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Fate/Chrono Break『OOC/Accepting/Don't be Scared, Give it a Try/Deadline Nov. 1st』

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OP: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Yosh - 『BELONG』
ED: Hiroyuki Sawano - Inferno




First and foremost, all NCM and RP section rules apply. That means no powerplaying, godmodding, etc. You know, obvious things that you should not do because you’re a decent human being. Also, super important, DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE.
I have final say. I am the law. However, I can be lenient if you are calm and explain yourself well. If you do not post within several days from when you are needed to post, I reserve the right to move your character. If you do not post for two weeks, then I reserve the right to write out your character. However, I can extend the timeline if you have a valid reason, but you have to tell me.
This is PG-16 to allow all kind of things to happen. Death happens, bad things happen, good things happen, stuff happens. Circle of Life, Circle of Death.



The year is 2020, and the world is in panic. A global pandemic has swept the world, while fires consume countries whole. Meanwhile, a plague of murderous hornets threatened to overtake the United States, and an entire city was engulfed in an explosion. However, this not what the world of magic was worried about.

For many years, the world of magic hid from the mundane in plain sight, ignoring the plights of the world in order to protect the secrets of magic and protect people from the darker side of the magical world. In order to help in these goals, they created the Chaldea Security Organization, which watches over the entire world's future to ensure humanity does not go extinct, and protects the past from being tampered with.

You have been handpicked by the Director of Chaldea to be a member of the A-Team, where you will be tasked with protecting the world. To help you do this, you are allowed one precious catalyst to help you summon a familiar that will fight with you and be your partner. Choose wisely....





Magic in this universe is a finite resource, pulled out of a metaphysical pool of mana, and the more people that tap into it, the weaker everyone's individual magic is. In order to prevent magic from getting too weak, it is kept a secret from the world at large. Most mage families in this world specialize in a type of magic, and will pass down the knowledge of their magic to only their families. It is a family's most treasured possession, and they will not allow outsiders to get an inside look at their magic.

Most families have hundreds of years of research and connections, but it is possible nowadays for a person with no magic lineage to spontaneously develop an affinity for magic. Some people are better inclined to magic than others, but not being well inclined does not mean you can not be a good mage.

Familiars are common in magic families, but the ability to summon high tier familiars is actually very rare and somewhat spontaneous. One of the major reasons you are selected for the A-Team is because you have a high affinity for these high tier familiars.

Chaldea Security Organization


Chaldea is an international, UN-sanctioned operation; a laboratory-observatory that recruits talented scientists and mages for the purpose of observing both the magical and scientific aspects of the world. They have a single goal: "to preserve the reign of the Human Order, above all else." In another words, they are here to make sure humanity does not go extinct. To help in this goal, they have built a way to observe the time stream, to confirm that humanity will exist in the future, and to look for anomalies in the past. They also have developed a way to time travel, to correct said anomalies.

Clock Tower


Located under the British Museum, this is the largest organization of Mages in the world. Chaldea is a subdivision of the Clock Tower, and was built with their help. There is a school here where people can learn to use their magic better, and because it is the biggest organization, most Mages get their formal training here.

The Director



Wodime Kirschtaria is a powerful and high ranking mage in the world of magic, so much so he was named the heir of a different family's magic. He currently works as the Director of Chaldea, using his connections and intimidating presence to make sure Chaldea is still running.

The Head Advisor



Albert is the textbook example of an eccentric genius. However, he doesn't look down on people, even with the habit of reminding people that he is a genius. He keeps the whole operation running, and is actually the reason why the time travel is even possible in the first place.

The Doctor



John is a doctor handpicked by Wodime to help out with Chaldea. While he is knowledgeable in secular magic, he is also well versed in herbs, and has healing magic. He's also the group's therapist

List of Catalysts


A teacup made of China
A golden ring
A silver bullet
A crown adorned with many jewels
An ordinary monocle
An old dog earred book
A harp
A red sword that pulses with energy
The reins of a horse
A fragment of a tablet
A piece of a ladder




Age: 13 year minimum, 70 maximum
Physical Description: Use of an Image is highly recommended. 1 paragraph of description minimum if you don't use a picture.
Personality: 2 paragraphs minimum
Biography: Your life growing up before being approached by Wodime to be a member of the A-Team. Remember that magic itself is supposed to be a well guarded secret, and it's like
Magic Specialty: A type of magic that you specialize in. It can be elemental based, or body modification, or whatever you can think of. It can not be too strong, however.
Catalyst: Pick a catalyst

Discord Link


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A discord link has been added to the OOC for easy access.

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1 hour ago, Saikazo said:

ED: Hiroyuki Sawano - Inferno


You motherfucker.


I'll take the teacup. And prestidigitation.

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I'll be having something soon...hopefully...probably... eyes the catalysts ...may be a bit...

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Mirror, We're Done...



"This time...I'm doing things for myself."

Personal Information

Name: Souta Aozaki (lit. 蒼崎南部, Aozaki Souta)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Physical Description:



Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs

The above is Souta's general appearance, taking heavy influence on the European style of an outfit (his first Mystic Code), as he feels it fits his personality and style (at least it's according to him). On the left side of his hip, Souta carries a rapier (his second Mystic Code). On his right hand, Souta has his Command Seal for his Servant, however he tends to keep his glove on to hide it.



One glance at Souta and one can tell immediately that he's not only a respectable young man, but one who is quite keen on minding his manners around others. While this is true, it's far from who Souta happens to be. He seems to always be wearing a mask, putting on the noble facade that he knows he has be known with. Courteous... Well-mannered... But still, something beyond the mask is there, if you know where to look. It's the true nature Souta has: a cold nature. He grew up knowing not a soul as a friend, thus being alone aside from his Aozaki clan family and his training on becoming a Magus, which aided in molding and forming this cold nature. However, he's trying to change that and has made strives to be better than what had befallen him during his preparations as a child.

While being prepared to become the next head of the Aozaki clan, Souta has hidden this side to him, as it's not what others should see the future head acting. Therefore, he always feels like he's living a lie about who he truly is. This also brings another problem up to him: Souta is always trying to figure out who he truly is. Is he the Aozaki clan's hope for redemption? Is he simply Souta Aozaki? Is he the proper fit for the Aozaki clan? Or is he simply a caged bird awaiting to be released? It's something he's always been thinking about, and it's something he's never truly found an answer to. Because of this, there are often times where he second guesses himself in certain situations...and in this world, the second guesses could be deadly. Nevertheless, he's hoping to try and figure out the answer to his mortal dilemma of identity with the help of his time in Chaldea.

Due to having things in his life being decided for him, Souta can get quite flustered and upset in regards to being told what to do. Because of how this is, he developed a bit of a rebellious side and definitely will do things he wants to do. At one point he tried to make sure it would coincide with the Aozaki clan's needs, but right now, he's doing things because he believes what he does is right and can help more than just his clan.

In the area of combat and his capabilities as a Magus, Souta shows quite the promise. Being able to master his clan's specialized elemental magic, along with adding a few other elements to his repertoire, he does his best to utilize his magic in a manner to have them flow together in a style that will produce the best result. Not only this, but being quite proficient and elegant in swordplay with his rapier, he can both support as well as lead an attack. That said, he does fancy himself a bit of a strategist when it comes to certain aspects of battle, though sometimes this isn't the case.



"What is my life but myself being strung up like a marionette..."

The Aozaki clan, a Magus family that had strong connections with wind magic, this was the family that Souta found himself born in. Truth be known, Souta at first never realized how much weight was put upon his shoulders being born a Magus within this clan...but when he found out, it was almost too much for him to bear. It wasn't necessarily the responsibilities he had to uphold...but a large amount of pride to carry with him from the clan.

Souta, once he came of age, learned that he was extremely lucky to be born the way he was. Normal Aozaki children born into the clan would have to deal with warring siblings to be the next head of the family: he was an only child. Usually, the number of Magic Circuits of Aozaki children decreased with each generation: Souta was gifted with just enough circuits to be above the average. In general, he had to count his lucky stars to be born like this within this clan. Nevertheless, Souta had a responsibility now to uphold the legacy that was the Aozaki clan, along with it's pride that there was hope for their clan with this one. At the same time, however, it seemed that the Aozaki clan had their hands in Souta's life more than normal...to which Souta had everything in his life decided for him. In truth...he despised everything about this life.

From a young age, his family did what they could to train Souta in the ways of being a Magus, getting him to master the elemental magic that the Aozaki clan was best at - Wind Magic, as well as getting him acquainted with the concepts of how this world worked. This long process of the grooming and training for Souta resulted in so much anguish and strife for the heir of the Aozaki, namely due to his father pushing and pressuring him, just like his grandfather and great grandfather before. This began to drive a wedge between Souta and his father further...and the resentment was truly felt between the two. Eventually the clan allowed Souta to leave Japan and to study abroad at the Mage's Association in England, allowing him an opportunity to more than prepare him for the world. However, when leaving for the association, he couldn't help but feel the pressure of being in this position in the Aozaki clan...nevertheless, even with this feeling, Souta put on a brave face and continued onward...all the while growing to resent it more.

During his time studying at the Mage's Association, Souta began to learn how to work with magic that actually would benefit from his own Wind Magic: Fire. He learned the tricks of the trade, as it were, developing his magic abilities more and more, even taking classes to learn how to fight properly as a Magus...even going as far to learn how to utilize a weapon in combat. Not long after his studies, Souta was planning to return to Japan in order to fully take the responsibility of being the clan head, that was...until he was approached by someone from a place called Chaldea.

A new opportunity presented itself in front of the young Magus...but was it something the Aozaki family would want? It wasn't, but the chance to do something good...as well as something HE wanted to do...an opportunity such as this never truly comes around again. And so, he accepted.



Wind Magic
A magic that was mastered at a young age, the pride, joy, and specialty of the Aozaki clan, this style of magic is Souta's specialty. With this style of magic, Souta uses it in order to assist himself and his allies in moving slightly quicker as well as utilizing a Counter Magic in the form of Aero Strike, which uses his rapier to create invisible impacts on desired targets. This style of magic also allows Souta to influence his Fire magic.

Other Magic

  • Fire Magic - A strong magic that Souta learned during his time at the Mage's Association, to pair well with his Wind magic. With this style of magic, Souta utilizes it in the way it was meant to be used...unbridled destruction that would engulf everything in it's path. Utilized in conjunction with his Wind magic, his flames will become influenced by the Magus.
  • Reinforcement Magic - While not something Souta does too much, he tends to use this magic to enhance his rapier, as well as increasing the sharpness to it. That's the extent of his usage for this style of magic.

Catalyst: Old dog eared book

Servant Information
Section will be filled out once the Summon has taken place

Misc. Information

Souta's Theme | Battle Theme (Alternative)

  • Souta's name means the following: Souta - A Japanese name translating to "a sudden sound of the wind". Aozaki - A Japanese name translating to "Blue Blossom".
  • The choice for Souta's magic, namely his elemental magic, came from the sole purpose of wanting to use fire magic in conjunction to a strong power source via the wind, as wind can influence the rate and intensity of how a flame can spread as well as being caused to move rapidly due to high winds. Needless to say, it's quite the combination.
  • Souta knows a total of four languages due to his time at the Mage's Association: English, French, Spanish and his native tongue of Japanese. In RP, if he uses the different languages, it'll be shown by the following: Japanese - [ ], French - ( ), Spanish - { }. English requires no tags due to this being the general language he uses to communicate with the others.
  • During the creation of Souta, starting with his Personality and then Biography, I had created with just staring at the image...I had unbeknownst to me created a character quite similar to another character: another rapier wielder, Weiss Schnee from RWBY.
    • Note: This was completely unintentional, but this type of character is something else I've never had the opportunity to RP as, so perhaps this was a good thing.
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A Storm Across the Motherland



"... by any means necessary."

Status: Alive


Name: Adonis Daiwe

Alias: A.D.

Age: 40

Gender: Male



Height: 6'3.5"/1.93m

Weight: 225lbs/102.05kg


Hailing from the People's Republic of Mozambique, deep in Maputo, Adonis holds the title of Ambassador. He is also the Director of Trade, and heads Mozambique's People's Defense Army, the largest in Afrikka. Born and raised in Maputo, Adonis grew up in a middle income family, learning to barter for other things he desired and developing a love for trade at a young age. His father, a local, low ranking representative of the Democratic Party of Mozambique, was very rarely home. His mother, a college professor of history, did her best to support Adonis when his father couldn't. This relationship with his parents would shape Adonis and the future of the political environment throughout Maputo, and later, all of Mozambique.

At age thirteen, in his first year in high school, Adonis made friends with a poor student by the name Gazali. He often saw Gazali come to school without shoes or clean clothes. They befriended over their shared love for hunting. This bond would lead Adonis to do things his mother would question. He would leave home with an extra lunch. He would bring his old clothes in his backpack. His friendship with Gazali developed quickly, and by the time they were both sixteen, Adonis had begun to understand the difference between the two of them. He had seen into Gazali's life, helping his friend to fill the gaps when others could not. He tutored Gazali, and Gazali in turn shared a secret with Adonis. Introducing Adonis to the world of magic, Gazali and he studied privately to better develop their skills, using their magic only in secret. Together, they would form a lifelong bond that would be the second step to shaping Adonis.

The final piece of the puzzle for Adonis' life came at age nineteen, shortly after he graduated from high school. His father, now a high ranking official in the DPM, was assassinated. A trade deal gone wrong for the Republic of Mozambique and Afrikka, had hindered on his father's vote. Voting against this trade, his father was murdered a week after it was settled.

It was these three key moments in Adonis' life that would have him study political science, international relations, and public administration. In what little downtime he had, Adonis studied martial arts, firearms training, and with Gazali at his side, he had also honed his magic skills. Over the course of twenty years, Adonis would reshape the politics of Mozambique, forming the People's Revolution Party, and earning a seat among the highest elected officials in Afrikka. With him, his newly hired body guard, spiritual advisor, magic teacher, and best friend, Gazali.

And today just so happened to be Adonis' birthday. "What have you learned in your forty years, Adonis?" Gazali asked as he raised a glass to his friend. Adonis smiled raising his own glass. A crackle in his eyes made Gazali blink. "I've learned that lightning does strike twice. And almost infinitely, if you hone it."

Their glasses clinked together and they both took a shot of Gazali's home made bourbon. "Not bad, right?" Gazali asked.

Adonis laughed, coughing at the strength of the bourbon. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were trying to kill me," he joked. "It's a delicious whiskey. I like the way it sits on my palette. I wonder what it would pair well with."

Adonis' phone began to ring. It was an unknown number. Gazali sat across from him now with a triangulating and tracing device in his hand. He gave Adonis a nod, and Adonis answered the phone.

"Director," Adonis said politely. "Yes, I have chosen my catalyst."

There was a brief moment of silence, then Adonis smiled. "Of course. I'll be ready and waiting." Adonis hung up the phone and sat it back on the table. "It's time, my friend."

Gazali sighed. "It's not often we part ways, A.D."

Adonis stood to his feet and shook Gazali's hand. "The world is in need of my services. In my stead, the people will need you."

Gazali was standing and gripped Adonis' hand tightly. "Be safe, brother. For the people."

Adonis nodded. "For the people."


Adonis is a very forward man. He believes in getting straight to the point. His rise to power in Mozambique took a lot of hard work, many defeats, and few victories. He does not care to partake willingly with anyone he has deemed an enemy. He is a fighter through and through and he does not relent. The proof is in his politics. Having engineered a powerful third party that has since pushed out two stagnant and harmful systems, he has not given his foes an inch. He learned from his father's stalwart stance that relinquishing anything to your opposition is a mistake. And all of these things he does for the sake of the happiness, safety, and security of his people. Thanks in no small part to Gazali.

With this in mind, Adonis will not hesitate to spill blood. He does not believe in, what he calls, "playing for pleasure". When the lives of others are at stake, pleasure comes last. This is the way he carries himself. From the earrings he wears from the Mandinka tribe, to the very air around him that weighs with pride and danger, he is a force to be reckoned with. He has few fears. Beyond losing his mother, failing his people, and losing his best friend, he does not present a weakness. Even now with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he does feel restraint. He is prepared, and the teachings of his people will prove that.


Adonis excels in lightning magic. Discovering his gift at a young age, with Gazali's help, he has nurtured and developed it for twenty-seven years. He can manipulate lightning in many ways, and conjure it from the air. At times of storms, his power grows ten-fold. Some of the talents from Adonis' magic include:

  • Immunity to shock
  • Flight (using electromagnetism)
  • Conjuring lightning from his fingertips and palms
  • Physical lightning buffer around the body to absorb high impact
  • The ability to sense natural storms up to three days before they occur
  • The ability to detect natural metals in the Earth (using electromagnetism)
  • General electricity manipulation (creating and stopping currents, drawing electricity from a nearby power source, and the like)


A fragment of a tablet...



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The Alchemist



"'Do I know what I'm doing?' If I didn't, I'd be dead already."

Name: Aino Koskinen
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Catalyst: A silver bullet




Height: 5'8"



In a world of labels like "people person," "animal person," and even "plant person," Aino is barely a person by any measure. She has no desire for pleasantries, and will try to keep conversations with others as short as she can so that she can go back to her lab and continue her alchemical research. This can be a problem, as even with dangerous inventions, her instructions will only cover the bare minimum of what to do or not do; Aino's safety warnings are the alchemy equivalent of "don't point the gun at yourself," and her usage instructions are likewise about as detailed as "pull the trigger." This isn't to say she's a rude or even blunt person; she just prefers exchanging as few words as possible.

This sense of minimalism isn't restricted to conversations, either. Aino generally prefers to have fewer of anything she can cut down on. If she pursued luxury or status, she claims, it would distract her from the things that matter. To her, that thing is mostly her research. By her account, however, the time spent in Chaldea so far has made Aino "go soft." By this she means - although she won't likely explain - that she has become open to other hobbies, rather than just staying holed up in her lab all the time, researching and tinkering. Since she isn't sure where to start with other pursuits, however, and doesn't like talking with people who would know, she simply casts the thoughts aside and keeps trying to make her next breakthrough.

In a similarly "soft" vein, Aino is an incredibly down-to-earth person, due in large part to some pretty unbiased views on what is what and a remarkable ability to very rarely hold a grudge. While she hasn't necessarily gone soft, she's certainly eased up from the sharp and bitter girl she was before entering Chaldea. All the same, however, Aino takes no shit from anyone, and won't hesitate to criticize a shortcoming or flaw she may notice. Especially if it's related to Director Wodime.



In a family of mages, Aino is something of a black sheep. Due to a poor affinity for magic, she isn't able to effectively cast spells, and being the only heir to the Koskinen magic, this was a problem. Although she was educated in magecraft all the same, expectations for Aino were low. Spells took longer for her to cast, and the effects were just the same as other mages, at best. Which is why Aino instead turned to alchemy. By creating magical devices, and combining the process with standard magecraft, she believed she would be able to crack the code to something far more powerful than either of these things on their own. As this wasn't a common approach to alchemy by any means, she was mostly on her own for research.

And to her credit, Aino was a brilliant alchemist. Too much so, both in her successes and her failures. This brilliance drove her family to the point that, both in the interest of their own safety and for fear of what Aino could accomplish if she became a decent mage, they forcibly removed her from their home, banishing her to the forests of northern Finland. From there, the Clock Tower rushed to find her. Not to offer her a job or lessons of course, but to stop her from breaking any new grounds in her research for fear that she might create something so grand that it could expose magic once and for all. While Aino wasn't given any materials to continue her research, she wasn't strictly locked away as a prisoner. This oversight allowed Aino to escape the Clock Tower, fleeing across Europe and making a beeline to her grand destination. An academy built by alchemists, for alchemists. A place that once she was in - if she got in - she would be in for good, and would no longer be bound by any rules or constraints in her research.

A place that Aino would have absolutely gotten into... if not for the fact that somebody in the Clock Tower had sent word to Chaldea that a brilliant alchemist had escaped the facility and was likely heading in that direction. At the gates of the academy, Aino was met with her final obstacle: Kirschtaria Wodime, the Director of Chaldea. While her ability to use magic was unimpressive, she did possess qualities Wodime was looking for. The academy did want Aino, but Wodime had stated that Chaldea needed her. Between Wodime's magical and political power, and some academy restrictions, there wasn't really anything the academy could do to stop him, so Aino was scooped up into an airplane, shipped to Chaldea, and here she remains, serving as one of its first employees and a member of the A-Team.

Understandably, she has a serious bone to pick with Wodime because of this sudden derailing of her plans.



Alchemy. Although she has a limited capacity for ice magic as well, Aino's true bread and butter is creating magical devices, be they weapons, trinkets, or other odds and ends. While her particular brand of research centers around the idea of combining traditional alchemy and magecraft, she's still perfectly capable of simply performing regular alchemy.

When not tinkering around, Aino's family magic revolves around the manipulation of ice.



Although she's conversationally fluent in it, Aino's English can still be a tad broken.



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"Save room for desesrt~!"


Name: Maita Masahiko 
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Physical Description: 





Maita Masahiko would be what everyone considers your typical 'party boy'.  He loves being the center of attention, and loves dishing out entertainment in any form appropriate to any given situation.  He loves seeing people smile, but he does it more for his own pleasure than anything.  With this personality, naturally he has a devilishly silver tongue that he uses to woo people to his side, as he has a tendency to avoid physical confrontation at all costs.  He doesn't hate many things in this wonderful life, but if he was held at gunpoint and told to say what he did hate, he'd confess to hating the thought of being alone, and being sad.  

That's why Masahiko tends to build an entourage around himself, to keep away the seclusion he'd otherwise face.  Masahiko also has one big problem in the fact that he loves to drink alcohol, and a lot of it.  He's a skilled bartender, and cook, and usually is always seen with some sort of glass with an alcoholic beverage inside.  When he's drunk, he tends to get into weird bouts of machismo, challenging nearby onlookers to feats of strength.  No one has yet beat him in his signature competition, the pinkie pullup.



Maita Masahiko was born on a chilly winter day, on January 2nd.  His mother and father had quite rushed their relationship, and weren't up to the task of being parents.  However, they gave their son their all, and doted on him constantly.  If one parent wasn't within eyesight when he was a child, he would throw a massive fit, only being calmed down by a swift coddling and lullaby.  His family owned a restaurant, which they lived in a tiny space above the place.  They attracted many locales, as they were the only restaurant within a feasible walking distance in their town.  They scraped by, and Masahiko helped with the work when he became of age.  His father taught him how to cook, and even added some of Masahiko's originals to the family restaurants menu.  The praise he received from the dishes was enough to make him blush.  He was starting to get addicted to this kind of stuff.  When he became skilled enough at cooking, his father decided to pass down the family Magic to him.  

Learning magic was surreal for Masahiko.  Never once had he saw his father do such a thing...well maybe when he saw the spoon moving on its own to whip some eggs once...but he thought he was just seeing things.  Now here he was, learning another amazing thing about his family.  Would he be able to impress even more people with this?  Would they admire him more if he was able to do good with it?  As naturally as he had become an impressive chef, so to did he gain a grasp on his lineages magic.  It wasn't what he had thought of when his Dad had first told him about all of this, but it was certainly unique.  With this, Masahiko was sent to an academy, away from the mainland, to study even more.  Although he was never really great at trying his hands at other kinds of magic, he had a knack for his families, and continued to improve with each coming day.  

A straight A student, and one of the most popular teens in his class, Masahiko came back home with his parents in awe.  He had graduated in the top 1% of his class.  The only reason he hadn't reached the tippy top was because his friends begged him not to.  How could he refuse such a sad scene.  Masahiko had the opportunity to teach at the academy, but instead, opted to stay at his families restaurant.  He had dreams of making a franchise out of the place one day, so that he could take care of his family one day.  A couple years later, their family was blessed with another child.  It aggravated him a bit, seeing as how he'd be getting less attention from his parents, but maybe his new sister would grow up to be a little like him...he could teach her all about the mages...all about how to be cool...all about how not to kill your mother during childbirth...

Masahiko was never the same after his dad brought his sister home with a bittersweet smile.

In a rage, Masahiko left the house, and pursued a teaching career at the Magic Academy, where he was renowned as a class clown in the shoes of a teacher.  

Magic Specialty:


Momentum Magic:  Using symbols made from magic, the user is able to control, stop, or increase the momentum and trajectory of an object.  Masahiko uses symbols, such as arrows and red circles, to do this.  However, before anything must be manipulated by his magic, they must come into contact with the magic symbols he creates.  The Magic symbols need a couple of seconds to create, and fade away whenever the user wishes, although it takes up magic stamina to keep them up.  

Arrow - A missile like projectile that Masahiko fires in a straight line.  If the arrow comes into contact with anything, it punctures the object, and the object will follow whatever direction the arrow was pointed in.  He can create arrows with curves as well, making it possible to boomerang objects hit by them.  

Red Circle - Typically used for defense, any object that touches his red circle will lose all momentum, and stop in it's tracks.

Green Circle - Any object that passes through his green circle will increase in momentum.  

Catalyst: A Golden Ring


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"À mes fans... Je t'aime!"


Le Nom
Genevieve "Genny" Mireille

Le Genre



La Personnalité
Genny is fairly spoiled. She expects the best of the best from everything. Food, music, service, clothing... You name it. That is to say, she's a bit of a diva. Juuust a bit. She is always in pristine condition, if she can help it.

Of course, that's not all there is to her. Genevieve is a rather kind girl, but she is more than a little afraid of opening up to others. So much could go wrong. So many things could come out. She cannot afford for that to happen. As such, she tends to wall off her heart. Her past is not something she wishes to speak about, or even acknowledge.

 She puts forward the persona of an idol, almost, complete with constant politeness, as well as a cordial, if not friendly, tone... but it is somewhat at odds with her heart. Still it's safer than letting people know the truth, so that's all that matters.

And, of course, she does truly love the stage, performing, music, all things entertainment and fanservice. Hell, music is probably the one thing to get her to open up on... although, probably the one she's pickiest about, as well.  

She adores animals. She has a pet dog that she keeps in perfect condition.

One more important note: She truly believes human beings are selfish creatures, with their motivations being entirely based on personal gain. To the point that she acknowledges that her own kindness, fanservice, and performing absolutely is self-serving, no matter how genuine. She enjoys the attention she gets for it, so it has to be self-serving, right?

La Biographie
As the third daughter of a commuting fisherman and a stay-at-home mother, Julia often felt neglected in her childhood. Her father was in Atlantic City 5 days a week, working for what seemed to be a piddling amount, and her mother had to split her attention between her and her older sisters, and the family had no pets of their own due to expenses. Being the youngest, one would think that Julia would warrant more attention, but she always felt like she came in last place. Her clothes were what her sisters used to wear, she had no toys of her own, and she even had no friends of her own. A tiny community like her small New Tork town didn't see many children born, and she was stuck in last place for the majority of her young life. And for anything beyond a boring, basic community college in the future? If her big sisters couldn't go on one, she could forget it.
To draw attention to herself, Julia tried her best to sing, dance, clown around, and otherwise entertain people. Mimic things that she had seen on the limited television that they had available. However, the colder weather of the area reflected the hearts of the community, and even a 10 year old trying her best was shunned. "Problem child", "loud brat", "obnoxious"... She never got a kind word from anyone, except her father when he was home. 
He was the only person who paid attention to her, telling her stories of the city. The lights, sounds, tastes, and wonder it held. Her eyes lit up bright as she spent time with the person who was her world. However, the extra attention that the "little princess" got from her father drew the hatred of her sisters. They tormented her endlessly when their father was away, always denying it when Julia  told her mother. Her mother instead told her to behave herself, leaving Julia to become more withdrawn over time. 
Her growing height didn't help matters, either. At 14, she was taller than her mother and sisters by a decent margin, clearly taking after her father. She was constantly accused of hogging the meager amounts of food the family had, even if someone else served her. "Someone that big has to be eating a ton", her family and townsfolk alike would say. As she grew more withdrawn, even her father had trouble getting her to open up. It took a lot of prodding before she confided in him how she dreaded living there, how miserable she was, and how she wanted to see the city, be part of something bigger... And he promised her he would, when they had the money to.
His promised would not hold. It soon came out that her father had been making far more than he said. Enough that the family could have moved to Atlantic City for a better life for the girls... But he had spent it gambling. Night after night, he played the slots after he finished fishing for the day, only managing to make his debt to the casino grow. How was he to know that the slots were rigged?

Her heart broken, Julia took off into the night, running away. She didn't even leave a note as she fled, tears in her eyes. The one person she loved, the only one in the world who treated her like a person, the one who knew how much she hated being stuck in that little town... Was just the same as the rest of them. And so, Julia Rudolf went missing, never found... Considered dead by the town she came from. The sad story of a troubled child.


Years later, a new star had appeared on Broadway, taking the scene by storm. Any play she was in, any musical performance that this woman, hailing from France, had a hand in turned to gold. Genevieve Mireille was a star in every sense at only 25, and everyone wanted to know her secret. How she was able to make such captivating, enthralling, bewitching performances. 

Of course, who would believe that magic was real? It sounded like a fairy tale... especially with the context of our little Cinderella here. Indeed, she had found a world beyond her imagining by sheer luck as a street urchin, not that anyone would know... but that is a story for another time. For now, someone actually believed magic was real, not to mention had their own. As quickly as Genny had taken the scene by storm, she found herself whisked away from the limelight, and on to bigger and better things... or so she was told. Being a savior of the waking world didn't sound nearly as marvelous as the stage, but it would have to do.

La Spécialité Magique
Musical Enchantment Magic: Genny has the ability to channel her magic through an instrument she plays or her very voice, giving the music a bewitching effect. Buff, debuff, or in-between, it's the ability to inflict status on those who hear it according to the music she plays. Different instruments also have different effects, but it's not practical to carry most instruments around. 

Ordinary Monocle


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