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New project advice request / interest check

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crossposted from YCM https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/405074-new-project-advice-request-interest-check/?tab=comments#comment-7185725

so i have an idea for a story, that i'm working on - perhaps a book for all ages, so i don't have to extend the first draft length beyond my stamina's limits. my other projects, i aimed for full length novel length, but i think if i can make my book more accessible to younger ages instead of just the grown ups, i will not have to have as much copy (although i'm aware that it also means i will need to put more care into choice of words.)

the basic idea is: following the story of a child's growth, but as she grows up, the town grows up and the magic (for lack of a better word, more on this later) starts to go away: we follow the grown-up version's narration as she recounts the events, hoping to come to peace with that process. (the idea of a narrator recalling events that ended without a complete happy ending, is partially borrowed from my recent re-reading of "The Little Prince".)

the town begins as something resembling a village, secluded from the 'modern' world and at peace with itself; the gradual transformation of the village from a community into a destination, starting with a railroad arriving at the town, eventually causes the community to lose itself in the new attention. (the town is based on Hallstatt, a village in Austria, and the process is partially drawn from its tourism problem.) the 'magic' system in my story, while it does cause abilities, is more built around enlightenment than power, but it gets lost in the shuffle of the town's transformation, as well as the kid's changing life around him as he grows up.

these changes help reflect the more fundamental change from a benevolent community to an impersonal society, which as a thematic motif is meant for a more thoughtful, perhaps grown-up reader, while the sense of wonder in the early scenes and the narrator's eventual coming to terms  in the later one, are meant to help extend the appeal to all ages. (again, based on reception of "The Little Prince" from kids and adults alike.)

does this suggest any other works you read? what did you appreciate of dislike about it? in addition, if you had anything to contribute or suggest or want me to elaborate on, let me know.

NOTE: this thread is not meant to be a continuation of my conflict thread.

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