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Wits & Mayhem - An animesque Superhero Setting [Not Started | PG-16 | Interest Check]

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So, you see, in this world, many concepts coexist - magic, mutants, supernatural beings, wacky inventions and so much more. It's no surprise that in this world where there are many ways to acquire power, some would use them for good and others would use them for evil. That's how superheroes and supervillains naturally pop up in this world - power, altruism and corruption.

Today, a series of events will lead to the unity of some of these superheroes - some famous, some fresh, all protecting different cities and towns. They would go on to form a team that unites under the most dire of circumstances - or not-so-dire.

What are these series of events, you might ask? Well uh... go read the news or something, or get there before the news does by luck or by chance, because it might already be too late the moment the public catches up on what's hidden.

Whatever awaits you won't be a single threat. After this fiasco, expect many more to come.

NOTES: This roleplay will have inspirations from Tokusatsu, Magical Girl series, Western comics & certain anime series parodying or drawing inspiration from superheroics.



The ghosting rule will not be applied to this RP and will be waived. That doesn't excuse me from bugging you to post though.

As this will be an Advanced RP, a minimum of 100 words will apply.

Aside from these, standard section and forum rules apply.

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