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New TCG concept

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Trying to make a new tcg. Want to use a resource management system. Placing cards down from your hand in the resource zone, they are now recourses. I want the cards place-down yet cards come in different colors therefore they tap for different resource colors. I'm thinking of a side deck that will be exclusively resource deck. That get shuffled and reveal the top. It cost 1 card in your hand to place 1 resource card from your resource deck on the battlefield. Resource cards have 2 sides. 1 side will tap/exhaust itself for general resource color while other side will tap/exhaust itself for other things. Resource cards come on the battlefield tapped/exhausted on the general side. You can not use it during the turn it comes in to play. When it is untapped/unxhausted you can either tap it/exhaust it for general resource color or choose to tap it/exhaust it to flip it over. If flipped over it enter play tapped/exhausted. The card(s) under the card can be return to the hand when you want to skip your draw phase. certain cards will have effects that interact with face-down cards.

colors will tell what you can/can not play or have in your deck. colors will also be based on things like speed, wisdom, intelligence, strength and etc.

each group of colored cards focuses on different things (wisdom seeks as such allows control of deck by swapping out cards on top of the deck and altering the flow of the game to their more mellow tempo)

speed wants to go fast gathering as much resources possible as fast of possible

strength well if you are not sure, just big things that pack a wallop

intelligence set's up traps and trips up the competition.

combining different color group of cards together to maximize their abilities.

strength packs up a punch but can be slow or simple to mess up their "beat everybody up" plan if they can not overwhelm the opponent enough.

intelligence can be hand full once their trap is sprung but paired up with wisdom, that trap is now nearly impossible to beat or pair it with speed to get online quickly or strength to defend you while laying down the trap.

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