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I bet you $25 you can't win a best of 3 with this card even though it's only effect is "You win the Match"

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Unseen Abomination
"Dark Flare Knight" + "Dragon Master Knight" + "Rare Fish"
You win the Match.


The joke is that all of it's fusion materials are themselves hard to summon because they each require other other fusion monsters to be summoned.
This card has another joke in its title which reflects what it would actually look like if those monsters morphed together. It would be a weird thing to say the least.
And at last, the card text itself says you can't use the card in a duel so even if you wanted to take part in the challenge you couldn't actually even try.

Edit: please move this to the joke section. I accidentally posted this here.

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Why not add Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman as a material for the same reason?

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