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[Interest Check/PG-16] Our Turn to Die

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Death Game by Majority


Hey, you. You know what a Majority Vote is?


Great, then that means the game is fresh for everyone. That’s wonderful news, we don’t have to worry about preparing you all too much. We’ll wake you up when it’s your turn to go.

━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

RP Information



First things first… Be prepared to die. Your characters will not be safe in this environment, and as the cast gets smaller, your chance of survival gets slimmer.

I do have final say over the RP, but… Generally, this is going to be heavily influenced by the players. I don’t have a 100% set in stone script. I have loose events that can happen, and the way those play out after isn’t dictated out at all really, because I don’t know how you all will react.

In the same vein, I have no plans on who lives and who dies. To say it’s up to chance isn’t entirely correct, but the nature of the game means there will be a chance of just poor luck happening for your character.

Because of this, if a player feels they can handle two characters fine, I’m open to the idea. That doesn’t mean everyone can get two characters, or even that everyone who wants one will get one, because the cast size does affect which NPCs I’ll use. I have more than I need for it, but it’s not a set in stone situation.

More information about the setting? It's a modern day type setting, real world based, your characters are just normal people, normal lives, with their own hopes, dreams and aspirations. One day, they noticed that they were being trailed by an odd van, it always seemed to be nearby, despite their best attempts to shake it off. More proper information would come when the OoC thread is ready, but...

Finally... I have no guarantee on when I can actually start this thing, if people are interested. I know it's normal to wait and post interest checks when you have a solid base for the RP ready to start, but because I don't know if enough people are interested in this, I don't want to get a lot planned out for RP purposes and then have no interest. The best I can say is that I would like to have this ready to go before the end of the year.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

The Game Itself



Your characters will not have access to the following information at the start of the RP, but you will.

Your characters will wake up in a strange room, notably only having a bed and a door leaving it, there’s nothing else inside of the room, from there, your characters will be introduced to the idea of a Sub Game.

The Sub Game is different each time, and will be explained to the characters when they reach it. It can vary wildly on each floor and there’s no guarantee on what it might be. After completing the Sub Game of the floor, the players will move on to the next part.

The Main Game is the main draw of this RP. While the rules and roles stay the same each time, each round may, or may not, have a twist that makes the system play a tiny bit different. Players will receive a role through some means, and the game is to figure out who to vote for. The person who is voted for will be executed, and the game ends if the players execute a safe target. The Roles are Commoner, Sage, Keymaster, and the Sacrifice. The Sage, Keymaster, and Sacrifice are one of a kind roles with special abilities and drawbacks, while commoners are plentiful, anyone who doesn’t have one of the first three cards will have one of them.

The Commoner has no special abilities to work with. Their goal is to vote for another Commoner or the Sage to survive.

The Sage knows the Identity of the Keymaster through divination. They are free to use this information how they please, but they cannot lie about the results of a divination. Because the Sage has no inbuilt protection, if people know they're a Sage, they become a target for the vote. Their goal is to vote for a Commoner to survive.

The Keymaster is immune… But only if people know and believe they are the Keymaster. This is because if the Keymaster receives Majority Vote, everyone is executed and the Game ends. Their goal is to vote for a Commoner or Sage to survive, if they are voted for, everyone dies.

The Sacrifice gets to vote twice. Their goal is to be the person voted for at the end of the Main Game, and if they are, they win! They get to survive and pick one person to leave the game with them. Everyone else is executed. If they don’t get voted for, they are executed alongside the Commoner or Sage.

The Main Game is broken into two voting sections.

The cast gets to discuss who they wish to vote for, for a period of time before the first vote. The first vote narrows the cast down from the initial amount to half, and these are the people available for the final vote to determined who the Majority Vote is.

Once again, the cast gets to discuss their vote. They can talk among themselves, question each other, and do their best to figure out who they need to vote for, or who they should avoid voting for… Then they vote. If they vote safely, the chosen party and the Sacrifice are both executed, and the Main Game ends.

After each Main Game, the remaining players move on to the next floor, where the next sub game begins and the cycle repeats until the Death Game has a winner.


━━━━━━━ ⟡ ━━━━━━━

Like I said, I don't know for sure when I can start this. Even if I don't really have enough people interested, that's okay! I'll turn it into a story instead of using as RP material. As is, I don't know if it's really that great for RP's as is, and I give it to the judgement of the site to determine that. A forum game, possibly, would be easier to run, but one of the biggest draws of it to me is the potential for character development and interaction. That said, it would be very dialogue heavy, there isn't much in the way of combat in this type of RP, though strength is necessarily useless.

There's also the nature of the Main Game to think about. Realistically... The game could be over in the very first Main Game. If that happened, well, it would be sad for the RP, but I take that as the natural, potential course of it. Not every game is meant to last for ages, and this one could end quickly, or be much longer, depending on how the cast votes.

If it winds up not being of interest, that's understandable, that's the point of interest checks after all.

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I’m interested, duh.

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