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Mr. Hyde

Sonic the Hedgehog - 1,000,000 Degree War (OOC/PG-13/Accepting)

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A Tale of Fire


Look to the morning sky, you will see that which you owe your very existence to.  The sun.  The star that was so thoughtful, that it placed itself the perfect distance away from your lifeless planet.  Feel it's warmth wash over you like the waves of an ocean, bathed in embers.  Let it take you in.  Breath in the cosmic rays.  Realize that this solar body is responsible for maintaining all that which you hold dear.

Thank It.

Praise It.

Kneel bfore it.

Tremble before it.

Give your unending loyalty to it

Maybe then...it will spare your life.

After all...it's theirs to do with as they please.

"Long ago...in the time of heroes...the world was always on the verge of destruction.  Our home of Mobius has always been a place rife with conflict.  That all changed though...when the Freedom Fighters purged this world of imminent destruction, time and time again.  One of these threats was named...Solaris.  A being that was born from the first flame, thought to rule chaos and destruction.  A being that was branded a deity.  

It was struck down by the Freedom Fighters, after a cataclysmic struggle.  Mortals had overcome a deity, thought to have domain over time itself.

But what if Solaris...wasn't a god?

What if it wasn't the first flame?

What if it had been...created?  

What if it was a gift, or a curse?

Tales tell of an ancient being, one birthed during the beginning of the Cosmos, which gives this universe light and life.  They say it was a jealous being...a wrathful being...and are too afraid to even scribble his name down on paper, lest he be called to this plain once more."  - Silver the Hedgehog

A new threat is slowly starting to awaken.  One that has been sealed away for eons.  Will a new team of Freedom Fighters rise to meet it's challenge, or will Mobius fall into flame?



1. All NCM Forum Rules Apply, including the Role Playing Rules.

2. I'm the boss, what I say goes >:3

3 No God Modding or Power Playing here

4. You're Too Slow

5. Have Fun ?


Character App





Appearance: [A picture or a minimum of 4 lines of description are required.  Regardless, add your height and weight.  Spoilered]

Personality: [Minimum of 4 lines.  Spoilered]

Biography: [Minimum of 2 Paragraphs.  Spoilered]

Abilities/Weaponry: [Any special or unique skills your character possesses.  Separate powers and weaponry.  Spoilered]

Misc: [Anything you didn't tell us in the above fields and want to include.]


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My body...is regi...ICE!

You're as Cold as Ice



"Seems like your 'frozen' in surprise!"

Personal Information
Name: Zane the Arctic Wolf
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Wolf



Depicted above is Zane's general appearance (both are here to give clarification how exactly he looks). The shoes, however, generally look much like the way they are depicted in image one. With this being his general appearance, there are some things added to him that he uses as well. For instance, Zane usually wears a pair of goggles and carries a snowboard on some occasions (as depicted here). However, not depicted in the images, is the fact that Zane wears a gray vest that was made in a similar fashion to resemble his ancestor's, and a pair of black jeans.

Zane stands in at 3'6" and weighs in at 86 lbs.



Zane, despite his 'cold' outward appearance, is a friendly Mobian who is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who really need it. That, and deliver a pun towards those he's around. Zane has a strange habit of throwing out sarcastic puns dealing with cold (these include: "Chill out", "Cool", etc.). However, Zane is also very skeptical when it comes to certain things. He takes things at face value and it will usually take a lot of convincing or on the spot evidence to prove otherwise.

During a fight, Zane gets a bit serious (even though he does continue to carry the puns and sarcasm). He gets serious due to his powers needing concentration and focus. He's the type to act first and think afterwards, though usually this gets him in the tail later. However, whenever he isn't in a fight, or doing anything of importance, Zane loves to snowboard and thinks of it as a way to relax and unwind.



"Just 'chill out' and I'll explain myself to you."

Zane was born in the Northern Tundra, born under the lineage of a hero of the days of the Blue Blur, Sonic...the Arctic Freedom Fighter leader, Guntiver the Arctic Wolf. In the Northern Tundra, Zane would live his life peacefully and without any problems...however, unlike those who came before him...he found the snowy wasteland a bore.

He planned to one day leave the Tundra and move to Metropolis to find himself and even make a name for himself. However, he knew that eventually he would take over the family business of leading the Arctic Freedom Fighters. It was tradition now that Arctic Wolves took leadership in the team...however this time it was different. Rather than Zane getting his fated position, his father, Fang, kept it. No reason whatsoever mentioned, but this really steamed Zane up. His choice was now made up...

He left the Northern Tundra and his family and friends, to live in Metropolis and be his own wolf. However, Zane's father didn't stop him. He knew that he had to let his son do this, and all he gave him was a gray vest. Zane knew the style of it...it resembled his ancestor Guntiver's vest. He was told that this would bring him good luck, even if it wasn't the original. The young wolf took it with the greatest honor and left…

Now, Zane lives in Metropolis, hoping that something out of the clear blue will be able to excite him.

Combat Information


Otherwise known as Ice Manipulation. Zane was born with this innate connection to the Chaos Force, having the ability to shape, create, and control ice through the moisture in the air. However, if the environment Zane is in is humid or dry, his abilities of Cryokinesis will be hindered. Currently it is used in the following ways:

  • Ice Floor: Zane creates a coat of ice onto the ground in which his opponents can no longer keep their balance and he can increase his speed by skating/running on it.
  • Ice Projectile: Taking the moisture in the air, Zane can use this and create a sort of throwing icicle at his enemies.

Average Physical Strength
While not on the same level as Echidnas, Zane is pretty strong and is capable of doing things most Mobians can't (however, he can't punch through things with an ease as those with a higher strength would). However, Zane can use his Cryokinesis to freeze things and allow him to smash/punch things in this manner, if it's weak enough however.

Average Physical Speed
While not on the same level as Hedgehogs, Zane can run at a decent speed (not sound barrier breaking). However, Zane's speed can also be increased by the use of his Cryokinesis. By using it, he can skate/run on an icy ground to increase his speed.



Here be combination attacks that Zane will have at his disposal with his newfound allies...

Of course there's nothing here yet ?


  • Pair of goggles
  • Snowboard (Collapsible and usually tucked away in his vest pocket)

Miscellaneous Information
Zane’s Theme | Battle Theme | Evolution Theme Ver 1 | Ver 2 | Ver 3

  • Zane is based on the OC character: Vash the Snow Wolf. However, rather than keep the Snow Wolf, I went with relating him to Guntiver the Arctic Wolf of the Sonic Comics, thus changing him completely.
  • Giving Zane Cryokinesis was a play on two facts: 1. That the only surviving member of the old age is Silver the Hedgehog, who used Psychokinesis. 2. Zane is an Arctic Wolf, who lives in the Northern Tundra...surrounded by ice and snow.
  • He believes his Cryokinesis isn’t actually a connection to the Chaos Force but something along the lines of a familial ability.
  • Zane is a very avid snowboarder and is one of the best in the Northern Tundra.
  • For the progress he's made throughout, a theme was selected for Zane to show off his progression. The theme that was chosen was "Rebellion" from the BlazBlue series. The first use of this theme was the first battle he had as a Dire Wolf in Dewdrop. Whenever this theme is used, it shows off that Zane is developing more and more with his skills.
  • In total, Zane has had roughly about three separate teachers/instructors in his life: his father, Fang the Arctic Wolf, ???, and of course, ???.
  • The song title used for Zane's Character app is "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner.
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Sure you Ken



"Punch it!"


Name: Ken 

Age: 22

Species: Hedgehog




Height: 3'5"

Weight: 95 lbs



You'd think that being a martial artist, Ken would be very level headed.  Ken, instead, is a very, rash, emotional, and aloof Hedgehog.  He isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's quick witted when it comes to cracking a joke.  He's always looking for a way to better himself, always struggling to improve against some invisible opposition he creates in his head.  Although Ken is very hard to handle, he's a loyal soul.  He has a sense of commitment that has no rivalry, and has never given up on any sort of goal he's set his mind too.  However, beneath all of these layers, lies a deep jealousy within Ken, that which drives his desire for self-improvement.  He always tries to stack himself up to someone who has something that he doesn't, and wishes he had those things deep within himself, mainly pertaining to chaos sensitive individuals.

Ken always down for a fight, and loves showing his progression as a martial artist with anything that moves, or doesn't.  He prefers to hit trees rather than people, as to not cause anymore lawsuits.  



Ken grew up in a small town in the western region of Mobius.  He can't quite remember the name of the town, but he sure can remember how it looked when it turned to ash.  Ken grew up along someone he has very fond, but faint memories of, who was better at everything than he was.  School, sports, you name it, he was better than Ken.  On one very hot winter day, around the time the two were 6, Ken and his friend were approached by an old grey hedgehog.  He said he had a mission to save these two boys, from a calamity that was just about to occur.  Ken was hesitant to accept the Hedgehog's outreached hand, but something pushed him from behind.  The other seemingly had vanished, as Ken looked back, only to see his previous life be swept away by flame and fire.

As he aged, Ken was told by his now mentor and father-figure, Silver the Hedgehog, that an old god named Solaris was going to destroy this world, just like he had their old world.  Silver would train the boy in the way of combat, as he had chosen the boy on account of his latent abilities deep within.  Ken was never able to pursue a path in using the Chaos Force, thinking Silver had made a mistake choosing him.  Instead of relenting, however, he trained his body to it's max potential.  He worked everyday tirelessly, always coming home with bruises and muscle spasms.  He'd hoped that this would gain the respect of his mentor, but he would have to train harder for that.

In his teens, Silver had confessed that he realized that Ken was terrible at controlling his Chaos Force.  However, he could still sense all the built up energy within Ken, and told him that instead of controlling Chaos, he should just set it loose like it was meant to be.  With many months of inflection and harsher training, Ken was finally able to realize his potential. In every being, there are inhibitors spread throughout the body that block the natural flow of Chaos Force.  Through unlocking each of them, the user is endowed with great physical power.  Since Ken was the first to somewhat control this technique, he was told to name it by Silver.  He dubbed his new found talent, Chaos Flow.  However, Ken knows he's nowhere near ready to take on any threat that Silver was able to back in the day, and trains tirelessly to this day.



Enhanced Physical Strength and Endurance:  Ken has trained his body to be more capable than that of many other Mobians.  He has a very vigorous workout routine, and one hell of a sparring partner in his brother.  With his devastating kicks, he has been seen kicking thick tree trunks in half.  

Advanced Speed: While not fast enough to break a sound barrier of any type, Ken still has the ability to become a blur to the untrained eye.

Chaos Flow:  Training his body to it's limits has allowed Ken to break down those limiting barriers though sheer force.  There are 7 Chaos Inhibitors throughout the body, and unlocking those grants the user unimaginable boosts to their abilities.  However, unlocking those natural inhibitors will surely cause strain on the users body, and they will suffer major damage upon locking the inhibitors back up.  

Weighted Gauntlets/Boots: To increase his striking power, Ken dons gauntlets, padded with heavy metal, as well as steel toes in his shoes.



Theme - Riled Up

-Ken has dyed some parts of his hair red, a strange ritual that he's done since he was a child.  He does this in memory of his friend he lost that fateful day.

-Ken's vest is weighted with 200 lbs.  It restrains him while also providing a workout.  

-Ken prefers to use his legs while fighting.  



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A month is soonish right?




"You kinda suck huh?"

Name: Flurry

Age: 19

Species: Lemur




Doesn't wear the necklace shown. Goggles are hit or miss depending on the task at hand. Never seems to have the same pair on twice. Shoes come and go too. Only constants to his look are the wristbands.

Height: 3'2"

Weight: 75 lbs



Flurry has a natural sense for how to maneuver in most social situations. At least with strangers anyway. Among those he doesn't know the lemur implements an appropriate amount of tact and will adapt the ideas he expresses as he gets a read on people and what makes them happy. He pays close attention to facial expressions, looking for potential negative emotions like anger or disgust early enough to divert the flow of conversation away from it. This naturally comes with a talent for conflict resolution so long as he isn't personally involved.

This skill turns out to be less than innocent, for when Flurry has actually moved past simple pleasantries with others he tends to tease and poke fun a lot more. Instead of averting big reactions, Flurry plays around with acquaintances to test the limits of their patience. This results in him being easily offensive with or without meaning to be with those he considers any sort of friend. The shift of social savant to unfiltered tease can be a bit abrupt and has prevented more than one friendship from really progressing into anything real.

Things get a bit more complicated whenever the lemur himself is involved in any sort of conflict. Flurry has only very rarely ever admitted to be wrong. Mistakes are often deflected to others or outside influences he couldn't account for. When the other side apologizes, Flurry is much more likely to try and brush the whole situation off as no big deal in a friendly manner but never actually apologize himself. Despite this, he will hold onto things for a long time to grumble about internally.

Flurry tends to seek isolation for more relaxed and happy times. Being around others for too long can get tiring depending on the activity at hand. The lemur is at his most relaxed when behind a screen, coding away. People getting in his space in these moments is a surefire way to annoy him. But it's important the quiet space still be open. Flurry gets incredibly anxious when it comes to tight spaces or being restricted physically in any way, even by another person. Outside of these fears it's difficult to get him to take anything too seriously, even fighting.



Movement has defined the young Flurry's life on Mobius. Growing up on a tropical island village naturally restricted how much there was to do of course but at the least he could always be finding new ways to move through the trees. But it was clear to him from a very young age that he wanted to go to other places where there was more to see and do. His parents were understanding but still insisted it was best they stick to their simple life. The village needed everyone to be united to keep going after all. It had been that way for generations. But just having tradition cited to him never satiated Flurry's inherent drive to see more beyond the small scale of the island.

This was only reinforced when he was able to accompany his father at the age of ten to the city of Metropolis. It was only a brief stay but the marvel of the technology of the city and the sites beyond the island were enough to tell Flurry what he wanted to do. This began the interest in coding, an art Flurry mostly had to teach himself in the years since. His island wasn't entirely stuck in the stone age in that regard so while difficult he was still able to get his hands on things to work with. But still there was a discontent about his life on the island.

The frustration came to a head when he was thirteen and had a particularly heated argument with his mother. He ran out into the island's jungle area and moved about the treetops with little focus on his actual physical movements. Before he knew it he was falling from such a height as to at least severely injure him. But who would find him all alone out here? Flurry braced for impact and closed his eyes only to open them and see he was hovering a foot off the ground. No sooner did he notice this than did whatever force was holding him up give out and he fell with a soft thud. He would go on to discover his power of pressure and develop the uses he has for it today.

At sixteen Flurry decided to leave home, at great protest from most everyone he knew. The world was too big and life too short so he had to get moving. For the last three years the lemur has had no real home but has moved about from place to place. Wherever he goes he sets up shop to tinker with computers some more and scrape together what money he bothers to. It's a carefree life with an ambiguous goal: to see everything there is. The good, the bad, and the boring. A lot of boring. It's about time to move on again now. Maybe write home for the first time in some months. Just a few more lines of code, just one more strange thing to investigate.



Lemur Traits: Pro climber for anything but the most smooth surfaces. Has scent glands on the wrists to mark things with to be able to track them at great distance.

Piezokinesis: Pressure manipulation. Primarily of air but other liquids and gasses can be controlled too though not those immediately inside a living being. Range of about thirty feet with diminishing precision in control the farther away. Increasing pressure is harder at higher altitudes and decreasing pressure is harder at lower altitudes. Makes Flurry incredibly sensitive to weather changes. This sensitivity and the power in general can be diminished slightly the more clothing Flurry is wearing but more powerfully the more he is physically restrained or cut off from outside air.

Combat applications include:
-Forceful "wind blasts" about a yard wide, loses effectiveness outside the thirty foot range. Can push or pull targets.
-Flight/Levitation (25 feet off the ground max if flying solo, exponentially less the more he's carrying)
-Pressure Dagger: Short range invisible weapon of compressed air capable of making incredibly clean cuts on living things but failing to pierce more dense objects. Visual tell of the user's clenched hand appearing to vibrate quickly. Moment the hand holding it opens the air disperses harmlessly.

Physical Capabilities: Not remarkably strong. Light on his feet but not fast compared to the speedier races on Mobius. Sub-par endurance. Very flexible and dexterous.

Pro Hacker: Skilled at messing with computers on a software end though not much of an actual tinkerer/inventor.



Theme - Hard Knock Days

-As touched upon in the personality section, Flurry is claustrophobic.

-The sound of approaching thunder in the distance is incredibly calming to Flurry.



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We Dig Robots


Name: MS-11 Chimera

Age: Unknown

Species: Metal Series Robot




Height: 5'0 ft (152.4 cm)

Weight: 276 lbs (125.2 kg)



Unlike many of Eggman's other robots, Chimera has completely free will... something he's not exactly sure how to use. He has a keen sense of sarcasm at his disposal and a dry sense of humor, bordering on that of dry remarks.

Despite the fact that Chimera will fight for the greater good, he still takes pleasure utilizing destructive methods and fighting with powerful opponents (even if they're his allies). He even gets giddy over the prospect of destroying something with excessive force and will shoot at just about anything if given the permission.

He occasionally has moments where he ponders on what his purpose now is. After all, he was built to kill people who where now dead. He does this when he's alone though, preferring not to show anything that looks like weakness.



Chimera was the last robot Eggman ever made before dying to old age. His mission was to wait for several years until Sonic and his friends were lulled into a sense of security before activating and killing off Sonic and his friends.

However, due to an error in the programming, Chimera was offline for over 200 years. When he came online, he found the mighty city now in ruins and his targets long dead. He now wanders the world, looking for a purpose.



Advanced Weaponry:  His armory consists of rapid-fire machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers blasters and missile launchers, and electric knees. 

Scanners: Chimera can use radio waves to talk with other Eggman robots and has sensors that allow him to detect energy signatures in various objects, areas, and beings, and even lets him analyze biological chances in other beings.

Somewhat above average but not too much Speed: He can move somewhat fast.

Above Average Strength: He is strong, weaker than an Echidna, but stronger than an average Mobian.

Limited Flight: He can fly, but it's limited. Rocket thrusters, yo.

Black Shield: He creates an energy field that protects him from any harm. However, he can not move when he does this.



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Hey, we bringing this back!? Am I late? Ah, who am I kidding? Yeah, I'm late.

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