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March 2021 Drawings so far~

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So I think it is a bit pointless to continue posting this kind of thing at my club. Not only am I the only member so I can't successfully build the sort of group of regulars I've got at the YCM club's counterpart, but this section itself also pretty much doesn't see much use so I guess we can get to it.

- - - -

Starting up, I tested doing some sketching at work during breaks but it isn't easy for me.  This is an OC of mine called Patsy along with blobs that didn't go anywhere, but my intention was to make fruits and vegetables of exotic-looking designs or even fantasy-looking ones. 
The second drawing is also her but done a little more properly at home with coloring. I was kinda sleep deprived but it still turned out kinda alright xD



This one was originally meant for card art featuring a single character performing different actions. More specifically "general goodie" kinda Spell effects connected by a feature of "you can swap this card in hand for another of these cards from your Deck, which in turn cannot be swapped this turn". The first image has a broken lock inside a flame (reference to "De-Spell" but meant to be more of an MST or even maybe a Heavy Storm.... IDK). Second one is a wink at Raigeki. That's the gist of it..... swappable staples, but the drawings don't actually lend themselves well for card art due to their dimensions and composition.... still good warm up I suppose xD



This one was more of a request from a friend. Ib, that girl from the World Chalice storyline of the Yugioh cards. More specifically that one banned synchro. However, done in my cutesy style of dot eyes (see first spoiler here for reference). Right now just a sketch:


This is a witch character (card) along with her team members. Not for Yugioh this time but for a custom TCG I've been designing in my spare time but that I wanna get to it in detail only when I have enough parts of it ready for it to look appealing. Two drawings again, first the colored version of her that I made earlier (probably back in December) to give a sample of her appearance in a finished drawing. The other is the sketch I actually have still waiting to re-open to work some more on it.



If you wanna trash them or just say "nice" feel free to tell me. Or whatever that comes to mind~

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1 minute ago, LordCowCow said:



anyway question



umm no xD
That's a skull faced ghost. The other sketch besides it showcases it at the upper right corner of the group shot.
The theme is that the witch manages paths to/from dreams, and that little critter I call the "Nightmare Assistant". 
Though she is holding an angry sheep in the sketch unlike the finished drawing.. I think I have a colored version of it around here.....



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