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NCM Holy Grail War 2.0 (‽/OOC/NS/A/Casual/PG16)

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Let's make use of the casual RP section for this retry of the HGW concept.

Casual RP Rules


https://neocardmaker.com/index.php?/topic/19-role-playing-rules/ yeah I don't want to copy paste them all. They are here, you can figure it out.

Rules Specific to this RP


so most of the combat will be done by the servants, controlled by me, as was done with the original ncm hgw. That being said, you do get to choose the class of your servant, as well as whatever kind of magic you want to use as a player character. Either or both of these can be reserved at time of interest being expressed. If you want your type of magic to be secret, you can reach out to me privately about that. Feel free to reserve nonstandard classes like shielder, foreigner, etc. I'll figure stuff out for them, I'm a clever dude.

Character apps are not needed, you will be playing as yourselves, as was done with the original NCM HGW. Honestly this is gonna be pretty easy for you guys, and it can't be that hard for me, can it?

There will be a maximum of 7 participants. First come first serve.

Oh and if y'all have your own ideas for what you want to be your servant, I'm all ears. Less work for me.

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