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Yu-Gi-Oh! Annihilation [OOC/PG-16]

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logo by yui

Momentum is a powerful thing.

In the past, it provided a chance at utopia, a world powered completely by dueling energy channeled through D-Wheels and specialized conductive roads working together to form a Speed World, harnessing powerful magic woven deep within the international pastime. Advancements were made, and Momentum Energy could be produced not only by the power of synchro summoning, but through Fusion, Xyz, Link, even Ritual and Pendulum summoning, through use of specialized summon cores.

But, like all of the sweetest dreams, it ended in a rude awakening. It isn't widely known exactly what went wrong, but in an event referred to as the Zero-Reverse Collapse, an incredible wave of Momentum Energy swept across the world. Initial reports said it originated in North America, but those didn't last long as devices were fried and much of the planet's surface was scorched by the overwhelming force. A lot of people died that day, most everyone in fact, and the survivors were far from lucky. But, as humans do, they pushed to reconstruct some level of civilization in this new inhospitable environment.

That was fifty years ago. Now the wasteland is dotted with settlements built within the ruins of what was. D-Rigs of all sorts of shapes and sizes traverse the badlands, powered by scavenged summon cores and partaking in turbo duels to fight for resources. Of course, dueling isn't the only form of hostility, but the ability to disable an opponent's D-Rig can either assure a getaway or corner a victim for an attack.



All the obvious stuff, I can fill this out later



I will be updating this section as I go.

App Skeleton


Name: (this RP will be taking place in what used to be America, so take that into consideration with naming, but at the end of the day this is very much still a fantasy and most anything should be fair game)
Age: (the Zero-Reverse Collapse was just about 50 years ago at the start of this RP, so it is very likely that your character will not have experienced that event. That being said, I am not opposed to having an old timer or two on the cast. Generally speaking, I'm expecting late teens through early 30s in age.)
Appearance: (pictures are fine, preferable even. This isn't 2011. Height would be useful just to give others a frame of reference.)
Biography: (while this RP will span a very large distance over the course of its story, it will start within the ruins of a small town in what was once Southern California. Feel free to consult with me for information about what different areas are like so that your backstory fits in with canon)
D-Rig Description: (anyone who's anyone is going to have one. D-Rigs vary from powered boards all the way up to monster trucks, with everything in between. D-Rigs are powered by one or more summon cores. Characters can start with up to two different summon cores, though more will be available through plot progression. If you would like to start with more, hit me up. If you have a good enough reason there may be some wiggle room.)
Deck: (keep in mind, your character will only be physically capable of using summon mechanics that they have a summon core for in their D-Rig, so plan accordingly. Fortunately, summon cores have a habit of spontaneously generating cards from duel energy in the heat of the moment, in a manner not unlike the Burning Soul and Clear Mind techniques used in the past.)

If anyone wants in the discord, hit me up and I can make it happen.

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Stranger in a Wasteland



"American heat... it's like the sky's on fire... I'm gonna melt..."

Name: Hojo Tatsu
Age: 26
Gender: Female




made using picrew

Height: 5'4"



Tatsu's good nature is both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness. It's easy for her to get along with others, and she's never afraid to lend a helping hand where needed. Of course, this good nature has also graced her with mercy abound, which can sometimes cause more harm than good in the long term. Tatsu just doesn't have it in her to be cruel or violent toward others, which can sometimes make her a bit of a pushover, despite her best efforts to put her foot down and not let herself be shoved around.



In the years following the Zero-Reverse Collapse, Japan has fallen into a state of civil war. Clans battle for power under the Shogunate's rule, and the need for conflict brings about a need for intel to predict the enemy. Tatsu faithfully served her clan as a shinobi for some years, lurking in the dark corners and handling missions that required a bit more subtlety and guile. It was the job that best suited her, and if she wasn't sent to target an enemy clan, she was to remain with her own and capture any like her that were trying to spy on her clan. This is where the trouble began.

Tatsu did capture an enemy shinobi, and subsequently locked them up. Her orders, however, were to execute any captured shinobi, which was something she just couldn't bring herself to do. She'd figured she could just hand them off to somebody else and let them do the dirty work once most of the clan started waking up that morning. Her captive, however, escaped, and the information they collected allowed their clan to deal a serious blow to Tatsu's that required immediate attention. In the wake of this incident, Tatsu was given a new mission.

"Travel overseas to America, and search for powerful foreign technology. Do not return empty-handed."

Tatsu was set up with a vessel for the voyage, and sent on her way without any time to protest to what most considered a suicide mission. Between vicious mutated sea life, hunger and exhaustion, and the unforgiving seas surrounding her, it's nothing short of miraculous that Tatsu completed the voyage at all, though her boat did not survive in one piece. The engineers that found her passed out on the Californian shores amidst the wreckage of her vessel commented that what she'd been riding was less of a boat and more of a glorified death trap. But she was here, and she was alive.

Once Tatsu had recovered from the grueling ocean voyage, it was time to see to the second part of her mission. Find useful technology she could bring home to turn the tide, and allow her clan to take over the Shogunate. It's only been a week or so since she began her mission in earnest, using a D-Rig built her for in exchange for no small amount of help around where she'd washed up.

Deck - P.U.N.K.


Summon the things, pay life points, summon more things, make Ukiyoe-P.U.N.K. Amazing Dragon.



A very standard two-wheeled, motorcycle-style D-Rig. Fine handling and acceleration were given priority in its design, making it quite nimble. For the most part, it was built from pieces of the boat Tatsu rode to America.
Cores: Synchro/Fusion


Rejoice in the Glory of Combat!



"Entertain me."

Name: "Magpie"
Age: 18
Gender: Female




made using picrew

Height: 5'7"



Playful, friendly, and very self-centered, Magpie has a genuine drive to do the right thing... as long as it interests her. She doesn't just do something out of the goodness of her heart, because the goodness of her heart simply isn't there. If Magpie does something for others, she typically does so under the pretense of being rewarded, or because it happens to align with her own interests. This combined with her general air of smug superiority can make Magpie difficult to deal with. Fortunately, Magpie is incredibly weak against flattery, so getting her to cooperate is rather easy once one understands how her head works.

Much like the birds she shares a name with, Magpie wakes up in the morning and chooses violence. The heart of bloody carnage is where she's most at home, and she revels in both the chaos of battle and the glory of being the last man standing, all eyes and spotlights on her. Oh yes, Magpie loves attention. Be it the roar of a crowd or the praise of an individual, Magpie adores being adored, and will happily chew the scenery with dramatic flair to really sell her image as the runaway gladiator. She also happens to think it's pretty fun to be a little extra, which makes her all the more prone to it.



At least where she experienced it, once one gets into the gladiator business, their old identity is swept away. The old memories fade away, and eventually one forgets who they ever were before first stepping into the ring.

In Magpie's case, her past is nothing to write home about. A young orphan in a sorry excuse for a village with more than a bit of a bandit problem. When they had no more spare resources to hand over for "protection", they began giving their assailants entire D-Rigs, and when those ran out too, they resorted to handing over people. Magpie was the first, having no family and still being young. From there, she was sold into a gladiator ring. The idea WAS that she'd make easy pickings for some fan favorite duelist, but her early matches instead saw her become a fan favorite herself. By a mixture of her optimistic and bold attitude, her lack of fear, and a good bit of luck, by the time she was scheduled to get beaten down for some other beloved gladiator, the crowds were cheering for her instead.

But this wasn't the life Magpie wanted. She wanted something to live for, not just orders to duel when she was told. So, she planned an escape. Once she was outside, it was as easy as stealing a coordinator's D-Rig and riding off into the night. So began her quest for a purpose, only a few short months ago. A quest that didn't take long at all, in fact. During her wandering across the vast desert, Magpie came across some most interesting ruins. The decaying remains of the world that was before the Zero-Reverse Collapse. Some electronics were just intact enough to - albeit briefly - show her pictures and videos of what once was after jumpstarting them with her D-Rig. Magpie was enraptured by the old world. She wanted to restore it. No matter how long it took, or how hard she'd have to fight.

As it turns out, however, a solution is impossible to come across without actually knowing the problem that needs solving. Which meant a second quest was underway: Find out what caused the Zero-Reverse Collapse, how it's connected to the present world, and find a means of setting everything right.

Deck - Dinomorphia:


Throw away your life points, activate stuff, fusion summon Dinomorphia Rexsturm, engage in maximum violence.

D-Rig Description:


Magpie uses a D-Rig stolen from one of the coordinators of the gladiator pit she used to duel in. It's a buggy-style vehicle meant to transport people and goods, and as such, priority was put into storage space and high speeds. After she did some light modifications, the buggy only seats two people, with the back seats sacrificed for additional storage space and a hammock-like cot where she sleeps at night. The back - and exclusively the back - is covered by a tarp to keep sand and dust out of her "house".
Cores: Fusion


  • Character Theme: Falconshield - I Make Death Fun
  • Like any gladiator worth the sand beneath their feet, Magpie knows her way around actual weapons as well as cards. If anything, she's even more proficient in actual combat. She prefers spears and other polearm-like weapons, and keeps a spear in her D-Rig or on her person at all times.
  • Very particular about personal hygiene, especially for the world of today.
  • Initially didn't care for her stolen D-Rig, thinking there was no point in having something so big for just one person. But in the time she's had it, she's actually grown quite attached to it.



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Soldier of the Wasteland


"You see junk...I see valuable assets..."

Personal Information
Name: Mark Sheridan
Call-sign: Junk Dog
Age: 28



Height: 5'9"



Mark can be described as awkward, like in the worst way possible. This is probably due to the fact that he doesn't know how to properly interact with others as he never really had friends in order to really talk and hang out with. He was always working with his parents and helping them out, so while he can be socially awkward, at least he can be a hard worker (but that's not really a great thing to be proud of, is it?). Because of his awkwardness, he can sometimes stumble over his words at first, though if he got to know someone and they hit it off...perhaps he'd feel a bit more comfortable around people.

Aside from the glaring fact that his socially awkwardness can get in the way of things, Mark has an eye for finding some good things in piles of junk, things he can repurpose into whatever the client needs for their equipment. That does show that he's quite the intelligent young man, even if a bit of an awkward duckling. He's also quite handy to have around with the needs of a mechanic, being able to go toe to toe with the best of em.



"That day gave me purpose...gave me a reason to try and find him."

Mark's parents knew the Zero-Reverse Collapse quite well...after all, they were on a date in southern California when it occurred. They watched as the collapse happened and saw how the world changed to the point it was today...but luckily they were already in somewhat of a business together. Mark's mother was the daughter of a mechanic and junker while his father had experience with being a Duelist, almost to a level of being Pro (so much for that meaning anything nowadays), so Mark's upbringing definitely was one that geared him in the direction that would shape his future and life.

In the days after he was born, Mark would find that his parents would end up being mechanics and junkers for hire, providing a business as well as making sure they would survive in this wasteland that once was California. As time passed, Mark took to the technical and mechanical side of things, even helping to fix a few of the people's things in assistance with his parents...he even took to spotting the right type of "junk" out of piles and repurposing it for something good. Of course, Mark would be able to pull his weight when he was older...which was definitely thrust upon him when his father left to get supplies in a neighboring province...though he never returned...but he wasn't dead, he knew that for a fact. This prompted Mark to become the head and the man of the household to make sure he and his mother survived.

This definitely was put to the test one day when some bandits came to try and steal everything they owned and had scavenged for their work. Of course, the only way that they'd leave properly is by a Duel. Unfortunately, Mark's father wasn't there...but Mark was. Finding his father's old deck, he took it and the D-Rig he worked on in secret and combated the de-facto leader. The Duel was close, as was the attempt of race (or in this case a slaughter with these D-Rigs), but Mark held his own...only winning by a hair. With his win, the bandits left and with that, Mark now had something of a calling, to go and stop things like this from happening...and a method to possibly find his father now. He begged his mother to stay with a family friend for a while, to keep her out of harms way and he would roam the remnants of southern California and any other province to find his father and bring him back home...along with making sure that he could get the proper supplies and return them to his mother.




A deck comprised of Fire Normal and Effect Pendulum Monsters that deal with their Pendulum Effects destroying cards and setting Metalfoes Spells and Traps simultaneously. Of course, Pendulum Summoning isn't the only thing this deck does...but for the time being, the two it specializes in happen to be Pendulum and Fusion.

Mark's Ace Monster - Metalfoes Crimsonite

D-Rig Description:


The Nighthawk


A strange D-Rig, but it's one that he customized and made himself out of all the scraps and junk pieces he could find. The main wheel happens to have been from an older D-Rig that had seen better days and was repurposed to function as the wheel here...waste not, want not.

Summon Cores:

  • Pendulum
  • Fusion

Miscellaneous Information
Mark's Theme | Duel Theme

  • -
  • The name for the D-Rig, while may reference a bird and also a Marvel character, it's actually a reference to my late father who also used this as a pseudonym for many of things (namely gaming).
  • In keeping with my general theme of utilizing song titles and lyrics for my Character App Titles, this one's is in reference to "Soldiers of the Wasteland" by Dragonforce.
  • Mark's Text Hex Color is #330099.


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"You say the past isn't worth saving? If that's true, humanity is not worth saving. That is something I refuse to believe."

Name: Ida von Hellebore
Age: 34


Height- 5’10”

Personality: As enthusiastic as she is intelligent, Ida is a rare sort in the wasteland these days. Boundlessly excitable and relentlessly positive, she is a very welcoming and accepting woman, who very much enjoys the company of others. She’s boundlessly curious, wanting to know everything about everything and everyone around her. She very quickly makes friends (or at the very least foists her friendship on others quickly) and is keen to be helpful and useful, oftentimes taking up a “mom friend” role among the various groups she’s traveled with in the wastes before, for her boisterous nature hides a keen, sharp intellect and a deceptively level head. 
Ida knows technology better than most anyone she has ever known. She’s very smart and has put together not just her own D-Rig on her own, but also assisted in the building and maintenance of multiple others. She is fascinated by building things and figuring out how things work, and wants to do her part to reconstruct the past so that one day the days of the wastes can be put far behind humanity, even though she almost certainly won’t be alive to see it. She is actually attempting to create her own summon core from scratch rather than using a scavenged one. This exhibits a key personality trait of Ida: She is resolutely stubborn when it comes to taking on a challenge. Though she has been trying to craft her summon core for almost three years now with no success, she has just as much enthusiasm for the task now as when she started. 

Biography: Ida is named for the plains of Idaho where she was born near 30 years previously. Her parents were both old enough to remember the days before the Zero-Reverse Collapse well, her father having been in college at the time. Her father was studying to be a physicist, and had some idea of how Momentum worked, albeit having been fairly novice in his studies. Ida quickly took to mechanical studies, fascinated by the scavenged summon cores they were occasionally able to restore. She always had a mind for technology, and her family fell into a role of mechanics for the few locals in their corner of the Idaho Plains, and anyone who passed through willing to pay something for the service.

One of these few drifters was a man by name of Drake Valdez. Valdez passed through when Ida was 24, though he initially saw the potential in her father. He told the man that there was a place in southern California, in a place called Holloword. A man of his talents could likely find easy work there, much more profitable than out here on the Idaho Plains. 

Her father was not comfortable with the idea of traveling so far across the wasteland, seeing death as an inevitability. But Ida was taken in by Valdez’s stories of Holloword’s leader, an accomplished engineer of legendary skill. Eventually she had to be realistic: Her parents were simply too old to make the journey and expect to do it safely. But she wasn’t, and she was more than willing.

Ida set out for southern California three months later, having managed to talk just north of a dozen other locals into the journey with her. As far as long journeys through the wastes went, it could have been worse. Half of them died over the trek, with good preparation and a healthy dose of overcautiousness getting Ida through the journey largely unscathed, having only a broken right hand that would cause her to favor her left from then on. 

She would be dismayed to find that Holloword wasn’t all Valdez had cooked it up to be. It was a harsh, rough city that required one to be ready to fight or useful to make it in the city. Ida felt smothered in the city under its oppressive nature, and threw herself into her work. She started attracting attention in her engineering work particularly in her over-the-top D-Rig. She gained attention from the city’s leader. She was undoubtedly skilled, but she was also attracting derision for her unerring enthusiasm and ideas of “responsibility to the future.” Eventually she decided to take on a special project: She wanted to create a summon core from scratch, rather than using a summon core, which was generally considered to be impossible. 

Across three years she was repeatedly told that her efforts were useless, and continued to ignore them repeatedly. Eventually it was determined she couldn’t be useful and thus was no use in Holloword. She was exiled from the city, and was saved from an easy death in the wastes only by virtue of being able to steal her D-Rig out from under the noses of her would-be-executioners before lighting into the wastes again, hoping to find a better life where her talents and her aspirations weren’t smothered.

D-Rig Description: Ida’s D-Rig is a great mechanical mess, constructed out of multiple different pieces of scavenged construction equipment. It has the arm of a crane, the shovel of a bulldozer, and the apparatus of a rock drill, all slapped onto the body of a dump truck and cranked up to a speed unreasonable for any of them. This monstrosity is painted a dark green and is a machine Ida considers to be like a child to her, being enormously proud of it.

Deck: Ida plays an Ancient Gear deck. Her scavenged Link Summon core that sits in the engine compartment of her D-Rig is the only summon core she has, and she stubbornly refuses to use other summon cores until she can construct one of her own. She is not immensely skilled at dueling, but very much enjoys it, loving the spectacle of massive monsters like her Ancient Gear Golem, considering it also to be an excuse to show off her Rig.

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Remnant of the Wasteland


”I should be dead, but I’m not. Why is that?”

Name: Mary "Skelly" Walker

Age: 5

Text Color: #cccc9b




At first glance, Skelly appears to be a decently tall (5'7") but otherwise fairly normal woman almost completely covered in clothing, bandages, and survival wear reeking of formaldehyde and other preservatives. But upon closer examination, Skelly’s pale grayish skin, blackened veins, dark sclera, and cold body reveals that she is anything but. Underneath her hoods, jackets, and assorted wrappings, Skelly resembles a corpse in early stages of decay, with some sort of device embedded into her chest that glows with the same sickly yellow as her eyes. 



Mary Walker is generally the silent, stoic type, having an eerie stillness to her that can unnerve almost anyone she comes across. Most people who look into her prying eyes assume she’s a vengeful revenant seeking revenge, traveling across the wasteland stalking her killer(s). Depending on which rumor you’ve heard, she’s either a cold-blooded killer hunting down those who took her down or a gruff but virtuous soul seeking to execute her murderers in the name of justice. But the tales always end the same: those who mess with Mary Walker never live to tell the tale.

But no matter the telling, these folk tales of vengeful ghosts and risen dead always misunderstand Skelly. Far from being a living embodiment of revenge, Skelly is instead a curious and surprising compassionate person despite, or perhaps because, the unusual circumstances regarding her existence. As still as she might seem on the surface, Skelly is always thinking, observing, calculating, and planning. Skelly’s quite grim hobby of taxidermy is an extension of her natural curiosity in the living and the dead, as are her dabblings in other forms of investigation. For all of the mystique surrounding her, Skelly would make a fantastic detective herself, able to pick up on slight details others miss about others… or the biggest mystery she has yet to solve, herself. A lot of Skelly’s drive to learn more is due to her amnesia and the desire to know herself. 



Five years ago, in the depths of the marshes of Florida, a female corpse laid in the mud. When, how, and why she died isn’t very clear, but her body hadn’t been touched by the ravages of decay much, despite her body being there for years. A strange metal structure sits in the center of her chest, seemingly dormant.

However, suddenly, her body starts twitching slightly, her dead muscles moving for the first time in years, possibly even decades. Soon, her chest begins to pump up and down in the rhythmic motion of breath, with the muscle twitches becoming more and more intense. 
And then, the dead woman opens her now black eyes, and rises from the grave once more.

Mary Walker had no memories of who she was before her first “death” besides her name, but her mind screamed to her to start looking for clues. For shelter. She soon saw an abandoned RV in an equally sorry shape, with some additional pieces of scrap metal and bone nearby. And with these salvaged materials, Skelly began repairing what would be her D-Rig, Frankenstein’s Lab. After two weeks of tireless work, the RV was repaired… and Skelly began to travel.

Skelly spent most of the following 5 years on the road. The survivors of America weren’t the most welcoming to the living dead, so Skelly spent as little time as possible in settlements, keeping herself nearly totally covered at almost all times to avoid conflict. But her odd mannerisms and dead flesh rose to the status of near legend, with rumors about her being spread from settlement to settlement. 

Now, Skelly finds herself on the opposite coast, finally finding a barrier she can’t drive past. For now, she keeps to herself, practicing taxidermy as a way to pass the time.

D-Rig Description: 


Frankenstein’s Lab

Frankenstein’s Lab is Skelly’s D-Rig, a massive chimera of a RV that is as much a relic as its owner. The Lab’s current state is almost unrecognizable compared to the wreck it was when Skelly first found it, and due to constant tune-ups, repairs, and improvements it’s appearance is always slightly shifting. Skelly uses her D-Rig as a place to sleep and relax, and upgrades such as powered cooling and an integrated desk are personalized towards her pension to taxidermy. The RV is powered by a Synchro summon core, but Skelly is able to perform fusion summons with the Fusion core in her abdominal cavity.



Skelly’s deck is centered around Creature Feature, an archetype of EARTH Zombie-type monsters focused around Fusion and Synchro summoning their boss monsters from the graveyard. Skelly uses her main deck monsters to get her Fusion and Synchro monsters from the Extra deck to the graveyard along with getting materials on the field. When all of the prep is ready, Skelly plays her deck’s fusion spell, “Creature Feature Premier”, to summon her massive monsters from the graveyard. Skelly’s ace monster is “Creature Feature - Chimerwolf”.

Creature Feature Main Deck Monsters + Spells:

Creature Feature - ??? (EARTH)
When this card is Summoned: Put the top four cards of your deck in your graveyard. A "Creature Feature" monster Fusion or Synchro Summoned from your graveyard using this card gains the following effect. You may only activate this effect of “Creature Feature - ???”
● When this card is Summoned: You can target 2 "Creature Feature" monsters in your GY, except "Creature Feature - ???"; add those targets to your hand.

Creature Feature - Podlicant (EARTH)
When you summon this card: It gains the effects of target monster. A Zombie monster Fusion or Synchro Summoned from your graveyard using this card gains the following effect. -When this card is summoned: You can target 1 Spell/Trap Card in a GY; Set it to your side of the field, but banish it when it leaves the field.

Creature Feature - Stitchwolf (EARTH)
This card deals piercing battle damage. A “Creature Feature” monster Fusion or Synchro Summoned from your graveyard using this card gains the following effect.
● This card deals piercing battle damage.

Creature Feature - Virus Kid (EARTH) 
Whenever you summon ???, you may special summon a "Creature Feature" monster not named “Creature Feature - Virus Kid” from your hand. A “Creature Feature” monster Fusion or Synchro Summoned from your graveyard using this card gains the following effect.
● Whenever this destroys a monster by battle, you may special summon it to your side of the field and it becomes a Zombie monster. Banish it if it would leave the field.


Creature Feature Premier
(This card is also treated as a "Fusion" card.)
You can activate one of the following effects:
●Fusion Summon one "Creature Feature" Fusion monster from your graveyard by tributing monsters from your side of the field or banishing monsters from your graveyard. 
●Synchro Summon one "Creature Feature" Synchro monster from your graveyard by tributing monsters from your side of the field or banishing monsters from your graveyard.


Creature Feature Rerun
Target 1 “Creature Feature” card in your graveyard, except “Creature Feature Rerun”; Add that target to your hand.


Creature Feature Theater
Field Spell
Once per turn, you may discard a card to target one “Creature Feature” card in your graveyard and add it to your hand.
Your fusion and synchro summons from your graveyard cannot be negated.
When you special summon a monster from your GY, you may shuffle 3 cards from your GV into your deck.

Creature Feature Extra Deck Monsters:

Mad Creature Feature - Chimerwolf (EARTH)
“Creature Feature - Werewolf (Placeholder Name)” + 2 Zombie-Type monster
If this card is Special Summoned from the GY: It gains 500 ATK and cannot be destroyed by card effects.
This card can attack all monsters your opponent controls, once each.





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Experience in Age


“Back in my day, we… Well, I guess my day was during this mess, so what’s it really matter?”


Lusine Cenel








Height: Roughly 5'4







“Kyehehe, when you have a lifetime of experience, anything new seems rather novel.”

That’s the creed Lusine lives by in this hellscape, where everything she once knew was lost. She can be described in a lot of ways. Strange and enigmatic by those who know of her by her reputation are the most common. Not unsurprisingly, considering when one stumbles across her home, it’s often crammed full of strange items she’s scavenged and repurposed for her own reasons.

She’s blunt and quick to point out things that don’t make sense, but she still doesn’t like to hurt people. One thing that never changed over the years, she never started to take joy in hurting others, even when it was something done to defend herself. Perhaps she lost her filter with age, or maybe she just stopped caring with the apocalypse on them.








“I’m sometimes known as the Green Hermit by people, my little home has a reputation now, it seems...”

Born in a nowhere town in the middle of Kentucky, life was rather plain. She went to school, she prepared for an ambition that she was too young to have fully developed and dreaded every day that came. Her favorite hobby was one that her mother had her help with, gardening. The two of them, from the time when she was a young child to just before the time the Zero Reverse Collapse occurred, would spend days out in their garden, tending to it and working to grow more and more. A love for gardening and growing all sorts of things was something that she felt drawn towards. It got the point where she had fallen into a rabbit hole of spells and charms that she believed brought positive effects to her life.

Then, a week out from her 17th birthday, everything went to hell. The collapse of the world was not something she handled well at first. With her family not making it and most of her friends perishing as well, she was left alone as people scrambled. Her house was mostly intact, including parts of the garden that her family had grown… But it was painful to stay there for her. With things as they were, she knew there was little reason to stay either. With a heavy heart, she packed up anything she deemed useful from her family’s home, along with what food she could carry on her own and prepared to leave. There was no chance of the family’s car working, she tried that one already.

So she settled on the next best thing, her father’s D-Wheel. With it and his deck, the beginnings of an Alien deck, she was prepared for the basic attacks that were starting to become the norm in the new world. In the past, she wouldn’t ever have considered touching the thing, but it wasn’t like she had an option in this situation. While she never grew attached to the game in the same way he did, it was a way to remember him and provide her with safety in this new world. She had to hope that he wouldn’t have minded too much. Her first stop was a small, local shop where her mother took her regularly to get more seeds for the garden, scoop up whatever she could find and take with her… And then she left.

“The pain dulls over time, but never truly fades.”

Her travels to find a place where she could set up shop took her across the country. Along the way, she wound up in more than a few close situations, situations that definitely would’ve made a poor teenager like herself live in fear of the world they were in now, but she always managed to scratch her way out of them mostly intact against all odds. Her father’s D-Wheel, despite their middle class life, was top notch, as if he had been harboring secret desires to jump into the tournament scene… Which wouldn’t have surprised Lusine.

Years passed and she finally found a half hospitable place to settle in, a mountain oasis in Colorado. At this point, she was nearing her late thirties and while she didn’t have the most experience with building a home, there were ruins of civilization for her to scavenge from. The mountainous area was rough and not exactly hospitable to climb, but the oasis she found was perfect to set up a small homestead. Occasionally people would wander in, and a few were hostile, who she repelled, but...

Some were just people looking for a new chance at life and heard about a recluse who could maybe help them. She wasn’t quite sure what to make about the recluse situation, she didn’t think she came across that way, but with time passing, she started to live up to the role. She helped people who stumbled on her settlement and then sent them on their way.

“They come and they go, hopefully they survive.”

Over time, a small group of people set up a town not far from her, on their own. Many of them had been people she helped in the past, who came back to live under her for guidance. While she lives close to it, she was never the most active there, beyond teaching a few younger children things while their parents worked. People became convinced that she was some form of witch, the way she managed to grow crops…

While she did take a small interest in witchcraft, it wasn’t like she was casting fireballs at people. ‘Charms’ to help her plants grow or provide cover for her home. She used it as a source of strength for herself, something that let her be firm and not bend in the new world.

She helped a few of the adults grow their own gardens, and while none of them took off like her own, they still had a source of some food. In return for her help, they made sure to help her with repairs on her home from time to time, along with keeping an eye out and warning her when it looked like trouble was coming...

Eventually, she realized that with her age, she was losing some of her balance on her father’s D-Wheel… And she left it in the care of her pupil, letting them take the maintained bike, instead having put together a vehicle that could keep up with the pace of D-Rigs, along with having the ability to carry more on it than a standard Rig.

Having lived as long as she did in this world was impressive to her. Day after day, she expected to fail, but she kept moving forward. Now, in what she expected to be her twilight years, she wanted to travel more. She wanted to see if the rest of the country had started to heal, like her little corner did, and if she could bring something to those communities that were being recreated.



Duel Rig





Souped Up Golf Cart. It was put together by Lusine with help from a few of the settlers with experience, working to create something that could support her in her older age. The cart can maintain speeds comparable to almost any D-Rig, along with carrying anything she needs to transport away.

Obviously it is NOT in this good of a shape, it's just, like. Man, it's hard to find a good image for what I want. Rough, patched together, all that.

Link and Synchro Cores





Character Theme



Personality is still a WIP but the rest is solid, trivia/misc stuff will be added when I'm more awake.

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Seeker of Forbidden Fruit





-Very curious. Studies anything and everything they can get their hands on, but with a special focus on the Cores.
-However, they also seem to have a soft spot for plants. They've done their best to help Lusine's efforts.
-Seems to take superstitious beliefs, like those that Lusine acts on, in stride, in spite of this.
-Absolute pacifist, often refusing to take cores from the ones they beat. After all, they need those to survive. However, they have been known to accept donations...
-Continuing, they think that all forms of life are precious and deserve utmost efforts to preserve them. Perhaps zealously so.

Around 13, Eden abandoned a life that left them rather sheltered, wandering into the wilderness of the Rocky Mountains beyond them. Quite foolishly, if you would ask anyone that knows them. With a surprisingly low amount of survival skills, they were found half-dead by a group from a nearby town that took them back.

After being helped back onto their feet, they very quickly learned that… they could not boss people around. Quite a shock to the adolescent, whose jaw hit the floor the first time they were told to shut up, but they learned how to keep their mouth shut… even if their thoughts remained petulant.

When asked for a name, they simply replied Eden. They never offered up a last name, so it stuck. After a while, they began to understand the town’s way of life, even if they got weird looks whenever they smiled. However… They were more intrigued by the “witch” they had heard about. Heading up to the house, rather than the witch they were promised, they just found an old lady… With plenty of plants about. More than they had imagined they would see out this way.

And then the old lady came out. Eden demanded to become an apprentice on the spot, wishing to learn from the woman before them and saying that they were above the townsfolk they had been staying with… only to be met with laughter. Then being told that their attitude needed a fix, what with the townspeople not taking to that kinda thing well. The teen begrudgingly nodded, letting her know that had already happened, with laughter very quickly filling their ears again. However, Eden remained strong, insisting that they wanted more than life in town had to offer. They wanted to learn, to study those plants, and to learn from the fabled “witch” before them.


Eventually, Eden began to stay with Lusine, eventually coming to think of the older lady as a mother… Not that they ever said so. They did their best to assist Lusine in her endeavors, with an oddly large amount of knowledge on plants to help, as well as every day events… And, in exchange, they were cared for and taught about the world. Cores, the state of it, and, most importantly, the value of life. She never let up on that message, even encouraging Eden to not strike out against others, unless absolutely needed.

Eventually, the old lady even passed on her D-Wheel to Eden, though not all of it resembles what it once did. Plenty of upgrades and tinkering went into it, to make it more hospitable for journeys to town for the both of them, should Lusine decide to tag along, or just to galavant about the mountains or surrounding badlands. They always wanted to study cores, but they didn’t dare to risk Lusine’s or their own single core, which they had kept on them since childhood.

Eventually, they stumbled upon a second while checking out some of the surrounding areas, though it ended up being non-functional. But Eden was not deterred, examining the other three cores (being especially careful with Lusine’s), and tinkering with the new one directly until… One day, something clicked and it began to work. With this being a boon in and of itself, they began to take it apart and reassemble it, trying to understand its mechanisms, what they did right, but… to no avail. They know they can work on cores, but not how they work, and that question now drives them forward. What are they? Where does that energy come from? And, if rumors are true… What happens when you have multiple of the same type?

Pendulum and Ritual Cores

Performapal Odd-Eyes

-Their mouth has not been seen by anyone that has met them in the time they've been with Lusine, except for Lusine and the townspeople. It is a common source of discussion among the nearby children.-
-This is, in fact, their hair's natural colors.-
-Expert scavenger and core mechanic, despite not having a full grasp on what the blasted things are.-
-Eden is their name... Or is it?-
-Character Theme-
-Duel Theme-



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