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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Union of Stars [IC/Not Accepting]

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It seemed to work perfectly, just as he hoped it would! With the combined efforts of all those there, aside from Z. and Es, they moved the pillar to use as a makeshift bridge...though...at the same time...it was sort of...not all good with the latter part of it...considering it never reached the other side.

"Ah, hell, you gotta be kidding me is it not long enough? .... God...damn...stupid suction cups!"
“How’s it hanging? Bet you feel like a sucker, don’t you? You pull a mussel or something?”
"Hang on, we'll get ya down! Or the pillar at least, sorta on you to let go of it."
“Urgh… Everyone… okay?”

Marv watched this all play out the way it did, and he couldn't help but sigh heavily from it. ...at least, the plan sorta worked... On one hand, they actually had a thing of team work going on and they did something good. Downside, the pillar didn't reach the other side and then...of course, he heard Es speak up.

“...Though, it’s not like that would matter, given that there’s nnnnowhere to go in that direction.”

"...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Marv exclaimed, his hand now smacking his forehead. "...Arceus...damnit..." he muttered. All that hard work and rallying a group just to try and do this, all in vain to find out that there wasn't anything even over there. All because someone decided to forge ahead in the wrong direction and then everyone else followed suit. Naturally, he had the thought before of just going in the opposite direction, but in a place like this...who would even think of splitting apart from the group?

"Anyone else think we should just go the way that doesn't make us do a buncha pointless crap?"

Marv let out a huge sigh of defeat, lowering his head and his upper body to the point of it just hanging down in front of him. "...I mean...do we even have a choice at this point? Cause if Z.'s way was a bust...then it means all this could've just been avoided if we..." he let out a groan, stopping himself before he said anything else. He didn't want to dig himself a grave, especially right now in the body of a Treecko. He then began to wave his hand in defeat. "I guess we may as well." Finally standing back upright, Marv looked at the others and sighed. "I'm sorry about that everyone, it was an idea at least..." And yet the story of my life...or...is it? the Treecko held his head for a moment, that part did sort of hurt if he tried thinking on it too hard.

Honestly, even without him thinking hard on things past that forum, Marv's head was hurting...must've just been the fact of the constant attempts of trying to figure out puzzles. Now that he remembered: he wasn't too fond of em.

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With the effort of most of the Pokemon forum members, the group had successfully managed to shove the pillar from its original resting place to across the water. As they started, Chester heard a thought in his head that was most certainly not his own yet one that he assumed was common amongst the general forum. Muttering, "well perhaps if they did we'd have much less problems."  Then, as they had continued to do so it had seemed that physics had caught up with them; gravity deciding to be their foe as it shoved the pillar into the water. As this disaster was starting to take place, Chester started to do all he could to yank the pillar backwards and with the combined effort of just about everyone they had managed to keep the worst happening. For now. 

Startled as a Falinx had fallen from the sky right next to him, the thud it landed it with making Chester rub his head in discomfort at the thought of it landing on top of him, the Chespin looked at their surroundings. Chester, for his own part, found neither the pun spoken nor the one that had somehow found its way into his head - the same voice that was not his own still - amusing. In fact, as he took stock of everything he emphatically pointed to Z. saying, "NG-Plus is correct." The Chespin paused briefly as he said the name of the Falinks. He was certain that he had referred to the man as nothing but that for most of the time that he knew him but saying it aloud seemed to not have the same ease or flow he had remembered it having. New Game Plus was far too much of a mouthful to say easily though. New Game? Plus? New? None of these seemed like a proper name to actually call someone either. Nick or otherwise. 

Continuing his thought, he added, "now is not the time to berate one another with vicious and petty sarcasm. Not when Clobber proved himself quite immaculately in our efforts!" The Chespin furrowed his brow and said, "that being said, this was not a worthless endeavor!" Looking between Clobber, Es, and Z. he added, "even if this path ultimately leads to a dead end, we learned many valuable things about our bodies and capabilities thus far in this exercise. Furthermore!"  He looked over to the Treecko. "We have learned what we are able to accomplish when we all - mostly - work together! See, we were able to create a path across this stream. That's something to take pride in of itself, and something to keep in mind for later. Good work all the same on the plan Shadow!" 

Clearing his throat he added, "but well, yes, if Z.'s excursion truly proved to be nothing but a dead end then we should probably head elsewhere. As a group!" 

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With most of the group pushing against the pillar, it finally fell!  Cross could feel that he put in his fair share of muscle into the endeavor, surprised at his own strength when doing so!  However, he could tell that Hector and The Sassopuss had put in the most.  Sadly, things didn't seem to go as plan, as their bridge was now dead in the water.  With no bridge, and no way to get across, it looked like it was all over.  

“...Though, it’s not like that would matter, given that there’s nnnnowhere to go in that direction.”

nowhere to go?  Was there nothing in the room at all?  So were they all stuck in here with nowhere to go?  He was about to ask the question, when the scary cephalopod spoke up.  

"Anyone else think we should just go the way that doesn't make us do a buncha pointless crap?"  

He raised an eyebrow, and put a finger to his chin.  There was another way?  He turned around completely, realizing there was another way out of this part of the cavern.  Cross could almost cry out in relief.  His field of vision was so small with this helmet on that he hadn't taken in his surroundings fully.  He plopped onto the ground and began to tear up.

"I thought we were goners!"  Sniffling, he looked to Marv, who agreed with the Clobbopus.  Cross nodded at the Treecko with a smile.  "You know, in my head it was a really good idea!  Don't worry too much!"  

"but well, yes, if Z.'s excursion truly proved to be nothing but a dead end then we should probably head elsewhere. As a group!"

Cross nodded, as he picked himself up and waddled over to one of Hector's smaller Phalinx.  He grabbed a hold to a spike, and waited to move on into the other area.  

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The pillar plan fell through pretty quickly but at least Z.’s contribution worked out just as intended, so things were going pretty well, all things considered. They even got some laughs and a few extra contributions to the Clobbopus Pun Fund. Even the (ex-)mods desperately trying to hold things together couldn’t help but chuckle along. Any further wisecracks were cut short, though, by two things happening, the first being Hector/Newie/whatever they were supposed to call the Falinks doing some sort of acrobatic trick that was only 83% successful (and, looking at the Newies who did land on the pillar, probably even less than that), which, frankly, shifted all the attention from one mostly-helpless Pokémon to another, and the second being Clobbopus peeling himself off the pillar, rendering, like, half of Z.’s remaining jokes moot anyway.

Only half, though. “Oh, don’t be such a sourpus,” Z. said as they slid down the pillar and back down to the ground. They stumbled a bit on the landing, probably a consequence of a new body and misjudging exactly the scope of what they’d been trying to do, but nothing worth drawing attention to themselves over. “Ol’ Spark Plug over there didn’t say it was a bust, she said there wasn’t anywhere to go. And that’s only mostly right anyway, there’s just a big ass-locked door in the way of all the other interesting stuff.”

Ex-moderator Appletun the Chespin seemed to agree as well, going on about how it wasn’t actually a failed endeavor, which Z. appreciated -- “See, even the mods agree with me for once,” they said -- though then Appletun started waxing lyrical about the value of teamwork or whatever, which Z. immediately tuned out. “I mean, I even said I could be wrong,” they said instead. “I was like, ‘If I’m going the wrong way, sucks, but then at least we’ll know.’”

A weird feeling hit them, just then. It kind of felt like, when their mental image of themselves shifted to the past version of them, so did their presentation, even though, obviously, the only thing that would have realistically changed was that past Z. was still dripping after their swim. It only took a second or two to figure out what it was, though. “Right, Zorua can do that.”

A wry smile crossed Z.’s face as they realized the possibilities of such an ability, but, when they focused on Clobbopus, the only new sensation that they got was that something came out wrong. Maybe it was the color, maybe it was the texture and not accounting for the light, the point was, whatever it was, Z. dismissed it quickly their face turned to a hard grimace. Fuck, they hated being bad at stuff! And yet, again, the best way to deal with it right that second was to ignore it. As Es had said, Z. had to keep moving, so they just grit their teeth, mumbled, “Something to work on, I guess,” and did exactly that -- they moved on to the room’s other exit.

The other room was pretty similar to the room Z. and Es had explored. It was similar in shape, for example, and there was water encircling a wall that itself encircled a landmark clearly demarking the place as more artificial and ruinous than naturally cavernous, though the water stretched out further than simply acting as a moat around a locked door, and, for that matter, there wasn’t a locked door at all. There were stairs where the door would be instead, ones stretching upwards into a now-customary inky blackness. “Ftairs! We have found ftairs!” Z. said, half remembering an old reference they’d made on the forum, and half actually calling back to everyone else, but, again, they never stopped moving. 

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"I'm sorry about that everyone, it was an idea at least..."

Shawn would have rolled his eyes if he knew HOW to roll his eyes in this form. As it was he just gave him a Look that would hopefully show he thought he was being an idiot. This Treecko (what was his name again? Barf?) wasn't going to get pity from him that's for sure. If he was going to get all mopey when his idea didn't work out then he shouldn't give them in the first place.

And anyway he was still feeling on edge due to Z. "Whatever, don't have to be so damn defensive." Shawn grumbled in response to the Zorua's response. They really just couldn't simply let themselves be wrong, could they? He never liked that sort of attitude but Shawn supposed he wasn't one to talk.

Rubbing in that the mods, or at least mod, agreed ticked Shawn off though. "And so what? Just cause some fancy fake-internet cop thinks you're right doesn't make your argument any better. God, as if there wasn't enough of that back..." He stopped himself. He was close to complaining about similar situations back on the forum. Where a moderator would side with one person in an argument and that person would lord it over him like it meant they won. But that might give too much information and Shawn still didn't want these people knowing who he was.

"Oh to hell with this let's just keep going."

He was frustrated at how much faster, easier, Z. could move as a Zorua than he could. Therefore they made it to the next room first and...the hell are they talking about? Shawn looked at the stairs trying to figure out what was 'f' about them but they looked like normal stairs to him.

"Well, whatever, I'm going up there then anyone got a problem with it can shove it."

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Posted (edited)

Es had expected a bit more of an immediate reaction from the veritable bomb she had dropped. At least she had expected that people would a bit more curious, or insistent on not going somewhere useless after they found out… That they were going somewhere useless, at least now. But she couldn’t really say she was disappointed either, given what it was that happened next. The person that had been made into six soldiers-- He was the one to make the next action, as he leapt up high into the sky to stop the pillar’s descent! And he succeeded, too!

Well, mostly.

Es had to stifle a laugh, a digital smile plastering itself across the glossy front of her orange body as she watched the orbs waddle around like toddlers, with a tiny chuckle escaping as her eyes followed the one that missed, slamming into the ground instead with a heavy thunk. Even as she stifled her laugher, Es couldn’t help but bounce up and down in a visible chuckle as she shut her eyes; digital readings turning to arrows pointing inwards as the ghost jittered in place, before coming to a pause as she refocused on the situation, once again taking stock of everything. The clobbopus moved next, finally getting free as the others allowed him to touch down, and then…

Well, the next part was less funny.

The Clobbopus, he talked a lot. Like, a lot-a lot. He seemed extremely angry, and not just in a frustrated way, but in an inflammatory way; as if he had the world’s biggest chip on his shoulder. As soon as he was able he launched into accusations, and while the Zorua seemed a bit mean-spirited, this seemed a disproportionate reaction. “Woah, h-h-h-h-hey, lighten up-” Es began, cutting herself off as the Clobbopus continued to throw what looked, at least to her, like a tantrum amongst the others, before loudly demanding that they go the only other other route that was available to them. 

It was hard to judge, really; they were all thrown into this with little warning, so that sort of reaction could have come from any of them. It was natural to be frustrated, after all. What made it hard for Es to really understand was the volatile-nature of it. Clearly, given that they were all having the same difficulties, none of them were responsible; so why the harsh reaction? It wasn’t like any of them weren’t going through the same issues. Even those poking fun were clearly only doing so as a way to deflect from their own feelings; what was the harm in letting them try to ease their own tensions, as long as it wasn’t anything truly hurtful? It just seemed unnecessary.

Her thoughts on the subject, however, didn’t ultimately matter as more and more began to reaction to the news that they had gone on a wild-goose-chase in the first place. Reactions were varied, but the general consensus was to go along with the Angrypus; something Es could at least agree with. As various people got movie, the Treecko began to apologize for the idea of the pillar not working out - something that others were quick to reassure them on, so Es didn’t have to. It was when Zed began to speak again that Es found it easiest to worm her way into the conversation; taking particular note of the way they brought up the door she had omitted.

“Ah, my bad! I had omitted that part so that no-one tr-tr-tried to climb into it, getting themselves stuck like a Clo---Octillery!” She ‘explained’, having to rethink her joke a moment too late, so as to try and avoid setting off the Clobbopus again, even doing her best to fake a spasm int he held "o". “But yeah, I guess there was a door, if we’re bringing it up.” She’d ‘shrug’, herwings fluttering higher for just a second as she continued to float mostly in place, absentmindedly twirling in circles as the others continued; keeping just behind Zed as they trailed forwards, seeing as they were at the front of the group. 

It was an interesting feeling, just having to passively ‘want’ to near someone and her body trailed off on it. It wasn’t like walking at all, she was coming to realize. It was more a passive thing; if she thought about them or focused on someone, the plasma that comprised her outer-layer would do its best to get nearer to them, and the orange core would be naturally drug along. Other than that, most movement was involuntary; and even that wasn’t an exact science. Take now, for example, where since her thoughts were a bit split, she was stuck between the Clobbopus and the Zorua, even though she should have no trouble keeping pace with the fox-like pokemon. To make matters worse, the more she tried to force herself to move faster, the more erratic and disconnected her movements became; zigzagging in sudden bursts before stopping, or even going backwards. None of this was an exact science at all.

But more pressing all the same, was their arrival to the new room… Which seemed exactly like the second room they had found, just with a slightly different water-pattern. Before she could even say anything, Es was surprised to hear the Zorua shouting something out; it was clearly a reference, given the excitement with which they said it, but… Well, Es didn’t get it, that’s for sure. Even having binged half of the site nightly, nothing really came to mind, so she was stuck just replying to the base statement. “I see I’m not the only one who has t-t-t-t-trouble speaking in this form!” She poked a bit of fun at the Zorua, purposefully trying to add an extra-layer of sarcasm to her staticy voice, as she followed the fox-like pokemon towards the stairs.

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Chester's eye twitched a bit as he repeated the phrase, "fake internet cop?" His frustration on his face from the expression was very evident, and in fact one could briefly hear him muttering about his trials and tribulations on a daily basis at high speeds if they were paying attention, but he managed to recollect himself before paying attention to the other part of what Z. had said. "Oh, so there was a door back there then? Well, all the better! I'm sure this pillar will prove invaluable if ever we have to come back here!" Chester hit his fist against the stone column, pride and a twinge of pain on his face he did so. He had no idea how this cave was outlined even remotely, and no idea why a locked door would be here as well. As such, there was no guarantee that they would ever come back to this door and truthfully Chester was very much hoping that they would be able to get their bearings in wherever it was they were without much adversity. Though, with some of the people and the strange situation they were in in general, there was no shortage of adversity to go around to begin with. 

All the same, he said, "so, well, let's all move out! Together!" He had emphasized that last part, full well knowing that there were already those that were either not going to listen to him or had already blazed ahead. Yet nevertheless, Chester wore his fake internet cop badge with pride and would try to act as at least try to bring some sense of order and teamwork to their motely crew. As he began to walk away, he stopped himself. "Oh, right." Turning around, the Chespin, with some degree of effort, managed to lift the stray Falinks that had nearly hit him square in the head. "There we go. Right as rain. Good work in trying to weigh down the pillar, uh, Gamer? No...that's not quite - I'll work on it." Clearing his throat after speaking directly to FalinCs, he repeated, "onward!" And walked into the next room. 

 The sight there was familiar to the one that they had just come from, being a cavernous room with water flowing through it. But this one had stairs as well! With luck they would find some answers in the room above. Though, Chester couldn't help but look past the water before ascending just to make certain there were no passages or the like beyond it. He was curious to get information quickly, but of course there was something within that told him that it was always important to check everything but the path of least resistance in a cave first before taking it. Assured that there was nothing of note and with some already on the staircase, Chester made his way onto them as well. 

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The first to reach the stairs was the Zorua, bounding up with surprising agility. Coming after, a Clobbopus, as clumsy as the Zorua was graceful, limbs sticking to the floor with every awkward step. Third, a Rotom, floated over, every so often pausing with a static shiver before whizzing in a zigzag pattern. The fourth, a Chespin, walked on two legs, tail dragging behind him. Finally, the others approached the steps in single file, save for a Cubone clutching a spike from a Falinks trooper. Yet, strangely, it seemed they all arrived at the next floor at the same time. Each Pokémon, upon reaching the top, would notice the rest of the group with them as soon as they surveyed their surroundings.


BGM: Tiny Woods | Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team

The party found themselves in a smaller room than the previous one. Walls hemmed them in from three sides, the remaining side being mostly open, with multiple corridors branching off like spindly legs into the shadows. A small pool of water lay calm and still nearby.

A cheerful voice rang in each of their heads, breaking the silence while they regained their bearings. Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? There was a pause. If you can hear me, I should tell you, you're in a mystery dungeon right now! A mystery dungeon is a strange and dangerous place filled with Pokémon who won't hesitate to attack you. You could say it's a side effect of the dungeon's powers. You might have trouble adapting, but with your numbers, I think you'll be fine. I'll try to give you tips from my end as well, so good luck! If you can reach the end, there'll be a prize…maybe. ♪



Hello! This is the start of the third round? Fifth round? Zth round? Ahh, whatever, we're not even doing rounds, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Also, in case it wasn't clear, you all somehow arrived on this floor at the same time, no matter what order you came up in. For example, Z. came up first, but as soon as they came up, they saw everybody else there too. There was no teleportation involved, but it does seem a little strange, timeline-wise.

There is also a voice talking to you all in your heads for some reason. React and stuff.

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It took Hector a few moments to recover from the most extreme roller coaster ride of his life. He had only just managed to suppress the urge to throw up and climb back onto his feet—with some help from Chester that he was very thankful for—before they were all on the move once again. “Just call me Hector. Feels weird to go by a username when we can see each other,” he told the Chespin. Then, he organized himself into what was becoming standard marching formation, a tight-knit straight line headed by the Brass. “Right. Better hurry before they all kill each other or something.” So far he really felt like one of the only level-headed people in a room full of extreme impulse and hot tempers. 

He waddled forward into the next room. Cross met him at some point and took hold of a spike on the trooper bringing up the rear of the line. Hector had no idea how old the boy actually was, but it was apparent that he had probably lied about his age to get onto the forums. “Look, stairs. Just like Z. said,” he said to the Cubone. “Bet whatever’s up there is a step up from what we saw down here. Get it?” The soft metallic sound of the troop laughing filled the staircase as Hector guided Cross up.

The next room was more of the same. Smaller, with a pool in front of them, but still very much a ruinous area with dim lightning. Nothing that different from what he had come to expect. What was strange was that he had expected to have to hustle to catch up to the others. Z. and Clobber had both made it known they weren’t going to wait up for anyone, yet when he glanced around, they were still studying the room the same as he was. The change of heart was nice to see. He was going to speak up and thank the two when his mind was once again filled with someone else’s voice.

Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? The voice was cheerful and young. It reminded Hector of… of someone. He thought they might be important to him. He wasn’t sure. If you can hear me, I should tell you, you're in a mystery dungeon right now! A mystery dungeon is a strange and dangerous place filled with Pokémon who won't hesitate to attack you! You could say it's a side effect of the dungeon's power. You might have trouble adapting, but with your numbers, I think you'll be fine. I'll try to give you tips from my end as well, so good luck! If you can reach the end, there'll be a prize...maybe. ♪ They were inside a mystery dungeon. Apparently said dungeon was full of angry monsters that would attack them without hesitation, which was frightening, but at least they apparently had a guide watching over them. Can you hear me? …Who are you? Where are you? Did you bring us here? Hector fired a verbal onslaught of questions at the voice in his head. There was no response; either the voice couldn’t hear him or it chose not to answer him. 

That was frustrating but the implication that there was someone out there trying to help them still gave him renewed hope. Finally, they had a clue. All that he needed to do was keep pressing forward.

“You heard the voice. There’s Pokémon in here that are going to attack us. I don’t have a reason to think they would lie about something like that so I’m just gonna take their word for it.” Hector glanced around at the others. “I’m not your boss here. I’m just another one of you guys, but I still think it’s important we stick together. None of us are gonna be that good at fighting right now, but we have an idea of our strengths and weaknesses. We’ve all played the games, right?” Hector A (the Brass) knocked his shield against his armor to prove his point. “I have armor and shields. I should be able to tank a few hits, just in case we get caught off guard, so I’m gonna take point. Not fully in control of all these, uh, bodies yet, but I can stand in front of things while you guys take them down.”

Hector shuffled toward the front and started towards the bottom of the room. As he did, some of the troopers glanced at Z. and Clobber in particular, though they addressed everyone. “I trust you all to have my back.” Then they all fell back into formation and marched forward, the Brass having lowered his shields to guard his face with some difficulty. 

Hector immediately bumped into a wall and stumbled backwards. "Good news. No bad guys this way," he said, backing up and steadying his balance. "Watch out for the wall though." Then he turned right and headed into the tunnel.

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