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Curse of Misfortune (OOC - Interest Check)

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I have been working on an RP concept for quite a while now, and now that it's coming all together, it's time for an interest check. 

The premise:

In a fantasy world, there is a country called Laoscaos, or at least there was. During an age of imperialism, another country called Lagi conquered the county and subjugated it for hundreds of years. In the former capitol of Doveport, a curse arose. Sourced to the late royal family, the curse causes its victims to experience a great deal of bad luck, until finally killing them. 

You play as paranormal investigators, whether that would be YouTube personalities or college professors, in the city to investigate whether or not the curse is real, and if so, how to break it, but be warned. Diving in too deep to the curse and its origins may uncover a little more than you might have wanted to know.

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