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radio414 rates music thread

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22 hours ago, LordCowCow said:


It was only a few weeks ago that I found out most of the songs in the movie are, like, 15-20 years older than the movie itself. This one is fine, though it obviously needs choreography to go along with it (like the Fred Astaire one a page or two ago) 6/10

OP Suggestion: have a proggy, shoegazey sort of track with a band name that lies to you 7/10 


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20 hours ago, LordCowCow said:


cool song cool dance 7/10

not sure about those outfits tho

a friend of mine introduced bjork by saying "she slapped a guy who said 'welcome to bangkok'" which was a weird non-sequitur but sure i guess i like bjork now 7.5/10 


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