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Banner Sketch + Thoughts on Drawing Threads~

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Story time~


At YCM I have this little club called the "Crayon Corner". I had been contemplating on the idea of carrying it over to NCM for a while, but wasn't sure how clubs here work or how much traction it'd be able to get overall. About a week ago, mido9 talked about the idea of a drawing thread, and I was on board with the idea.

Then a couple days ago I had somewhat forgotten and was tweaking with club settings, and I re-made a club. Then I saw mido9 got to work and I was like "Oh, that's right, I gave my support to his project already. Besides, a drawing thread would be right there in the graphic section where people are more likely to find it instead of this weird corner of the site that is clubs", so with no activity behind it, I put my club in private so it is essentially invisible to non-staff. I don't know if I might re-purpose the space or have it deleted or something down the line...

After all this, Daemon voiced his opposition to the idea, and I think he has a point. Also, maybe we should have scouted for interest and left it on more time so that this sort of thing didn't happen when we were already hands on the job. Also, I had a comment with this line in one of my threads "when I last saw your art years ago"... but, I've kept on drawing and uploading, albeit at my club at YCM, that little corner at a section where only like 3 out of hundreds of threads are active. Maybe having a club or thread limits the reach we can hope to get, and this is something that's been in my mind.

I would have liked to see the thread succeed though. It's nice to have a base, a meet up place. I did have a couple people back at YCM to say "this thread made me want to draw again", and if the section is like YCM's there'll be a lot more renders and graphic projects like that over time, and people posting drawings would be few and far between. Which renders and stuff are great, but it's a pretty different skill set and all. It'd be great if there was a gathering spot, even if it was more of a pinned thread where people linked to stuff rather than a "post it here" model. It might be a little more inviting. 


About the drawing. I was planning to eventually use it as a club banner, but plans are a bit different. I'll still get around to finishing it just because I like how it was turning out though xD
Even if there was more traffic for such a place, I'd be more on board with what mido9 was doing so there's that.





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