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Fate/Grand Order RP Interest Check

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Is what the title says. 

For a bit I've been thinking about doing some fgo based campaign, and I decided that I could also probably work it as an RP too. So, like, I'm nowhere near close to being done with it and following this it'll probably be a bit before I actually make an OOC if interest is shown, but I figured I'd see if it's something people would be interested in or not. Main thing I can say off the bat is that players would probably play their choice of a master or servant. Other than that anything else you may have preliminary questions on I can answer as long as it's either not something I deem a spoiler and it's something I actually have an answer to. So yeah. 

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sure i'll keep an eye on this and see how it develops

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So remember how I told you on Discord I'd toss my interest when I'm not at work...yeah I lied...

Here's my interest. And to a character that won't be Souta...he shall remain to only Caster Watson...

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