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Dragon Sign [OOC/PG-16/Not Accepting]

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[Super fancy Logo whoa oh my god how does he do it]




Howdy ho there RP, it's me your local frequently yugioh RP host bringing you a not yugioh RP. Luckily, this RP has nothing to do with card games, yet. Instead I'm going backwards in my hosting history and putting up a fantasy RP with general inspiration from hit new release game Elden Ring, in general tone and premise though not world and other such mechanics, as well as making it something of an Isekai. Naturally combat will be a large focus in the RP and the players can expect something of a more low fantasy power level, at least to start with, but you will "level up" learning new techniques and magic along the way.

The general premise is that you, the players, are all from modern day Earth. Sadly, you have also all died for one reason or another and all on the same day at that. After a brief conversation with some otherworldly entity you next find yourself waking up in an unfamiliar location with the rest of the cast, branded with the Dragon's Sign and off to complete your RP long mission. From there you will learn about the doomed world of Seidgard that you have found yourselves in. Traveling across the various different regions of the world, defeating various monsters, exploring different dungeons and attempting to solve the Great Curse of the world. Whether because it's in your nature as an isekai hero or simply because it's the only lead on getting home. 

This is all very barebones but there is more info in the waiting and it shall be posted should interest pan out and this turn into a proper OOC.





  1. Since time immemorial this site has had rules that no RP can supercede and neither too can this one. So follow those. 
  2. There will be one character per player. 
  3. I have no idea on Acceptance limits thus far but we'll see how things go 
  4. Be sure to communicate with others when you can't post or when you need someone else to post
  5. Something something more rules may be added if I deem it necessary


General Plot



A world of six regions, all smashed together to form a circle around a tower that pierces into the heavens. This is Seidgard. A world that's prosperity and size was all cut down by a being known as the "Lord of Curses." Legends tell of the mortal that rose up against the gods, armed with fell magic that caused calamity where ever they entered. And so, in a battle between this Lord and their Six Champions, the gods could do nothing but seal them away. Now, the world has reformed itself to act more like a prison for the Lord of Curses, stuck inside the Tower of Heaven at its center. However, the Lord of Curses continued to influence the world from even inside their prison. An ever present veil of clouds covers the world, the sun nowhere to be seen. Calamities, known as "The Great Curses," strike each region relentlessly. And monsters unlike any from before stalk the lands. The prayers of the people are sent to the ears of gods; all but one now dead.

Yet, they are still heard. The Great Dragon of Water, the last of their kind, has brought in champions from the world of "Earth". Though marked by the Dragon Sign are destined to seek out the Six Accursed, the champions of the Lord of Curses. They are to fell them and quell each of the Great Curses, and when they are slain the path to the Lord of Curses shall open up to them. Should the heroes fell the Lord, they will be granted a wish and the world shall be restored. It is just unfortunate that these heroes never quite start as the legends they are promised to be.





This was more or less covered in the General Plot section of the world of Seidgard is like as a whole. There's obviously more specifics to it, but those and a map will be added as time goes on. 

Aerstroff - The First Region of the RP. Once a home to the Dragon of Lightning and Thunder, it now bears a curse of similar status. The land is comprised mostly of flatlands, sparse clusters of trees and shrubbery dot the land scape. It is home to the Beast-people, those who have varying degrees of bestial/animalistic traits ascribed to their form. The Great Curse of the land is "The Curse of Lightning Fall." Lightning strikes are all too common and thunder can be heard at almost all times of the day. 

1. Aerseinn - The primary town of Aerstroff. A town that consists mostly of one story structures surrounded by a wooden palisade wall. The first most notable things about Aerseinn are the gigantic spires that are found through the town, acting as giant lightning rods for any stray bolts from the Great Curse that might their way towards the town. The second most notable thing is a building known as the Church of Awakenings. It is stated when the bell rings the locked doors of the church will open, giving way for the prophesized heroes to make their way into the world proper. 





Outlander/Exalted - The name for those who come from Earth in the land of Seidgard. They are the ones chosen by the Great Dragon of Water to defeat the Accursed and rid the world of the Lord of Curses. They are all marked by a draconic shaped brand on their hands known as the "Dragon Sign."

The Great Dragon of Water - Both the Long and Short form of the name for the Dragon God of Water and Soul. Though the other, now deceased, dragon gods are still respected in some capacity in their home region, the Dragon of Water is worshipped in all of them. They are said to continue sustaining life on the planet through their blessings as well as being the one to summon the heroes from Earth to begin with. Very little else is known as they have not made an actual physical appearance since the Cataclysm. 

The Accursed - Six champions that the Lord of Curses chose when they began their rebellion against the gods. They are anchored to each region that they now inhabit, each one fueling The Great Curse of that area. 

The Great Curse - A type of calamity or weather phenomena that exists and persistently harries the life of those who live in that region. The one present in all regions is known as the "Veil of Clouds," which is an omnipresent wall of clouds that cover the sky that never seem to fade based on time or rainfall. 

The Lord of Curses - The Big Bad. 





Stats - There are Five Stats in Dragon Sign that govern the general capabilities of your character. They are Endurance, Mind, Strength, Speed and Magic. More will be discussed on those later. Each stat starts at 2, though in character creation the players may change these stats. Each stat may go up to 3, but for every 3 you have in you must have a corresponding 1. So, if you had a 3 in Strength, one of your other four stats would have to be a 1. I currently have not decided on what the cap for stats is. 

Endurance - A measure of your ability to tank hits and general stamina. In most RPGs this would be your "HP." 

Mind - A measure of your ability to focus and manipulate the mana within and around you. In most RPGs this would be your "MP." Though things referencing "using MP" there is no actual numerical value assigned to anything in those regards. 

Strength - How strong you are. Generally governs physical attack damage.

Speed - How fast you are. Generally governs movement and reaction speeds. 

Magic - A measure of how powerful your magic is. Generally governs magic damage. 

Spirit Weapon - The weapon of those who bear the Dragon Sign. They can be conjured at a moments notice and dismissed similarly as quickly. If the wielder is in the middle of using their weapon they must wait until they can rest and focus for a few second before dismissing their weapon. Their form is variable from wielder to wielder, often matching the wielder's preference but can be changed during down time if the wielder wishes it. 

Rune Graft - Runes of power that the Exalted are able to use to attain magic power. The Exalted equip the Rune Graft to their Dragon Sign which grants them that Rune Grafts power. An exalted can only have two Rune Grafts equipped to start with. The Exalted may change which Rune Grafts they have equipped with ten minutes of rest. There is no purpose in equipping two of the same Rune Graft. Any Rune Graft labeled with the [Basic] tag can be used in two ways; either a close ranged melee attack or single target ranged attack. The Exalted start with the following Rune Grafts 

Water [Basic], Wind [Basic], Fire [Basic], Earth [Basic], Cure [Basic]

Weapon Arts - A technique that is usually outside of a normal human's capability of executing, or at least executing properly. These are skills that follow specific motions and use MP to channel mana through the body to allow them to hit harder, faster and more properly when using a technique like this. A weapon art can be executed without MP and also without properly knowing it. It will, however, always come out as a weaker and clumsier version of the real technique.

For example, you could have the weapon art of a spin attack in which you swing a sword in a 360 degree around you. With the MP and knowledge, the spin could be as fast as a regular sword swing with all the same lag of one, and would hit harder than just a regular attack at that. Without the MP or knowledge, it would come out much slower and arguably deal less damage then just a regular attack. Weapon arts can be upgraded up to five times, each time increasing the MP used, the strength of the attack, and adding either a new property to the attack or adding another follow up attack into the sequence, such as doing a spin attack followed by an uppercut slash.  

Magical Arts - These allow you to shape and alter magic that you have currently gotten. If the Magic Art itself is general enough to be applied to any spell then it can be applied to anything with the [Basic] tag. For example, you could have the magical art to transform the magic into an AoE spherical burst instead of just a single target attack, and because this is a general enough ability it would apply to Water, Fire, Wind, etc. and not just one of them.

Alternatively, you can create magical arts that are more specific to a specific spell, such as causing an enemy to catch fire more easily, using wind to suck someone in or creating a tendril of water. Each magical art can improved up to five times, and each time it is improved any spell with it becomes stronger, it consumes more MP and also is able to take on a different property (such as increasing the radius of an explosion, or conjuring multiple tentacles of water at once.) Using a magical art by default costs more MP then just using the basic version of the spell.  





Age: Probably late teens, to late 20s or early 30s for an age range.
Gender: He. She. They. Wumbo. 

Appearance: Showcase your appearance in the form of an image, a long text wall or an interpretive dance. Just be sure to include the most important part, their height. 
Personality: Describe who you are, how you act, why you act, if you act. Act. 
Biography: Describe your life prior to being Isekai'd. Just a note that the end of your bio will include you dying on July 17th. 

Base Spirit Weapon Form: The preferred form of the wielder's weapon. 
Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Can be any two chosen from Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Cure. As a reminder this is not remotely permanent. 
Weapon Arts - A player can know any combination of two weapon or magical arts. 
Magical Arts -
Base Stats: 

  • Endurance
  • Mind
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Magic

Other: Anything else goes here.



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Feel like the OOC will determine a lot for me but you do have me curious at least.

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May or may not join depending on how the concept sounds and if I can think up a character concept. And depending on how much extra time I end up having so... Pending interest.

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The River of Dreams


"To sleep, perchance to dream. ...for in that sleep...what dreams may come?"

Personal Information
Name: Gene Eric
Age: 23
Gender: Male



Height: 6'2"



Gene isn't too much on the outside, just the simple and average nerd. A boy who loves to watch anime and play video games, the kind of guy you expect to see being shoved in lockers in high school. However, he has a wit and charm about him that made the bullies stay away for the most part. Mostly because everyone else thought him to be a nice guy and would often defend him. He hates this, he doesn't want to be defended, he wants to defend. It's his greatest desire, to be like the video game and anime characters he loves. A smart guy, Gene has a knack for problem solving and when he's not playing games or watching anime he can be found solving puzzles.

Gene can be a bit reclusive, as well. He gets uncomfortable being looked at for too long and so he often shies away from the spotlight, something that also bothers him about himself. He's often wanting to improve himself, but struggles to do it, and gets frustrated at this. Despite his charm, many people tend to forget about him when he's not within eyesight. Even his parents occasionally forgot about him when he's in his room. Which is actually fine with him, since the longer he's avoiding his biggest bully: his step-father, the more his little life is better.

However, that's in the world he wakes to. In the world he dreams of every single night, he's quite different. A peerless swordsman that laughs in the face of danger, dives in headfirst into battle no matter the cost, and is a warrior of the people. Could this ever find a way to breach the surface that is his every day life? ...well...who knows truly.



"Is any of this for real...or not...?"

Gene's early life was actually the happier days he could remember. He had a great set of parents and things seemed to be going good for him in general, least he thought so anyway. However, his father, a soldier in the army, died in the line of duty...only leaving him and his mother to keep moving onward. But even those were days Gene was happy with.

Even though his mother was working multiple jobs, she made sure that her son was provided for. And for Gene, with the fact that he had old TV shows bought by his mother to keep him occupied, he was content with this little life he led...never once realizing how hard she had it. Though the good days started to go from sun and fun, to more along the lines of dark rainy days, and it was all because of his mother getting married to his new step-father.

While this did help in regards to moving to a better house, a better school and getting a better life in the process, Gene honestly didn't feel as happy as he once did...not in the slightest. His normal routine of life was thrown into turmoil when his step-father stepped in and stopped him from watching all the shows his mother let him and instead forced him to play sports. Unfortunately, he wasn't any good with these little sports that he was forced to participate in. Of course, his step-father assumed he just wasn't trying hard enough and would berate him about it. However, if Gene tried to talk back or step out of line in any manner that was disrespectful in his mind, his step-father would hit his son.

This went on for quite a while, his reclusiveness growing a bit worse just due to his step-father's abuse. All he had were his dreams and his mother, whenever she wasn't being influenced by his step-father. Though on one day...July 17th...that's when Gene's life truly changed. While out and about, Gene witnessed an attempt of a mugging occurring. Normally, Gene wouldn't have tried to intervene in the slightest, but this time...it was different. Could it have been the fact that the culprit was running in his direction with the stolen purse? Possibly... Regardless, Gene went into action to stop the mugger, but didn't realize that the man had a knife in his hand. Easily avoidable, but apparently this was a very clumsy mugger...and he tripped over himself and plunged the knife into Gene's chest. He laid there, trying to get help...some called an ambulance but it arrived too late...and all Gene could see was his world getting darker as he passed from this mortal coil: dead. But...is that truly the end of his story?

Gameplay Information
Base Spirit Weapon Form:


Aqua Star


Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Water & Wind


Weapon Arts

  • Quick Strike - Allows the user to strike a nearby target with a quick upward slash.

Magical Arts

  • Water Wall - Allows the user to call upon a wall made of water to ultimately protect from attacks.

Base Stats:


Endurance - 2
Mind - 2
Strength - 1
Speed - 3
Magic - 2

Miscellaneous Information
Gene's Theme (Alternative) | Battle Theme

  • Gene's name means the following: Gene - a Greek name, this name being a form of "Eugene", meaning either "well born" or "born lucky". Eric - a Norse name meaning "ever or eternal ruler".
  • Gene's text color is: #3498db.
  • The App title is the song title "The River of Dreams" by Billy Joel.
  • When Gene uses his Magical Art, more than likely he'll end up saying: "Anyway, here's Water Wall".
  • The character quote that was used happens to be excerpts from Shakespeare's "Hamlet", more specifically from the famous soliloquy spoken by Prince Hamlet: "To be, or not to be". Given Gene's dealings with his own dreams, this little excerpt seemed fitting for him.
  • The character of Gene Eric was actually brought forth by another. The bovine himself, God Emperor Cow, had an old thread in Misc. in 2016, that was to have people post and he'd make a character. Naturally, I posted and was presented with this little character. After time passed, I decided to actually take this character he created because of me posting and work it to my own style.
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"I'm...some sort of super special magical chosen one?...I KNEW IT!"


Basic Information


Name: Sabrina "Dracona" Evert
Age: 16
Gender: She/Her

Appearance (art by hyanna-natsu)
Height: 5'8"

Her eye-patch actually covers up that she's blind in one eye.



Sabrina is energetic and full of wonder at the world she finds herself in. She is full of barely contained, and really often not contained at all, energy. She seems to be incredibly excited to experience everything the world has for her. When she's feeling extra excitable it's hard to get her to stop talking.

She seems to believe that she was always destined to be special and is startlingly okay with having this responsibility thrust upon her. Acting as though she knew all along that this was going to be her fate and, frankly, playing it up so intently it's hard to tell if she doesn't truly believe it.

However that's not the whole story. Sabrina is rather attention-starved and awkward. While she wants to be noticed and praised she also tends to have moments that she's incredibly nervous that people will start to dislike her. Negativity hits her hard but she always does her best to power through it and keep being true to herself. She has a tendency, on the flip-side, to be flustered when given positive attention and doubling down on her more unusual habits.

She's very much into fantasy and anime and gets excited when given the chance to experience something similar or to be able to talk about it.

Overall Sabrina is a friendly, gentle, girl with a somewhat fragile heart and an imagination vast as the skies.



The last survivor of a clan who eons ago worshiped a great dragon and took its power unto themselves. Sabrina lay in wait for the day that the dragon's resurrection will be at hand and her vast power is fully awakened...or so goes the story she wrote in her notebook about what her life was like. The reality is much less impressive.

Sabrina grew up without a father for the first 6 years of her life. Her mother was a high-strung woman who seemed to not be able to focus much on her child. Whenever she was forced to do more than the minimum Sabrina's mother would start to break down and Sabrina learned to hide away until her mother had settled.

When Sabrina was 6 years old her mother began dating a man who tried to help her mother through some issues. Though it seemed that he pushed a bit too much as, a couple months later, Sabrina's mom vanished and left her child behind. The boyfriend didn't want Sabrina to go through the struggles of an orphanage so he took it on himself, despite already having a 15 year old daughter, to adopt Sabrina.

Though it seemed her new father struggled with raising two children on his own. Especially as, after his wife passed, Sabrina's mom had been the first person he dated and he was still hurt from her leaving so suddenly. He worked a lot and Sabrina's new sister often had to look after Sabrina. And the teenage girl was not happy with it. She didn't actively mistreat her but she often shunned her despite Sabrina's attempts to follow her around and play with her all the time.

Sabrina's sister left home the moment she graduated high school and hardly had any contact with her father nor Sabrina. Which further led her father into depression.

Sabrina had to learn how to entertain herself. Coming up with stories in her head where she was the main character. Something she never grew out of and, in fact, only became more invested in it. Leading her to be avoided by a lot of people at school. She hadn't been a very sociable girl before, always unsure how to approach people, so she was usually just ignored. Once she began to, as her classmates said, act like a "total weirdo" they began to pay her more attention. However it wasn't positive. And Sabrina found herself the target of bullying. Still, Sabrina kept it up. Because she truly felt better when she acted in this way and, plus, people were looking her way for once.

This kept going for quite some time. With Sabrina trying to find some sort of positive affirmation with her strange fantasy only to be shot down again and again. Struggling more each time to pick herself up. She knew this was what she wanted to be but was having trouble knowing no one was accepting her. 

In the midst of all this a terrible accident occurred. While absentmindedly thinking of new angles for her "backstory" and listening to music she poured herself a drink of what she thought was juice but turned out to be a poisonous substance. Sabrina passed away that day, except...

Combat Information


Base Spirit Weapon Form: Reaper's Scythe
Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Fire and Wind
Weapon Arts
Boomerang: Allows wielder to throw weapon in an arc that returns to them.
Magical Arts
Wind Jump: Casts a surge of wind at user's feet to launch them a great distance.

Base Stats
Endurance - 2
Mind - 1
Strength - 2
Speed - 2
Magic - 3




-Always unsure if to introduce self as Sabrina or Dracona and forgets which she is using at the time.
-Likes karaoke but only ever went alone and tends to just sing anime songs and love songs.
-Keeps a diary which she makes sure to update whenever she can.
-Misses her stuffed animal collection.
-Incredibly sensitive about her blind eye as it was a particular target for bullying.



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Posted (edited)

Hammer Time



"Yes, it sucks, but... well, not like I can just un-die. So let's have a fun adventure."

Name: Abby Collins
Age: 25
Gender: Female




art by @dankestsin

Height: 4'7"



Abby is most at home in lighthearted conversation. She's quite easy to get along with, and combined with her extroverted nature, the easiest way to find her is often to look for the nearest social gathering. In conversation, she's just as relaxed and playful as her usual smug expression may suggest. Indeed, to her, socialization is a game, and despite her laid-back attitude, it's a game she plays to win. How she defines winning can vary, but it seldom comes at the "loser's" expense. Perhaps it's learning a piece of information, or some sort of agreement, or most likely, flustering the other person.

Despite her shameless and smug personality, however, Abby also tends to not elaborate on things. She has a bad habit of just giving the most basic, one-sentence summary of just about anything, and then not adding any details unless asked. While she's fantastic at having conversations with others, this habit makes her poorly-suited for explaining anything to anyone.



The most important detail of Abby's life is her birth. Abby's family was wealthy. Vastly so, with her being the only child of an incredibly successful business tycoon. This simple fact was a game-changer beyond all others for the course her life would take. While she was certainly popular, it's unclear how many of her friends only liked her for the wealth she had access to. She attended the best schools, very few had the courage to correct her if she was out of line, and she never wanted for material possessions. Although she could be a nuisance at times, and it was hard to keep her focused on tasks she wasn't interested in, Abby altogether grew up a decent sort, fully aware that her family made her different from others, but blissfully ignorant to the extent of it or what the world beyond was truly like.

The only time Abby was a problem child was during puberty. Hormonal teenageer that she was, she - like other girls - was interested in landing the popular boys for herself. A pursuit for which she was viciously competitive if someone got in her way, the end result never being pretty whether she got the guy or not. Fortunately, once her hormones began settling down, she wasn't far behind, though the damage had already been done. Her affable, affluent reputation had been torn apart by all the squabbling with other girls, and by boys telling their friends Abby Collins was nothing but bad news once she set her sights on you. So, when it came time for college, she left.

Perhaps because her father reaped the vast majority of his profits from the medical business, Abby wanted to get into medicine herself. She dreamed of being a surgeon! And between being the smart cookie she was and some sizable donations from the Collins family, getting into a top-ranking college across the country was child's play. From there, college life is where Abby peaked. The good reputation she'd built before tearing it apart was back in full force, and where parties were to be found, Abby was seldom far. She even landed a single consistent boyfriend, though their relationship was infamously quite open-ended.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and this happy college life was no exception. One rainy July day, on her way to get some things from the convenience, Abby died in an unfortunate accident. In short, a semi truck passing through town began to hydroplane as it closed in on an intersection Abby was crossing at the time, and couldn't stop in time to avoid running her over.

While she has several gripes with both the timing and cause of her death, she was disturbingly quick to accept the fact that it happened in the first place. And thus, a new adventure was set to begin...



Base Spirit Weapon Form: A warhammer larger than the wielder.
Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Wind, Cure
Base Stats:

  • Endurance: 3
  • Mind: 2
  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 1
  • Magic: 1

Weapon Arts:


Crushing Blow: A weapon art for two-handed weapons. By holding the weapon still for no less than one second and focusing MP into it, the next attack with the weapon does significantly more damage. Being hit or moving before the attack will cancel the effect.

Magical Arts:


Gust: A magical art for wind. Creates a gust of wind in a given direction between the user and target, pushing or pulling objects in its path. Slight knockback on people and other creatures.



  • Has zero money management skills, since it was never something she had to learn.
  • Although she has enough knowledge to in theory perform minor surgeries, Abby refuses to do so on principle since she never properly received her degree.
  • A talent noted among her college peers was her ability to drink many of the local frat boys under the table.
  • Severely allergic to avocados. Is well aware of how strange of an allergy this is.
  • No two people from her college can seem to agree on Abby's hobbies.
  • Her boyfriend's name is Collin Abbey. The hilariously similar names is actually what prompted them to go on a first date.
  • Hates prime numbers, and can't leave something alone if it's a prime number. Volume settings, number of fruits in a bowl, even the price of a transaction; Abby cannot abide prime numbers, and they're the one thing that legitimately angers her. Except 2, which she states is acceptable because despite being a prime number, it is still an even number and thus able to be divided equally.



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Alright so if I've liked your app that means i think it's all good and you're accepted into the RP. And wouldn't you know I liked all of them, so good job gang. 

Anyway, the PSA is that I've decided for a soft deadline for apps on this RP to Thursday, the 28th. So, be sure to have it done or at the very least mostly done/thought out by that point. Happy Signing. 

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The Shield



Name:  Drake Anthony Davidson
Age: 24
Gender: Male




Height: 6'5"



A lot brighter than his resting face looks, Drake is the big brother type who likes to take people under his wing and support them when they need it most.  He can usually be seen smiling, and he's always in the mood for a good laugh.  But don't think he won't make you bust a gut!  He was known in high school as one of the funniest upperclassmen around.  People thought he should've taken a career in stand-up, but he didn't have the guts for it.  In people's darkest hour, Drake will be there in the tightest of spots, asking if he need to lend the person a hand.  Not like he'd turn away, even if they said no.  That's just the kind of person he is!  Bright and bubbly until his dying days!



Drake was a miracle.  At least that's what his parents always called him when he was younger.  Their little miracle!  They were both in their mid 40's when he was born, their first born as a matter of fact.  The Doctors had told them that the chances they would conceive a child, especially at this stage of their lives, was next to none.  However, here he was.  Their little miracle.  Drake was cared for, and loved everyday of his life, and grew up without a care in the world.  He loved making friends at school, and playing sports outside during recess and on the weekends, he got along with most everyone.  However, a group of kids decided he was too nice.  They played pranks on him, and took advantage of his gullible nature, asking to borrow money for candy and saying they'd pay him back.  They never would, but he was fine with it.  He had an allowance, and he could do what he wanted with it!

The bullying continued, for a while, but he never had a clue it was even performed with malicious intent.  He thought they were just being funny!  A spilled drink on top of his head?  Must have been an accident!  His shoelaces were tied together when he got up?  They must've forgotten to tie them, and now they managed to get all knotted up.  He always came home with a mess made of his outfit, and his parents always worried.  But he smiled, and told them it was just another fun day at school.  

Middle School came and went.  The kids stopped bothering him at this point.  He was no fun to get a reaction out of at all.  They just shunned him instead.  Everyone was afraid to get too close to him too, on account that they themselves might become a target of ridicule.  Drake really didn't understand, but he'd find a way for everyone to acknowledge him again.

High school came, and with it, so did puberty.  Drake was always an active kid, and when he shot up like a beanstalk, the coaches demanded they play for him.  This was his ticket!  With his grades not that great, Drake decided that maybe sports might get him the adoration of his peers!  After some hard mulling over, he chose Baseball as the sport for him!  With the basketball coaches on suicide watch, Drake became the star striker of his middle American baseball team.  They had even become the runners up in the national championship!  With his memories of bullies in the far past, it was time for a new chapter in Drake's life.

Drake never got accepted into College.  Not like he wanted to go or anything.  He didn't even know what to do.  So he made a rash decision like most kids his age did after High School.  He joined the Navy!  After a 6 year tour as a Corpsman overseas, never seeing a lick of combat, Drake came back to his home town.  He became the new coach of the High School, teaching the next generation how to swing for the sky!  

Tragically, after practice one day, he decided to take his team to go get ice cream.  While crossing the street, a driver had flew by a red light, and was on a crash course towards his last 3 players.  Deciding it wasn't their time yet, Drake made a mad dash to push them out of the way.  He saved them, but Drake Anthony Davidson was declared dead on the scene, July 17th.




Base Spirit Weapon Form: 



Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Earth (Basic), Cure (Basic)
Weapon Arts : Shield Bash - Gathering Strength, the user charges forward to Bash whatever stands in their way.
Magical Arts : Earth Pillar - Summons a pillar of earth from the ground below.  The height improves with how much MP the user uses.

Base Stats: 

  • Endurance - 3
  • Mind - 1
  • Strength - 3
  • Speed - 2
  • Magic - 1





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Hands Rated E for Everyone


Name:  Jocelyn "JJ" Jefferson
Age: 18
Gender: Female



Height: 5'10" / 178cm


Was wearing something similar to this, minus the ski gear, over everything pictured when she died. Also ignore the sword we don't do that here. Dragon Sign is on the back of her left hand.



Jocelyn lives life with a pile of chips on her shoulder, it's just a matter of finding which one's relevant to any given situation. She lives life on the defensive, always expecting someone to be judgmental of her and her decisions. Naturally this leads to an assumption of malice where none was intended. The snap judgments accompanying it all mean first impressions usually go sour fast and she'll compile a couple of reasons to dislike any given person. Overcoming them isn't impossible but most don't bother when handled so abrasively.

The best strategy, should one actually want to befriend her for some reason,  is to disarm her with compliments which she takes horribly. She may not accept it but it'll be enough to make her have to actually process the person in front of her to not just slap a label on them and be done with it. For the effort one receives a loyal friend who will still call them out and pick fights with them but from a place of love… maybe.

Insults to her family are an obvious and fast way to anger her. But perhaps more likely to come up in actual interactions is her distaste for people not committing to what they know they want to do. Jocelyn feels if people want to do something, they should do it. A philosophy that has gotten her in trouble more times than she cares to count at this point but she still stands by it. If for some reason she's out of things to be mad about, one might see a softer side. One obsessed with cute things and a very odd definition of cute at that.



Jocelyn has two daddies, fathers that is specifically. As a young child this simple statement of fact was both a point of pride for the girl herself, and a constant point of ridicule thrown at her by her peers. The teasing made her volatile from an early age. What started as yelling on the playground escalated to returning insults to eventually actual fighting. At least once a year from about fourth grade on, she'd be brought into the principal's office at school with one of her fathers who would have to take off work and go over the punishments and procedures for any suspensions. The lectures and threat of expulsion never resonated with her because in her mind she was just defending her family from lies.

Naturally her parents wanted to find a way to channel her aggression more positively. Martial arts seemed like a natural first outlet. She got into fights so teaching her control and restraint seemed smart on paper. While well intentioned it only led to Jocelyn getting expelled from several different schools after inevitably harming another student. Sports seemed just as likely to end in disaster but thankfully she took enough of a liking to soccer to hold herself back from beating up her teammates.\

As a young teenager, Jocelyn got really into music and downloaded various programs to try and compose her own pieces. By some miracle she'd developed a small friend group in high school and was getting into less and less fights. While getting sent to a juvenile detention center seemed off the table she was still very abrasive with people at school. But old habits die hard as one particularly foul mouthed boy found out in her junior year. A series of homophobic slurs sent her into a rage and she ended up breaking the boy's nose before getting pulled off him by staff and security. A long suspension and some legal fenagling kept her at home, under house arrest specifically that was.

After all the trouble this had caused her family, Jocelyn made every effort to get through high school without another incident which in spite of everything she somehow managed to do. Now freshly graduated, this summer was set to be amazing! The last huzzah with her friends before some of them went off to college. Jocelyn herself had no big plans aside from picking up a job somewhere in town. That was until one of her friends tried to meekly propose attending a convention together. At Jocelyn's insistence her friend spoke his mind and invited the group to a furry convention in the next town over that would take place from July 15th through to the 17th.

So anyway there she was at a furry convention in a borrowed fursuit. After urging her friend so vehemently she couldn't well not accept the invite, much less half-ass anything about her attendance there. The first two days were great, plenty of friendly people, interesting panels and crazy looking things to buy. The last day was supposed to be a big dance party to round out the con and that too was nice for a time. Abruptly the music cut as a warning was issued by con staff. There were reports of natural gas lines leaking in the venue and the fire department was already on the way to secure the building.

The con-goers were instructed to very calmly exit which was exactly what didn't happen. Jocelyn ensured her friends got out but had lost one of her group in the sea of masks. She ran back in to find him and thought she saw him going out the wrong way down one of the hallways. Whoever it was she saw, she didn't see them again. The only thing that greeted her down that hallway was a massive fireball that immediately engulfed her. Whenever she next opened her eyes, would the convention venue still be there to greet her?



Base Spirit Weapon Form: Gauntlets



Base Equipped Rune Grafts: Earth, Fire

Weapon Arts:

  • One-Inch Punch: A close range strike with the fist following a piston-like motion that requires no wind-up to deliver full force.
  • Axe-Kick: A powerful kick straight down with a fully extended leg held overhead. Can be used out a jump or simply standing in place.

Magical Arts:

  • N/A

Base Stats:

  • Endurance - 2
  • Mind - 2
  • Strength - 2
  • Speed - 2
  • Magic - 2



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"Hey, did you read the paper today? Seems there was a freak accident a couple of days ago in the subway..."

Quick and Dirty version of the Application (But please watch the video, it took a lot of work):



  • On July 17th, a young Conductor identified to be “Marshall J. Wilton” was killed during an accident in the NYC Subway.
  • Her friends often called her “Boss”, or “Chief”; though she reportedly didn’t care for the name.
  • At the time of their death, the victim was twenty-six years old, and would have turned 27 later in August.
  • The deceased was a celebrated member of the staff of the subway, but those working the station on the 17th noted that she wasn’t on duty at the time of her death.


  • Though Marshall J. Wilton was born in Kansas, she would instead have grown up here, in NYC, whereupon she would have encountered the Subway system as a young child. According to her mother, when Marshall was five years old, they were riding the train together, and there was some form of accidental fire. Her mother remarked that the little Marshall was “enamored” with the way the Conductor took control of the situation, keeping the passengers safe and (mostly) calm, while also helping the Firemen (and not the Fireman, or Stoker) deal with the situation themselves. 
  • While it’s dubious as to if this event really happened (as I can find no records of a subway accident that matches this description 21 years ago), it’s clear that the subway stations in our city made an impression on her from a young age, because as soon as she was eighteen, she proceeded to return to her birthplace of Kansas, and attend Johnson County Community College to get her certification to become a Train Conductor.


  • It wasn’t all fun and games for Wilton after this, however, as it took her quite some time to reach the position she held before her death. Once she had her certification, she still had to find a job, in which case she was first sent to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority for further training, whereupon she was trained in two-person crews, working alongside a Motorman.
  • It was only after she had worked on that line for three years that she moved to NYC for a raise in pay, working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. From there, she worked on various lines, though it was noted by her supervisor that she picked up aligning the train with “Zebra-Boards” faster than any of her coworkers did when she first started.


  • Motormen who worked with her described her as “Strict, but Attentive”, ensuring every rule and regulation they had been given was followed to a T. Her coworkers noted that she was often monotone, or “Unfriendly Sounding” whenever she used the PA to announce the closing doors. Despite this, they also noted that she was keenly aware of her surroundings when she was on duty; able to go her entire eight-hour shift taking note of her surroundings and ready to make split-second decisions, doing everything she could to ensure the safety of those around her. 
  • Off the clock however, it was noted that she often seemed “floaty”, or like she had “zoned out”. Her supervisor noted that she was often like that when working on paperwork, and while others might have seemed tired after a shift, she always seemed exhausted. The quick decision making that was to be expected from her during her shift was nowhere to be seen, and they often wondered if this was the “price to pay” for her level of focus during her job. He also expressed that he had at one point been concerned that she might leave their program, as he had heard rumors that she had received offers with higher pay before her untimely demise.


  • Described as “quiet” by her friends, they noted that when she wasn’t tired out from her job, she still held her tongue. They went on to describe her as “difficult to approach at first”, because of her “unpleasant expression”, but would go on to describe her as merely “thoughtful”. From their account, she preferred to listen to what others had to say than to speak herself, and while she was “rough around the edges” when it came to how she put things, they assured me that she meant well.
  • Her parents largely supported this interpretation, though when asked for comment, they also noted that when she was younger, she tended to make more than a few enemies this way. Her words were often taken out of context, and often had her own words used against her whenever she would try to clear up the misunderstanding. As such, she was noted to grow quieter the older she got, only speaking when necessary, or around those she thought could ascertain her meaning.


  • Base Spirit Weapon Form: 
    • Jousting Lance
  • Base Equipped Rune Grafts:
    • Fire & Water
  • Weapon Arts:
    • Full Steam Ahead!
      • User thrusts their lance forward in a heavy charge, gaining a brief speed-boost to speed their charge up.
  • Magical Arts:
    • Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please!
      • The User traces a line in the ground in front of them, from which a wall of fire half their height briefly erupts.



MIND - 2





  • Musical Themes:
    • Conductors’ Lullaby (Obituary / Newspaper Theme)
    • Full Steam Ahead! (Combat BGM)
    • Last Stop (Death Theme)


  • Art by Venomgaia
  • Music by Forgotten Fables Tiamat

Colored Character Images






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I feel like I should deny this on principle but alas I am a man bereft of them. As such once more if I have liked your posts then you're accepted and if you were already accepted before this post then congratulations you're on double secret acceptance. 

So yeah, with this app submissions are closed and the RP will start proper later this week. So look forward to that. 

Before this post ends though gonna go clear some things up and add new mechanical nonsense into this RP

First MP is an abstraction and a poor explanation as to what your casting limit, flavorfully is. In universe it would more so be referred to as "Focus" and is a more a measure of mental stamina then it is a pool of magic that you pull from. Therefore, when you run out of Focus nothing is physically wrong with you, your mind just can't focus on doing complex things (IE arts and magic) and so it just fails at them. This will  re-explained in the opening post.

Next up, I saw on two of these apps the notion of spending more MP on an art to make it better on cast. And rather than just keep it in total abstract I'm a man of rules and guidelines. And so I've decided to add in the "Overcharge" mechanic. Essentially this is useable on any Art or spell in the game. When used it doubles the Focus used when cast and increase the potency of the attack by 1.75x, essentially trading cost for time efficiency. When used, Overcharge will also make the attack look visually stronger. Arts can be upgraded to grant additional levels of Overcharge up to a max of Overcharge 4, increasing by +1,+.75 for each additional level. (Ie Overcharge 2 would be 3 times the cost and 2.5 times the effectiveness.) 

This will also be added to the opening at some point. Along with other gameplay nonsense you have to look forward to. So yeah.

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