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Megalopolis, 2100. Born of calamity, this artificial island traversing the Pacific has risen to the top of the world's stage in its 70 years of life. Now it is the greatest city in the history of humanity, spanning over 50,000 square kilometers and holding a terrifying population exceeding 100,000,000. But it has more to offer than volume, as the large majority of the world's founts, humans with incredible abilities, reside within this city-state. While the city is ruled by a careful peace, it is clear to anyone with the slightest view behind the curtain that it all balances on the tip of a needle, and those lurking in the shadows will take any opportunity to make this modern Tower of Babel topple to the ground.



1. Follow all the rules that I am too lazy to paste here. Most everyone knows them at this point, if you don’t just check the section rules.
2. Please keep open communication. I don’t expect everyone to be able to post every week, I understand that many of us have grown past that point in our lives. But if there is anything specific holding you up, let me know so that I may accommodate you.
3. I am host. If I say no, it is final. I don’t think I would abuse that, I don’t think I have in the past, but if you disagree, it’s tough shit. Blake is cohost, so what they say also goes, but if you disagree you can tattle to me, so I can personally tell you tough shit.
4. To be in this RP, you need to join the associated Discord server, linked here. If you do not have discord, get discord. This is the medium through which OOC matters will be discussed, so attendance is vital.
5. You may have up to 2 characters. If you want to reuse a character from a past RP, I don't mind whatsoever, I intentionally built this world so that a wide variety of concepts could fit.
6. This whole RP honestly has me feeling a bit nostalgic, so tO pRoVe YoU rEaD tHiS, have your app spoilered with a title consisting of "The Fount of _” in the color that you intend to use for your character’s text.





Founts are, put simply, this universe's version of "super-powered people". They first appeared in the year 2021, and all 137 were present within a decade. There are a few different varieties of fount, but there are core rules that all founts adhere to:

1: Since the emergence of the last fount approximately 60 years ago, there have been precisely 137 founts at all times. One cannot become a fount without another having lost their place, and the precise moment a fount loses their spot they are replaced.

2: All founts are branded with the number of the "spot" they hold on the list. The brand can be anywhere on the body, and can be written in any language. For some it is small and easy to conceal, while others are branded in much more visible spots, such as the tips of their fingers or their very eyes. The process of being branded is a painful one, ranging from a sensation akin to receiving a tattoo to having the number traced on their skin with a hot iron.

3: All founts have a title, formatted in the manner of "20: Leo, the Fount of Destruction". While the number seems to be determined by some cruel divine intervention, the title of a fount is decided by one's self, and could either be a reflection of ability or one's own values.

4: All founts are at least vaguely aware of the presence of others, in a similar sense to everyone in a room feeling the pressure of a guest of high stature entering. Some have refined this sense to being able to know the number of a fount purely by intuition, and some have the ability to mask their presence from other founts, appearing as any other person would. With the exception of those intentionally executing stealth, the weight of a fount's presence seems to scale with their strength.

Despite these common factors, there is as much variation among founts and their abilities as one could imagine. Additionally, there are multiple different types of fount, coinciding with the different ways in which they have been connected to their power.



Espers can be considered to be the purest, and in many ways safest type of fount. Their power comes from within, either by their powerful conviction or pure mental prowess. The abilities of espers tend to be narrow, though those with skill and tenacity can find ways to execute a wide variety of effects with their relatively simple baseline.

Kami Pact


Kami, the residents of this world whose existence bends or even breaks reality and who are often the subject of worship by humans, sometimes make deals with mortals, granting them power in exchange for the agreement that the fount will follow whatever goal or moral code the kami in question demands. These founts have extremely variable capabilities, easily equatable to magic, but may be held back by the risk of their power being taken away, should they step out of line.
(see "Kami" section of database for more information on these fantastical beings)



Objects can hold power, based on any kind of historical, or even mythological significance they may have. Generally speaking, any preexisting fount can pick up any of these shintai (or go-shintai for those that hold particularly significant power) and use them, but on occasion a regular person will come into possession of one of these objects of power at the same time that another fount loses their status as such (may it be by death or any other reason) and is branded and bound to that object. While go-shintai hold monstrous amounts of power (sometimes enough to destroy their carrier outright) regular shintai often only provide small benefit, resulting in the weakest variety of fount.



Just as common belief birthed the kami, and granted power to the shintai, it can empower those with a significant following. The Kannushi are people whose worship as a divine being has elevated them to a reality not unlike what their followers believe, able to work miracles with little effort. In a sense, these people can be considered kami incarnate. Generally speaking, Kannushi are the most powerful type of fount, with very few limitations and massive amounts of raw power.

These varieties of fount can and will overlap, and the lines distinguishing them are nebulous, even cosmetic at best. At the end of the day, the precise classification of fount is not important, and not required in the application for this RP. Hopefully, these descriptions can help you to find inspiration for your character, and understand FΩUNT's power system better.



Shortly after the first fount, an unnamed monk branded with the number zero, demonstrated his ability to levitate and perform other minor miracles in Japan in the year 2021, the island nation was plagued with a series of violent natural disasters. Through a mix of nonstop typhoons and dramatic seismic activity, the island had ceased to exist by the end of the decade.

However, that was not the end of the Japanese people. By the time the island was no longer livable, they had already built the earliest form of what became known as Megalopolis. A floating city, drifting across the Pacific so that it may ever remain summertime. Megalopolis held its own government, one that posed as democracy, but operated as an oligarchy, largely controlled by those invisible powers that held the most money. Despite this seedy at best hierarchy, it flourished, and expanded. Even now that its enormous urban sprawl is considered “finished”, it has a nest of orbiting barges covered with multi-level shantytowns, housing those that do not technically live within the city, yet still suckle upon its prosperity, or more accurately, opulence and excess.

The city as it is now is divided into 13 districts, with a mayor in the first district overseeing both domestic policy, as well as how the floating city interacts with the outside world.

100: Richard Stratford: the Fount of Civilization




Richard Stratford, now aged 43 years, took office as mayor of Megalopolis back in the year 2089. At that time he was happily married with a wife, as well as a 4-year old daughter, but his wife died in a tragic incident in ‘95, and his daughter has not been seen publicly since then either, many assuming she was sent overseas for her safety. In the years following, he cracked down hard on fount-based crime, and managed to force most any criminal factions into hiding, drastically improving the safety within the city. By the year 2100, death rate is not on double that of the global average, a testament to his incredible sway of the city.

Fount Ability: UNKNOWN

The 13 Districts



1: The first district is where the Capitol is located, as Samsara Tower is located in approximately the center of the city. This is the building from which Mayor Stratford handles his business, and the rest of the district consists of office property and high-end residential suites.

2: The second district has considerably lower population in relation to its size than the rest, and largely serves as a sort of nature preserve. While it does have buildings, they are constructed in a way that allows plants to weave within and through them. This district acts both as a park for people to wander and escape the reality of living in a city built completely upon concrete and steel, as well as the majority of the city’s food production, through use of extensive and advanced farm setups.

3: Megalopolis’s third district focuses on metallurgy, and processing of imported and collected materials. It is located beside the botanical district so that genetically engineered plants can be used to dispose of waste products.

4: District 4, more commonly known as Neo-Kabukicho, is Megalopolis’s most focused entertainment district. There are a variety of traditional Japanese theaters, as well as a substantial red-light district within. Stratford’s sphere of influence appears to end at the borders of this district, and even fount abilities act unpredictably and uncontrollably within. While most organized crime scurried into the shadows after Stratford took a more militant approach five years ago, it is an unspoken fact that the entirety of Neo-Kabukicho is ruled by crime. It is even rumored that the district is led by an actual, living dragon that eats kami for every meal. Whatever truth these rumors may hold has yet to be seen by outsiders, as those who live within are tight-lipped, and gaining entrance past the areas used to attract tourism is a feat in itself.

5: This is Megalopolis’s market district. While all districts have some amount of retail locales, the fifth acts as an enormous shopping mall. Nearly everyone who lives in this district works in it as well, sleeping in the backs of their stores.

6: The sixth district is a residential district for middle-class individuals. It also serves as megalopolis's transportation hub, as the city's network of trains both above and below ground all meet in hubs within this district.

7 and 8: The seventh and eighth districts are an interesting case, as they used to be a single district, but split apart in fount-related gang activity a decade ago, during the last redistricting. While things have calmed down considerably in the years since, they have not officially rejoined, and tensions remain high between the two. Both of these districts are centered around Megalopolis University, which lies on their border. It is rumoured that the conflict that split the district was one between students, but whatever cliques-turned-syndicates are up to has scaled down significantly since Stratford's wife passed.

9: The brightest graduates from the seventh and eighth districts move into this district, which can not only be considered the scientific hub of Megalopolis, but the entire world. Brilliant discoveries in fields ranging from medical to technological, and everything in between, are made here.

10: Despite the incredible technological feat that Megalopolis is, the city is largely guided through religion. The tenth district is the home to the greatest concentration of chapels, mosques, shrines, and other forms of religious monuments. While it also serves as residential space, the majority of residents work within the religious sector.

11: As a floating city, Megalopolis draws quite a lot from the ocean itself. The eleventh district is full of waterways for transportation, and large edge access to serve as a port. Submarines can dock and launch from further into the district, gathering resources from the bottom of the ocean, such as metals or even salvage from past shipwrecks. The most interior section of the district controls the propulsion system for the city, and through collaboration with the mayor in the first district, courses are charted for Megalopolis travel across the ocean.

12: The twelfth district is the one mostly densely populated, as aside from small-scale, essential store, the district is entirely residential. Tightly packed apartments are the name of the game, producing a general sense of claustrophobia.

13: Megalopolis's final district is run down and depressed, to put things lightly. Subject to constant rain due to the abilities of a local fount, the atmosphere is bleak and dingy. On the bright side, housing here is even cheaper than the twelfth district, and the residents tend to be gruff types that wouldn't want to live any other way.




Since the year 2021, and with ever-increasing frequency as more founts arose, beings that came to be known as kami began to be found world-wide. While the kami appeared wherever humans did, the greatest concentration are within the city of Megalopolis. Contrary to the name, kami are not limited to the beings one would find within the Shinto religion, and in fact can be many sorts of things spanning multiple cultures. Generally speaking, if enough people believe in such a being, it will exist as a kami. Due to the prevalence of Shinto resulting from Megalopolis's Japanese origin, the majority of kami in the city are as such, but beyond the scope of Megalopolis exist other powerful kami, such as Quetzalcoatl, Jupiter, and even Thor. Due to the way these beings transcend cultures, they are often referred to as gods within other parts of the world.

Note that not all kami are all-powerful. As an example, there used to be a rain kami in Megalopolis that took the form of a small fish swimming through the air. People prayed to it for good weather, but unfortunately it was accidentally swallowed by a child in a freak accident. Kami can choose to become invisible to humans at will, but founts are generally capable of detecting their presence regardless, just as they could another fount.


Character Application


feel free to play with this app skeleton however you like, just make sure to include the information listed here in your finished product

Name: Whatever they go by. Characters with Japanese names should have the surname listed after the given name, just to prevent any confusion.
Age: The RP starts on January 1st, 2100. Please include full birthdate with this timeline in mind.
Appearance: Either images or description is adequate. Whichever way you go, include height measurements, since they are crucial to forming mental images.
History: Aside from some Espers, founts are not born as such, so make sure to explain how they ended up in that place in life, and how they ended up in Megalopolis by the start of the RP.
Fount Ability: See fount section of database for information on the different types of founts. If you have any questions or confusion, feel free to reach out for clarification or help. Make sure to explain the base ability, as well as a vague description of how that power would be applied.
Miscellaneous: Anything else you want to include, you may include here.

Feel free to add sections or restructure however you like. You may notice that I did not place strict length requirements on any of these fields, but please do not use that as an excuse to spend only 5 minutes on your app. If there is any information you would like to exclude from public eye, reach out to me privately and we can work that out. I understand wanting to surprise other players, and will gladly support such endeavors.

List of Founts


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1: The Fount of ♠̶♪̸↕̵§̸↕̷♫̵↕̴◙̷↓̸►̵↓̴♪̸☼̴



"Would it be alright if I taught you more about the glory of ♫̶͕͖̫͉͐̌͜☺̴̺̘̎̅̂♪̷̨̌♣̶͉́̔̏̌͘̕↕̵̛̭̗̽͜♣̴̻̠̜̉̊̅͐̂͜͝♦̷͓̆́͝☺̵̢͙̘̖̘̘͂͊̇͐♥̶͎͓̾̽¶̷̡̨̺͝♣̸̢̣̐͋̍͐̿̌♦̶̪̻͒̂̅ and the world that exists beyond our own?"

Name: Kiyoko Nanashi
Age: 18
Birthday: October 7th, 2082
Gender: Female



made using picrew

Height: 5'6"



Cordial, relaxed, inquisitive, and exceptionally polite. Those are just a few descriptors for Kiyoko. She takes her sacred duty as bearer of the "holy" book of the Old Gods very seriously, doing her best to bring their will to fruition and wasting no time or effort proselytizing their word and glory to anyone patient or foolish enough to send her off into a sermon. She can and will go on for extended periods of time about the glory of those living in that realm beyond realms and the comfort that can be found in accepting how puny and insignificant the lives and worlds of mere men are next to that of the Old Gods. The reason is rather simple too; even if it was only brief, Kiyoko has seen for herself the world as seen through the eyes of the Old Gods, and it's simply impossible to forget such an experience. She won't waste any time likening the difference between them and humans to the difference between humans and ants, but rather than deriding mankind, her intent seems to be to simply educate others on how much greater the world is than they may have expected.

Ultimately, however, Kiyoko is still but a mere human herself. And one should expect her to act like one. Kiyoko has always been the playful sort, and thoroughly enjoys getting her laughs out of others. Be it from their reactions to her, or from their antics free of her meddling, nothing tickles her funnybone quite like getting a rise out of others or seeing them do something amusing. Also in her perfectly human flaws, Kiyoko holds a grudge every once in a blue moon, even if she tries her best to always forgive and forget. It seems she has a harder time forgiving petty offenses.

As a final note of import, having access to eldritch power not meant to be wielded by mortal hands changes a person, and Kiyoko is no exception. In the time since becoming a Fount, Kiyoko likes to be in control of whatever situation is put in front of her, though she tries to stop herself from being a full-on control freak. She also often wants to put the incantations and rituals within the Necronomicon to use, since having the book and the secrets within is just plain cool and super exciting for somebody so fully committed to the Old Gods, and has a bad habit of tempting others and their desires as a front for wanting to using the book's knowledge.



Native to Megalopolis, Kiyoko's has ever been a life led by faith. Until fairly recently, it was in the form of being raised by devout Shinto parents. Her father was the priest of a local shrine, and she was all too happy to assist as a shrine maiden. It just felt right to do so, and for a long time Kiyoko was as happy as a clam doing whatever she could to please the kami and simply be a good person. She diligently studied other faiths as well, but this was more of a scholarly pursuit to her than a spiritual one. Where spiritual needs were concerned, the shrine was all Kiyoko could want in life.

After all, what better truth was there than that the kami were a very real part of this world? In the warm summer breeze or the violent gales, the sun or the ground, be they helpful or harmful, they were all around. Hers was a pleasant childhood thanks in part to accepting this truth; her good personality saw to it that she had plenty of friends, and from the day she could think and remember, it felt like she'd already had a sense of purpose. Things were fantastic, and there was no grand desire to leave her wanting more.

As she was cleaning the shrine one evening, however, something had caught her eye. A rather unsightly book someone must have left lying around. Surely a quick look wouldn't hurt, she had told herself. After all, she'd already done the rest of her chores around the shrine, and bringing this book to a safe place for its owner would be her last task of the day. The contents of the book were something Kiyoko could never have been prepared for. It wasn't written in any language she'd seen before, and yet she could understand at least the earliest pages clear as day. It painted a picture in her mind more vividly than any novel or biography as well, as if the book was planting those very images in her head directly. Images of things so beyond the scope of human comprehension that while the memory remained, any attempt to explain it or put it into words was simply impossible. Next to the things Kiyoko had seen reading the book, the lives of humans seemed like those of ants.

For the first time in her life, Kiyoko's faith had been called into question. The following weeks only made it worse. Her thoughts couldn't escape that book, and the things it had shown her. Even if it was just the first few pages, Kiyoko couldn't stop reading them over and over. Her dreams were invaded by visions of that faraway world beyond worlds, and as she began delving a bit deeper into the book's contents, she could have sworn that occasionally she would hear a voice belonging to the book, or something connected to it. Something greater than even the kami she had worshipped all this time, if it was from out there. And eventually, it had finally stolen away Kiyoko's faith, with a simple bargain.

Past the first chapter or two, Kiyoko found it impossible to make out the contents of her new favorite book. It could offer her the vision and knowledge to read the pages, but it demanded her faith in exchange, and that she "pull the thread and unravel the tapestry". Kiyoko, desperate to delve deeper, accepted. The brand of Fount #1 had been seared across her mouth, and Kiyoko renounced her devotion to the kami, instead committing herself to her new master. The next week is mostly a giant blank spot in Kiyoko's memory, but when she came to, she knew there was no going back.

She remembers leaving home, but not if she left by choice or was kicked out for the heretical and depraved religion she adopted. She vaguely recalls fanatically preaching to anyone that would hear her out, but never to any degree of success, and in fact being banned from several establishments for disturbing other customers. But more than anything, she remembers seeing those haunting, impossible, dream-like sights again, more vividly than ever.

Even if she can't go home, even if the world turns against her, Kiyoko will not - and in fact can not - give up. She will pry open the book's deepest secrets, and show the world the truest of faiths. After all, it is she who carries the holy book, who had been taught the ways of her new god, and who had seen the realm of the gods firsthand. Even if the road ahead continues to give her hardship after hardship, Kiyoko is firm in the belief that her faith can weather any storm, and with it, her quest.

Go-shintai: Necronomicon


A tome containing forbidden knowledge not meant to be learned by mortal minds. Within its pages are instructions on all manner of rites and rituals, and further into the book, incantations to achieve such effects as self-modification and the brief summoning of parts or the entirety of beings not of this world. Some sections of the book simply cannot be read by the eyes of men, and while there are entries detailing how to gain access to them, tapping into such eldritch knowledge invariably comes at a price...


4: The Fount of Contracts



"It's all in the fine print, friend."

Name: Sei
Age: 29
Birthday: January 1st, 2071
Gender: Female




made using picrew

Height: 6'3"



Sincere, responsible, and optimistic, Sei likes to think she has a pretty good grasp on how to live. And she very well may. She's proactive about solving problems or crossing items off her to-do list, doesn't tend to make hasty decisions, and knows when to step away from a situation to avoid doing something she'd regret. Combined with a personable, caring nature, and a genuine drive to do good upon others, it'd be quite the feat to find a dark or mean bone in Sei's body. She is, however, not without flaw.

For one, Sei is a massive stickler when it comes to making any sort of agreement. She's a ruthless negotiator, ever trying to tip the scales of a transaction in her favor. Once the terms are set, she'll follow her end of the bargain down to the letter, and won't hesitate to call others out if they fail to do the same. This cutthroat mind for business extends into quite a bit of opportunism, and while she won't harm or lie to others for her own gain, anything else within the confines of the law is fair game to her if she senses easy profit.

It should also be noted that comments about her appearance carry great weight to Sei. Be they positive or negative, she likely won't forget any mention of how she looks, and her opinion of somebody can change very quickly and strongly based on it. Her height in particular is a sore subject for her, and one that she'd rather not talk about for better or worse.



Orphan from birth, Sei isn't sure if her parents died when she was a baby or if they simply didn't want her. Regardless of why, she grew up with other children in her situation, raised in an orphanage near the center of Megalopolis. By all accounts, Sei was a good kid; well-behaved, good in school, excellent at sports, never complained about chores, and a startingly firm grasp of right and wrong for her age. Yet, families looking to adopt often turned her away, owing to her appearance putting prospective parents-to-be on edge. Months and years passed along, and Sei was the oldest kid in the orphanage before she knew it.

In the end, Sei was never adopted, and eventually grew from an orphan to a contributing member of society, earning her keep by working in the very orphanage she grew up in. It wasn't a particularly lucrative job, but Sei was more than happy to give back to the place where she grew up. Not long after securing hew new employment, however, something most unusual happened in Megalopolis.

Around the middle of the city, a thick fog had appeared one day in 2095. Too thick. It was like a solid cloud, constricting and suffocating anyone in its area of influence. Sei had wasted no time showing up to the orphanage to ensure everyone's safety, bringing stranded victims inside, performing CPR on those who needed it, and in general doing everything in her power to help anyone she could find. Once the orphanage had been rendered safe and secure, Sei left to ensure others in the area would be alright. While the fog cleared just as suddenly as it came, and while she couldn't save everyone, there were hundreds of would-be victims that owe their being alive today to Sei. It was this deed of heroism, performed under the watchful gaze of a select group of kami, that led to her becoming a Fount.

The Four Guardian Beasts had taken notice of Sei in particular. She lived well outside of the affected area, but rather than staying home, she not only rushed headfirst into danger, but went out of her way to save people who she didn't even know, and would never meet again. A few days after the incident, the Beasts had presented themselves to Sei, offering her a pact. They could grant her the power to protect ever more people, and to set right the injustices in the world, but in exchange, Sei was bound to use these powers for noble purposes, and to protect those in need. It was the easiest decision she had ever made.

Orphanage employee probably isn't the first thing one imagines when thinking of a Fount who's made a pact with not one, but four kami, but that's exactly what Sei was. For a short time, anyway. A few months after her pact was made, it was announced that Megalopolis was making arrangements to streamline the foster system in town. Part of that was to more efficiently use the resources they had available to them, which meant some orphanages would be shut down and its residents moved to others that still had open beds. This effectively meant dozens of orphanage workers were suddenly out of a job, and Sei was no exception. Unlike her peers, however, she had trouble landing another job. When being a Fount didn't attract trouble, her pact was often a distraction from her job regardless. It was abundantly clear Sei would need backup. Someone to live with. So she did a bit of checking around, and lo and behold, found precisely that.

And for practically zero rent at that! The neighborhood wasn't the nicest place, but that fact of all things certainly didn't bother Sei. Her only potential hang-up was that her new home was tucked away in a corner of Megalopolis where it always rained. And the cause was soon apparent. She hadn't secured just any old flatmate, but a fellow Fount! Number 40: Alice Solari, the Fount of Precipitation. In the four years since taking up residence with her fellow Fount, things have been looking rather up for Sei.

She's secured a solid job as independent security for hire, is quite happy with her living arrangements, and has grown more than acclimated to her new life. And of course, whenever it's time to make good on her pact with the Beasts, Sei wastes no time bringing her all to bear to protect those who can't protect themselves.

Kami Pact - Four Beasts:


A pact made with four kami as a collective group. For their part, the Beasts grant Sei the ability to channel their power, gaining various boons and abilities in the process. In exchange, however, Sei is tasked with using this power to defend those who cannot defend themselves, or else the Beasts are free to revoke her access to their respective powers. Sei can channel one Beast at a time, gaining a different set of abilities with each, while being able to adopt characteristics of whichever Beast she channels at the time.

Byakko - Grants Sei incredible strength and speed. In exchange, Sei must protect the people from any organization or system that conspires against them.
Seiryu - While channeling Seiryu, Sei gains the power of illusions. In exchange, she must protect her fellow man from the forces of nature.
Genbu - Genbu's power provides Sei with supernatural endurance and the ability to create small barriers. In exchange, she must protect those attacked by their fellow humans.
Suzaku - Using Suzaku's power allows Sei to call forth the flaming feathers of the firebird or cause them to explode. In exchange, she must protect others from themselves.



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Number 53: The Fount of Devotion




"The Goddess hears your pleas and does not forget, let your wounds be forgotten!"


Elita Thomas






Elita stands at roughly 5’11, give or take a few inches depending on if she’s wearing high heels at the time. She doesn’t disclose her weight very often, but it’s noted that it tends to fluctuate depending on if she’s using her power a lot recently.



Elita sees herself as a Prophet of a Forgotten Goddess, destined to bring her back to the forefront of the religious world, by any means necessary. Her personality is energetic when talking about her ‘position’ and eager to draw people into her fold, though she doesn’t ‘pressure’ people into joining her. She believes they will all see the light at some point, no matter how resistant they are. As a result, she’s friendly to everyone she talks to, hoping to speed the process along while keeping good will with as many as she can to avoid making things awkward later.

At the same time, she has a tendency to be overbearing to a degree. Her dedication to what she sees as her task can, at times, overpower her ability to empathize with someone's misgivings, which can lead to conflicts in the short term before she collects herself properly.

She has no problem abusing her power to try and manipulate people into trusting her, or seeing her as something greater than she actually is, and will actively try to figure out the emotions of people around her in an attempt to work her way into their good graces. Despite her relatively unassuming appearance, she can have a way with words which catches people off guard. She tries to remain personable, all while hoping to seed thoughts into people to lead them in the direction she would like to go, even though she often tries to do so in a backroom method.



It looks to be a diary.

January 15th 2090

Mother has once again told me to keep in mind who I represent. It's so tiring to have to keep up with her demands all the time... There's a large dinner being hosted tonight, she expects me to be presentable for it. That's hardly a problem, but it does mean I need to be careful who I'm around. Don't want to give mother anymore reason to hound me about who's company I keep. The dinner is intended for the highest echelon of society, it will be interesting to see who all is there. Mother already told me that quite a few Founts will be attending, which is fascinating to me. I always wanted an opportunity to speak with a Fount...


January 30th 2090

The dinner was a success and resulted in mother finally leaving me be. I was able to meet a few different Founts during the festivities, and I believe that Mr.  Stratford himself even made a brief appearance at the dinner. How mother managed to pull enough strings to make that happen, I will never guess. Either way, I've finally obtained some breathing room to myself. Mother might pester me about my studies now, but at least I won't be expected to play any part in hosting any grand parties next month. They always take February off, for some reason. Now I can focus on learning about these Founts, perhaps I could figure out how a new one is chosen when one passes away. Is it Fate? Is it a higher being, beyond even the spirits that make pacts with humans? It's fascinating.


February 24th 2090

There's an undeniable pain starting to brew inside of me. I can feel a burning sensation coursing through my body as I read each day. It felt like I was going to die briefly, but the pain passed and I felt stronger than before. Sometimes as I pass by less fortunate sorts, I swear I can feel their souls crying out in pain for aid. Thankfully it all seems to clear when I get home each night. I've started taking more of my studies here at home, hoping that mother won't push me to go out too much.


March 10th 2090

I could hear mother screaming earlier today. When I went to see if she was okay, it felt like the weight of the world was crashing down on my shoulders... And yet, she said she was fine. She said things were a bit tense, people weren't listening to her. Meanwhile, that burning sensation was getting stronger. It felt like I was going to be sick the entire time she spoke... And when she put a hand on my shoulder, I felt nothing but anger. I hope she won't touch me again.


June 10th 2090

The burning returned today, and I heard something speaking to me. I felt like death for a bit, but I heard promises of a better future. I believe the stress of all this studying is getting to me, I've told mother my grades are perfectly fine, but she refuses to listen. My last entry said she complained about that herself, so I guess she never bothered to think about others after all. She's awfully self-centered, for one claiming to care about the less fortunate in the world. What a joke.


July 22nd 2090

I can hear them, crying in pain. Begging for release from this mortal realm. I pity the poor souls, but I can't free them. Some of them suffered from major wounds, I put my hand on one to comfort the poor woman... And for a moment, I felt like my own eye had been poked out. I couldn't see from it for that brief time... And the lady began to cry. She thanked me.

I did not know what to say to that. I wonder how she's doing.


August 5th 2090

Mother insists on hosting another dinner party for charity tonight. I suppose I'm growing bitter faster than you're meant to, I don't believe that this will help anyone at all. I know mother is stealing money from the donations, but I can't prove it. Father doesn't care. He never has. The voices have gotten louder, most of them begging for help or relief from their suffering, but one voice has been offering help. The masses need help.


September 31st 2090

The last two months have been enlightening. This Goddess... She speaks to me, she tells me that we can help people! My abilities might not be permanent, but they inspire hope in people. That lady with the blind eye, she was given resolve by my limited ability to give her relief. This Goddess says as long as I wish to help people, there's nothing I can't do in this world. If I hone my skills, nothing is impossible. If I show people the right path to walk then... I can do so much more. I will have to be smart though, mother surely will think I wish to follow in her footsteps, and there would be nothing more smothering than that.

Fount Ability

Empathic Control


Elita's power stems from her ability to sense and ‘read’ the emotions of other people, allowing her to determine the moods and temperaments of other people without needing to spend too much time around them. This gives her a solid idea on how people are feeling at given times if she chooses to probe deeper, beyond the vague sensations that generally emit from people.

But her powers don't stop there, as that's just a general application of her ability. Empaths come in all kinds of flavors, but for Elita, her main capability is Empathic Healing. She has the capability to take the pain of others onto herself, letting them ignore the pain as if the wound never happened... Without healing the wound. She can use this on her allies to help get them to a safe location and get them physical help, or to take on the burden of an emotional wound they've suffered.

Of course, she can also use it on her enemies, taking their pain and making it to where they might not notice a wound, letting them make the injury worse and strain their bodies in ways they wouldn't normally if they aren't aware of her powers. Over time, she's gotten better at subtly manipulating people's ability to feel pain, able to do it to those who aren't too far away without touching them, though the ability to deceive them becomes stronger if she's able to reach them directly.

She could have those who were lame walk, bring the sick out of their beds for periods of time, and even let the blind ‘see’... Or at least feel like they could see for a brief moment of time. While the emotion sensing part of her power is almost always in effect to some degree, the second one is more focused and she has to be in contact with her target to be able to use it to the fullest.

In combat, the easiest way to think of Elita is as a Bard. A bard that deals with emotions rather than song, that is. She can project her own emotions over others, or even fabricate emotions, and force others to experience them over top whatever they might be feeling at the moment. It takes a lot out of her to do this though, the more people she's attempting to manipulate at once, the more likely she is to break that projection due to exhaustion. If she needs people to fight, she can attempt to force a feeling of anger, or if people are panicking, she can try to ease them down.



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Number 3- The Fount of Alexandria


"Hey! Hey! Hey! I figured out another rune! I think it's to light candles- Oh no-"


Name: Kaede Kamigawa
Age: Age 16, born May 3rd, 2083


Height- 5'1"

Kaede's Fount Number is located on the inside of her right index finger, the digit that first touched the Library of Alexandria.

Kaede is a very bright and curious child, and is always desiring to learn new things. She reads constantly, most especially histories and books on mythologies, and of course her specialty over the last year has transitioned into various forms of Ancient Egyptian languages. She is incredibly intelligent, having managed to adapt to ancient Egyptian languages and translate 8 percent of the massive Library of Alexandria in only a year. Her knowledge base also contains a huge number of random bits of information she’s found fascinating. 

That knowledge seems to have come at the expense of common sense. Impulsive, happy-go-lucky, and quick to leap before she looks, Kaede is absent-minded and forgetful, seemingly living in her own little world sometimes. She’s also easily excited and relentlessly cheery. She believes in appreciating every moment and looking forward to the future, no matter how dark it may seem (though it’s arguable whether this is childish naivete). 

She also possesses a very silly sense of humor, and often likes to pull tiny, harmless pranks on others. These pranks have only gotten more and more inventive since she gained magic, and often tries to rope friends into joining in on the pranks with her.


Kaede was born and raised in the northeast section of the 2nd district of Megalopolis. Her parents both work in the food production sector of the city, and have for longer than Kaede’s been alive. Her family has always been down on its luck, with her father, Oda, being constantly shy of rising to a position of higher pay. He and her mother Midori both are towards the lower levels of workforce in the district, working a tough and long-running job, and they’ve been at risk of needing to move to the 12th or 13th district as a financial necessity. Kaede has always had to go without a lot of luxuries growing up, despite her parents wanting very much to do the best for her.

Kaede grew up learning to be grateful for what she had. She’s always been very close to her parents, and adores living in the second district, particularly enjoying its vibrant gardens. She’s always been incredibly intelligent for her age, and her parents have always harbored a hope that she could surpass them to go on to live in the ninth district, an accomplished graduate of the Megalopolis University. 

She was always very hungry to learn, and her parents few days off they would often take her to whatever libraries they could so that Kaede could devour books by the armful. Histories and mythologies were chief among her interests, despite her parents trying respectfully to interject some math and sciences into her backlog. 

She would occasionally find herself trying to scrounge together pocket money for books to take home with her, or small trinkets or pictures of historical things. One day when she was fifteen, she found herself in a store called The Diamond in the Rough Antiques. Her mother was attempting to talk the store owner into buying a few old ‘family heirlooms’ (their status as such was a stretch at best) and Kaede found herself wandering through the store, fifteen years old at the time. 

She was taking in a bookshelf that held a great many old tomes, and despite the sign requesting not to touch she couldn’t help herself. She reached out and went to pull out one of the books, but realized there was something else in the shelf, laying sideways atop the book she was grasping. She reached in and felt a searing pain along her finger, falling back with a cry. Luckily, she was too small to knock over the grandfather clock she fell against, and a small wooden cylinder fell out of the shelf. Kaede looked to see the inside of her pained finger had a number 3 branded into it. 

The shop owner, a young man named Jeremy, was understanding. A Founthimself, he was able to inform the confused girl about what had just happened. Kaede could swear she heard a lamp back behind the shop’s front desk laughing the entire time, but she couldn’t be sure. The wooden case had been in the shop for over a decade, but Kaede was the first to touch it and have something happen, and she was now the first person who could actually open it.

She opened the case to reveal a scintillating mass of rainbow-hued runes, all completely incomprehensible to her. But she was immediately excited to find out what they meant.

Ever since Kaede threw herself into translating the library. She managed to figure out the Library was a mix of various forms of ancient Egyptian. The Library contains a wealth of information, especially on the nature of magic. She determined very quickly that the Library contains massive amounts of magical knowledge, but translating it is slow. To this day she’s only translated 8 percent after owning it for over a year, and the mess of languages the Library is composed of make it a long and arduous task that she estimates could take her decades.

She’s spent the last year also attempting to find any previous owners of the Library who might have insights on it, though she’s so far turned up nothing. Her parents have in the meantime been very pleased she was fortunate enough to find such a thing, and have actively been trying to put her in contact with people that could assist her in translating it, a task that is difficult given their low station and the fact that (at Jeremy’s recommendation) they have been trying to keep Kaede’s ownership of the go-shintai on the down-low for her own safety.

Fount Ability: 

Go-Shintai- The Library of Alexandria

Kaede is the bearer of a pullout scroll, but rather than paper, the scroll is made up of many scintillating ancient symbols in rainbow colors. It contains a myriad of information, which Kaede can only begin to guess at because she's only managed to translate a fraction of the runes inside. While there are pieces of useful information on a massive variety of topics, the majority of it seems to be on arcane magics, exceptionally well-presented magics at that, as Kaede is able to cast spells she learns from the Library with a very small learning curve. The issue lies in the fact that she can't read any of the variants of Ancient Egyptian the Library is written in, and is very slowly working her way through translating it. Even after having the Library for almost a year she has only managed to translate 8 percent. Thus her skillset is vast but not immensely powerful. She can do things such as levitate objects, create small bursts of fire, illuminate dark areas, float, and even teleport small ranges, among many others. However each of these abilities is on average much weaker than the average Fount ability dedicated to that particular task. For example, one of the spells she's unlocked allows her to increase her running speed higher than the average human, but she can be outpaced easily by Kessandra Branwen, the Fount of Blitzkrieg. Whether that is due to her own ability or needing to find more powerful variations lost within the Library, Kaede does not yet know. She's not even sure if the information in the Library can change or if more is hidden from her, and given that others have a tough time making out all the symbols in the Library, she's beginning to suspect it may even have a mind of its own.

Some of the spells Kaede's translated and uses often are:

* Float- Kaede levitates, only able to move rather slowly.

* Flare- Kade fires off several explosive blasts of flame. Flashier than they are damaging.

* Tidy- Acts as a general cleaning spell, either on oneself or other people and objects.

* Shine- Basic illumination spell that draws together several illusory fireflies. Can also let out one big flash.

* Conceal- Illusion spell that lets Kaede cover things with illusions. She's not yet figured out how to make these illusions move once she's created them, so usually settles for something like a cardboard box.

* Quickstep- Lets Kaede teleport somewhere nearby.

* Rush- Increases Kaede's running speed by a significant margin.

* Barrier- Creates a shield of magical force that can block attacks. Can be broken through with enough brute force. 

* Animate- Gifts inanimate objects with the ability to move and follow Kade's orders. 

* Grab- Lets Kaede telekinetically affect inanimate objects.


* Kaede enjoys fantasy novels as a treat, usually ones others consider to be absolutely garbage.

* Kaede's favorite spell in the Library is the Animate spell, and finds having people's chairs dance out from under them incredibly funny.

Number 120- The Fount of Blitzkrieg


"Do I look like I came here ta listen to you talk? I came ta show you the taste of pavement, you long moron."


Name: Kessandra "Kess" Branwen
Age: Age 24, born October 19, 2075


Height- 5'9"

Kess's Fount number is located on the outside of her left calf.


Kess is a violent and irritable woman with a hard-to-control temper and one hell of an ability to hold a grudge. She is abrasive and naturally very competitive, feeling like she needs to be the toughest in any given room. She also tends not to think about things too hard, going with her first instincts, which are usually among the rash and reckless side of things. She gets into arguments and full-on fights often.

Kess has a strong superiority complex, and is always open to getting into fights, especially with other Founts. She loves fighting, and is quite good at it, fighting like a wild animal and never relenting even for a second. She thinks she’s invincible, and wants nothing more than for other people to think that too. She wins fights by dint of pure tenacity and surprising her enemies with incredibly reckless actions as often as she’s won by skill alone. She’s selfish and often doesn’t pay attention to other people, while also not being very smart and is generally vexing to deal with in general.

It is very hard to win Kess’ respect. Even beating her in a fair fight is unlikely to do it, given that Kess is an incredibly sore loser and a poor sport. The few people Kess does like are the only ones she’ll never threaten with physical violence (though she’s still not exactly a barrel of sunshine). Currently the only one this applies to is Morgan O’Connor, the Fount of Flames.


Kess was born in the western United States, specifically Wyoming, to a mother who didn't want her and a father who showed up in her life sporadically, and not all all by age 11. She was consistently a problem child, getting along poorly with other kids at school, skipping it entirely, shoplifting, and minor vandalism. She would get in trouble at home for this, but there was a pretty severe lack of enforcement as her mother just really didn’t care much about raising her kid. Kess hated her mother, and still does to this day.

She dropped out of high school at age 16, and hopped across the state line into Oregon soon after. Doing odd jobs there went very shakily, as her temper issues often got her in trouble, both with employers and occasionally the law. After two and a half years in Oregon, she was working at the Newport docks loading shipping vessels. She learned while she was there that there was a big market in Megalopolis for factory workers in their third district, and the pay rates seemed much better than what she was working with. She scraped together everything she owned and moved out to the city.

Living in Megalopolis wasn’t as good as Kess had thought it would be. She wasn’t able to afford to stay within the city proper, instead living on one of the barges that surround the island. She hated the factory work, and hated living on the barges even more, comparing everyone there to a leech. She only stuck with the factory job for four months before abandoning it to try and find something in the sixth district, liking the idea of always being able to move around as she pleased on the train lines, and wanting to move off the horrid barges.

While the train job never came through, she did manage to get a job working at a nightclub as a bouncer, a surprisingly effective one given her age (which she had to lie about). But over a few years she somehow fell in with gang activity, making friends among the gang led by Aurora Yukimura, the Subzero gang. But Kess's relationship with the gang soured, and she was involved in an altercation with them soon after becoming a Fount, having gained the power randomly when its last wielder presumably died.  She was discovered by Morgan O'Connor, leader of the Spitfire gang and rival to Aurora. She took Kess under her wing and has been training her to use her Fount. In that time, she's become one of Morgan's prime enforcers, and the one she sends in when she wants things to get done or things to get broken. In that time Kess has had several altercations with Subzero members, and beaten the tar out of them every time, determined to prove her strength, all while keeping an eye out for other Founts to test herself against.

Fount Ability: 

Esper- The Fount of Blitzkrieg

Kess's body produces electricity, which can be used by her to power her physical form. She can spend that electricity to give herself enhanced speed, strength, and durability, making her physically exceptionally dangerous. Using her powers, she has accomplished such things as bodily throwing a man 50 pounds heavier than her with one hand, punching through a brick wall, running at 40 miles per hour, and kicking a car so hard she nearly folded it in half. If she expends too much energy it can tire her out, leaving her weary and even causing her to pass out if she doesn't pace herself correctly. She has poor control over her output as well, and constantly leaks power by accident, especially when she's losing her temper or is hitting the gas really hard, which causes her to gas out quicker while having the fringe benefit of often electrocuting people who touch her. She also puts far more power into her own speed and offense, causing her durability to suffer. She has broken her own bones on accident before, and is slowly wearing down her body, already having the aches of pains of a woman almost a decade older than her.


* Kess has an extreme dislike for Aurora Yukimura, leader of Morgan's opposing gang. The dislike appears to be personal.

* Kess hasn't spoken to her mother since leaving Wyoming, and hasn't spoken to her father in well over a decade. 

* When leaking power, sparks often trace a hexagonal pattern over Kess. She has no idea why, and doesn't particularly care.


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Number 87: Fount of Espère


Name: April Soleil
Age: 28

145 lbs



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Number 92 - The Fount of Wonders


"Things aren't always what they seem with these things."

Personal Information
Name: Jeremy Shelby
Age: 28
Birthday: July 21st



Made with Picrew

Height: 5'8"

Jeremy's Fount brand of "92" is in the palm of his left hand.



What's to say about Jeremy Shelby? The young man is a studious one, considering he's a history major and working on his Bachelor's in his chosen field of study. He has a love for history, myths, legends and of course, selling pieces of history coming from the antique shop he enjoys and loves every minute of owning. The one problem he has with it happens to be the fact that there are a few times where he has sold items in this antique shop that have had "magical" properties and unfortunately, he doesn't know what has the magical properties within them or not. Because of this, he has an innate fear whenever he does sell an object that nothing terrible befalls the new owner of the items he sells or worse...it all coming back to him and he be in trouble due to it.

While kind and courteous (working in retail, one would have to be this due to customer service), Jeremy can sometimes come across as a know it all, especially when it comes to his field of study and expertise. Apart from this, he happens to be quite the clueless soul, but possesses a heart that longs to want to help others in any way he can (could this be the reason Ibuz sought him and told him of his requirement to utilize his power?). A simple bookworm, he may be, it doesn't mean he won't risk his own well being for something if he believes it will help others...but he does hope this doesn't happen all too often.

But all this is talking about Jeremy...but what about his Djinn he's had the "pleasure" of having a pact with? Ibuz the Spectacular as a Djinn is a mischievous soul, but not very malicious (thank goodness for that at least). It doesn't mean, however, that he's a slouch and won't make the attempt to push back when a situation calls for it. True to his title, however, he prefers to make a spectacle out of everything...and it's to Jeremy's chagrin.



I suppose it's best to start from the beginning. If one notices my name, it's plain to see I'm a transplant from the U.S. See, my parents took the opportunity to move there after being given an opportunity for a better life there, along with my aunt having an old curio and antique store she was leaving for them in her will. Never really got to meet my aunt, but they said she was a nice woman, though a bit on the crazy side. …I'm getting off topic, let's get back on track.

We moved to Megalopolis into the 5th District, the market district, when I was about fifteen years old. There we settled into the shop and our new home, "Diamond in the Rough Antiques". For the most part it was just a store filled to the brim with a lot of old, dusty junk in the eyes of most…me on the other hand, there was a lot of history involved with most of these pieces. Knowing the history of each and every one of these pieces happens to be a big hobby of mine, but alas, some people don't share that same desire and mindset. Regardless, we saw antiques come and antiques go, doing well for ourselves for the most part.

Eventually, my parents didn't feel like this was their calling anymore (which honestly I knew it wasn't from the get-go, they just didn't have the passion). They kept going with it, but I could sense there was zero passion in selling these pieces of history to people. It was here where my life took a bit of a turn. While my parents were out, I found a box my aunt left in the very back of our store. Curious, I opened it up to see a few personal belongings she left…but what caught my attention was at the very bottom of the box: a dusty antique oil burner lamp that I recognized as being of Arabic origin. Thinking this would be a good piece to clean up and sell, I started wiping the dust off it. Big mistake… After the dust was wiped off, the sound and even force of a strong wind began to encapsulate the room around me. Papers, books, even some of the antiques the store had were slung and flung around me almost as if I were in a tornado. It died down around me, though the room was now a total mess…but I wasn't alone in this room or store anymore. Before me stood what most would refer to as a Djinn…though most would know them more commonly as a genie.

His name, Ibuz the Spectacular, of the classification of a Djinni or a Djinn with a wind affiliation. Told me that I was the "lucky soul to release him from his slumber", lucky soul or not, this was my lot in life now. Nevertheless, he went on saying that one of my older family members had procured his lamp from a few merchants in Baghdad way back when. Called himself a sort of "good luck charm" for my family up to the present, but these Djinn are notorious for being mischievous, so I still had my doubts. After we talked a while, Ibuz offered to help me in exchange for finally releasing him…he offered a Pact. In exchange for freeing him and allowing him to finally see the light of day (possibly whatever else he has in mind, Djinn are mischievous beings after all) he promised me the use of his powers. The only caveat of this was to use the opportunity I was given to help those in need. An odd request from a Djinn to be sure, but that was his caveat and he wouldn't back down from it. Of course, I asked about the prospect of wishes…he's a Djinn after all. He told me to test him, see if this truly was a reality. With this, I used my first wish: to become the owner and proprietor of the shop. A snap of his fingers, an immense pressure was felt after, but nothing seemed different…least at first. Ibuz immediately returned to his lamp about the time my parents returned, only to hear them say they would be returning to the U.S. but was giving me sole ownership of the shop. I was living the dream: owning my own business at the age of eighteen, doing something I actually enjoyed doing and even going for my Bachelor's in History. It seemed Ibuz was telling the truth after all.

I eventually, reluctantly accepted his offer…after all, perhaps my aunt hid it back there for me to find. The Pact was made and with the lamp in my left hand, it began to burn…searing an odd number in the palm of it: 92. I realized then, what this meant for me…I was one of the 137 Founts. However, this begged the question, now thinking more about this magic lamp…if this little curio had a magical item of this magnitude, how many other objects did I or my family sell that were of magical origins? Strangely enough, Ibuz did confirm to me that some of the items in the shop were magical or had magical properties, but which ones remained a mystery.

Which brings us to the present day. I'm still the owner and proprietor of Diamond in the Rough Antiques, being very wary of what I sell…praying and hoping it isn't a magical item. At the same time, I try to help others as best I can in the long run, trying to make things easier when the need arises. Currently looking at one wish remaining…no I don't want to go into detail about the second wish I wasted…it's stupid.

Fount Information
Fount Ability:


Go-Shintai/Kami Pact - Antique Lamp

Deep within the reaches of the Diamond in the Rough Antiques, this antique lamp laid in wait until the day I uncovered it and released it's contents...that being the Djinn bound to artifact...hey wait, what are y-...!

This is my part, m'boy! Let me tell the tale! Behold! I am Ibuz, the Spectacular, the Djinn of the lamp! I am of the Djinni or Wind clan as my blue skin denotes and as such, I have the strength and power of multiple storming gales, raging tornadoes, even terrible typhoons! In ancient times in the area you would call Baghdad, I was sealed within this lamp by a powerful king and his magic, thusly being subjected to being a wish granting being for all eternity...to await the day I get wished free. Alas, that has never happened and most likely won't happen, but who knows...I've lived for millennias, things could change. Nevertheless, I've made the pact with the boy here who released me once more and allowed me see the light of day...to share my power with him on the condition he uses it he helps those in need...that is the caveat to our arrangement and it shall be that way until we are separated.

Jeremy holds this antique lamp, the home of the Djinn Ibuz. As such, it is a strange mesh of Fount classifications, as the lamp is a Go-Shintai but due to the fact that Ibuz houses himself within the lamp, it has a Kami Pact bound with it. Nevertheless, as the master of said Djinn, he is able to utilize the powers of the Djinn due to their pact.

Due to the nature of Ibuz being that of a Wind clan Djinn (a Djinni), Jeremy can hone the powers of the wind itself to aid him and those in need that he must help. This can be shown in:

  • Temporary flight
  • Summoning of winds (whether to use as a shield to buffer attacks or to use as a means of attack)

As a Djinn, Ibuz has the ability to also grant wishes under the rules set in place for Djinn to follow:

  1. They cannot grant a wish to take another's life.
  2. They cannot grant a wish to allow another to fall in love with the master.
  3. They cannot grant a wish to bring back the life of another.
  4. They cannot grant a wish which requests more than three wishes.
  5. Once the 3rd wish is complete: the Djinn returns back to the lamp, being bound to it once more.
  6. If by some chance the Djinn is wished to be free, they will no longer be bound to the lamp.

Thus far, Ibuz has a total of ONE wish remaining:

  1. "I wish to be the sole owner and proprietor of the Diamond in the Rough Antiques!"
  2. "I wish...[REDACTED]"
  3. Unused

Miscellaneous Information
Jeremy's Theme | Ibuz's Theme | Battle Theme

  • Jeremy's name means the following: Jeremy - An English name with biblical origins meaning "God will loosen" or "God will uplift", it is an English anglicized form of the name "Jeremiah". Shelby - A gender neutral name of Norse origin meaning "willow" or "from the lodge estate".
  • Jeremy's text color is #336600 while Ibuz's text color is #2980b9.
  • The idea from Jeremy and Ibuz came from an old character I had by the name of Amon Ignatius, an Ifrit Djinn that was to make an appearance in "Golden Gate Empire". The character was brought up to Giga, but after voicing concerns, we went with a simple human with a magic lamp angle.
  • The name of the antique store along with the number of his Fount are both "Aladdin" references. The number is the year the Disney animated movie came out (1992) while the store name is what the titular character is referred to as, while it also means "one having exceptional qualities or potential but lacking refinement or polish".
  • Originally, when thinking of a Fount Number, I had attempted to make this character Number 72, in reference to the "72 Pillars of Solomon". But alas, 72 was already taken when I began development for this character.

Number ??? - The Fount of ??? [Perhaps]


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36 - The Fount of Thieves


"Give yourself up, you'll be treated fairly, they like to say. This Fount is proof that isn't true."

Name: Tempest

Age: 16

Birthday: March 18th 2083




He stands roughly at 5'3, his clothes are generally pretty ragged and torn, so he supplements with bandages across his body.

Definitely malnourished to some degree, he doesn't appear to be consistently fed at all.



Will format this better but I need to get something down.

  • Tempest hits a mix of both flighty and focused at the same time. Always seemingly on edge, he's ready to shrink in on himself on a moment's notice, even on something as mundane as sitting in a park.
  • He has a tendency to fidget with anything in his range, a grip on his dagger when it's holstered, toying with a dart in his hand when he's preparing a shot, things along those lines are all common.
  • He tries to be charismatic, but how effective he is at it can be... Debated. He doesn't seem to have much natural charm, making it up with manic energy instead.
  • While he isn't a genius, he managed to get enough of an education, even in the run down district he lived in, that he's not entirely behind. He also spent a good time in a local library, reading up on various topics to avoid returning home whenever possible.
  • While he certainly can take things seriously, he has a habit of constantly deflecting from any serious topic relating to himself, especially about him as a Fount.
  • He's accepted a lack of control in his life, it might come across as a lack of ambition, but he just says it doesn't matter what you plan if life decides to take a turn here or there.



Tempest likes to pretend that he didn’t exist before he turned 13. Even halfway into that year was relatively painful to remember, until it peaked with a burning brand on his body. He found himself able to lay low more effectively, his home life eased up as he spent more time outside of the house, it seemed like his parents weren’t even paying attention to him. Overtime, he started to test his limits. He spent nights away from home, even if he had nowhere else to go. He would camp out in a park one night or nap in an alleyway, where his parents were sure to not pass by if they were looking for him.

Despite that, life as a vagrant in what should be a bastion of peace isn’t the walk in the park one would think it was. Sure, he was able to scrounge up food from the second district during a good spree, but retreating back to the 13th whenever things were starting to heat up wasn’t exactly the potential height of life that Tempest had longed for. He could handle storms, even when he was lingering in dingy alleyways and doing his best to not perish from the elements. The fact that Fount based crime was heavily subjugated, on the other hand, meant that he was constantly at risk of being caught. He didn’t know if the fact that he was using his relatively newly acquired abilities to just survive would count as Fount Based Crime exactly, but he wasn’t going to take that chance.

His daily life began to be more focused around survival, as he noticed his parents… Didn’t even seem to register his existence anymore. They didn’t talk about him, and he didn’t speak to them, he would rather live on the street and make due with less. He made his way by snatching small things here and there, especially by rummaging through cans where, hopefully, people weren’t paying as much attention. He managed to do some reading about the Founts, and while he didn’t find much of note about Fount 36’s abilities, he found out about the troubled history behind it.

Bearer after bearer arrested, punished, many who didn’t live past their late twenties after bearing the mark. It always seemed to appear on those who were already in trouble with the law, those who had very little to lose… And now it was on him. He figured that didn’t bode well for him, but considering he managed to lay low this long, he had to hope that he wouldn’t fall into the same trap so many previous holders of Fount 36 did.

Fount Abilities:


The Fount of Thieves is an esoteric Fount, even by the standards one would come to expect. While Fount Titles are decided by the person they’re branded on, this particular Fount number has a tendency to appear on the same sort of person when the last one is dispatched. Someone who’s on the fringes of society, someone who’s been in a rough place their entire life because of what they lacked. Which leads people to believe this isn’t an Esper Fount, but a Kami Pact.

Which is odd, because even from the first bearer of Number 36, none of them have made claims to have actually created a pact with anyone. The Fount burned into their skin much like any other, and while the exact abilities between each varied slightly based on their own strengths, most inherited enhanced ability to sneak, muffled footsteps and the almost unnerving ability to slink into the shadows, none of them figured out what exactly bestowed these powers on them. Unfortunately, being a Fount that is bestowed upon criminals generally, the majority of 36 bearers tend to live short lives and fail to fully realize their own potential with the Fount of Thieves.

So far, beyond the basics of the Fount of Thieves, Tempest has had relative success in shadow manipulation, finding it easy to pull them around him to provide denser cover, muffling his breathing with the fog, and even slight alterations to the appearance of them. It makes it easy for him to avoid detection by people, and even machines to some extent if they aren't looking for heat signatures. He's also been able to manipulate shadows to an extent, having them take on a more physical form briefly, even managing to pin down living beings with their own shadows around their legs, though the average person can generally pry themselves free without too much trouble if he isn't maintaining it with everything he has.

Character Theme

It's dangerous to go alone: Take a dagger with you wherever you go.


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Posted (edited)




"You really should take a few steps back. This next one is gonna be extra-volatile."
[Name:] Leo
[Age:] 24


Leo is 6 feet tall, with the moderate build of one who is very active, but does not deliberately exercise. Leo's brand is burned into his eyes, a pair of Roman numeral Xs to denote him as #20. Additionally, his eyes give off a pink glow at all times, which brightens into a flash every time his Explosive Impact is released. Upon close inspection, Leo's canines and premolars are slightly pointier than the average person's, giving him a subtly dangerous appearance as he smiles.

[Esper Ability:] Explosive Impact


Leo's ability allows him to store energy in any nonliving material he touches. When released, it creates an explosive pulse for force that pushes away and damages all around it, including the surface it came from when done repeatedly or with particularly large amounts of power. Leo can choose for the energy to be released with a manual trigger, upon impact, or after a predetermined amount of time. Typically, Leo uses this ability to greatly increase the amount of damage he can deal with melee weapons, such as his bat.



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Posted (edited)

oooh this seems interesting. Not sure what I'm gonna submit yet but... might be based on another rp character i have


especially since it's japan

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Posted (edited)

Enacting a soft deadline of Friday, July 15th, 11:59 PM with no penalty for late entrants. Those interested in joining before the RP starts, make sure to get something up by then, if you are struggling just let me know and I will gladly give assistance and/or accommodations.

For those that are not complete by that time, it's no worry, as it will be structured in a way in which characters can come and go without making large narrative concessions.

Edited by (o ×)

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Number 111

The Fount of Glamour

Name: Lady Sarashina

Age: 35, probably born November 30th, 2064






 (outfits change every day in this business)








credit to joseph kun for enhancing what I started with this image






Born in the fourth district with a different name and unknown parents during a time of criminal domination, the circumstances of her birth are somewhat enigmatic. She had been raised by parents as criminal as the rest of the district who quickly became totally absent before she could remember them well enough and roved across the kaleidoscopic district with a single-minded intent on survival, occasionally spellbound by the dazzling shapes and visions from the red light districts on one end, and the linguistic and musical harmonies from the theatres which would radiate an ineffable overcast. For her spangled disturbances, which initially evoked regret for lost opportunities, especially in the pragmatic, better off attendees and patrons of the theatres and workers from the red light district who felt charitable offer momentary respite. To a mindset bent on material progress like theft and squatting, these pleasant serendipities represented only the nights they constituted in themselves, and a stasis in catalyzing rewards of permanence. The following years up to the early 70s were the gradual and invisible blossoming of these little fortunes into frequent encounters, and eventually, a familiarity with the people who attended or performed at any of these institutions, who remembered her from past years.

Growing closer to the people around, who were impressed by her less common fascination with these abstract or even emaciating forms of sensual pleasures, she found herself being invited from outside regardless of her ability to pay her fare or be of an appropriate age, often in return for petty crimes, which her youngest memories and continuities blessed her by experience in. She couldn’t help but become lost in the mystique of every rhyme and melody whatever the form, and finally found her heart enshrined in the shared principles underlying each of these, and at this point, developed her Fount of Glamour from within, though this paradoxical solitariness was outlined by an ever-scintillating and all-illuminating adoration for anything of beauty. Unfortunately, because of her wandering lifestyle and lack of any personal allegiances, she had no base to ground herself in any singular place, however she found everlasting roots to these truest homes of her in the instruments and books she was given once in a while by the people who invited her into the theatres, and the red light district workers who included a wide artistic skillset in their appeal for clients, and she found her dogged but essentially human and flawed tenacity reverberated to her from ancient predecessors, especially in the medieval romances of the west and east, which she also admired from the charity she was shown, each with a separate character of heroism but one bound yet by an unrelenting and almost divine intuition for what was right and good in their time and place, who in all their errantry and namelessness, were nevertheless tethered to the highest and most eternal connections. These characters of novels, poems, and dramas inspired her so that she sought to take herself to them by a docile curiosity of infinite depth without any conceit. Eventually, her pragmatism becomes a means to her new great love, and she only ever thieves, manipulates, and exploits between readings, viewings, and impromptu, unstructured lessons from the sophisticated spectators and courtesans of both places.

By the 80s, she becomes expert in the variety of shared arts between the east and west. Her personal connections gave her many opportunities to start performing in the dramas, having her poems read and recited, and at some point, around this time, as she was at the bottom of the hierarchy despite her long connections, some extent of prostitution, though she was the beneficiary of the older women there preferring and protecting her, so that her work would be more frequently chaste than was usual.

As the respect for her own merits in the fields she had been only appreciating grew over the two following decades, especially being connected to the people of wealth who could afford to spend all their money enjoying the arts, she became known in the personal circles mainly but not purely related to her courtesan work as Lady Sarashina after the Heian lady in waiting whose work she enjoyed above even Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book or the Kagero Nikki, however her adoration of the arts had such a diabolical clutch on her, that while she was known by this name by her spectators, regular people outside her immediate sphere only knew her by the roles she played as varied and flickering as a book under a gust, but especially one which features a heroic, dashing and moderately masculine girl prince which she has taken to being her day to day personality, while she let her darker, underground work be carried by Lady Sarashina, a person she becomes with only the dim reflection of her daytime self emanating during the night times, becoming a higher ranking oiran who hangs around the divans of much wealthier and more powerful criminals than the laypeople she would at first be in service of. After every night, she wakes up, gets her cape, sword, boots, and the rest, and goes back to saving kittens from trees and sweeping girls off their feet. Her connections and built up life of wealth give her the opportunity to be an avatar of the ideas she adores.





She is obsessive over the role she plays and plays them without a stray quiver in any untoward direction. Where she plays the oiran, she retreats to an internal quietude betrayed by an external playfulness, quite scathing and clever, and might speak with teasing and indecipherable poems. Where she plays the prince, she is the exemplar of right conduct and unfailing chivalry, only speaks when it is best and demonstrates unfailing piety and compassion. Between these roles she is never seen, as her lifestyle has her in typically more private locations at the end of the day, but those same eyes are sometimes a studied lawyer, sometimes a world-weary detective, here a school teacher and there an electrician, but always do these temporary roles orbit the liminal courtesan and illuminating prince. Her adherence to these outlines is absolute, though the continuity underlying encompasses the same singular individual and consciousness.


Fount Ability:


Nothing outwardly visible appears to change, but she seems to possess an invincible connection to her role and resembles its archetype in almost exaggerated ways. For her little experience in the ways of real knighthood, her equestrianism is exceptional, and her swordplay is beyond professional, and she faces comically grand horror stone-faced. At other time, her memory for reciting the old poems is so encyclopedic when needed she comes across as one in a million.



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Posted (edited)

Number 28 - The Fount of Freedom (HARD WIP)





Personal Information

Name: Erik Lott
Age: 25
Birthday: July 21st



Height: 5'9"



Erik is a free spirited, optimistic lad who always sees the best in people and the situation. He is energetic and easily loses himself both in his own thoughts and in a literal sense of getting lost. Getting lost isnt necessarily a bad thing to him, though - its about the journey and not the destination, after all. He rarely minces words, always being very direct with what he has in his mind, and he is usually very excited to share what that is. He tries to be considerate of others but can get lost in his own ramblings and ideas at times. 

Some have said he can be described as rather reckless, often running into things without much thought. He is also rather naive as part of his unwavering optimism, as a product of him seeing the best in people. He is also very athletic, primarily from all the parkour that he does. Erik is a thrill seeker, enjoying the adrenaline rush he gets from his daredevil actions. He also enjoys sightseeing and exploring, and is always ready to try new things. While not completely dumb, Kyle is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and even if he were he doesnt like taking time to sit and think about it all. Instead he'd rather just roll with the punches, acting off of instinct and reaction.




Shintai - Dromi and Lædingr


Erik's Shintai are Dromi and Lædingr, a set of dual chains. These chains are wrapped around his arms and grant him the ability to control these chains at will. This allows him to use the chains to grapple himself around for mobility, pull things or people like a lasso, or be used as a weapon to lash at people. The control he has over the chains is done moreso through reflex than thoughts, as if they were an extension of himself. He can also control the chains to wrap around himself as either armor or a kind of gauntlet to hit things harder with. The chains are extremely durable - while theoretically breakable Erik hasnt found anything that can break the chains yet.

Both chains are nearly identical, with one key difference between them. Dromi has a clawed hook at the end, similar to one you'd find on a regular grappling hook. Dromi's hook can also close like a claw machine game on command as well, allowing it to grab small objects. Lædingr, meanwhile, has a ball at the end of it, and the links of the chain are studded. The claw on Dromi's hook have blades that can be retracted or appear on command, while Lædingr's ball can increase its density and weight at will, causing it to drop from wherever it is. Despite the weight of both chains, Erik is able to control both of them at will without much effort, except when Lædingr's ball enters its heavy state in which case it cannot be moved until its density is reverted.

Shintai - Tyrfing


Tyrfing is another Shintai that was bestowed upon Erik. While sheathed, Tyrfing grants the user a mild boost to senses and reflexes. However, when Tyrfing is unsheathed the user enters a powered up state, making them incredibly strong and fast while also drastically boosting the boost granted by default. This all comes at a cost, however - Tyrfing comes with a curse where, when the sword is drawn, someone has to die. If no one is killed by Tyrfing while it is drawn, the user will perish as part of the consequences of the cost. Additionally, this powered up state also amplifies emotions, specifically aggression. While not making them completely bloodthirsty, the user does become more irritable and prone to violence.

Additionally, and arguably a bigger curse, Tyrfing is sentient and is not afraid to let you know that. Rude and aggressive, Tyrfing is quick to anger and very loud for something that doesnt have a mouth. It also has an extensive memory and is extremely judgemental. While Tyrfing can telepathically communicate with its user, most of the time it communicates verbally. The blade is also extremely bloodthirsty, and will tempt the user to use it to shed blood. Of course, despite being overall standoffish, the sword does need a living host to cause carnage, so it has at least some sort of caring for its user. Whether it thinks you are like cattle or like a partner is entirely up to you, and you will quickly learn how Tyrfing thinks of you.



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    • By (o ×)
      Megalopolis 1st District, 11:59 AM, 01/01/2100
      An otherwise unassuming young woman, seemingly in her mid-twenties, stood near the edge of the roof of a building deep in the city’s heart, taking in the view. After a few seconds, she directed her attention down to a small device in her hand, and brushing the tip of her finger against its side brought up the holographic screen. A few swipes, and the typing of a short and to the point message later, and she turned it back off, dropping it into her purse. She knew she wouldn’t receive a reply to the message for a few hours. She stared pensively at the city that she grew up in, only taking a break for a split second to glance at the old-fashioned wristwatch on her arm.
      With a deep breath, she turned on her heel, and made her way to the door so she could make her way back down to the ground. Though a tear fell down her face, she refused to look out upon the streets as the dust clouds spread and the carnage began.

      Megalopolis 6th District, 12:31 PM
      The magtrain was arriving ever-so-slightly late, which was an unusual occurrence considering how tightly monitored and computerized it all was. In fact, it had been automated to the point that a significant disaster could be rolling through the city, and the train would continue on nonetheless. It always left and arrived on time, and this efficiency was valued by the people of Megalopolis, no matter how many limbs were chopped off by the automatic doors in the process. Designed in the ninth, built in the third, based in the sixth, to go everywhere else still. However, none of these calculations could hold true if there were something increasing the wind resistance of the craft, no matter how slightly.
      Atop the passenger car stood Leo Nolastnamegiven, the Fount of Destruction. With a bit of forceful coaxing, he managed to pull the tip of his aluminum baseball bat, as well as the soles of his sneakers, out of the glove-tight indentations they resided in within the metal roof. He hopped off the edge of the train, plummeting some 20 meters to the ground below, where he landed in a pulse of hot pink that left a small crater in the pavement. ”Welcome home.” Anyone who heard him speaking to himself would perhaps be somewhat misled, as a vagrant like Leo didn’t really have any sort of conclusive home, but as he tended to end each day in a different one than he started, the mess of rail lines and streets that formed the sixth district was a common denominator in many of his travels.
      Leo made his way down the street with a spring in his step. He couldn’t quite place it, but he knew today was going to be an extra-splendid day. Grabbing a loaded hot dog from the hand of a random bystander who had just purchased it, he tapped his heels together twice, and the rubber soles of his sneaker glowed pink for a split second before the energy was released, launching him up and away from any consequences for his casual theft, landing safely atop a double-decker bus that was navigating the streets perhaps a little more quickly than was safe, as was tradition in the sixth district. This hustle and bustle was Leo’s favorite part, as the entire area refused to stay still for but a second of the day.
      Sitting atop the bus with crossed legs, Leo rested his bat upon his lap as he took a bite from his pilfered meal. It was pretty good, for such an opportunistic instance of take-out! ”Now then…” Leo spoke to himself between bites, wondering silently who the hell orders a hot dog with tabasco sauce, ”I could find some kind of public monument to knock down, this extra-ancient place has tons of that shit. Or…” tossing aside the hot dog onto a poster with the mayor’s likeness that the bus passed, he brought his hand to his chin, finding himself excited by the potential today had for revelry, ”I could head over to the tenth. Those big old stained glass windows have potential, for sure. And it might even piss off someone with some real passions. It’s a lot more fun breaking shit with friends. Ha!”
      Of course, in a city with as many moving parts as Megalopolis, planning one’s day is notoriously difficult. As much destruction as the Fount of Such could be planning, more still would find him soon enough. It happened as the bus he sat upon was crossing an intersection, and honestly he would have seen it coming if he had bothered listening at all. But nonetheless, his only warning was seeing it in his peripheral vision, an incredibly massive object tearing its way through the wide main street of the district. Before he had a chance to even turn his head, it made impact, launching the bus into the air. Leo grabbed his bat instinctively, and with a burst of his Explosive impact, launched himself up into the air off of it before it hit the ground again, tumbling about like a toy kicked by an angry child. It was then that he looked up at what had very nearly killed him.
      Leo had a habit of staying out of the first district, since he knew his brand of creativity was extra-prohibited there, but even he could recognize Megalopolis’s capitol. It looked more like something that would fit in a fantasy book than the year 2100, but Leo supposed it fit considering how the people of the city worshiped that Fount of Tossers Stratford like he was a king. And now, that throne was tearing the city apart, having found a way to come to life and charging right through the thick of it, with what appeared to be an army of animated architecture charging with it at its feet. Cars, statues, holophone booths, all had sprouted legs of twisted metal and concrete and were hell-bent on carving a path through this city.
      Honestly, Leo couldn’t help but admire it.

      But even more so, he felt that typical itch. The desire that drove him forward, breaking him out of his past and propelling him into his future. Megalopolis’s number one landmark is delivering itself right to my doorstep. I can’t just ignore the call of destiny. A motorcycle that more closely resembled a scurrying lizard by this point charged toward Leo, dipping back and forth like a predator trying to confuse its prey. But Leo was no prey. His eyes lit up as he stomped his right foot forward into the ground, forming a web of cracks in the pavement, radiating away from him, grabbing hold of his bat with both hands. Leo clenched his teeth, and his knuckles turned white as the motorcycle pounced at him.
      ”PISS OFF!
      Leo swung, and his bat met metal with a ping that was instantly drowned out by the FWOOOM of his Explosive Impact, a blinding pink light filling the street as the cycle was launched up through the air, impacting the enormous monstrosity in what Leo could only assume was the face. Following through with his swing, Leo now held the bat in only one hand, pointing it up to point at the titanic beast. Leo knew that whatever was in there wouldn’t have a chance at hearing his next words, but he didn’t care.

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