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Summer Darj

Dracrown of Mysterion

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Mysterion no Ryuukan / Dracrown of Mysterion
LIGHT Spellcaster / Fusion / Effect
LV8 3000/1500
1 Spellcaster monster + 1 Dragon monster
You can only use this card name’s (2) effect once per turn.
Cannot be used as a Fusion Material.
(1) Loses 100 ATK for each of your banished cards.
(2) If a monster(s) is Special Summoned by its own activated monster effect, or by the activated effect of a monster with the same original Type: You can target of 1 of those Summoned monsters; banish it and all monsters on the field with the same original Type.

Source: https://ygorganization.com/liov-dracrown-of-mysterion/

Curious to read opinions on this card. I find this really intriguing and still has me puzzled on its usefulness. I read it being compared to a replacement for Red Eyes Dragoon, or perhaps a downgrade, and in a way it is, but in another way it does something Dragoon doesn't. I find strange that it has a couple of downsides (the self-ATK reduction, and including itself in the banishment it it targets a Spellcaster), as if it needed nerfs somehow, then the lock from being used a material feels a bit random but at least it wards from opposing Super-Polys. It's not a Red Eyes monster so it's not a easy to drop as Dragoon, although it's still accessible through Magicalize Fusion. And personally I find the art super cool and IDK if it's tied to a series or archetype.

Edited by Summer Darj

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