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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai


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  • Genre

    • Animation
    • Action & Adventure
    • Sci-Fi & Fantasy


A long time ago, there was a valiant swordsman who came to be known simply as "the hero." There was a demon who has caused people suffering. The hero and his companions arrived to challenge the demon to a battle and by combining their powers, the battle was brought swift conclusion. With no one around to cause trouble, the island became a quiet place where everyone could live together in peace. Several years later, the demon is revived. Our present-day protagonist, Dai, lives on a remote island in the southern seas and dreams of becoming a great hero. When he hears about the demon's revival, Dai and his friends take it upon themselves to stop him and the evil force that revived him. Along the way, Dai discovers the identity of "the hero," the truth behind the evil force who revived the demon, and Dai's own hidden powers that surface in times of peril.



  • Atsumi Tanezaki
    Atsumi Tanezaki
    Dai (voice)
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga
    Toshiyuki Toyonaga
    Popp (voice)
  • Mikako Komatsu
    Mikako Komatsu
    Maam (voice)
  • Saori Hayami
    Saori Hayami
    Leona (voice)
  • Takahiro Sakurai
    Takahiro Sakurai
    Avan (voice)
  • Yūki Kaji
    Yūki Kaji
    Hyunckel (voice)
This page uses the themoviedb.org API.

I just finished the rest of the old series just after this first episode aired, though I was coincidentally watching it mostly on the day it'll be airing now. This is (probably dumbly) my first experience with Dragon Quest, but though by the books, it is shounen at its damn finest, just about (can't wait for Popp). Though it is mostly the same content as the older pilot, it did feel like there was some faster pacing, with the additional flashbacks the watchers of the older series can appreciate, since it directly deals with the last arc that was adapted, so there's certainly a lot to look forward to. 


Being officially translated and released in Latin America back then, it obviously wasn't as popular in NA and other places, so here's hoping the wider release of new Dai is a good. I keep hoping at least something less mainstream that I post gets some good discussion, and it never does, so I'll sprinkle in the rare anime I'll be watching that has a chance of being a bit more mainstream too.

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Another thing of note, the first episode sure did cut out that foot fetish scene.

Episode 2
Killing Machine looking a bit more modern, nice. Definitely quicker pacing now like I thought, they don't want to be spending the same amount of time to get to where the old anime left off and then not be able to get further again. Ah Popp! The best part of this series, coming to Dai.

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Oh yeah, also, it's quite funny to me that Avan's hair is the way it is now, when it did look more fitting of a hero back then (either that, or the "flashback" was more of an "artists rendition"). He looks like a damn judge.

Episode 3

lol this time the gargoyles are literally A & B instead of differently coloured clothes. Oh Popp, you'll get there. Though you really should take the special hard course...




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