tools you had was where the true power of a hero lied.


”Go! You only have half an hour!”

Running Headfirst Into Your Problems

As soon as the signal was given and the gates were opened, Shinobu started running. She had... something of a plan. People were probably going to try and round up animals as fast as possible, right? That meant they'd all try to find incidents near the gate if so. So, all Shinobu had to do was go to the other end of the training area! So she kept running straight ahead, down the road. With every step, she picked up just a little bit more speed. With a Quirk that could negate any external factors to her momentum, the ability to cancel out air resistance was a godsend for long-distance running. It meant she could keep buiding up speed, even if it was only a little bit at a time, but she didn't have the agility needed to keep her speed around sharp turns. While that - combined with the ability to just plow through anything in her path - made her possibly the best student at running in a straight line, she was by no means a speed-type hero.

That didn't mean she couldn't make small changes to her direction though! Such as, for example, finding an overturned car that had been set up to look like it was in some kind of accident, with a stuffed bird being stuck underneath as an unlucky bystander. It was on the opposite side of the road from herself, but Shinobu was at least able to make a small turn, ready to run through the car and save the poor stuffed animal stuck underneath. Shinobu took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, ready to go. While Bulldozer gave her the incredibly sturdy bones needed to actually move through anything in her path without losing momentum and without breaking her entire skeleton, the same treatment did not extend to her skin, muscles, or organs. That meant she felt a distinct pang of pain as she brought her arm forward, pushing into the car and flipping it up in her path. As she ran by, Shinobu made sure to pick up the bird she'd found. Upon closer inspection, it seemed to be a flamingo.

By now, she had picked up quite a bit of speed. And with a Quirk like Bulldozer, speed was a valuable resource. As such, one could imagine her dismay when she heard an explosion, and had to turn her head to find the source. A building, a few blocks ahead and then quite a run to her right. Something had blown up. Gas station, if she had to guess, based on the ground level of the explosion and its size. Shinobu started slowing her stride, so that by the time she had to turn, she was able to actually make the turn, though she'd lost quite a bit of speed in the process. Turning to the right, she could see another scene unfolding. Some oversized robot, but it looked like another student already had that taken care of, as she blasted a hole in its leg and brought the whole thing down.

Hopefully they wouldn't mind her running through the thing's wreckage.

As soon as she was moving straight again, Shinobu began picking up speed again. Good thing, too. Seemed the robot up ahead wasn't quite done with its quarry yet, as it picked her up off the street just as she was about to enter a nearby store. Leave the finishing touches to me, then! The girl continued forward, doing the thing she did best: Running. With this much distance to build up speed, by the time she actually got to the robot, Shinobu probably could have passed off as a car if she had some sort of disguise for the job. With that amount of speed, and the ability to simply not be stopped, ripping right through the robot was a given, though her face certainly didn't thank her for the feeling of colliding with a giant hunk of metal at thirty miles per hour. Casting a quick glance behind her, Shinobu could see that she had at least saved the other girl from her predicament. That just left the building ahead. Once she had the flaming site in sight, her guess was confirmed. Gas station. Shinobu slowed and eventually stopped her stride just in time to make it to the burning station.

Was she really about to run headfirst into a gasoline fire over some stuffed animals?


"You wait here," she said, setting down the flamingo from earlier. If it was a gas station, there at least had to be a cashier. Not to mention she'd seen a couple burning cars on the way here, meaning there must have been drivers somewhere. Hopefully they weren't in the cars and she had missed them! But that also meant...

If the explosion happened in front of the station... that means the back is relatively fire-free! Shinobu could make a rescue without burning herself, then! Or at least, without injuring herself from the burns. The miniature juggernaut hurried around to the back of the station, then started forward into the wall. As much as she hated running face-first into buildings, it was a necessary sacrifice today, to prove that making it into U.A. wasn't just some fluke. While she could have pondered the question of just who she was proving that to, right now the more important question was who she could get out of here. And sure enough, stuck under a burning counter, there was a stuffed seagull. Over in the far corner, she could also see a peacock. It wasn't in any sort of danger, but thinking of it as if it were a live civilian, it was probably in shock from what just happened. But first, the seagull!

Shinobu couldn't just throw the counter aside like she had with the car earlier. Instead, she got up to the side, near the seagull, and raised up her leg. Then, activating her Quirk, she swung down, snapping the counter in half as it failed to stop her momentum. While she couldn't lift up a whole counter by any means, half of a counter was at least enough that she could lift it the tiny amount needed to pull the seagull out from underneath. Without missing a beat, Shinobu dropped the counter once she had pulled the gull out of its unfortunate circumstance, hurrying to the other side of the store to retrieve the peacock before leaving the store through the hole she'd made just a moment ago.

This was a good start, at least. Or she hoped it was, anyway.


Even setting aside the concerns she and Rika had brought up earlier, Yumi had her reservations about this whole sports festival. For example, why did nobody say anything until the day of? It was standard practice to let students know about big events like this with some time to prepare, wasn't it? Or was that her fault for assuming anything was done normally around here? There was also the matter of not only having to compete with her own classmates, but those of class 1B as well. The class that had felled the Thunderjaw from the first day of school in mere moments. She'd seen a few of them in the halls, but that was the extent of her knowledge on anyone here that wasn't part of her own class. Yumi's greatest concern, however, was that she wasn't a particularly athletic sort. Not to mention...

”Go! You only have half an hour!”

Compared to everyone else, her Quirk was sorely lacking in the utility department. Not very good for rescues, except from an enemy of some sort. And so, Yumi started along at a brisk but ultimately unenthusiastic pace. If she was going to do this, she might as well get it over with. After some meandering about, Yumi came across what looked like a factory or power plant of some sort. Through the windows, she could see bright lights. When she opened the door, she figured out why. Something was very wrong here, as every light, socket, and machine in this place was spitting its output all over the place, creating a hazardous environment that would fry anyone stupid enough to go in there for too long.

If only there was a Quirk that let its user absorb and build up electricity...

If there was a job for Yumi, this was it. The generator had to be in here somewhere, right? It was just a matter of finding that and shutting the thing down! And so, Yumi started charging up, stepping into the building. It was difficult to keep her eyes open for very long on account of the "lightning" flashing all over the place, but she was able to at least avoid getting zapped. Anytime a bolt came into contact with Yumi, it just got piled on with the rest of what she'd been charging up. Every few dozen steps, Yumi had to stop and unleash a bolt directly upward. So there was a limit to how much power she could store? Interesting.

After some searching, Yumi found the place. The generator. Even here though, the electricity had gone haywire. There was no way she'd be able to actually touch the switches to shut this thing down. That just meant she'd have to do it the hard way, right? Yumi took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She knew where to aim, so it wasn't like she had to see the thing, and it would probably be way too bright with how quickly she built up power in here. With nothing further, Yumi fired what certainly felt like the strongest bolt she'd fired before. It was definitely enough to throw her back from the recoil at least, which had never happened before.

But, after the deafening boom of that bolt, she couldn't hear anything else. At first it was because of just how loud the shot was this close, but after a few seconds, it was instead because the machines weren't going haywire anymore. And now she couldn't see what she was doing, either. Not because it was too bright, but because it was too bright. Going from blinding light to only natural sunlight in a few seconds like this couldn't have been good for her eyes. But once they adjusted, Yumi started making the rounds through the factory, locating and rounding up any workers she found. The place seemed to be full of stuffed frogs of different sizes and colors.

What a weird choice of animal to have working a... whatever this place was.

As Yumi stepped back outside with her small collection of frogs, she'd already started charging up power for the next incident that required her Quirk. Instead of a monster or a perilous situation, however, she was met with a stranger.

"Hey, anything interesting in there? I haven't done any successful rescues yet myself, but it's cool to see the kinda of course you guys train in. You are hero course, right?" the stranger, a lanky boy with purple hair and pink eyes, gave Yumi a big grin. "I'm Yamada Taro, you?"

"Ah, uh... Omuro Yumi, class 1A. Nice to meet you. The electricity in that building was acting strange, so I had to shut it down in order to get these stuffed frogs out."

"Yumi, huh?" the boy began laughing to himself before waving it off and bringing his focus back to the girl. "Sorry, just a funny coincidence. I shouldn't be laughing at a time like this. Aren't you a little nervous, with what happened with that villain in your class? Especially given what happened at the last one of these festivals."

The last time U.A. had one of these festivals... She remembered that very well. It wasn't long after she'd gotten her Quirk, either, so seeing a U.A. student with an electric Quirk with hers, as a young child, was one of the coolest things ever. And then...

"We are the Quirkless Liberation Front! We will make sure that history will forget this bleak turnout, and ensure the survival of all Quirkless people from here on out! Everyone who is unsatisfied with the current system, rise with us! Together, we shall take the future from those trying to seize it for themselves! We can go back to the old ways...we only need to be rid of one thing. Heroes. And we shall start...here!"

A loud crash could be heard, as one side of the stadium was obliterated in an instant.  Dust and debris flew across the entire stadium.  The cries of the injured were drowned out by an incredible roar.  From the cloud of dust, a large shadow could be seen looming, until it marched further.  Its large foot crushed into the stands, and plowed straight through to the bottom.  It was revealed to be a Giant Lizard-like creature, whose muscles were pulsing and steaming.

"Otoma! Don't fight them! There's no way we can beat the villains, but we can get the civilians out of here! I'm begging you, focus on that first!"


"Yes. Of course I'm nervous. Honestly, I've really been thinking of just leaving U.A. entirely, but I don't want to make a decision like that without taking a lot of time to consider it first."

"Well, I can assure you that it won't go too poorly, considering a disaster would really mess up my day."

No disasters just because it would mess up his day? If this boy had that kind of power, surely he should have been in the hero course, right? But earlier he said he wasn't. Or at least implied it. "You must have a pretty impressive Quirk, then! To be able to stop something like that just because it would ruin your day!"

Taro laughed some more, before looking up at the sky, "I have perfect luck. Bad things don't happen to me." He turned his back to Yumi and walked across the street. "Here, go ahead and try to hit me. It's impossible."

Is he serious? Did a Quirk for something as enigmatic as luck really exist? Well, as luck would have it, it wasn't like she had charged up that much power up to this point. Certainly enough for someone to feel a considerable jolt if it hit them, but not enough to actually cause any sort of damage. Not by a long shot. Maybe he was lucky after all, asking Yumi to hit him with such timing? "W, Well, then..." Even if he told her to do it, and even if she knew it wouldn't hurt him, luck Quirk or not, it felt bad firing off a bolt at another student. But she'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious enough to justify this brief distraction. Yumi took a deep breath, and...

Right before firing, the caps of a nearby fire hydrant burst open, striking Yumi with both a small piece of metal and a sudden blast of water, and knocking her down. The metal was going to leave a bruise but otherwise was unremarkable to Yumi. The water, however, was another story, being her Quirk's one weakness. Instead of firing directly in front of her as planned, the power Yumi had charged up shot across the water covering her and her uniform, giving her that considerable jolt the victim would have suffered instead of Taro. This also meant she was effectively out of commission until she was dry again. Once she was back up, Yumi did a head count of her frogs to make sure she hadn't lost any. They were heavy and dripping wet, but they were all still accounted for.

By the time Yumi had gotten back up, Taro was the one on the ground, clutching his sides laughing. "Hoooooooly shit I am so sorry, I thought you would just miss or something! That's amazing!"

"It also means I can't make any rescues until I dry off, though," Yumi sighed. "...well. I'd be lying if I said I was going into this full of enthusiasm in the first place."

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"To start things off, we have the first U.A. Rescue-A-Thon!”
"Being a hero takes a wide variety of skills outside of combat, so we have set up the course with hundreds of stuffed animals in various dangerous situations. By ‘rescuing’ them, you earn points to help advance to the next stage. And you’re allowed to do whatever you feel is appropriate to interfere with each other. So have fun.”
"Go! You only have half an hour!”



Takehiko grimaced, half an hour to commence multiple rescue operations was a lot tighter of a time limit than what most would think at first. That and he knew this was a competition but in a real situation there might be others left behind, straggler villains needing dealt with. He sighed, he was going to have to just focus on the rescue aspect. But as he was lost in thought the gates opened and paper birds were already harassing the competitors! He knocked a few out of the air around him, dashing in and going to the first thing he needed: metal.

The young Chess Hero created his 8 pawns, ordering them into multiple directions and to disperse as soon as they found enough metal to activate Knight Mode. It didn't take too long, 2 minutes at most but he knew in that amount of time there were likely already students swarming every area he could think of. Although memories from his Pawns seemed to flood him as the metal encased his body, his agility and speed increasing drastically as he began to run through the cityscape.

It didn't take long for a situation to come to him instead though, as an unguarded group of stuffed animals that seemed they'd been escorted out of a fire going by the small burns on their fabric would indicate, "Gah, the moment you don't have someone to patch up injuries... an actual person would be in so much pain, maybe even needing a skin graft... God I'm glad we're using these but..." He shook his head, clearing it of the cobwebs in his mind as 3 robots came out of an alley and raised their weapons. J'adoube let out a roar as he dashed forward, slamming a gauntleted arm through what would normally be the sternum of a bipedal creature like this, his arm blasting through the wiring as it sparked along his metal, giving him a brief shock as he winced, "Damn, wasn't the best idea...!" He turned and gave another a harsh kick, sending it crashing into the concrete before turning to face the last robot.

Though this last adversary was different, it didn't have any firearms equipped and was instead outfitted with an electrical stun baton, "...Are you kidding? I'll have to be careful..." He shook his arm that had already been through the last robot, the electricity still causing his arm to cramp and shake a bit. He took a deep breath, before leaping and aiming a kick to the robot's face! The robot was more agile than he realized and easily knocked him away, rearing back the stun baton for an attack and slamming it into the concrete, J'adoube only barely able to roll out of the way in time before he used the opening to leap up and slam a foot into the robot's arm in an axe kick, knocking loose some mechanics as the robot staggered. He gave one more hearty kick to its face and knocked it to the ground, watching as the lights on the robot's started to dim and shut off. "Guess I should move these guys to a safer place... Doubt they even count as my points but I can always clean up any that were left behind in high-impact areas." He grabbed the plushes before bolting to the gate, setting up a quick rest area that he hoped would be safer away from the chaos that was further in before leaving to get back to the Rescue-a-thon.


UA Sports Festival
Arena Spectating



A woman clad in red and carrying twin flintlock pistols on her hips gave a cheer as the gates opened, "YEAH, GO 1-B!" She seemed rather excited as her grin just got wider and wider as she watched, though at certain points she had to close her eyes and rest them it seemed like. "HEY GLORY, GET BETTER AT GIVING US THE PLAY BY PLAY, YOUR MIC WORKS FINE!" She laughs as the girl was boisterous and loud, even if to most she seemed frail to any that knew of her they'd know she was a force to be reckoned with.

Pro Hero: Breakpoint!

Quirk: Appraise: The ability to see things unable to perform at their maximum potential.

Current Homeroom Teacher of Class 1-B

"I BETTER SEE ALL MY STUDENTS GET AT LEAST 30TH IN PLUSHES RESCUED, ANYONE WHO FALLS BELOW THAT GOES ON A WEEKEND TRAINING EXPEDITION WITH ME!" She gave a large grin, her shouting and boistering seemed to irritate a few people around her before she finally sat back down, "Thoooough I don't think they can hear me so maybe I should calm down... hehe unless Glory wants to give me the mic but something tells me he wouldn't..." She seems to get a bit of a sheepish look as she looks back at the screen, seemingly mesmerized by watching the progress of her students.

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"Hey, Rika!" A voice called down from above her as Rika ran down the street, her eyes widening for a moment as she paused. She knew that voice, back in the General Course... She had spent a lot of time hanging around with him. And hell, they still met up after classes now and hung out, it was a chance for them to blow off some steam about their courses. From what she knew, he didn't even want in the Hero Course in the first place, he didn't plan on becoming a hero. It was more about connections, he planned on a political career once he was able to...

Think It Over

"I've been looking for you, do you realize what an annoying task that is?! You left the gates and didn't even bother checking to see if I was there? What've you been doing?!" The boy landed on the ground in front of her suddenly, offering a hand as he smirked. Red wisps fluttered around his head as he reached up with the other one, brushing them away as the mechanical-looking wings attached to his back rotated around him, aiming outwards, "I need your help, there's a situation nearby and I don't think I can handle it on my own. There's a huge cache of stuffed animals there, we can split 'em down the middle! Sound good?"

Rika paused for a moment, "Wait, work together? This is an individual event, you know? We might get points docked for it, Atsushi."

"Bah, this is a Hero themed event, if they wanna dock points for heroes working together, they've got management issues! Heroes have to work together a lot of the time, so here I am, asking for help from the one person I know I can trust here!" Those slender mechanical wings aimed towards the ground, "We've done this before after all."

Rika gulped for a moment, before taking his hand. She grabbed onto Atsushi as she nodded her head, "Alright, tell me about the situation and we can get going."

Those sleek limbs pointed to the ground... Before suddenly bursting with flames, lifting the duo off and into the air rapidly. Rika swallowed her nervousness, this was the fastest way for them to get anywhere right now. "Of course, of course! First things first, there's a Ferris Wheel rolling out of control, I flew over it, down the expected trajectory..."

Rika nodded her head, if there was anyone equipped to travel that distance quickly, it was Atsushi. Speed was no problem for him, wind rushed in her face as she took a deep breath, "So you know where it's heading? We can't stop it ourselves, but..."

"We can get the poor civilians outta the path of it. But I can't do it alone, as much as I wish I could. There's too many and the wheel will be there in... A few minutes, probably. This park is in a lot of danger now. I'm gonna work on getting them out of the path closer to the wheel, you aim down here!" Atsushi let Rika drop to the ground once he hovered close to it, a grin on his face as he flashed a thumbs up, "There's about a dozen stuffed animals littered around in the path of the wheel, six here, six where I'm heading, I don't remember the exact spots, but they should be easy enough to find. I'm off!"


Atsushi's wings pointed to the ground, angled behind him slightly and launched him right into the air. The red glow from the wings faded away as he zoomed off, and Rika began to get to work. The Ferris Wheel was visible in the distance, slowly approaching the park they were in, it would no doubt pass through here and destroy the environment, but they weren't equipped to stop that. No, instead...

Rika pulled herself up as she scanned the area around her. There was a creek, that was probably going to end up carved through as the wheel came down, “Okay little buds, time to evacuate!”

She dashed forward suddenly, her tongue lashing out to wrap around a stuffed animal ‘climbing’ up a tree, pulling the toy otter right back to her as she caught it in her arms carefully. She held it close, looking around the bubbling creek meadow. There was a bench with a pair of stuffed lovebirds on it, sharing a snack, they were in an easy to grab spot, they were last.

She glanced around, a little play area sported a stuffed monkey climbing around on it, hidden in the bars, and a parent absorbed in a newspaper a few feet away. She jumped and ran towards the little group, this wouldn’t have been a great spot for Atsushi to try and navigate at all. He wouldn’t have slowed down at all…

The Ferris Wheel came barrelling over a nearby hill as Rika’s eyes widened, it shouldn’t have been here yet. It seemed to have sped up during her frantic running, there was still one missing animal in the park according to what Atsushi said. She ran, the ground shaking from the violent rumble of the wheel starting to roll down towards the poor civilians. As she passed the park bench, she grabbed the doting lovebirds, holding them against her as she continued to charge deeper down into the park. There had to be one more…

Sure enough, down the creek, there was a stuffed bear, holding a little fishing rod with the hook dangling just above the water. Rika ran faster, taking a deep breath as the Ferris Wheel grew ever closer behind her, and her tongue lashed out, curling against the bear to tug it back. It wasn’t gentle, but considering the circumstances… She let her teeth sink into the collar of the fisherbears rain coat, holding it tight as she shot an arm into the air…

And a bright, crimson flash dove down from above, swooping in to grab her. It almost knocked the wind out of her sails, but she had practiced that before… The fact he grabbed the arm that had been shot in the shoulder, on the other hand, didn't help matters, a sting of pain running through it as she gasped out, “Cutting it close there, lizard. You almost got squished!”

Atsushi let out a low laugh, Rika taking a deep breath as she collected all the stuffed animals into her arms properly. She closed her eyes for a moment, “...Someone really needs to stop that Ferris Wheel before it goes any further. I think it’s heading straight towards some of the taller buildings.”

Atsushi nodded his head as his wings angled them towards the Ferris Wheel, following behind it as they spoke, “...That ain’t gonna be our job at least. Someone else will have to take care of that thing, I don’t have the strength to move it off course, let alone stop it.”

Rika nodded her head, taking a deep breath as she landed, depositing the rescued stuffed animals along with the ones Atsushi rescued from upstream, “Yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna be the ones doing that.”

“...Should we at least go to help? I don’t feel right about hoping someone else catches that thing.” Atsushi’s wings sparked as the crimson light from the ends of them picked up, the duo rushing forwards.

“Seems like you already picked, but sure… Maybe whoever’s stopping it could use your speed.” She gave him a thumbs up, the pair rocketing through the sky, following the Ferris Wheel close by as they… Tried to figure out something to do about it.

──── ⋆⋅✦⋅⋆ ────

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Risa yelped again as the robot started to get its bearings, raising its four arms to try and wrap around the small girl and immobilize her. She impulsively threw a hand out upward, and one of the arms was thrown back as she pushed at it. Small as she was, that was enough, not that she could ever admit to having done it on purpose. Risa scrambled on all fours off the robot, one of her caged feet hitting it in the face as she did so to elicit an annoyed metallic sound effect. It furiously tried to right itself while Risa, screaming all the way, ran straight away from it, slowing only long enough to reach down and grab the stuffed pig before sprinting pell-mell down the street with the stuffed toy held straight up over her head. 

She didn't get very far. The contraption attached to her feet made running awkward, almost forcing the act to a goose-walk if she tried to go as fast as possible, and Risa quickly needed a brief respite. She leaned against the wall of a post office, daintily setting the stuffed pig on top of the mail drop box. Breathing deeply, she looked up towards the clouds above, wishing it was a bit more overcast and not quite so hot. She had enough to worry about.

Like her competition. Looking across the street she saw a boy, one she vaguely recognized from the Hero Course. O'Hara, she thought dimly in the back of her head, recognizing the foreign name. The third week of classes Deerc had handed out dossiers on the students in the Hero Course classes, basic details about their Quirks.

"These students will be with you through your entire journey here at UA," he had told them sagely, nodding his deer-like head. "They'll be the ones you have the most opportunities to work with on crafting your skills. You're here to learn how to equip heroes to keep the people safe, and this Hero Course will be your first testing grounds."

Not that his lofty words had done Risa much good. All too often her ideas for support items for this Hero Course went down the drain. A brace and gauntlet that she had been unable to make invisible to match the arms of its wielder. A smoke bomb made to deploy the cloudy user that had the undeniable roadblock of how to throw the thing if the student was inside it. And half a dozen others. 

A lot of those dossiers had been shelved in recent weeks. Risa had felt the pit in her stomach drop just a little bit more every time news of another student dropping from the course found its way to her through the gossip lines. Konpaku. Yokuna. And of course the big one, Tsubasa. The ones that were left over had to be some of the very best there were if they were still in the course. Seeing Ben scale a wall with what seemed almost no effort, Risa thought she might very well be right. Even his descent, burdened by his load of rescued plushes, was easy. Meanwhile she had trouble with a single robot.

Maybe it wouldn't be too long before she, too, was gone, just like so many of the Hero Course. She may as well try to have some fun before she left. After all, she hadn't had the courage to talk to any of the Hero Course yet.

"Hiiiii!" she called out to Ben, rushing over his way, grabbing the pig again and holding it before her two-handed as she rushed to catch up with him, drawing parallel with him as she tried to keep up, feet clanking on the asphalt. "You're Hero Course, right? Kawashima Risa, Support!" She looked back to the two animals Ben had rescued, smiling. "I saw you get those guys! That was really cool! I- Oh are we not supposed to keep these?" She hurriedly diverged from Ben, depositing the pig on the bench of a bus stop before darting back to join him. "I just wanted to let you know we in the Support class think you're all doing a great job!" Not strictly true, Hosodan was often quick to joke about the course having a 'hemorrhaging problem' and a few of the other Support students found them grating, but Risa diplomatically decided to leave that out. 

"Hm? Oh...well thank you, Risa, right?" Benjamin responded, in quite the shock of all the whirlwind of questions and conversations the young lady was providing. "You're from Deerc's Hero Support class? Well, it's an honor to meet some of the Support class. You guys really do a lot to help. Oh...right, um if you happen to see Deerc, let him know that thing I asked for assistance with, tell him I haven't gotten around to testing them."

“You’re working on something with Deerc-Sensei directly? Wow!” She gave a thumbs-up to Ben, with a smile. "All these villain activities and you guys are still going strong! You'll all be great heroes, just like my sister!" The uplifting intent of her encouragement was somewhat undercut by her foot hitting a crack in the pavement that sent her catapulting to the ground in a dead halt. "Aaaaack... Sorry... Still getting used to these," she explained sheepishly, quickly changing to a sitting position and gesturing the the cagelike iron framework that surrounded each of her shoes.

"Well...it's just been the one villain attempt…" Benjamin muttered, though his sentence slowly cutting off at the end before clearing his throat. "A-Anyway…" Changing the subject, that's always good. He looked at the iron framework that surrounded Risa's shoes, rubbing his chin slightly. "So what are these for exactly? Hardly the proper fashion statement nowadays."

“Oh!” She held up her leg, ignoring the shaking it started to do at holding up her emburdened foot. “Stabilizers! Meant to keep your footing!” She lowered her leg, rapping her foot on the ground as, with a startling chink a small iron peg jolted out of the sole of her heel. “Meant to pierce the ground… Not that I think it’ll be super useful for me today, but, we have to bring what we got, yeah?” She rapped her heel on the ground again, then again, then a third time, a bit more crossly, and the iron peg finally returned to the recesses of the device. 

"No...way…" Benjamin stood there amazed at this, nodding slowly. "Super useful or not, that's amazing. Honestly...hmmm...seeing that, I may have to do some writing and drafting on something else for my Hero costume. Honestly, I think you've given me some ideas to possibly work with!" He said with a smile on his face.

Risa stared at him blankly for a moment before she really comprehended what he was saying. The reaction once she did was immediate. “Wait, you like them?!?” She turned away, face brick-red as she covered her mouth with her hands. “Hosodan thought they were clunky and they stick too much but yeah I guess if you’re climbing walls they could be useful and I’d lovetodosomekindofdesignforyourcostumemaybeaftertheFestivalifyou-” Risa’s voice quickly became an incomprehensible run-on as she darted back and forth around Ben as the two restarted their running forward. In her fluster and excitement she did not hear the great rumbling sound that was getting gently louder, Ben being the first to catch it.

"Well a bit of refining, I'm positive it'll be a surefire thing for any Hero to use!" Benjamin said, before noticing through the general talking from Risa...the rumbling sound. "Uh...hey, do you hear that?"

“Eh?” Risa finally paused in her deluge of suggestions and concepting, looking side to side. “No, I… Oh yeah… What IS that?” She looked back to Ben, and saw what was behind them. 

“EEEEEEH?!?” Her voice echoed through the street as she pointed to the great Ferris wheel that was steadily rolling their way. “W-w-w-What IS that???”

"A-A FERRIS WHEEL?!" Benjamin exclaimed, already making a mad dive to the side. "Risa! You may want to dodge...otherwise you're gonna be a new doormat!"

“Why are they throwing Ferris wheels around this place?!” she yelled, jumping in the other direction as the Ferris wheel rolled by, sending massive cracks spider webbing through the street where they had been standing. She looked up from the ground where she had landed, gasping for breath… and seeing a small sewer opening in the curb before her with the barely visible stuffed tail within it. “Oh… Well that worked out kind of okay.” She let out a very tense laugh as she plucked a small calico out of the sewer opening, placing it on the sidewalk as she sat up, looking across the street. “O’Hara? Um, I mean uuuh… Bean? Oh, I don’t know American names, what WAS it? Are you alright?” she asked, finishing her question.

"Okay...first…" Benjamin sat up after his basic dive dodge onto the ground. "You were close...Ben...bean with an 'a' is a food." He of course, stifled out a slight chuckle before rolling his shoulders. "As for if I'm alright, yeah. Never better...though, yeah...first the roborex in the one exam and now Ferris Wheels. What's next, a clown parade?"

A very nervous laugh was RIsa’s only real reply. She slowly pulled herself to her feet, looking after the Ferris wheel as it rolled off towards the other end of the faux city. “Wow… I guess this IS the sort of thing the Hero Course has to deal with…” The thought seemed to strike something in her, and she streaked across the street back towards Ben. “Hey, do you think there are points in the compartments?” She asked, pointing to the cat she had just procured. “There’s a lot in that thing, like, thirty, I think? They’d be in danger, right?”

Benjamin seemed a bit perturbed about this thought as he looked at the wheel heading down the street. "I...uh…" he muttered, looking at Risa and then the wheel. "I don't know…"

“I have a bunch of things I need to make sure the Support companies see! I can’t really get the ones high up though…” Risa let out a gasp of revelation, not having caught Ben’s nerves. “But you can climb! You could take the top half! Let’s go!” She took off immediately, rushing down the street after the Ferris wheel, waving her arms and calling “Heeeeeey, waiiiiit,” before reserving her breath for running took priority.

"...this cannot be happening…" Benjamin stood there, blinking a bit as he rubbed the bridge between his eyes.

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Ashida Miku

With a quick thing of speed, Miku saved a few more plushies, varying from a store robbery to even a few being locked in a hot car...a shame that this one was a form of rescuing that still needed to be addressed. Nevertheless, the young lady took a breather for a moment, leaning against a building wall.

"O-Okay...seem to be doing well so far...what's ne-..." Miku paused, immediately noticing what seemed like a Ferris Wheel rolling down the street. Upon a second glance...it was.

"Ehhhhh?! Who knocked loose a Ferris Wheel?!?!" she shouted in surprise, knowing that only a handful of students in her class could've done this, and they were a bit smarter than that. "Hmmm, yeah, I'm going to have to steer clear of that...the Quirk I've got couldn't possibly deal with that itself. Best get back to the grind rather than dealing with whatever...that is..." And with that, another moment of her rushing off again.

Benjamin O'Hara

"Hiiiii! You're Hero Course, right? Kawashima Risa, Support! I saw you get those guys! That was really cool! I- Oh are we not supposed to keep these? I just wanted to let you know we in the Support class think you're all doing a great job!"

After scaling the building and before he could even start to properly rush off to attempt to save the next set of plushies, Benjamin was taken a shine to by someone...and from the looks of it, seemed to be a Support Class student. Turns out...he was right. "Hm? Oh...well thank you, Risa, right?" Benjamin responded, in quite the shock of all the whirlwind of questions and conversations the young lady was providing. "You're from Deerc's Hero Support class? Well, it's an honor to meet some of the Support class. You guys really do a lot to help." With a firm nod, he gave a bit of a smile, before remembering something. Oh right! Speaking of Deerc...

"Oh...right, um if you happen to see Deerc, let him know that thing I asked for assistance with, tell him I haven't gotten around to testing them."

“You’re working on something with Deerc-Sensei directly? Wow!”

It was true, namely cause he pretty much got with the Support Class teacher after class hours...and given he didn't see many other of the Support students, he figured it best to just go for the source of that. He did get bummed he couldn't have tested them during the last exam...though he immediately thought back on it and once again...Tsubasa...

"All these villain activities and you guys are still going strong! You'll all be great heroes, just like my sister!" Risa said, while apparently getting used to some sort of new foot contraption.

"Well...it's just been the one villain attempt…" Benjamin muttered, though his sentence slowly cutting off at the end. He was starting to become in deep thought. ...they all still believe she was bad from the beginning...why...? It took him a moment to realize he was doing this, finally clearing his throat. "A-Anyway…so what are these for exactly? Hardly the proper fashion statement nowadays."

“Stabilizers! Meant to keep your footing!”

Now this...this did bring a slight smile and even a sparked idea in his head. Stabilizers? Meant to pierce the ground...or maybe...perhaps...? The wheels in his head started turning, before he spoke again. "Super useful or not, that's amazing. Honestly...hmmm...seeing that, I may have to do some writing and drafting on something else for my Hero costume. Honestly, I think you've given me some ideas to possibly work with!" Which was apparently what Risa was the most excited to hear.

“Wait, you like them?!? Hosodan thought they were clunky and they stick too much but yeah I guess if you’re climbing walls they could be useful and I’d lovetodosomekindofdesignforyourcostumemaybeaftertheFestivalifyou-”

Benjamin chuckled lightly, but then at this point...well...

"Uh...hey, do you hear that?"

“Eh? No, I… Oh yeah… What IS that? EEEEEEH?!? W-w-w-What IS that???”

"A-A FERRIS WHEEL?!" Benjamin was practically flabbergasted at seeing this carnival attraction literally headed their direction. Naturally, the young man dove to his side, whilst Risa seemed to just stand there for a moment or two. "Risa! You may want to dodge...otherwise you're gonna be a new doormat!"

Once Risa moved out the way, Benjamin just watched the attraction just roll on by. As he got up, he and his spiders seemed to have one single thought and comment about this...

"Aw hell no…"
Aw hell no…

While answering Risa to the best of his ability, Benjamin pondered just booking it in the other direction. There was no way in the world he possibly could deal with this. Well, unfortunately, it seemed like the web of fate had something else in mind...namely him getting shanghaied by this young lady.

“I have a bunch of things I need to make sure the Support companies see! I can’t really get the ones high up though…But you can climb! You could take the top half! Let’s go! Heeeeeey, waiiiiit!!!!

"...this cannot be happening…" Benjamin stood there, blinking a bit as he rubbed the bridge between his eyes. He stood there for a long time, before finally groaning and running after Risa. "...why am I doing this?" His mind tried to equate this to something else he knew, but he shook the thoughts aside...it wasn't a time to be just like that...and this was totally different than what he went through himself. Eventually, he caught up to Risa, giving a little bit of a whistle to get her attention. "So, what's the brilliant plan to deal with this? I mean, aside from chase down this massive attraction like it's a weekly special at the supermarket!"


In the stands, a Pro Hero watched the whole situation go down thus far, arms folded. His facial expressions weren't seen due to the helmet he wore, but he was focused on it...all of it.

"Seems like things are going a bit differently this go 'round." he chuckled to himself, before noticing from where he stood the Ferris Wheel moving and the slew of students beginning to chase after it. "Hmmm, now that's odd. Let's see if we can isolate that."

The Hero touched the side of his helmet and from his vision, his heads up display isolated the moment the Ferris Wheel started moving. How it happened, well...it was obvious a student caused it to start to tumble like this. And as such, the Hero began to laugh.

"A different class, but shenanigans continue to happen here. Heh, the moment someone starts summoning an earth dragon, doing a green energy drill or even making a slingshot...then I'll really be rolling." he chuckled. "Truly looks like Glory got himself an interesting set of prospects...and not a single one is acting like Gin from what I'm seeing. Definitely means some sort of progress is had." Another chuckle was stifled out, as the Hero remained watchful of the Sports Festival.

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”Go! You only have half an hour!”

While the crowd as a whole charged forward, some of them even cheering as they went, Shoshiki stood still. He didn’t like this gym uniform. He wished he had his hoodie to cover his head up. It quelled his anxiety, if only by a little bit. But nope, he just had a standard uniform. Apparently they figured he could function just fine with it. While he probably could have gotten a special case, given his mutant-type quirk, that wouldn't have gotten him a hood. Oh well.

The general course students, or those that Shoshiki assumed to be such, were the last to make their way through the gate. Truly, they were after his own heart. He mused to himself about the idea of handing it to the group, but actually initiating social contact like that wasn’t for him. No, no, definitely not. When he found himself to be the only person left behind the gate, Shoshiki decided that it would be the best time to make his way forward. With all the crazy quirks in this place, I’m probably safer a good distance from everyone. Shuddering at the thought of 1A having someone as scary as Shannon, Mayu, or Tai, he felt his left ear fall off, characterized by the first-person perspective of hearing it hit the pavement. Oh, damn. Bending down, Shoshiki picked the ear back up, affixing it back in place to the side of his head.

Dragging his feet, he made his way through the gate, and looked back and forth at the testing area. So we can perform whatever kinds of rescues we find… He could tell right away that there was a huge variety of danger for the tasks they had ahead of them. While some in his class would be leaping at the opportunity to perform rescue from a burning building, Shoshiki was perfectly content doing small, safe actions. I can leave the scary stuff to the big-shots, while I avoid all that and take care of stuff more my speed. Yeah… It was okay if he didn’t make it to the next stage of the festival, that would probably be some form of combat based on what he learned about the past. Definitely something to leave to the big-shots. Now, what’s up here..?

After taking a deep breath, Shoshiki’s left eyeball left its socket, extending up a few dozen feet, attached back to his skull by what appeared to be a thin black wire. Peering over the roof of a nearby building, it scanned back and forth, as Shoshiki used his hand to cover his other eye. Keeping both eyes open when he did tricks like this always gave Shoshiki a headache like he was leaving his eyes crossed for too long, so he made sure to use one eye at a time when they left his body. Dang, nothing here either? While he didn’t mind getting left behind by everyone else, it was certainly offputting how much so the training field had been picked clean near the entrance. I guess it makes sense. Not only am I weak, but my information-gathering abilities aren’t even the best in my class…


Juzo Shishi skipped gleefully through the wooded area in the center of the mock city. ”This Rescue-a-thon is E Z P Z!” as she spoke to herself, the four letters appeared on the screen of her face in time with their enunciation. Shishi had already ‘rescued’ twenty-some plushies from mildly dangerous situations, may they be cats stuck in trees, octogenarians that needed help crossing the street, or plushies of children that had become separated from their plushy parents. ”Now then, where to next for the wonderful superhero CCTV??” as she spoke her chosen hero name, the screen displayed it, written in a delicate hand, bright pink against an otherwise pearly white screen, before suddenly the screen began flickering to a wide variety of views throughout the nearby vicinity, almost appearing like someone channel surfing to find something interesting.

The channels changed rapidly, before backing up by a few and settling on a particularly angry-looking boy with dull blue hair, ”Oh? Who’s this guy??”


His face contorted in a snarl as he sprinted through alleyways, Hakaro was completely fed up with this rescue-a-thon by this point. Determined to prove himself over that piston-armed jackass who was perfectly content stopping moving cars and rescuing weakling general-studies students jumping out of windows to avoid getting shot at by robots, Hakaro was looking for something big. Something like the house fire that that bitch dragon stole out from under his nose. Unfortunately, these high standards had prevented Hakaro from making any rescues himself.

Moving out onto an empty street, Hakaro looked back and forth, trying to find something big. There! A house fire! It wasn’t as big as what he had first been going after, but at this point Hakaro was getting desperate. However, when he tried to take a step, he realized that his shoes seemed to have been glued to the pavement. ”What the fuck?” looking around, he saw a group of students step out of nearby buildings, led by a girl with hair that reminded Hakaro of half-mixed strawberry lemonade, and a boy whose self-righteous smile made Hakaro even angrier than his ever-souring circumstances did. ”What the hell is the matter with you people?? I have shit to do, get out of my way or I’ll use you all to paint the fucking pavement!

"Oh sorry about that Mr. Hero Course! We didn't mean to mess up your fun time! Did you accidentally get stuck?? What a shaaaame!!!" The girl spoke first, and her voice reminded Hakaro of artificial sweeteners, the kind that left your tongue feeling raw after just one taste. However, before she could say much more, the boy stepped in front of her, casually moving her aside with a hand placed delicately on her shoulder. The crowd quieted down, watching his every movement with excited whispers.

”Don’t worry, Gumi, I’m sure he will be fine. You are Sogin Hakaro, right?” Hakaro refused to respond, gritting his teeth. ”That’s alright, you can stay quiet, I understand. We already know who you are, we actually have a good deal of information on all of 1A. Did you know that stuff’s all on the internet?” This made Hakaro even angrier, that the whole traitor subplot he had to deal with was even going to be affecting things in here, his arms flaring up with his quirk. ”Anyway, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on here. The plan is for me, Kazama Haru, the U.A. General Course’s king, to win this Sports Festival, and show off just how incompet-”

”LIKE HELL THAT’S HAPPENING!” Hakaro had had enough out of this clown. Raising a single arm toward his newfound least favorite person in the world, just as he had seen Rainbow Six do in archive footage, he focused all the anger he could into his quirk. His arm was engulfed in the silent, cold flames that characterized his quirk, before they changed color from blue to indigo. ”Spirit Animal: End-” Perhaps as retribution, Hakaro’s own attack was cut off mid-sentence, as an absolutely enormous fist, easily the size of Hakaro’s entire body, collided with his face, launching him out of the sticky gum on the pavement and back a few dozen feet, skidding across the pavement a bit before lying still.

”Ouch,” exclaimed Shishi, doing the closest thing a girl with a television for a head could do to wincing, before changing channels to look for more easy pickings.


Shoshiki was walking down the street, still dragging his feet. He had rescued a few that were hanging from ledges, fished a few out of a sewer. Nothing particularly exciting, but he was grateful for that. While pondering what to do next, a boy with some kind of crazy rocket-powered wings zipped in, hovering in front of him. With a quirk like that, this guy must be from 1A.

”You need to get away, there is a giant ferris wheel rolling down this street!” And just like that, he zipped away. Shoshiki stood still and confused for a few seconds, trying to parse the absurdity of the sentence. Was it code? Some kind of inside joke? Maybe it would make sense if he was in 1A. However, after noticing the slowly increasing feeling of rumbling beneath his feet, accompanied by the incoming sound of crashing and creaking metal, Shoshiki looked over his shoulder, to see the quickly-approaching circle of metal and pure unbridled terror.


Scrambling to run to a nearby alley before being trampled completely, Shoshiki struggled to even hold his body in a single piece. COME ON SHOSHIKI, KEEP IT TOGETHER, INNER PEACE AND ALL THAT STUFF, MIND OVER MATTER, MASTER OF YOUR OWN BODY, ALL THOSE KINDS OF BUDDHISM! Slamming his back against the alley wall, he took a deep breath of relief, leaning back out to watch the incoming ferris wheel. How does something like that disaster even happen? It’s crazy that the people putting this together made such a crazy scenario. You would think they would be using stuff that could actually happen by accident, for realism’s sake. Then Shoshiki noticed something very, very important. His right hand was still sitting on the ground in the middle of the street. !!!

Before he could retract his hand, the ferris wheel ran over it. While it didn’t break, due to Shoshiki’s durable internal structure, it did become wedged between two pieces of metal. And, like a piece of string caught in a vacuum cleaner, Shoshiki was quickly pulled along and into the ferris wheel.

His body didn’t stand a chance against the sudden forces, nearly instantly pulled apart and strewn throughout the bars and trusses that made up the metal structure. After a few seconds to regain his composure within the chaotic rolling attraction, Shoshiki noticed that the seats within it were actually occupied by the stuffed animals they were all supposed to rescue, safely belted in place. I suppose that makes sense. Extending his neck outside of the rolling ferris wheel, the tendrils attaching his head to everything else twisted and bunched up as he looked around, struggling to keep his head upright while everything else was constantly being turned over. After a few seconds, Shoshiki had come up with a plan. He didn’t think it was a very good one, but he didn’t have many choices left.

Focusing as well as he could, Shoshiki pulled his body back together, albeit positioned where his hand was stuck in the wheel. He would have to worry about that part later. Using his free hand to cover one of his eyes, he extended the other outside of the ferris wheel so that he could see well enough to time his action just right. He could see that the street he was on was coming to a T up ahead, so he needed to pull this off, or a stuck hand was the least of his worries. His eye zipping back to his and fitting back in place with a pronounced ‘pop,’ he threw his free arm out of the structure, focusing as much of his threads into it as possible to maximize strength.

”LET’S GO!!!” as he shouted, Shoshiki wondered if this adrenaline rush was what possessed everyone else to dash through the gate. His hand separated into fifteen pieces, along each individual joint, before wrapping itself tightly around a lamp post on the corner. The post creaked and bent, before being torn completely out of the ground, clattering to the ground as Shoshiki released his grip on it. Luckily, he had succeeded in his goal and the wheel of destruction had turned around the corner. ”Now we just need to stop this thing!”

The ferris wheel rolled on, as Shoshiki cracked the joints that may or may not be hidden somewhere within his neck. He could see that they were coming up on the exit of the course, and while he was confident that the wheel would fit through the giant gates, the media wasn’t too far outside. He needed to stop this thing, now, or a lot of people would be at risk. Leaving his stuck hand and a leg behind and wrapping them tightly in the surrounding structure, Shoshiki leaped out of the tumbling wheel, reaching up with his remaining arm and leg to grab hold of the arch of the exit as the wheel passed through it. He could see out of the corner of his eye a glowing golden barrier surrounding the gathered media. It turned out that even if he didn’t catch the wheel, they would have been okay. But I won’t let this victory be diminished! Gritting his teeth, Shoshiki focuses solely upon not being torn in half, as the ferris wheel lifted off the ground, and swung back and forth a few times before he gently lowered it to the ground.

Once it was safely in place, Shoshiki contracted all of his tendrils, landing face-up on the ground just barely inside the test course, looking up at the sky. It had turned out that that last pull was just enough to tug his hand loose. Panting heavily and trying not to focus on how much every fiber in his body ached, he was barely able to whisper, ”Holy shit…”

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So far, so good. After resolving that mugging from earlier, Mayu continued along in a similar pattern, checking obscure locations more traditionally-trained heroes-to-be might not think about, and targeting smaller-scale crimes that potential show-offs would ignore. It wasn't a glamorous rescue-a-thon strategy by any means, but it was certainly getting Mayu the results she wanted. In the course of taking such actions, Mayu had now found herself on the roof of a building under construction, faced off with a robot modeled after some bizarre halfway point between a person and a bull. Was it a bull with a person Quirk? A person with a bull Quirk? Whatever this creation of some deranged engineer was supposed to represent, the thing was threatening a stuffed octopus with a hardhat that was just minding its own business up here, and if she hadn't intervened, it would have given eight-legged plushie an express ticket to the hard concrete below. Which was why Mayu had taken the only course of action she considered viable at the moment. Throwing the robot off the roof before it could do the same to Mayu or her new ward.

"Oh no my hand slipped what a travesty," Mayu said with the most nonchalant delivery she'd probably perform all day, as the robot began its plummet to the streets below. At least there weren't any students nearby that would get hit by this thing, and she had to admit, watching the robot break into all those little pieces once it hit the pavement was pretty satisfying. Then she heard a rumbling, and the creaking of metal. For a moment, she thought maybe the robot wasn't done with her yet, but a quick glance to the actual source of the sound revealed that it was something much more ridiculous. A rogue ferris wheel. Heading straight down the road, and rolling past her. That was quite a bit outside of her capabilities. As Mayu braced herself to watch the thing crash into the nearby building at the end of the road, she instead watched in great surprise as it instead turned. Somebody was on the case, but...

No fucking way.

Mayu looked closer, more intently at the ferris wheel. Was that... yes. Somehow, it was Shoshiki. He had managed to avert disaster, and instead sent the wheel on a course straight for the arena exit. Which, upon closer inspection... was where the media was. Dammit, he just made things worse! Those were real live people! She had to think, and fast. Discarding the octopus, taking care not to throw him over the edge like she had with the robot, Mayu tried to figure out how the hell she was supposed to stop those rolling tons of metal without getting crushed. This was no time to hold back any secret uses of her Quirk. Opening up eyes on every available inch of her back, Mayu turned in the direction of the exit, and ran, jumping off the roof. Once she was airborne, the eyes on her back all faced the same direction, and spewed forth a shotgun-like blast, propelling her forward to the next building with the recoil. Mayu repeated this process a few times as she struggled to keep up with Shoshiki and his amusement ride of doom.

With her Quirk's output, even if she put everything she had into pushing the ferris wheel in the opposite direction, the best she could reasonably hope for was to slow it down. Not good, not good! The ferris wheel was leaving the arena! And then, it got... suspended? Shoshiki. If nothing else, it bought Mayu time to catch up. And time to watch in utter disbelief as, after swinging from its spot, the ferris wheel was stopped entirely. And Shoshiki, the hero of the moment, dropped from his perch to the ground, just barely within the arena limits. It was probably a good idea to make sure he hadn't ripped himself in half or something. And so, in as quick a manner as she could manage, Mayu began the climb back down to ground level.

Even when she was there, right next to Shoshiki and his wheel, she had to glance between the two a few times to confirm she wasn't just hallucinating. In the weeks since meeting him, Mayu hadn't really imagined him the type to be capable of this sort of thing. Physically maybe, but certainly not mentally. But the truth was really hard to deny. Scared little Shoshiki accomplished this. On nothing but his Quirk and some quick thinking, at that! "...so..." Who else in 1B would even be capable of this feat. Shinobu, maybe? If she got the chance to approach the wheel from above? Shannon probably didn't have the strength, not that she was lacking in that department to begin with. Tai probably could, but that was reliant on it happening around this time of day. Not the most reliable criteria.

"That was all you?" Even with the facts right in front of her, this was still hard to believe. She needed confirmation straight from the source.

Shoshiki slowly picked himself back up, reaching out with both arms to pull all the occupants out of their carriages and place them on the ground. "I mean, you can blame your mom for starting this thing on it's course, but yeah, I guess I did stop it on my own." He did his best to avoid eye-contact, and considering her quirk he figured the best tactic to do so would be to look away from her completely. The extra skin she was showing beyond the typical gym uniform was a further motivator. "Well, a guy from 1A warned me about it, but I still got ran over."

Mayu began pulling out the stuffed occupants of the carriages she could reach, even the ones that required a small climb. Whenever she had some new "citizens," she set them down next to the ones Shoshiki retrieved. "I saw the whole thing, by the way. Real impressive stuff, and I don't get to say that very often!" That was one side effect of being surrounded by people like Orikami and Shannon, perhaps. Mayu always had a high bar set for her expectations of people.

"It really isn't a big deal, I was just doing all I could in the moment. I'm sure there are plenty of worlds where it crashes right through a building or two." At this point Shoshiki's nervousness had him facing completely away from Mayu. He couldn't bear to imagine what kind of expression she would have sizing him up. He felt like prey. "Besides, even if I didn't catch it, Principal Glory had a barrier set up just in case. I bet even he's surprised things turned out as well as they did."

"All those 'what if's are only good for planning. You did catch the thing, and it didn't crash through a building or two. That's what matters. You did a good job, and showed everyone that you really do belong in the hero course." Setting down the last set of plush animals she could climb up to, Mayu counted up Shoshiki's haul of recued animals. Add in the carriages that she couldn't quite reach, and that added up to quite a few. "Actually... you've got a higher rescue count than I do right now."

Grabbing hold of the back of his collar, he pulled it upward, simulating a hood that could only cover half of the back of his head. Laughing nervously, he began inching his way away, "Hahahaaa... Don't worry, I'm not coming for your position or anything... I just got lucky, no worries..." He was doing everything in his power not to become a pile of body parts on the ground.

"Keep getting lucky, then. This is a competition, and U.A. hasn't had a sports festival in ten years, so compete. I have more rescues to make if I want to catch up, so I'll see you at the top of the scoreboard!" With nothing further, Mayu made for the nearest alleyway, returning to her usual strategy so far.

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Kio's frantic hunt for plushies to save continued on at a breakneck pace.  A bead of sweat dropped down his head, the first one to do so since he had started this mock patrol of his.  Since the Jewelry Store rescue, he had managed to amass a whole whopping two more points, plushies saved from trees.  It was sad, but his acrobatic abilities were perfectly suited for tree climbing, and these points were freebies along his route.  He kept his breathing at an optimal pace, as he desperately looked for some more action.  Across the way, he noticed a Ferris Wheel had somehow gotten loose, and rampaged throughout the site of the exam, luckily being stopped in it's place at the end of the arena.  How many plushies were saved from that alone?!  Kio was jealous.  If he had a quirk to stop a runaway freight train, he'd be the one at the top of this thing...but that wouldn't have been nearly as fun or challenging.  

His attention was broken from the sound of honking, and a loud crashing sound.  Two medium sized, silver cars had been launched at each other from opposite ends of the street, crashing into one another.  Kio made a dash for the cars, as they began to billow with smoke on the inside, the engines spontaneously bursting into flames.  Kio looked inside the car closest to him, trying to open the doors, but they had been locked from the inside.  Not to mention, the front doors had been crumpled in on themselves, making opening them impossible from the start.  Kio almost started to panic, as he saw two plushies in the back seat, buckled down safely.  

Kio stood back from the door, and braced his elbow for a wicked bash against the window.  It took multiple times, but Kio managed to shatter the glass.  The smoke washed out into his face, as he covered his mouth and eyes.  He had memorized where the seat buckles and plushies both resided.  He dove through the window to unfasten the plushies and take them out of the car.  There was no driver, so Kio hurried to the next car, only finding one more plushie in the driver seat with it's airbag deployed.  Using his other elbow, Kio pulled the same stunt he had with the last, saving the last point holder and carrying them far away from the accident. 

"No wonder you guys crashed into each other.  You're obviously no tall enough to be operating a motor vehicle sir."  Kio's heart was pounding.  That was real fire and smoke.  He had just performed a 'real' rescue.  He was enthralled!  Elated even!  Being a hero was going to be way too much fun if he got to do stuff like this everyday!  

Kio stepped away, and continued to run.  Or at least, he tried to run, as both of his feet weren't able to leave the ground.  Kio looked to his shoes to notice they were stuck to the street with some oddly shaded substance that looked akin to ABC gum.  Kio looked at the site with disgust.  Disgust that someone left a big glob of gum here, and disgust in himself for getting caught in it.  

"Hey there Haru, we caught another one!" the voice came from a girl, casually stepping out of a house behind Kio. "So what's this one do?"

A boy, Haru, hopped down from a large tree planted at the street corner, carefully dusting himself off before inspecting their newest catch. However, the moment he recognized Kio, his eyes widened, shouting to the girl, ”Gumi! The back of his neck! Now!” without delay, the girl behind Kio perked up and threw what would appear to be a baseball-sized glob of chewed-up bubblegum directly at the specified area.

At the boy’s command, Kio immediately twisted his hips to get a good look behind him, ducking immediately to get his neck out of harm’s way.  He saw the twisted up ball of gum soar over him, getting a good idea on how things were starting to unravel.

“Tch.”  Kio spat out the ground.  His lowered stance went even lower as he started to untie his shoes.  “So you know my quirk, huh?”  Kio performed a perfect backflip out of his shoes, making sure not to land in any gum as he did so.  “Lucky for you, I don’t need it to take out a couple of no names like yourselves.”  

As he flipped toward her, Gumi’s hands were immediately filled once again by the globs of gum. She dove directly at Kio, both arms extended in an attempt to gum him up yet again. All the while, a crowd was starting to gather around them, cheering for the two general students and booing Kio.

”You don’t seem to get it. Even if your quirk went off, you wouldn’t stand a chance. You see…” Haru’s left arm instantly bulked up to be the size of the rest of his body, ”With support like this, my quirk Blow-Up becomes supreme in combat!” The boy slammed his now enlarged fist into the pavement in front of him, sending a wave forward as the concrete shattered beneath the force, destabilizing the ground beneath Kio as Gumi’s attack went in at him.

The situation turned rather unfavorable.  He knew what the girl was capable of already, but throwing in Blow-Up really shook things up, literally as a matter of fact.  Kio’s balance was uneven, the thought of using this girl’s momentum to throw her at the boy was now out the window.  His mind raced, he had to think of something fast.  Kio dropped his body low to the ground, planting both of his hands onto the pavement for extra stability.  His legs exploded, as he launched himself directly at the boy with the hulking appendage, through the wave of rubble that collided with his face and upper torso.  Landing with a somersault, Kio rolled into a punch aimed square into the boy’s right side ribcage.  

Haru grunted as he took the solid hit in the ribs. He was not prepared for his opponent to make such a direct attack in spite of his own physical advantage. ”Gumi, hold off for now. We don’t want this stuff getting on me.” The girl nodded, stepping back and leaving the two to fight one-on-one.

“What’s the matter?”  Kio smiled rather smugly, as he reveled in the memory of his fist digging into the boy’s torso, “You’re gonna need her help if you want to beat me.  Or are you just not up for a real fight?”

Haru’s face contorted into rage, as his entire upper body and both arms expanded, giving him a stature closer to a car than a person. ”Listen here, you runt, at the end of this day, I am going to be in the Hero Course, and you are going to be on a stretcher. Slamming one of his enormous fist down in front of Kio, using the other as a push-off point to increase the power behind his swing and destabilize the ground once again. As an immediate follow-up, he pivoted on his giant arm, and expanded one of his legs to strike at Kio faster than a normal attack would. ”EVERYONE will know the name of Kazama Haru, and I’ll be stronger than I’ve ever been!”

At the sight of this Haru kid raising his fist, Kio smiled.  He’d seen this before, the exact same muscle twitches from the first attack.  Kio planted himself back onto the ground like a frog, but now his opponent was on the offense.  He had stretched his leg, something Kio had forgot to anticipate, as Haru came in like lightning with a large swing.  Kio pulled his same maneuver, jumping into Haru’s swing, the boy’s enlarged fist making contact with Kio’s arm.  Kio could feel his joint leave the socket from the sheer force alone, but he persevered.  Midway through his jump along the boy’s arm, Kio landed a kick that veered it off it’s intended course, and straight into that pool of sticky gum he had fell for prior to the fight.  The use of his left arm was shaky at best, so Kio rolled onto his left shoulder.  A shot at one of Haru’s larger body parts probably wouldn’t do much damage, so instead he aimed for the current smallest part of his body, his unenlarged leg.  Kio made a swift kick aimed straight towards the boy’s calf, with all the power of a lightweight kickboxer behind it.  

“Kazama Haru, huh?”  Kio said under an exhaled breath, “Unfortunately, I’ll have to remember that name from now on.”  

Not expecting the redirect, Haru fell hook line and sinker for it, his fis embedding itself in the sidewalk and becoming engulfed in the gum, his leg buckling under the impact but the rest of his stance uninterrupted as he used his arms and expanded leg to support himself. Grinning, he panted out a response, ”You’re welcome. You know, the last two hero course students we encountered didn’t last this long. How about you join my agency after we graduate? I’m always looking for good support.” With a start, he lifted the arm that Kio had put in the gum, taking the gum along with several chunks of pavement with it. ”You should forfeit the Sports Festival now, Akagi, I don’t think you want to get hit by this one. Despite the friendliness in his voice and face, he took the opportunity to make a full-force sucker-punch directly at Kio with his newly-armored fist, dropping down to a knee to protect the leg he wasn’t able to expand.

Kio’s eyes widened as his focus shifted from Haru’s smile to a huge, cement clad fist that approached him rapidly.  With the reflexes he could muster, Kio vaulted to the side, the sedimentary punch clashing with his already damaged left arm.  Kio had never broken a single bone in his body before, so this intense pain was new to him, however, he landed to the side with just a mere wince of his eye.  His teeth bit down on his lips, as the landing sent a shockwave of pain from his shattered arm.  It dangled loosely as Kio held it to his side.

“Join your Hero Agency?”  Kio’s voice washed over the crowd around him, as he dramatically rose his head to meet Haru’s gaze.  “Why would I join the agency of a coward who uses dirty tactics, like you?”  Kio’s finger raised into the air.  “A hero meets his challenges head on!  Saving the day, effortlessly!!  But here you are, laying traps for students to take them out of the running, trying to ruin their dreams!  What kind of person would I be, If I joined an agency run by you!”  Kio slammed a foot forward towards Haru.  “I’m gonna be a Hero!  And you’re not gonna stop me!”

Haru waited silently as Kio went on about his aspirations, but his contempt could be heard loud and clear. “Is that all? I’m gonna crush you now.” Raising his armored fist above Kio’s head, he grinned down at the boy, ”Don’t worry, I’ll tell the girls in class you only cried a bit.” However, before he could bring his fist down, it rapidly shrunk back to normal size, suddenly encased completely in the pavement as he stumbled, unable to support the weight with only two expanded limbs. ”What the hell is…

"You know, Haru, he's kinda got a point..." Haru’s face turned to one of horror as his remaining two limbs returned to their regular size, as Gumi calmly approached Kio, blowing a bubble with a suspiciously familiar pink gum. The crowd that had once been cheering now murmured amongst themselves, some of them even scattering to try to take on the challenge on their own.

Kio took another step towards Haru, and extended a hand.  

“You can be a hero too, you know?  If you’re up to it, that is?”  

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