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Truffle Shuffle

Time Lizard

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This sounds interesting. The card is like something you'd see out of a GX episode and I can't really think of something beyond Ultimate Tyranno or Superconductor Tyranno.
I think the early eras of the game could have used something a Level 8 vanilla 2800 Dino considering compared to dragons dinosaurs were the next biggest thing. Guess they had Black Tyranno back then (with protagonist stats iirc).

Kinda don't dig the "burn + nothing" effect but well... I guess that's the OG Time Wizard for you.... Man I hate it when thematic reasons pull things down this much but can't be helped xD

Btw, the art is very cool. Gotta love that face and uniform xD

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It's already fine as a casual/for-fun card, but if you want to give it any competitive potential I suggest to start by dropping the "win or lose" nature of the effect and make both coin results positive. For example you can make it Summon the Reptile or Dinosaur when you call it right, but add it to the hand when you call it wrong. That way you aren't gambling or losing anything, only one outcome is better than the other, in most cases at least because some monsters may prefer to be in the hand than on the board. A hard OPT clause would be in order, too.

Summoning from the Deck would be a big boon too, but then I would be concerned because Dinosaurs are actually on top tier levels last time I checked, and although this isn't a Dinosaur, being able to Summon 1 dino straight from the Deck could be too much of a boost. Then again, the effect is costing you a monster, this card will either take your NS or spend an SS effect, and it would have the chance of getting the other coin result so you could actually get away with grabbing form the Deck.

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