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Disney+ Marvel Show: What If...?

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One of the MANY Marvel shows coming to Disney+ is an animated series titled "What If...?" and according to everything I've seen about it, it's going to be a series based on if events within the MCU happened differently just like the 13 issue comic book series. Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes that will be apart of the MCU's Phase Four and a 2nd season is currently in development. The cast will be comprised of Jeffrey Wright as The Watcher as well as each episode will have the cast from the MCU reprising their roles from the films (Chris Evan's as Steve Rogers, Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, Josh Brolin as Thanos, etc). The episodes that have been shown off in the first look trailer look to feature "What if Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers?" And "What if T'Challa was Star Lord?" As well as something to do with Winter Soldier and Marvel Zombies. My question for everyone is... if you could make an episode from anything that happened in the MCU that happened differently, what would you want to see? Personally, I'd love to see "What if The Snap wiped out the other 50% instead?"

Here is the first look trailer we got back in December 


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I'm honestly curious if it'll bring in other famous "What-If" titles from the comics...there's plenty of them. Of course, I'm expecting not to be there like "What-If Spider-Man Became the Punisher", since we still know not about the Punisher's place in the MCU thus far. Honestly, there's A LOT of What-If scenarios I want to see, but we currently can't given the fact that certain players haven't been introduced to the MCU yet.

Back to the question at hand:

  • What If Whiplash Lived? - Immediately giving Stark another villain to deal with (either him or Rhodey).
  • What If Captain America led all the heroes against the Sokovia Accords/Superhero Registration Act? - Basically literally taken from the comics itself...I want to see this in animation.
  • What If Mysterio was actually good? - I mean, they led us so hard (those who weren't aware of Mysterio and his true dealings) that this was the case...so I'd enjoy seeing this too. An alternative for this would be...
  • What If Mysterio became the Sorcerer Supreme? - What better way to be a hero than being the Sorcerer Supreme?

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