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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cosmic Path [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting/Started]

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Back by... a degree of demand!




In the not-so-distant future, Duel Monsters has continued to work towards its latest and greatest evolution! Each of the headlining events of the past, such as Action Duels, Turbo Duels, and maybe even Deck Masters are the headlining events of major tournaments for the world’s most popular sport, with duelists specializing in each! But the real stars are those who participate in Team Duels, matches that feature multiple types of duels at a time!

You are a member of a team in the Minor Circuit of the World Duel Monsters Organization. Formed by some students attending college in Seattle, WA, your group came together over a flier for a Duel Monsters team, open to anyone in their age group attending or otherwise, though it was never anything serious… Just some duels for fun here, there, wherever, particularly against groups from different colleges. That is, until you were approached by a manager who saw the talent your group exhibited, and offered you a chance to form a team. With the official team being newly formed, your first order of business will be to give your team a name. After that, it’s off to the races!

Where your journey into the world of Professional Dueling will take you is anyone’s guess… But what you do know is that a new path has opened before you.

Rules + General Info


Basic rules apply.
Don’t be a dick. No, seriously. Causing trouble is grounds for you being kicked, warning or not.
I reserve the right to control your character as needed for the plot, if I must. However, I would greatly prefer not to.
This is an AU. Neither original Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe(s), nor our current world.
This will end up having some Sports Anime vibes to it, and there will be a good amount of focus on the relationships between the six members of the team. There may or may not be an overarching story that ends in saving the world (I’ll never tell), but the vast majority will focus on the matches the team has trying to build a name for themselves as they steadily work their way up to the Major Circuit.



Master Rule Neo

In the current Duel Monsters format, Pendulums are not limited by Link Monsters, and the Pendulum Zones have been moved back to their original location. Otherwise, it is the same as Master Rule 2020. In addition, all duels are played with 4000 Life Points, unless otherwise stated. When designing and playing your character, please do not go for the easy OTK when you see it.

Action Duels
A duel monster format that specializes in mobility and clever deck building for utility. In this format, players have the ability to explore an environment created by a field spell card that is activated at the start of the duel, changing each time. Action Cards are scattered about, with effects that can either help or harm the player that picks it up. Each player can only pick up one Action Card per turn.

Turbo Duels
Card Games on Motorcycles. This alternate format has a resource system for Speed Spells, more powerful spells that require Speed Counters as a threshold or cost to activate. Each turn, players gain 2 Speed Counters, going from 0 to 12 over time. There are cards that exist that can accelerate this resource gain, as well as ways to spend it. Each duel begins with the activation of Speed World 3, a spell that gives players an active use for the counters. Speed World 3 is identical to Speed World 2, but it does not ban non-Speed Spells.

Standard Duels
Also called Standing Duels, these duels have nothing that stands out about them. Instead, the duelists themselves tend to have a higher level of technical skill than the rest of their teams, standing out as paragons of Duel Monsters itself.

Relay Duels
Similar to a regular team duel, except they are sequential, with a teammate continuing the duel where the one before them left off. Board state, graveyard, banish, etc. remain, but hand and decks do not. Only certain teams tend to participate in these types of duels.

Tag Duels
Unlikely to come up, but need I say more?

Deck Masters
A special rule that is not always invoked. In these duels, players will select a single card from their Main Deck to serve as your deck master. Each deck master has a special ability that can apply or be used from outside the game, they can be placed on the field (not summoned) once per game, and if they leave the field, except as material, you lose the game. If they leave the field as material, the new monster becomes your deck master. Each player has a registered deck master with the deck they use.

Most teams consist of 6 members. 2 Action Duelists, 2 Turbo Duelists, and 2 Standard Duelists. However, there are notable exceptions, such as the current top team in the world, Team Trinity, has only 3.

More added later. Probably.



Before we get into the App itself, there are a couple important things to go over, in regards to it.

The first is that each character can only use 1 type of summoning method at the start, out of Fusions, Rituals, Synchros, Xyz, and Pendulum.

Despite this, I greatly encourage decks that can branch off into multiple summoning types. After all, the more you bond with your teammates, the more you’ll learn about yourself and/or them... and the more your deck can evolve with you.

The next thing is the role your character takes. As stated, there are only 2 slots per role, so try to discuss it with other players in the discord chat, as well as keep in mind what has already been posted app-wise, so as not to bite off more than you can chew.

Also, please place your app in a spoiler. I know that’s generally accepted, but figured I would cover my bases.

Name: [derp]
Age: [18-22]
Birthday: [don’t worry about year]
Role: [Action, Turbo, Standard]
Appearance: [Picture works, but height is nice to know.]
Personality: [1 paragraph, minimum]
Biography: [2 paragraphs, minimum. Make sure to cover how they ended up at college in Seattle and what they were doing before they joined the casual team. Also, I actively encourage you to talk to other interested players about what they plan to do, so you can make your bios deeper.]
Deck and Ace Card: [specify both, but you don’t have to give me full card lists.]
Miscellaneous: [Go nuts.]


One last thing. This IS limited acceptance. I am looking for 6 RPers to make the team of 6. I know that sort of thing doesn't sit well with a lot of people, and I apologize, but the structure comes first in this situation.

And, as mentioned, only one player per summoning type, at the start.



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Do I dare try and go for the Mathmech player again? ? Trick Question...I ain't!

24K Magic



"Alright then...let's put on a show they'll never forget!"

Personal Information
Name: Daichi Raimu (Lit. Raimu Daichi 来夢 大智)
Age: 20
Birthday: December 19th
Role: Action | Flex [Standard]


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 129 lbs

Daichi is fairly tanned and sports a brown messy hair style to match his olive green eyes. Being one for Action Duels, Daichi is very slim but well built for the needed parkour and acrobatics needed to perform. Depicted above is Daichi's normal attire (birds not included). In a few Action Duels, not all mind you, there are moments where Daichi wants to feel flashy and really put on a show. These are the moments where he adopts his "Moonlit Magician" persona and tosses on a costume he modeled after the card, "White Magical Hat", just with a bit of inverted colors.



Daichi is actually an upbeat young man who is always smiling just being able to find reasons to smile in any situation. This young man is both kind and loyal to those he considers to be friends and doesn't care about the social status of a person, be it a normal individual or some of high status in the world. It doesn't matter one bit to him, he'll treat them all with respect and always be willing to try and make them smile, either by a simple card trick or an attempt to dazzle them with any other magic trick,

While he is always smiling and happy, there are times when like any normal person would have when they get irritated. Not only that, Daichi seems to have a bit of a nervous tick about him in the form that in most situations where he's sitting down, his right leg will start to bounce up and down in a occasional bursts. He honestly doesn't know why he does it or when he does it, until someone finally tells him if he could stop.

Bottom line for him, he absolutely loves to make others smile in everything he does...especially Dueling. In an Action Duel, Daichi does his best to put on a show, doing whatever he can to show off. Rather than focusing on winning, he prefers to focus on how he can get the audience pumped and excited, and when that happens, usually winning falls into place for him. Does this mean he wins all his Duels? Far from it, but he likes to put the audience before himself in a Duel, in order to make them happy.



"Ladies and gentlemen! Step right this way! The show's about to start!"

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Daichi Raimu was constantly around performers, entertainers and of course magicians and illusionists. It was no surprise that the young boy took a shining and enjoyment from this form of entertainment. He found that things such as this could bring some enjoyment and even smiles from the audience and he wanted more than anything to be like that. However, while he had aspirations of being a magician and illusionist like he had seen and even knew how to do a few tricks here and there, he was simply the son of a couple who ran a game store...nothing there could really help with his dream there. That was...until he learned about Duel Monsters and even the style of Dueling that was one of the most entertaining: Action Duels.

He had always seen other kids play Duel Monsters, but never played much himself...but when he saw the fantastic display of these Duelists and entertainers in these Action Duels, he wanted to start playing and learn the game just to be able to be a Duelist on those Action Fields. This was where he was introduced to his favorite and ace of his first deck, thanks to his parents: Sorcerer of Dark Magic. It was a monster that seemed both cool and mysterious at the same time and the young boy fell in love with it, using it every single chance he could. While his deck changed and shifted as he grew, Sorcerer of Dark Magic remained at the core of it, keeping it as a staple to him. Before leaving Las Vegas, Daichi's deck changed completely to fit the best style he knew would benefit Action Duels: Pendulums.

As mentioned, Daichi did eventually leave Las Vegas, after winning one or two small Duel Monster tournaments and displaying his skills on the Action Field. He knew he was built for this type of Dueling and traveled across the U.S. to compete and make the audience smile and enjoy themselves with these displays. Did he always win: not at all, but did he have fun regardless: absolutely. This is, about when he made his way to Seattle...there were rumors and talks within the circuits that a group of college students were making a team to work with the Minor Circuits of the World Duel Monsters Organization. What new magic and entertainment could he work with in this group that was presented to him by a Duelist named Vega? Only time would truly tell...time to raise the curtain and start the show with style!

Duelist Information
Alias: The Moonlit Magician


Magical Showtime!

With his specialty of Pendulum Summoning, Daichi runs a deck full of Pendulum Magicians. While others would use an engine of Performapals or even Odd-Eyes, Daichi prefers to have his style of Dueling deal with just Magicians in general...fitting with his general aesthetic and love for magic.

As it is a Pendulum deck, it specializes in the method of Pendulum Summoning to which he can have multiple monsters out at the same time, while also gaining some field control in the form of the various Monster and Pendulum effects that affect his monsters while on the field (from keeping the opponent from activating Spells and Traps until the end of the Damage Step, to protection for his monsters against an opponent's card effects, etc.). However, this doesn't mean that all of his plans and field control tactics deal with Pendulums...no...some deal with other things. For instance, Daichi runs the Effect Monster, Rapid-Fire Magician, for his effect simply. And why is this? Simple: the Action Duels. Generally, most Action Spells are classified as Normal Spells and therefore, along with the Normal Spells in his deck...Rapid-Fire's constant Life Point burn will be triggering.

Generally one Duelist has roughly one Ace card...but Daichi has two:



Monsters - 23
Dragonpit Magician
Dragonpulse Magician
Sorcerer of Dark Magic
Dharma-Eye Magician
Oafdragon Magician 2x
Stargazer Magician 2x
Acrobatic Magician 2x
PPal Skullcrobat Joker
Rapid-Fire Magician 3x
Wisdome-Eye Magician
Double Iris Magician 2x
PPal Pendulum Sorcerer 2x
Abyss Actor - Curtain Raiser 2x
Timegazer Magician 2x

Spells - 17
Pendulum Transfer 2x
Pendulum Treasure 2x
Pendulum Halt 2x
Duelist Alliance 3x
Amazing Pendulum
Pendulum Call 2x
Pot of Riches 2x
Pendulum Impenetrable
Soul Pendulum
Star Pendulumgraph

Traps - 6
Pendulum Area
Pendulum Back
Pendulum Reborn
Time Pendulumgraph
Pendulum Switch
Unwavering Bond

Extra Deck - 0

Future Cards Obtained:


These are cards that will be granted to Daichi throughout the RP...they are not in order of obtainability but in order of their mechanics being released:




(Quick Effect): You can discard 1 Spell Card; Ritual Summon this card from the Pendulum Zone. You must also tribute monsters from your field or other Pendulum Zone whose total Levels equal or exceed 7.
This card can only be Ritual Summoned by the Pendulum Effect of "Magician of Dark Magic". While this is face-up on the field, you may discard a Trap card; Activate one of the following:
●When an opponent's monster declares an attack: Destroy all your opponent's Attack Position monsters.
●Target 1 Effect Monster your opponent controls: While you control this card in a Monster Zone, negate the effects of the targeted monster and it cannot attack or change it's battle position.
●When your opponent Normal or Special Summons a monster(s): Target 1 of those monsters and 1 Spellcaster monster you control to the GY, then you can Special Summon 1 DARK Spellcaster from your Deck or GY.
You can only select one of each effect once per turn.



Made by (Giga)









Miscellaneous Information
Daichi’s Theme | Duel Theme (Alternative) | Turnabout! Theme | Summoning Ace

  • Daichi's name can be translated into the following: Daichi - Big, Great, Wisdom, Intellect, Raimu - This can be roughly translated as "next illusion" with the kanji combination of 来夢.
  • Daichi's name could also be a reference to Dai Vernon, a Canadian magician who was famous for sleight of hand.
  • His birthday is shared by the illusionist Criss Angel.

Thoughts on the Team


Decided to write at least something down. Strangely enough, Vega told us it was a good team building exercise. Who am I to disagree with our manager. So let's see how these teammates mesh with one another.

Rosalia Marlowe
The one called "Sniper" on the team, as well as our resident heiress...princess? Maybe both of those titles are a bit much, but despite her coming from a wealthy family in DC, she's quite the self reliant woman. Polite, respectful, a hard worker...and this all just observations without even mentioning her Dueling skill! The skill she has is amazing...same time a frightening sight to behold. When her and her Rokket deck hit the stage, she adopts this more intimidating presence. Which is a sad thing, remove the intimidating presence and she could really get the crowds roaring with her Rokkets. Still to say, she's a Duelist that excels best with her Link Monsters...and quite frankly it shows immensely.

Kendra Brooke
The team's Sleeper and resident Xyz specialist. She's one of the more approachable members of the team, with her easy to get along with attitude about her. Now if we can only get her on a proper sleeping schedule...if we did that then she'd probably be on fire! Anyway, aside from that, as mentioned her specialty is Xyz and she works quite well with her Batteryman. She has a delightful deck that with the proper applications could dazzle a show and excite the masses...but she doesn't prefer the Action Duel scene. It's a shame really…

Sai Sashisematta
Now what can be said about the foreign team member in the crew, Sai? Well, for starters it's good to see another Japanese individual here to have representation aside from myself and Evelyn. After that, he's got a similar view to me: he thinks Dueling should be a type of performance first. He's an actor and showman through and through...and that's a good thing...sometimes. Only time when it isn't is when he purposely throws a Duel because it would be "more entertaining" or his control freak-esque tendencies. Aside from that, he's a nice guy who happens to be our Fusion expert with his Despia.

Evelyn Takao
Speaking of the other Japanese representative, next is Evelyn Takao and her Ritual style and Nephthys. She's got the small talk going on, so it's hard to really make friends with. Gonna try to work on that...hopefully. She's also very competitive, I mean who isn't? She's also got a bit of a recklessness streak going on that goes hand in hand with her initiative to do things...fairly certain that's gonna be a bad thing later on if she keeps this up, but hey I'm not a psychic, only a magician and illusionist. Anyway, the deck she uses, Nephthys, well...for lack of a better term, they blow things up...A LOT. Same time, done properly she could keep the crowd's attention with the explosions they throw out.

Falisha Outsword
The next one on the list is Falisha, our resident Russian lady. She's pretty much a research buff, always experimenting and testing...might wanna mention it's generally in the realm of Duel Monsters and not straight up science. Trying to keep her attention, well, if you aren't one of the more interesting things that has her attention can be a bit difficult, but she's a relatively nice woman to be around. She's our Synchro expert who runs Adamancipator...and that alone is a deck that'll make the audience go crazy if done correctly. The gems of the Synchro monsters would definitely be a dazzling light display. Hmmm, wonder if her and Kendra could work together and make a beautiful display of a show. Gotta make a note of that!

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So, small update, which I will add to the OP when I’m home.

This is going to be a 6 Player RP, with my character being a team manager. As such LINKS ARE ON THE TABLE.

will also promote it to OOC when I do

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Name: Rosalia Marlowe

Age: 21

Birthday: April 5th

Role: Standard Duelist (willing to switch to Action if we REALLY need it)



Height- 5’9”. Often wears black or dark blue, and tends to be very well-dressed and elegant in appearance. Usually stands taller than her regular height as she usually wears heels.


Personality: Rosalia is a very quiet young woman, who rarely offers an opinion unless asked for it. She’s a very studious, hard worker who often spaces out as she tries to mentally juggle a wide variety of things, lost in her thoughts (and occasionally sleep deprivation). She is exceptionally honest, both with others and herself, though she’s rare to ever be the one to start a conversation. Very shy, she rarely speaks to others with more words than are strictly necessary, though she hides her nerves quite well.

She considers herself a very self-reliant woman, having a deep desire to not have to rely on other people. She wants nothing less than to not feel like a burden, and doesn’t think too much of herself. What she does know is that dueling is one of the few places where she feels in control, and it shows, the young woman being decisive and sharp when behind a Duel Disk, a much more intimidating presence in a duel, to the point where some of the other members of the duel club who didn't make the team had a small degree of nervousness around her.

Behind the quiet is a very introspective young woman who wants to feel useful, but has spent her whole life being taught not to intrude. She is very polite and respectful to others, and, though she’s never said as such, harbors deep respect for every member of the team. While she has one of the higher win rates among them, she considers that secondary, seeing in each of them the value behind their raw numbers and, while envious of those same qualities, very much seeing their worth.



Born to a wealthy family, Rosalia was the middle child of three to a father who held a job in the D.C. area working for the government, at a job she never fully understood. She and her siblings were shipped all across the country as children, across a variety of boarding schools. She was never really close with her father, as she spent more time at school then she ever did behind his doors. She constantly felt lonely and called home often, having a very difficult time making friends. She quickly became the least favorite of her siblings, as far as her father was concerned. He expected excellence from his children, and felt that Rosalia was too reliant on her parental support system. At the age of 13 he told her she needed to start relying on herself more, to be more confident. He chose to facilitate that by limiting her calls to the family home to once every three months.

Rosalia had a very tough time adjusting at first. It wasn’t until she got into Duel Monsters that she had much in common with the other girls at school, having previously not fit in well with her fellow junior socialites. She gravitated naturally towards Dragon monsters, feeling safe and secure behind their mighty attack power and feeling comfortable with people looking at her beside these great creatures. 

Her father didn’t particularly agree. While he considered dueling a perfectly fine vocation, he took issue with Rosalia’s grades sliding as she improved herself at it. Especially when compared to her sister Aspen, who was also cultivating a dueling career and had kept her grades very high. Rosalia was moved across the county to a school in Seattle for high school, which destabilized her immensely.

After a long time of self-reflection, Rosalia had to admit that her father had somewhat of a point. She decided to commit herself to gaining some control over her life for once. Over the course of high school she became a dedicated workaholic, working multiple jobs in order to save up a fund for herself, while juggling her schooling and dueling all quite well, to her father’s pleasure. But her choice to go to a much more simple college instead of a higher institute of learning was a point of contention between the two. She was told she would receive no payment for her schooling and would have to support herself if she went forward. Rosalia did not hesitate to remind her father he had told her to be more self-reliant, and she entered the college that would lead her to the duel team she sits on now.


Deck and Ace Card: 

Rosalia uses a deck filled with Dragons that are as fierce in a duel as she is, using a variety of quickly-summoned monsters to facilitate her Link Monsters. Her deck is especially set up to use a series of Rokket monsters, that, when in conjunction with her ace Borreload Dragon and the litany of powerful trap cards she plays, give her a myriad of answers to brutally shut out her opponents while focusing down their Life Points. 

She is a very forward-minded duelist, always trying to see as many steps ahead as possible and anticipate countermaneuvers. Dueling is the only place where she feels she has full control of her life, and where she has total confidence. 



Rosalia’s family consists of- Thomas Marlowe (father, age 61), Annmarie Marlowe (mother, age 47), Aspen Marlowe (older sister, age 24), Jacob Marlowe (younger brother, age 19).

Rosalia, up to joining the team, worked three part-time jobs, at a local library, a burger joint, and as an occasional student office assistant. Because of this she’s spent the least amount of time amongst the team, and has the fewest number of duels on the books, though most of her results are very impressive.

Her favorite food is eggs benedict, though she hasn’t had it in some years.

Her blood type is A negative.

She hasn’t spoken with her father for two and a half years, and talks to most of her family rarely.

Her elder sister Aspen is a member of a Minor Circuit team called Team Star Squadron.

Rosalia has gained the nickname “Sniper” among the team, as she has a reputation for anticipating the moves of her opponents and moving to stop them before they happen. 

Rosalia’s Duel Disk is circular and dark blue in color with a glowing green, dragon-head blade.

She owns a small pair of reading glasses that she really should wear while dueling but always forgets to.

She's picked up a myriad of small useful skills over her three years supporting herself, like sewing and cooking, that she didn't have any need to know when she lived in a wealthy home.

Custom Cards


Sniperokket Dragon
Level 3, DARK Dragon
When a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets this face-up card on the field (Quick Effect): You can destroy this card, then declare 1 card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap); Your opponent reveals their hand and discards a card of the declared type. During the End Phase, if this card is in the GY because it was destroyed on the field by battle or card effect and sent there this turn: You can Special Summon 1 "Rokket" monster from your Deck, except "Sniperokket Dragon". You can only use each effect of "Sniperokket Dragon" once per turn.

Minerokket Dragon
Level 4, DARK Dragon
When a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets this face-up card on the field (Quick Effect): You can destroy this card, then banish cards in your opponent's GY equal to the Link Rating of that Link Monster. During the End Phase, if this card is in the GY because it was destroyed on the field by battle or card effect and sent there this turn: You can Special Summon 1 "Rokket" monster from your Deck, except "Minerokket Dragon". You can only use each effect of "Minerokket Dragon" once per turn.

Chaffrokket Dragon
Level 3, DARK Dragon
When a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets this face-up card on the field (Quick Effect): You can destroy this card, then target 1 card on the field: It is unaffected by other card effects this turn. During the End Phase, if this card is in the GY because it was destroyed on the field by battle or card effect and sent there this turn: You can Special Summon 1 "Rokket" monster from your Deck, except "Chaffrokket Dragon". You can only use each effect of "Chaffrokket Dragon" once per turn.

Team Ops


Sai? I enjoy spending time around Sai; He fills up enough space for two people. I feel less like I need to speak around him. He's the only one of us with any real experience, from back in the Japanese Minor Circuit. His experience is invaluable. He reminds me of some of the people my mother would have over for parties, though I think he's much more clever than any of them ever were. He thinks he's got everything figured out. Maybe he does, and I'm just too scared to follow. I don't think he likes me very much. I don't talk about my family much but I think he's smart enough to figure out I very much come from that world he dislikes. Well. At least he tolerates me.

Daichi has always been very kind to me. A very good sport, very kind man. Sai's duels are very much about himself... Not in a bad way of course. But Daichi's very different in that regard. I've always been very empressed about how he makes everyone around him feel like they're on the Action Field below. He can have them all with him alongside his monsters... Some of us hide behind our cards more than he does. I'm glad we have someone with his positivity. Not just for our career as a team, but just... for us.

Eve has a drive I wish I had. I became a duelist because it was the only thing I was good at, she became a duelist because she wanted it to be something she was good at. She's... very enthusiastic. She's doing her best to make me feel included, I think, even though she's rather new. She's very good to have around... She's dedicated to getting better as a duelist all the time. We've dueled a handful of times and even though she hasn't beaten me yet, she gets closer every time. It's hard to do that. I'm not sure how she'll shape up on the team, but I'm optimistic.

I haven't talked to Falisha much. Two ships in the night, I suppose... We just never seem to really be able to talk with each other much. Maybe now that I'm not working all the time and she's cutting back on her research that'll change? It could be nice for us to have a bit more free time. I'd love to know more about her geology workings; I don't understand it, much, but I'm sure it's really very interesting.

I think Kendra might benefit if I give her some time management tips. I've pulled many late nights these last few years myself, and I feel bad for her. Those drinks she has certainly don't help... Maybe she could switch to tea? It seems to work for her, at any rate; She's always dragging me downtown, wanting to get my advice on clothes for when we start appearing to the public as a team, and of course of dueling... She's a bit of a whirlwind I don't know what to do with. I think she means well, though... I'm glad for her enthusiasm.


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The Sleeper



"I'm just tired, please let me nap in peace."



Name: Kendra Brooke

Age: 21

Birthday: February 18th

Role: Standard




Kendra stands around 5'11 in height, and she's often found wearing clothing that isn't too tight, baggy enough for her to be able to recline comfortably and relax in.



Kendra is, at her core, tired. You could try to use the term laid back, but you wouldn't be right. She was high strung more often than not. Calm? Absolutely not, there's a sense of haphazardness in the way she does most things. Her irregular sleeping hours, the fact that she tends to push herself to be awake longer then necessary, and the constant intake of overly sugar-filled drinks in an attempt to squeeze out every drop of energy over the course of a day makes sure of it. It definitely isn't healthy, but she doesn't seem to notice how bad it is for her really. As a result, her daily routine tends to involve sneaking in little naps when appropriate... Which has gotten harder and harder as the years went by, obviously.

Outside of her tired demeanor, she's relatively easy to get along with. Her brand of excitement is a lot more subdued than other people, but it exists. In fact, it exists a lot. She may not always have the energy to drag people around if they're more outspoken than her, but she has the determination to force her own body through extreme punishment, just for the sake of her hobbies. And whether that results in people tagging along... But even if she has to fight to pull them with her limited stamina, she will. Her lack of energy betrays the stubbornness that she has underneath all of it, a sense of ambition that she claims doesn't exist. She harshly rebukes the idea that she knows what she's doing with her life, but she always seems to be ready to point towards the next task to be done, whether it's part of a group or just her own personal life.

That's not to say she has everything together, she has a horrible time figuring out what the next step should be... Her skill seems to only extend to getting things done, rather than actually being able to plan ahead effectively. This leads to her being a mixed bag, in terms of reliability. If you have something in mind that needs to be done, she'll get it done at her own pace, but if you're looking for someone who can take a direction without too much guidance... The end result may end up delayed by a while. That said, she knows very well she can't bring other's down with her, and gives special effort to those who are relying on her. Personal projects and school work? Those can take a backseat to helping those who request it from her.

She sees herself as someone who can be approached and can help those who want it, someone who can be reliable when it matters, even if she doesn't see herself as someone going places in life.



Having been born in the small town of Carnation, Washington, Kendra wasn't really given a fighting shot to succeed in life from the start. Her parents, while not cold to her or even distant from her, were often busy in her early life, leaving her with family members who babysat her. Some of them were more interested in her well being than others, so experiences varied wildly for her from the start. Her parents both worked, constantly swapping jobs to make ends meet, barely able to live paycheck to paycheck safely.

As she grew older, she quickly began to notice that... They often went without new things. Her parents were thrifty and able to keep the house together well, her mother worked with a few different construction companies and picked up tips and tricks that helped keep things repaired, but they were often just tired. They didn't have time to spend with her, even as she grew more and wanted to spend more time with them. As a result, she had to grow to be more... Independent. She learned to take care of herself a bit better, earlier than most, while she was still in elementary school. She grew accustomed to setting up her own dinners and snacks in the evenings when her parents had to work later shifts and the one watching her had to go back to their own home. The neighborhood was quiet and she was never really in danger... But it was a lot for a kid.

Around her early teens, she began to look for hobbies that she could get into, without having to worry about her parents providing for it. She drifted around for a bit, art supplies were too expensive, and she couldn't afford them very often. Sports were out of the question, she couldn't afford the equipment costs at all... But a few of her friends had started to drag her into a card game they got into, and let her borrow a spare deck to get acquainted with the game. It wasn't something she found particularly... Interesting right at the start, the cards they used were a low power level. She began to work odd jobs around the neighborhood as she grew older, taking on babysitting jobs so that she could afford to put together her own deck as time went on. With the help from a few friends, she was able to scrounge together a fairly decent Batteryman deck, with a focus on Xyz Monsters since her friends preferred the other summoning types once they had pooled together a decent set of resources.

When she could get rides to them, she began to take part in little competitions, starting with small game stores. Small prizes at first, things that helped her build her deck, gain more resources over time, were incredibly valuable to her. They let her broaden her scope to continue growing her deck, obtaining rarer Xyz Monsters and more support options... And it caught the eye of a college in Seattle, a place that was scoping out the Duel Monster's scene, in case it was something for them to take more seriously.

Unfortunately, Kendra felt like her attempts at college life were worth nothing. Her grades were average and okay, but they were declining the more she went on. Her work with the Duel Monsters club was alright enough too, she helped the club make a bit of a splash by being a reliable, strong contender, if a bit slow to get moving, and ultimately... She decided that sticking with college, an uncertain path that she didn't feel much for, wouldn't help her feel anything.

She left the college after two years, slipping off to try and find something more 'worthwhile'. She made money competing in local contests, holding down a small job in the meantime, and kept herself barely afloat before finally getting an opportunity to join a proper tournament circuit team...

Deck and Ace


Kendra uses the Batteryman Archetype with a focus on Xyz Summoning through battery floods.

Because Batterymen don't have a dedicated Xyz Monster, I FIXED IT.


Ultra-Electromagnetic Radiation Dragon
Thunder / LIGHT
Rank 4 Xyz Monster
3 or more Level 4 LIGHT Monsters

If this card was Xyz Summoned by using one or more of the following monsters as Xyz Material OR has one or more of the following monsters as Xyz Material, it gains the appropriate effect(s):

-Batteryman 9-Volt: When this card attacks: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Send 1 “Batteryman” Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, this card's ATK and DEF become double its original ATK and DEF until the end of your opponent's next turn.

-Batteryman AAA – When a “Batteryman” monster is Normal Summoned, you can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Special Summon 1 “Batteryman” Monster with the same name from your Deck or Graveyard.  

-Batteryman Solar – You can detach 3 Xyz Materials from this card; Special Summon as many “Batteryman Radiation Token” (Thunder/LIGHT/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0) as possible, up to the number of "Batteryman" Monsters in your GY . While these Tokens are on the Field, this card cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects.

Attack: 2900 / Defense: 1600

In the future, there may or may not be more Xyz custom monsters coming, depends on what gets ruled by hostoblakeo.

Misc. Stuff

Kendra's Theme

-Kendra has very little family that she actively talks to right now. Her parents are still often busy with work, she'll call in with them maybe once a week to check and see how things are going.

-Kendra doesn't spend that much on the card game surprisingly. She's gotten particularly effective at finding the best money managing cuts, to no surprise... But that's not to say she never spends a bit more than she should.


-She's not much of a foodie, partially cause of money, partially cause of her just wanting to get things over with. That includes just eating and getting home generally.

-She does like to bake though. Her attempts at it vary wildly, but she messes around with it on a regular basis. Not that she really talks about it to people.

Team Musings




Still working on the profile, gonna do touch ups and update some stuff, so things might change, but the skeleton should be roughly the same.

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I'll be back again, and I'll be ritual again!

Haunted Friend of the Outback Requiem


"...we all have ghosts, Vega. I just choose to hide mine."

Name : Katherine Lee

Age: 19

Birthday: April 14

Role: Action



Katherine is 6’ 1” tall and has blonde hair. Her arm lights, battery shoulder pad, and duel disk can be placed with any outfit she chooses, but she typically wears a sweatshirt and sweatpants.





Katherine is a friendly, albeit shy person. She normally comes across as very withdrawn and polite, but as people get to know her, she gradually opens up to them. While presenting a calm facade to most of those around her, Katherine is actually a very emotional person, bottling her emotions inside until she either experiences an emotional outburst or fainting event. She only feels comfortable expressing her true feelings with close friends or family. Katherine is risk-adverse due to both a natural disposition towards it and her condition. Despite this, Katherine would do anything for her close friends, even if it means risking her life. Due to the death of her middle school friends, Katherine suffers from survivor's guilt and self-doubt. Katherine’s trauma makes her somewhat withdrawn, making her more likely to want to stay at home and read, browse the internet, watch anime/tv, or play video games instead of actively trying to make new friends. However, Katherine heavily values friendships and goes out of her way to hang out with her friends instead of isolating herself.

Katherine’s nervousness to express her emotions with words has led to her color-coding her emotions using her arm lights. Yellow lights are her default state and happiness, red lights represent anger, blue lights represent sadness, purple lights represent panic, pink lights represent afraid, orange lights represent surprise, and green lights represent embarrassment. She only tells what her arm lights actually represent to those close to her.



Katherine was born near Sydney, Australia. She has an unusual disability which has defied medical explanation: she faints when she gets excessively stressed, scared, or upset. Katherine's disorder is compounded by her emotional nature, making her especially at risk of fainting from tense situations. Katherine’s disorder caused her parents to enroll her into her school’s special needs program despite her relative lack of problems with academics. Katherine was frequently bullied for her presence in the special needs program, which led her to faint, which led to more bullying, and so on and so forth. This led Katherine to be a loner and ultimately led her to try and remain as calm as possible, leading her to hide her emotions from everyone except her own parents.

Katherine’s life began to turn around when she first discovered Duel Monsters when she was 8. The game provided an escape from the stressful environment of school and provided a way to make friends through dueling. Katherine started with a basic Cyber Dragon deck and gradually got more and more cards and became a fairly skilled duelist. She ended up making a small group of close friends during middle school. Life was looking up for Katherine, and she was feeling more confident than ever before. Then came the outbreak.

Katherine and her friend group caught a particularly dangerous disease, which lead to Katherine falling into a coma for a few days. By the time she woke, Katherine was the last survivor. Katherine had to remain in the hospital for 2 more days from shock. This massive amount of trauma led Katherine to close herself off even more than before, masking her mourning and guilt beneath a mask of calm. Throughout high school, Katherine kept her calm facade despite dealing with significant mental health issues. It was during her freshman year that she got back into Duel Monsters and received her first Crane Curtain cards from a new expansion, making some new friends despite her past experiences. At the end of her senior year, Katherine was at her most mentally “healthy” point post-trauma, starting to find new coping mechanisms and managing to win a local Duel Monsters tournament.

Despite her parent’s concerns, Katherine has chosen to go to college in the United States, specifically Seattle, to study game design. Feeling very alone in the US, Katherine is searching for people she can believe in and be friends with, despite her worries about doing so.

Deck and Ace Card:


Katherine is running a Crane Curtain token/ritual deck supported by some Impcantation cards to search out her Ritual Monsters and Ritual Spells. Her ace card, Craned Curtain - Infested Curtarica, especially fits the amount of tokens the deck produces.

Custom Cards:

Crane Curtain - Flaminglo



When this card is summoned, summon 1 "Crane Curtain Actling" token (*/LIGHT/Machine/ATK:100/DEF:100). When this token is tributed, draw a card. Machine-type monsters you control cannot be affected by the effects of DARK attribute monsters.



Craned Curtain - Incandescent Flaminglo



(This card also acts as a Zombie type Monster)

You can ritual summon this card with any “Crane Curtain” ritual spell. All Crane Curtain cards and machine-type monsters you control cannot be affected by the effects of DARK attribute. You may tribute one token to draw one card. 



Crane Curtain - Blockdor

WIND ****


When this card is summoned, search your deck for one “Crane Curtain” monster and add it to your hand. Once per turn, you may discard a card to summon a "Crane Curtain Actling" token (*/WIND/Machine/ATK:100/DEF:100). When this token is tributed, shuffle one “Crane Curtain” card or Machine-type monster from your graveyard back into your deck.



Craned Curtain - Lead Blockdor

WIND ****


(This card also acts as a Zombie type Monster)

You can ritual summon this card with any “Crane Curtain” ritual spell. You may tribute a token to shuffle any number of “Crane Curtain” cards or Machine-type monsters in your graveyard into your deck. Machine-type monsters you control gain 100 ATK whenever a card is destroyed or sent into any player’s graveyard.



Crane Curtain - Curtarica

DARK *******


When this monster is summoned, you may special summon another “Crane Curtain” monster from your hand. Once per turn you may declare one card type and tribute one token; Machine-type monsters you control cannot be targeted by the effects of your opponent’s cards of that type for the rest of the turn. This is a quick effect.



Craned Curtain - Infested Curtarica

DARK *******


(This card also acts as a Zombie type Monster)

You can ritual summon this card with any “Crane Curtain” ritual spell. Every time a “Crane Curtain Actling” token is summoned, you may summon another, identical token with the same name, and this card gains 100 ATK. This card cannot be targeted by your opponent’s card effects. Once per turn you may declare one card type and tribute a token; Machine-type monsters and “Crane Curtain” cards you control cannot be targeted by the effects of your opponent’s cards of that type for the rest of the turn. This is a quick effect.



Crane Curtain - Cookatrice

FIRE ****


When this card is summoned, summon 2 "Crane Curtain Actling" tokens (*/FIRE/Machine/ATK:100/DEF:100). When one of these tokens are destroyed, your opponent is inflicted with 200 damage. Machine-type monsters you control gain piercing battle damage.



Craned Curtain - Sooty Cookatrice

FIRE ****


(This card also acts as a Zombie type Monster)

You can ritual summon this card with any “Crane Curtain” ritual spell. You may tribute a token to change the battle position of one of your opponent’s monsters. All Machine-type monsters you control gain piercing battle damage.



Crane Curtain Recycling

Normal Spell 

Shuffle 2 “Crane Curtain” cards from your GV into your deck.


Crane Curtain Trap Hole

Normal Trap 

When your opponent summons exactly 1 monster with 1000 or more attack: Target that monster; destroy the target and summon one “Crane Curtain Actling” token (*/EARTH/Machine/Effect/ATK:100/DEF:100).


Crane Curtain Scene Change

Normal Spell 

Reveal any number of “Crane Curtain” cards in your hand and shuffle them into the deck, then draw cards equal to the number of cards you shuffled into the deck + 1. You may only use one “Crane Curtain Scene Change” per turn.


Crane Curtain Delivery

Quick Spell

Special Summon one “Crane Curtain” monster from your hand. This card can only be used once per turn.


Crane Curtain Run-Down Theater

Field Spell

Once per turn, you may discard a card to search for one “Crane Curtain” card and add it to your hand. Your ritual summons cannot be negated. When you ritual summon a monster, you may shuffle 3 cards from your GV into your deck.


Craned Curtain Awakening

Ritual Spell

This card can ritual summon any “Craned Curtain” ritual monster. You must either tribute or shuffle into the deck from the GV into the deck one “Crane Curtain” monster with a matching level and attribute, along with needing to tribute one token.


Craned Curtain Rush

Ritual Spell

This card can ritual summon one or more “Craned Curtain” ritual monsters. You must tribute one monster whose level is greater than or equal to the combined levels of the monsters you wish to summon, along with one token.


Craned Curtain Multiplication

Normal Spell

Choose an attribute. Summon 2 “Crane Curtain Actling” tokens (*/???/Machine/Effect/ATK:100/DEF:100) whose attribute is the attribute you chose.


Crane Curtain Meat Puppet

Continuous Spell

Zombie monsters on the field and in the graveyard count as Machine-Type for the purposes of your card effects.



  • Katherine carries around a card explaining how her condition works in case she faints in front of strangers
  • Katherine hasn’t explained her disability to her dueling group yet and hasn’t needed to, as she hasn’t fainted yet.
  • Katherine occasionally names her monster cards and ascribes them personalities as a sort of coping mechanism. Her ace is named Antigone and is, according to Katherine, “a bloody feisty bird”

Katherine's Teammate Impressions:


Daichu: "Daichu? Mate's really nice and upbeat, and is always trying to cheer me up. His ability to be perennially optimistic continues to pleasantly surprise me, as does his magic. Speaking of, his ability to make a show during Action Duels far exceeds mine, and all of them are a treat to watch. Also, we've found a surprising common interest in talking about stagework, given my archetype and all that."

Rosalia: "Rosalia and I are... surprisingly similar. We're both quiet, try to be polite, respect pretty much everyone on the team... where we differ is where I'm only an alright duelist, 'the Sniper' as we call her is an absolute legend. Her raw confidence and ability to predict her opponents every move makes her an extremely difficult opponent... which I learned the hard way. Crickey, that match was bad."

Kendra: "How do I put this... Kendra has me worried for her safety. While I admire her work ethic, at the same time I worry for her health. Sleeping for like... two hours a day and relying on energy drinks is probably not the best for your continued wellbeing. I wish I could confront her about it, but I don't want to come off as rude..."



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[Let's Get this Show On the Road]

”We all have roles to play, you’re just unsettled that I know mine.”

Name: Sai Sashisematta
Age: 24
Birthday: February 2nd
Role: Not turbo I fuckin know that much.

Height: 6 feet, 1 inch. 6 feet, 5 inches in his geta wooden sandals.
His everyday wear varies greatly, but maintains a similar theme to that pictured, extremely ornamental and showy. His hair is bleached and toned to ivory white, and he wears colored contact lenses every day.


A living oxymoron, Sai is a man who is both absolutely formal and completely unconventional. Every action he takes is done with great showmanship, as if he were an actor on a stage. He often comes off as a control freak, freely tweaking anything that doesn’t suit his frenetic fancy. He views dueling as a performance art first and foremost, and would be the first to admit he threw a game to make it more exciting. He lives his life seeking fun, and is unapologetic and unabashed in his pursuit. Breaking social convention to do so is something Sai does without second thought, even gaining amusement from the reactions his behavior garners.

Sai’s worldview is that each person’s purpose in life is to be themselves, and the structures of society simply get in the way of this noble goal. He considers himself to be a fully realized individual, occasionally even a savior for the lost masses. Seeking fame (as well as the associated fortune) to lift him up above the rest to show everyone exactly what they can be if they cast aside what they were told they were.


The Tokyo red light district of Kabukichō may not be the best place for a child, but it was where he grew up. The son of a hostess and her manager, Sai witnessed the evils of the world at a far younger age than most, but he also learned of the great joys that could be found swept under the world’s rug. He learned to duel at some point earlier than he could remember, playing against both the children of those visiting Tokyo’s red light district as well as some of the patrons. It wasn’t long before games for fun became games for fun and cash, gaining Sai notoriety on the street as Kabukichō no Itachi, or The Weasel of Kabukichō who fed upon unsuspecting rats.

Sai entered into the minor dueling circuits in Japan at the age of 16, with a good amount of success. He bounced between several decks before landing on Despians, who had a grim depiction of entertainment that he found incredibly amusing. When he reached adulthood and graduated high school, he decided to further pursue a career as a duelist, declining college to move to the United States, seeking a new hunting ground. After dueling solo at various levels for several years, he decided to try out the Team Circuit, joining on with the team organized by the younger Vega. Who was to know what kind of chaos he’d be able to sew with this new reach.

Deck: Despia
Ace Card: Despian Quaeritus


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Takao Bell



"So I passed by a bakery on the way here, and they had these really tasty-looking donuts... long story short, eat up, these ones are yours."

Name: Evelyn "Eve/Rin" Takao
Age: 20
Birthday: January 8th
Role: Turbo




picrew sauce

Height: 5'6"



Work and play make for a delicate balancing act, but it's one Evelyn strives to perfect. She simply wants to live her best life, and to her, that means being successful without neglecting personal enjoyment. The desire to succeed often rears its head in the form of a massive competitive streak. While she's always a good sport about losing, Eve wants to be the best at what she does, and loves to see how she stacks up against others. This competitive ambition is backed by her initiative and a bit of recklessness. When Eve decides on a course of action, she'll see it through to the end, but may forget to consider some factors when making her plans. However, she doesn't let this keep her down; if met with a wall, she'll simply adjust her plans around it, as long as it still gets her to her end goal. This initiative extends to others as well, as Eve is rather extroverted.

Befriending others is one of the most important things to Eve. From small talk to deep and serious conversation, she's at her best when interacting with others, so naturally she'd prefer her interactions to be pleasant. Since she gets a pretty significant amount of income from her father's side of the family, Eve also tends to be quite generous, often buying small gifts for others simply because she saw the gift in question and thought the recipient might like it. However, she also has a bad habit of buying worthless crap simply because she likes the novelty of a certain item, and can sometimes buy too many of the same thing without realizing. Fortunately, she's at least responsible enough with her money to set enough aside for rent, bills, and similar expenses.



Although Evelyn was born in Seattle, she spent her childhood split between two countries. In the winter and spring, she stayed in America with her mother, but during the summer and fall, she would be sent to Japan to spend time with her father in Osaka, who remained there to further his career. Although this was a hectic childhood since she effectively lived two lives, and she rather wishes the schedule was flipped around, things were nice.

In Japan, "Rin" was much better at getting along with the boys her age than the girls. When she arrived in Osaka just in time for schools to go on summer break, her days were often filled with catching bugs, exploring the woods, playing baseball, and occasionally roughhousing with the boys. Her time at home was a bit lonely due to her father's brutal work hours, but the time the two spent together was always fun and productive. Back in America, "Eve" had some trouble with the boys, but got along really well with the other girls. When she returned to her mother's care for the winter and spring months, she enjoyed more down-to-earth hobbies. While most of it was glorified socializing, this plus a large and heavily doting maternal family did wonders to help Eve grow into a well-rounded girl who is good with people.

As Rin and her friends grew up, so did their hobbies. As the boys started easing into junior high, their interest in dueling grew, and Rin was right there to join them for it. Not really a picky sort for decks, Rin's first deck was a haphazard pile of cards that didn't really function. Everyone was interested in the game purely for the sake of having fun with friends, so this didn't really matter. Back in America, meanwhile, Eve's newfound interest in dueling was sharpened. Her circles in Seattle were far more competitive than in Osaka, and with their help, her wild mishmash of cards was honed into a cohesive, functional deck, and Eve's skills only improved with time. Once again in Japan, the boys all took an interest in turbo dueling in particular once they were old enough to be allowed behind the handlebars of a Duel Runner. Naturally, Rin was right there with them, though it seemed in her experience that the market for turbo dueling was far less prevalent in America.

By the time everyone was graduating high school, plans for the future had to be laid out. Her Japanese friends had decided to form a dueling team focused on turbo dueling, and while the offer to join had been extended to her, Rin declined to give herself some flexibility. Instead, she looked into colleges in Osaka. For the first time since infancy, Rin didn't split her year between two nations, remaining in Japan to pursue a degree in linguistics. When she wasn't getting used to college life and focusing down on her studies, she was watching the career of her friends, cheering enthusiastically the whole way. After a full year in Japan, however, she did start to get homesick for her other home. So, she applied for a transfer program that could send her back to Seattle, bidding her friends in Osaka goodbye for the year before returning to America.

Only to have to re-adjust to living on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. While her Osaka friends had went into the pro scene as a team, any of Eve's Seattle friends that went into pro dueling seemed to prefer operating alone. Keeping up with all of them was much more difficult, and between the full year overseas and the dedication to her college studies, her ties with them had faded over the last year and the next couple of months. With her only non-family companionship now living eight hours behind her, Eve decided it was time to look for some new friends. So look she did. After her search on campus yielded mixed results, she turned her attention to the rest of Seattle, and after a couple of days spent searching, she found an ad for an aspiring new dueling team.

It felt a bit dirty to sign up after declining a direct team invitation from a group of childhood friends, but at least for now, Eve applied to join this other team. While the team itself was already six months old, Eve only joined two months ago, and has noted that she'll most likely return to Japan for a year come August. For now, however, she's happy to lend a hand, as well as get some tournament experience under her belt.

Deck - Nephthys: shit gets exploded then the exploded shit does shit and also there's a big bird that explodes the other guy's shit.
Ace Card: Cerulean Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys (this guy explodes the most shit)



Very easily motivated by food.

Although she only has one "trusty raincoat", Eve has been noted to have two more exactly like it, in case the usual one needs to be washed.

Speaks both English and Japanese with equally native fluency, and is using it plus her linguistics major to pave the road to getting a job as an English-Japanese translator if pro dueling doesn't work out.

Still keeps in touch with her friends in Japan, though the 8-hour difference makes prolonged activities a bit difficult. Together, the five of them form the turbo dueling team Initial T.

Eve's teammate takes: (disclaimer: contents are subject to change)


"Daichi's a good person. One time he helped me get a snake out of my apartment, so whenever I buy snacks for the team I try to get him a little extra. Sometimes I feel like he really does think magic is real though. He knows it's all an act, right? Although... there was that one time he pulled one of my monsters from his deck. I checked mine and everything, and what do you know, he really did grab it straight out of my deck! Magicians sure are impressive."

"Working as hard as Rosalia should be a life goal! I can juggle dueling and college, but that's about it, and here she is having done that and three different jobs all at once in the past! I don't know how she did it. BUT, having a good social life is also important! I want to crack open that shell of hers someday. I think I've only talked to her once, ever. What a shame."

"I get this feeling from Kendra that makes me want to ask if she's alright, but it's a similar feeling to the one my father gives off. If I asked, she'd probably just say something like 'Yes, I am fine, please don't fret over me' as she gulps down a whole mug of coffee. She's a hard worker definitely, but I think I'll try to avoid asking her for any help. She looks like she's got enough on her plate already. Maybe I'll buy her something tasty later, too."

"The only thing that would look unusual on Sai is a completely normal look. You'd have to actively try to find a dull moment with him around. Maybe I'm just not used to him yet, but it gets a little draining if you get into a long conversation with him since he puts so much dramatic flair into everything. But he's got his head in the right place at least, and it's pretty easy to talk to him despite... well, him. Also, he's even better than I am with spicy food. That's a first!"

"Mmmmm... I don't really get a lot of what Falisha talks about. Science tends to go over my head, so I've had to just smile and nod at least once when she started gushing about something I didn't understand. Being on good terms with your team is important, I think, so I'd like to find some sort of common ground with her. Also, I can't tell if her Duel Runner is really expensive or really cheap, but it makes mine look super boring. Maybe I should get mine re-painted..."



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Name: Falisha Outsword

Age: 20
Birthday: April 30th
Role: Turbo
Appearance: Pictured below, with a height of 5'46". She has silver hair falling to her shoulders along with a star-shaped hairpin in her hair. She tends to be wearing a long labcoat covered in dirt and minerals. Her hair tends to be a bit unkempt due to this as well, not minding having a bit of dirt on her for at least a little bit. Underneath the coat you'll find her wearing a black top, black skirt, and heeled boots.




Personality: Falisha tends to be constantly stuck in research when she's not dueling. She loves getting absorbed in her work and helping others when they need help, especially when it comes to testing and experimenting with new things for her or their decks. She's a bit outgoing and sometimes might seem a bit... well, not all-there, as her excitement can get the best of her and cause her to ignore all other things besides what's most interesting to her at that moment.

She loves rocks and minerals, collecting them and showing them off like a small museum in her room. She keeps a few stones on her Duel Runner inside of her tires to create rainbow-like effects and have her colors on her tire rims alternate between her Synchro monsters as well! She loves using her knowledge to be just a bit of a show-off...





Biography: Falisha came to college originally under the curriculum of researching alternate energy sources, focusing a lot of her efforts into her classes before she found the Dueling Club and began branching out. She was a bit on the cheaper end of her Adamancipator deck, having to substitute a lot of cards and only able to afford one-ofs for most of the deck, but she had been ecstatic at being able to get into the club. She quickly got to work on building her own Duel Runner, putting her knowledge of alternate energy into the bike. It had gotten a bit bulky due to her work on fitting it with three different types of engines to correlate to Wind, Fire, and Water energy.

Before Falisha had been in college, however, she had been an assistant to a geothermal energy researcher, who had disappeared after investigating a mine of crystals that had formed from the geothermal activity. Before he had left, he gave Falisha some of his Adamancipator cards, which she cherishes and always keeps as her active deck. She's added a few cards to help with not having a full playset of all of the cards, such as things to reorder cards to the top of her deck, and she feels she can perform turbo duels fairly well with them!





Deck and Ace Card: Adamancipators! With her ace being Adamancipator Risen-Dragite. Her deck only contains 1 copy of each, but she still plays confidently even knowing that!


Adamancipator Risen - Dragite - Card Information | Yu-Gi-Oh! Database




Miscellaneaous: Falisha is Russian, hailing from Volgograd and is a bilingual speaker of Russian and English. 



Teammate Thoughts:

"What are my opinions on teammates? They're all great! I can talk to them for hours! Eh? You want more specifics? Uhm, sure I suppose but it's hard to bundle everyone into categories on such short notice isn't it? ...I'm not backtalking, you're just being confusing! Anyways!"

"Uhm I suppose first would have to be Rosalia! She's like, totally quiet a lot of the time and it can be a bit hard to get her help on something that doesn't involve dueling. I once asked her if she thought Jade or Emerald was a prettier hue and it looked like she was about to panic! Though once I told her it was for my Duel Runner she immediately blurted out Emerald... I think she just has more confidence if dueling is involved, I just have to keep that in mind when I'm trying to probe her for ideas!"

"Oh okay and then like, Kendra is super stoked and sweet a lot of the time! Eh? Low-energy? I haven't really noticed! I know she tends to leave some personal projects abandoned since I've seen her get asked to help a lot of the time, and don't tell her but I uh... may tend to finish up whatever she leaves unfinished. She usually forgets about it and moves on to something else so I'm pretty sure it's okay! ...Hopefully... Er, anyways, other than that she's super reliable as long as she's had her sugar! She tends to kinda like, disappear somewhere if she hasn't, not totally sure what she does though!"

"Oh shoot wait I forgot about Daichi! That guy looks so normal I'd almost mistake him for iron if he were a mineral! It's extremely useful and you'd be damn happy if you happened upon some, but it takes a lot of knowledge about him to get the most out of him. I actually go and watch his duels a lot, they always make me smile and if he asks I'd definitely be happy to set up some cool tricks with his duel disk for a bit of a light show sometime! Eh? What do you mean you can't tamper with a duel disk, people do it all the time! Gosh you interviewers are a bit bland, huh? ...What's the dirty look for?"

"Oh, Sai! He's uh... well honestly he looks kind of terrifying! He's genuinely kindhearted and loves dueling for entertainment, so I tend to watch his duels fairly often too just uh... well if he was a rock he'd definitely be a Thunderegg! Really bland and boring on the outside, but crack one open and it's a world of magic and amusement as you see all the beautiful patterns that are inside it! ...What? I am talking about my teammates though! ...I've divulged from the topic and seem to be more talking about rocks now over my teammates? But they're a perfect example of my team! ...No I won't stop talk- wait don't go! Fine I'll back off on the rock talk!"

"There's also Evelyn! As a fellow Turbo Duelist I probably have the most experience talking through games with her. I also admit I've tried to get her to like, spruce up her Duel Runner to make it a bit more showy but she usually says she has bills to pay this month. I definitely understand that but her Runner is a bit uh... bland I guess? It's not like cheap-looking or anything but I wouldn't say anything pops about it either. She was talking about re-painting it recently and there's this really cute pigment I could make her using opal- why'd you hold your hand up? I was about to go on rocks again? Hmph, the nerve of some people, interrupting their own interviewees answers!"

"Oh right, there's also Katherine! I find her fascinating, she tends to be quiet but she has that little device on her arm that changes colors! I've asked her about it but dunno if she trusts me enough yet. I'm curious what it runs on and what pigments to get those shades are need- fine, fine back to what I think of her herself. She's definitely shy and I think she tends to avoid me, probably because I'm a bit loud but I've seen her wandering around nearby when she thinks I'm totally absorbed in something I'm working on. If she ever asked I'd let her join in a project sometime, just since if she has a fascination with colors I might be able to give her some new pigment ideas."


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“Come closer and run that by me again homie? Can’t hear you that well when the ear pro’s in, and this piece-of-shit drive train ain’t gonna fix itself.”

Name: Theodore McCallum
Age: 22
Birthday: September 9th
Role: Turbo



Theo is 5' 10". His distinguishing features (Other than the grease and dirt he's usually covered in after a long stretch in the shop) are his pronounced canine teeth and big, pretty, baby blue eyes. Between that, the high volume at which he laughs and speaks, and the unkempt mane of red that is his hair, Theo gives off a vibe similar to that of a big, friendly dog. Coincidentally, head scritches are his kryptonite. Just be mindful of the gunk in his hair if you intend to indulge him.



At a glance, Theo seems to be warm, happy-go-lucky, and personable, though he can also come off as somewhat oblivious, a little bumbling, and immature. He has a self deprecating, off-color sense of humor, and swears like a sailor. Combine all of this with willingness to eat crow for the sake of productivity and/or morale, and one can paint a picture of the combination of class clown and janitor that is Theo. He's the guy who handles all the busywork that needs doing, but (perhaps purposefully) trips over himself in the process, and in doing so he helps everyone have a good time.

There’s a subtle, but noticeable disconnect there though. Its hard to put your finger on what exactly feels off, but almost every acquaintance who spends significant amounts of time around him eventually comes to the realization that something about him doesn't quite fit. One might be inclined to chalk that up to his east coast sensibilities. After all, he’s a lot less easygoing and way more blunt than the locals. Truth is though, there’s a lot to his personality that Theo tries to keep hidden. He’s smarter than he lets on, as evidenced by how quickly he’s able to pick up new skills and adapt his deck and himself to to different problems. As well, though he tries to obfuscate it with his damaged hearing and penchant for tripping over both himself and his own words, he’s also far more attentive, and sensitive, than he tries to appear. Almost always, if he seems to be especially engrossed in his work, or he’s offhandedly asked someone to repeat themselves, he’s actually been listening intently.

The reasoning behind all of the above is complicated. To chalk it up to his self-esteem issues wouldn’t be inaccurate, but also wouldn’t paint the whole picture, as Theo is genuinely good-natured and does have a tendency to get a little too absorbed in whatever he’s doing. Rather, its more fair to say that his problems have motivated Theo to carve out as inoffensive a social niche as possible; keeping aspects of his personality that most tend to find agreeable on the surface while holding things that could intimidate someone or rub them the wrong way closer to his chest. After all, he’s starved for affection and affirmation. It should be noted, however, that this behavior is subconscious, and not something Theo usually does deliberately. He’s not without his own flaws, either. Theo can be manipulative, and in spite of his propensity to make himself the butt of the joke, he also tends to take things personally. As a result, he has trouble expressing himself constructively when he’s hurt or angry, and sometimes the things he’s repressed boil over.



Theo was born all the way across the country, smack in the middle of New Jersey, to lower-middle income parents. The youngest of two, the seven year age gap between himself and his sister, combined with the long, awkward hours his father kept (both through warehouse work and alcoholism) meant that he spent most of his early childhood in the company of his mother, who doted on him some and often took Theo with her to the office, as the family couldn’t afford a regular babysitter. Thankfully, he was a sweet, intelligent little boy who more often than not endeared himself to his mother’s coworkers and made himself useful (as much as a toddler can be, at any rate) as opposed to causing trouble.

Theo’s first love was music, and unfortunately for his family’s ears, he gravitated almost immediately to hard rock, punk, and grunge, which he was fond of playing at the highest possible volume. Worse still, and rather unfortunately for Theo himself, they also found out very quickly that he had zero musical talent, which squashed any dreams the little boy might have had of being a rockstar. Thankfully, he soon found something that he did have a talent for: tinkering. It was a hobby to keep him occupied at first- lego sets, then model kits, and so on, but by the time he was out if elementary school Theo had become proficient with his hands, and had moved on to functional motors, electrical work, and power tools. He and his best friend built their first go-kart when they were 11, using parts they both saved up a year’s worth of allowance to purchase. That, in turn, led to racing, and then to turbo dueling. Theo didn’t take to duel monsters quite as fast as he had to mechanical work, but with practice he honed that talent as well, competing on his middle school and high school dueling teams, and even helping to bring home a state championship in his sophomore year.

His home life, on the other hand, was not as healthy. Theo’s parents divorced when he was 10, and his mother’s subsequent relationships were less than amicable, compounded by her working especially long hours to support the family. A live-in boyfriend of hers had a particular dislike for him, and though he never got hit, the man’s constant verbal tirades did quite a number on his self confidence. Combined with the lack of an adequate support system, save for the few friends he had from school, this left Theo feeling depressed and isolated for much of his adolescence. His grades and his social life outside of duel team suffered as a result. These issues persisted up through his graduation, and even after his mom’s abusive boyfriend moved out, and its something he still struggles with.

Theo went to trade school after graduation, finishing a two-year program and finding work as an auto mechanic. When the landlords decided to put his childhood home on the market, he moved out, and made his way to Seattle to start a new life. Though he isn’t entirely on his own, as his older sister also lives and works in town, he hasn’t quite settled in as of yet, and as a result has a very small social circle. He currently rents a small studio apartment and works as a mechanic, spending his free time immersed in the local music scene and dueling.

After seeing a show at a local college, he happened upon a flyer for a casual duel team, and signed up on a whim. Though he earned a spot as a turbo duelist, he also quickly found himself in charge of maintaining the team’s gear- from both of its duel runners to everyone’s disks. He’s also the one who usually handles the odd jobs that need doing, and occasionally orders a booster box or two for the team when they have spare cash.

Deck and Ace Card:


Deck: Theo plays a P.U.N.K. deck (what the acronym stands for shifts with the breeze), which revolves around the eponymous archetype of rock & roll themed psychic type monsters, and uses them for Synchro summoning. His ground deck and his turbo deck aren't very much different, though the latter includes some speed spells he's fond of. Theo favors a highly aggressive playstyle focused around large, showy combos, and usually makes a point of getting close to his opponent so his cards and effects have maximum physical impact. He's especially fond of the resultant pyrotechnics this tends to produce when combined with his ace card: Volkite Dragon.



1 Psychic Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Monsters
You can use one of the following effects of "Volkite Dragon" once per turn: Banish 1 Psychic type monster in your GY; Monsters your opponent controls lose ATK and DEF equal to the number of Psychic type monsters used as material for this card's synchro summon x 300. Banish 1 Psychic type Tuner in your GY to target 1 monster on the field; Its ATK and DEF become 0 and its effect(s) are negated, until the end of this turn (Quick Effect).



-Theo is tone deaf, and his singing is atrocious. He also knows how to play bass guitar, but he isn’t particularly good. His bass face, on the other hand, is the stuff of nightmares; comparable in terror to the vissage of an overly motivated joey wheeler.

-Years and years of concerts and power tools without adequite ear protection have also started Theo on his way to being actually deaf. He has mild tinnitus, and isn’t always aware of his own volume. Thankfully, he’s far better about protecting his ears nowadays.

-His preferred nickname is Theo, but he also responds to Teddy, TJ (his middle name is Jackson), or, begrudgingly, his full name. His teammates in high school usually went with T-bear, as did a lot of people who knew him back east.

-Theo gives 10/10 hugs. 

-His favorite color is red, and he likes strawberry flavored sweets.

-Theo has never been in a relationship, a fact that he conceals and is very self concious about. 

-He’s had his duel runner, which is also his primary means of transportation, since high school. Like many teens’ first vehicles, it was purchased secondhand and has since been refurbished several times. It is red, but otherwise rather unimpressive looking.

-When pressed, he’ll choose dogs over cats every time.



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Because of how everyone that seems to be applying has gotten their apps to a place they are comfortable with, I'm gonna proceed with the acceptance. Given the first four are the only applicants of their type...

Daichi Raimu @Chaos Sonic
Rosalia Marlowe @Faytl
Kendra Brooke @Kazooie
Sai Sashisematta @(?)

Now, I do want to add a note. I like the group we have together in the server, and it hurts to have to reject any of you. I'm not going to ask anyone to leave the group, because I like the banter as-is. I'm sorry that this isn't a setup that lends itself towards a larger cast.

Without further ado, I'll go over the two apps for each summon type.

Firstly, we have the two Synchro Duelists.

Falisha Outsword @PhoenixOfCute
Theodore McCallum @Zai

Both are turbo, so that's not a deciding factor. They're honestly both solid overall. Mel's could have been a bit longer, and Zai's could have been a bit shorter. However, given my differing levels of experience between the two of you, as well as one of the aspects of the characters... I'm going to have to go with Falisha. I like the idea of someone who has to play highlander by virtue of monetary cost, as well as the luck element that adds with the effects of the cards in question.

On top of that, I simply think she melds better with the cast, though I haven't read the interaction notes myself. I did not wish for them to influence my decision making.

Next up, the two Ritual Duelists.

Katherine Lee @FourEyesIsAFish
Evelyn Takao @yui

This one... was quite difficult. While Katherine is slotted as an Action Duelist, this is a thing we could work with and figure something out from. But, in the end... I had to go with Evelyn. I think the idea of an action duelist who can faint from intensisty is an awkward one, even though I think the character idea is great now, overall. This is so far beyond a simple improvement from Katherine 1.0, and it's a damn shame to turn this down. I'm sorry that I felt that I had to pick Evelyn over Katherine, but it was a difficult decision.

The RP will start on either July 28 OR July 29. Thank you to everyone who showed interest and applied, and I hope that even the unaccepted players stick around in chat. Again, I'm sorry that this doesn't allow for everyone.

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