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Mr. Hyde

Medabots: The Pit (Interest Check)

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(Uh oh here he goes again making another Interest Check)


Nobody knows why, or when, the pit was made.  All that people know is that it rains metal from the heavens.  Once every year, the sky of the pit opens, and a cavalcade of trash is thrown into the pit.  Alongside the garbage are treasures, battling robots known once as Medabots.  It's said in the past that these Medabots were used as a form of entertainment, but that's all changed in the pit.  Getting your hands on a Medabots frame is akin to hitting the lottery, and the denizens of the pit war for these.  At the bottom of the pit is where the scrappers reside, the lowest caste of people who live in the lowest level of this place.  Down here, it's a miracle to even find a scrap piece of Medabots material, let alone a whole frame.  Down here, robattling is a battle of life or death.  You are a scrapper...and your hopes to rise to the top of the pit is all that keeps you going...can you Robattle to the top, and solve the mysteries of the pit?

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