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Winter presents - What did you get?

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It is that time of year again where quite a few people celebrate some event or another; often involving either receiving presents, or given them out. Did you get (others) anything?

Presents I have received this year include:

  • Dragon shaped slippers
  • A board game
  • Chocolate
  • Some undergarments


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The last 2 years we traveled for the holidays, but this year we stayed home while one of my sisters came down. My other sister got Covid, so she had to stay home, but we got her on a Zoom call yesterday morning while we opened gifts, so that was nice.

Gifts received:

  • Air fryer, a sweatshirt, a golf polo, & Nunn Bush Moc Toe shoes (from mom and dad)
  • Packers-themed stainless steel drink holder & putting practice mat w/ golf balls (from my sisters)
  • A couple bags of treats and a few toys for my cat
  • Typical stocking fillers: apple, orange, jelly beans, bag of Emerald nuts, a pocket puzzle, and a pen and notepad
  • $25 Amazon gift card (from my aunt)
  • $50 Visa gift card & a train tree ornament (from my paternal grandparents)
  • 1 troy ounce of silver (from my maternal grandma)

Gifts given:

  • Framed 24"x32" original versions of the 3 pastel pieces I posted in Graphic Showcase, each going to whomever's pet it is on the piece.

Wishing everyone in the Cardmaker community a happy holidays!

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added more gifts from relatives

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I got:

12 packs of bud, 11 wrestling tickets, 10 packs of Copenhagen, 9 years probation, 8 table dancers, 7 packs of redman, 6 cans of spam, 5 flannel shirts, 4 big mud tires, 3 shotgun shells, 2 hunting dogs, and some parts to a mustang gt.

Ok, so what I actually got was Soul Eater 6 and 8. Sort of. Apparently issue 6 is the hardest to get and my aunt and uncle had it ordered for 2 months and still haven’t received it. I also got one of those Reese’s mug sets, a 2 pound bag of Kit Kat, a new cocktail shaker, a shot glass set, a Darden restaurant gift card for $25, a grooming kit, kitchen stuff, a sexy suit, a coffee maker, and from my girlfriend, a millennium puzzle necklace.


As for what I’ve given:

* A Sebastian (Black Butler) statue for my sister

* Star Wars comic books for my brother in law

* meat claws for my dad

* a snow globe for my mom

* a Mario version of Life for my uncle

* shower bombs for my aunt

* a Glenda and Dorothy statue for my grandmother(mom’s side)

* cotton candy perfume for my grandmother(dad’s side)

* an autograph from William Shatner for my step grandfather (I invited him to go see him at the next Fanboy Expo, but he said that he’d probably scare William to death)

* a mini amp for my girlfriend

* a giant bone for my dog

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I did a little bit of shopping for myself and picked up a nice Michael Kors watch for myself for special occasions. I also got a slightly less expensive Guess watch for those other occasions where I just kinda wanna flex a lil bit. Got some sexy cologne for myself and some perfume for my lady. I also took her shopping and got her a new bag and some threads.. My folks gave me 400 in cash, a beautiful card, and a dope ass emergency lantern. It's like 300 lumens. Fuckin thing is brighter than my future.

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I mentioned this in my status yesterday, but here's a picture:



Also received:

A shirt, hoodie, pajamas, a body wash, chocolates, other gift cards (will only mention Walmart because today I used it to buy clearance holiday treats like Reese Clusters).

Omitting gifts given because the only stuff I've given besides gift cards this year was to someone that will probably post here as well.

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Main things were book of Lovecraft short stories (haven't read any despite being curious), Hades, and Spirited Away

there were a few other things too, a card binder, snow boots, a christmas monopoly thing, scented candles, and beef jerky.

oh and pajama pants, cause my sister can't not get me them despite having plenty lol

Surprisingly a lot this year wasn't expecting it

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Super Mario Party for Switch

Also, $150 for the Nintendo eShop, with which I bought Brilliant Diamond and Legends Arceus

A back/neck massager

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