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Max Omega: Vigilantes

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So here we go again. The second shoot at the non-canon spinoff fic of the RP My Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega, which is an AU of My Hero Academia.

What a rabbit hole. This post is also the table of contents, so feel free to comment!

Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Of Hopeful Heroes


It all started in Qingpong, China. On that fateful day, a child was born radiating a strange heat from their body, nearly engulfing their nursery in flames. Ever since that day, things people thought as only fantasy was now reality. More and more people were gifted with these strange powers, now known to the world as “Quirks”.


These people grew up to be the first generation of vigilantes,and soon the Hero Institution was created, where people with Quirks worked as government officials around the world. Though at first Quirks were rare, they rapidly spread, to the point 25 percent of the world had a quirk only three generations later.

To help the new generation become heroes, schools were made to let the former generations pass on their knowledge. To graduate from a school is an honor, and such an accomplishment is rewarded with a Hero License, so that a young hero may legally pursue their dreams.


Sadly though, not all quirks are created equal, and not everyone could become a hero. To that end, some people instead pursue the illegal occupation of…




Opening Theme


“Oh geez, I’m late, I’m late…,” muttered a tall, lanky figure rushing down the street, his wild, neck length spiky orange hair and blue hoodie flowing in the spring breeze. The teen looked down at a watch with his blue eyes before he looked back up. Sure, today was the last day he’d work at the local mom and pop store before he went off to Hero School... but to show up late, well, that was kinda of a dick move. Not very fitting for a hero to be, now would it?

Still, today was really out to get him.

“Get back here, punk!” A topless man behind the teen called out, the blades coming out of his wrists catching the sunlight as he chased down his prey. “I told you to give me all your money!”

“Hey man, I have to get to work to make that money! You think you’re the only one that’s broke around here?!” The teen shouted back in an irritated tone of voice. The would be mugger slowed down as he heard those words, almost coming to a standstill. Was… he becoming commonplace now?


Gritting his teeth, the teen turned around the corner, almost at his workplace. All he had to do was make it down the street in 3 minutes and he would be in the clear! That wouldn’t be an issue at all, except he never expected to be stopped by a body crashing down in front of him. The teen took a step back, watching the man that fell from the sky standing up slowly. He was large and muscular, easily towering over the teen. His hair in dreadlocks, and his right arm was… a giant shotgun. Oh. That was lovely.

The man looked over at the teen standing in front of him, a wide grin on his face. “Well, looks like this just got easier…,” Before he knew it, the orange haired worker was wrapped into a head  lock, the muzzle of the giant gun pointed at his head. “Let's see that hero get me when I have a hostage…,” the villain managed to say right before a streak of silver and red crashed into the ground, kicking up a lot of dust.


When the dust cleared, it was revealed to be a man in shining silver armor, streamlined to help with flight, the helmet fashioned to resemble a dragon’s head. On his chest were three notable slits, and on his back were two giant wings, each three-pronged like a trident, and fashioned more like jet wings than animal wings.

“Holy crap…,” The teen muttered before looking up at the villain holding him down. “That’s Silver Comet! What the hell did you do to get the Number Five Hero hunting you down?” His eyes darted around as he saw other people watching, but no one getting too close… seemed like Silver Comet was the only hero here right now.


“That’s not important!” The villain snapped, placing the muzzle of the gun closer to his hostage’s head. “Look here Silver Comet! You take one step closer, or make some sort of funny move, and I’ll blow this twerp’s head off, ya hear?” The hero known as Silver Comet raised his hands into the air, obviously trying to defuse the situation.

“Let the boy go,” The hero commanded, his voice deep and penetrating. “There’s no point to worsen both your sentence and conscience with the blood of the innocent,”  

“You act like I have a conscience,” The villain taunted, a loud Chakchak! being heard as the villain cocked his gun. The hostage gritted his teeth, closing his eyes and brainstorming.

“Alright, Hane, you want to be a hero, so what do you do here?” His thoughts rushed in rapidly, thinking about how he could use his quirk to get out of this situation. He was pretty confident that his quirk would protect him from a gunshot… but he never tested that before. So maybe instead…

“Hey guys,” Hane called out suddenly, causing the other two to pause. “Look, I’m going to be late to work, so like, can we wrap this up…?” The villain responded with first tightening his grip around his victim’s neck, before snapping out a sentence.

“What are ya, stupid? Don’t you know what kind of situation you’re in?”

“Please, civilian, don’t antagon---,” Silver Comet began, before Hane continued.

“Well, yeah… I’m being held down by a dirty coward. That’s why you grabbed me right?” the teen looked up to the assailant. “You couldn’t face down Silver Comet on your own, so now you’re hiding behind me like a shield. You obviously don’t have the guts to kill me,” his eyes darted over to Silver Comet. He only hoped that this stupid plan of his worked.

With a growl, the gun villain grabbed the front of his victim’s shirt, spinning him around and lifting him into the air, causing the teen’s feet to leave the ground. “A dirty coward, am I?! Well, then, let me just pump you full of holes! Let’s see you call me a coward then!!” With a snarl, the villain threw back his hostage, sending the teen to the ground. However, right when he was throwing, the villain noticed something… his victim was grinning instead of being afraid… what the hell…?

The next thing he knew, Hane’s back hit the ground… and then the teen bounced into the air, grinning and pointing finger guns at the villain. “Later, sucker!” He called out as he bounded over the hero, landing on his feet and running off. With a roar of rage, the villain went to aim his gun… but in that rage, he forgot about the very hero he was using the boy as a defense against. A jet engine-like roar was heard, and the wings on Silver Comet’s back expelled a red flame, which propelled him forward, allowing him to tackle the villain with high speed.


Hane looked over his shoulder, grinning as he saw that his plan had worked. His quirk, Rubber, really helped him out there. He looked down at his watch, eyes widening as he realized that he barely had a minute left before he was late! He let out a yell as he ran as fast as he could, rushing past the people around him, only skidding to a stop when he got in front of a small white building. He quickly moved forward, throwing the door open full force.

“It’s fine! I am here!!” He called out in a panic, panting as he looked around the small convenience store he had entered. He looked around to the familiar sight of the white floor and shelves all lined up with food and drinks, and the sight of the grisly older man behind the counter, teeth clenched around a cigarette and face buried in a newspaper.

“It’s about time you got here, Daicon,” The man snapped, not even looking up from his newspaper. “Just because you’re some big shot headed to Japan to study at UA doesn’t mean you can be late on your last day, ya hear…?” 


“But… But I made it on time…,” Hane said with a small whimper.

“Sure you did kid,” The man said as he stood up. “Make sure not to slack off on your last day, got it?” He said before he walked out of the store, newspaper tucked under his arm as he left. Hane sighed as he took off his hoodie, revealing the bright red of his uniform, slipping on his hat as he slid behind the counter, clocking into his shift. He only hoped that the shift would go by quickly.

At 8 in the morning, the store wasn’t too busy, with only a few customers coming in for snacks now and then. It made sense to Hane, seeing as spring break was here, so the students were sleeping in and the adults were at work. Time was going so slowly though…


At 11 in the morning, his coworker came in, a peppy short girl with her mid-length brown hair done in a ponytail. She was cute, but nothing really to write home about… average would probably be the best word for her.


She was only a year younger than him, but since she was the owner’s daughter, she got a little special treatment, like higher pay and less hours. Not that he really minded. After he went to Japan, this wouldn’t matter. He would become a hero, and do more than just work in a local convenience store!

“Morning Hane!” The girl greeted, grinning widely as she slipped behind the counter.

“Morning Ruby,” Hane answered, stretching before grabbing the two liter of soda he had bought earlier, chugging it down. “Ready for work today?”

“I am always ready for work, thank you very much,” Ruby stated, folding her arms and puffing out her cheeks.

“Yeah, but you’re gonna have to do shifts without me after today,” Hane mentioned in a teasing tone. “You think you can handle that?”

“O-of course I can!” She said, turning her head away from him. There was a moment of silence before she spoke up again. “... Today’s the last day, huh?” She asked softly. “You’ve been here for almost three years… it’s hard to believe you’re going to be moving to Japan and going to UA,”

“Well…,” Hane muttered as he scratched his cheek. “I still need to get my acceptance letter…,” Ruby’s head whipped back around to face her coworker.

“WHAAAAAT?! You mean you’ve been planning to go to all the way to Japan, and you don’t even know if you were accepted?!” She grabbed his cheeks, and stretched them out to comical lengths. “What kind of idiot are you?!”

“Oh, come on!” Hane stated, raising his hands into the air, his speech a bit muffled due to his stretched cheeks. “I got nothin’ but praises from everyone there, and it’s not like the competition was that bad,” Ruby puffed her cheeks again and let go of Hane’s, causing them to snap back in place.

“All you have is bouncy skin,” She stated as she poked him in the chest, “What makes you think you could stand with the best of the best?”

“Hey now, that’s hurtful,” Hane commented. “Look, there was some dude that threw a punch and broke his entire arm, some snake guy, and…,” He paused to think. “Actually, I think I saw a Creed there,”

“You mean a member of the Creed family? You went against a kid of pro heroes?!” Ruby demanded. “Why are you so confident you got in?!” Hane chuckled, rubbing his head.

“Hey, my quirk isn’t flashy, but it’s useful. At the very least, I had to get in over ‘break my arm’ boy, right?” He asked with a chuckle. Ruby sighed and put her hands on her hips.

“Honestly, you can be such an idiot sometimes,” She muttered before facing ahead. Hane sighed, also turning to face the front. Maybe he was being a little too insensitive to Ruby’s feelings… after all, she didn’t even have a quirk.




Time passed, and the two of them finished up the daily chores of the store: restocking after the noon rush, sweeping the floors, and wiping down everything. It was nearly two in the afternoon, and Hane only had two more hours on his shift. He did his best not to watch the clock, but man, that was hard not to do.

The front door opened, causing the two workers to look up. A tall Japanese man walked in, his black spiky hair being done up in a ponytail that reached his knees. His brown eyes spotted Hane behind his glasses, and so he approached the worker.

“Hey Dad,” Hane said with a grin. “What’s up?” It was a bit weird seeing his dad out here. He usually kept himself glued in front of his computer, working on some fifth dimensional physics or something. Hane never really understood the things his dad would research about…


“Got this in the mail,” His dad said, holding up a letter. “I thought you might want it," The first thing that caught Hane’s eyes was… yeah, that was the UA symbol alright! It was here! This is when he’d find he was accepted into the school, and his dreams would start! He reached over to grab the letter, but before he could, Ruby snatched the letter away from his dad’s hand.

“I’ll keep this. You’re gonna be so distracted by the answer you won’t get any work done,” She said before sticking out her tongue and putting the letter in her back pocket. Hane sighed and looked to his dad, shrugging.

“Well, thanks for coming out here. I’ll be sure to be home before eleven, okay?” Hane said. His dad gave a thumbs up and headed out the door.

“I’ll see you then,” the older Daicon replied. Hane sighed before glancing at Ruby.

“So… can I see it now?” he asked his coworker, who just puffed out her cheeks.

“I was being serious, mister!” She claimed. “You’ll bounce all over the place, breaking everything,” Hane grinned at that, poking her side as he leaned over.

“So you think I got in to, huh?” He teased, causing her to blush a bit, before whipping around and folding her arms.

“H-How am I supposed to know? It’s not like I know how UA grades its applicants!” She looked at the front door, sighing a bit. “So, after you go to UA, what are you going to do?” She asked. Hane cupped his chin, thinking to himself.

“Well, I wanna graduate UA and get my hero license, then, I’ll… just move back here and be a hero,” He said with a shrug. “I don’t really have any grandiose plans… I just wanna be able to help people and fight villains without being arrested,” He rubbed his nose. “But you know what would be cool? A Superhero team. I could like, get a bunch of partners and we could help each other save everyone! Maybe even do some cool poses!” Ruby smiled, giggling to herself before she turned back to Hane.

“You’re such a dork, you know that?” She commented. Hane just chuckled and rubbed his head, opening his mouth to respond, but before he could, the door opened again, revealing some customers coming in. The two turned and prepared to help them, and do their jobs together one more time.




At the end of his shift, Hane had slipped back on his hoodie, clutching the letter he got close to his chest when Ruby handed it to him. He wanted to open it now… but Ruby was right… besides, she didn’t need to see him acting uncool when he got accepted. He headed to the door, turning to give a carefree salute to Ruby before he left.

“Good luck, Hane!” She called out, waving to him. He grinned before replying.

“Luck? Don’t need it, but thanks for the thought!” He then opened the door. “I’ll see you when I return a hero this whole city can be proud of!” As he left, the door closing behind him, Ruby let out a sigh.

“Geez, Hane… you already are one…,” She muttered to herself.


The newly freed teen was ecstatic as he headed to the local park. That would be the most peaceful place to read his letter, and a good place to get some last minute practice with his quirk before he left for Japan. After all, he had to make sure he was ready for anything the school had to throw at him!

He rushed to the park, running down one of the paths, the trees around him giving off a peaceful feeling that was almost contrary to his hyperactive drive. He stopped by a bench with a trash can next to it, taking out the letter and staring at it one more time. He took a deep breath to calm himself before he ripped open the envelope, looking down at the paper. His eyes scanned the letter, reading over the formal things before one word grabbed his attention. It was only one word, but it would change his life forever…






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